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Peace Bus Project: JOURNEY TO JERICHO - January 22, Thursday, 8:30, Damascus Gate
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 22:55:01 -0800
From: Peace Bus Project
Subject: JOURNEY TO JERICHO - January 22, Thursday, 8:30, Damascus Gate

City on the Dead Sea cost - so close and so far. Let`s make one step more
and get to know those people in the shadow of conflict. The fact that we
go to visit Palestinians is not a normalization. We just can`t make peace
with someone who we don`t know. The purpose of the trip is to establish a
network of peace makers and give to those who would like to know a
possibility to hear voices of forgotten. Who are they - people in the

JOURNEY TO JERICHO - January 22, Thursday, 8:30, Damascus Gate

You and your friends are very welcome to participate in he next journey
of the Peace Bus group. This Thursday again we want to go to Jericho to
meet Palestinian peace activists. We have been there before and found the
place to be safe for visit. The visit includes a free guiding tour through
the ancient city and a political debate. Except payment for public
transportation (20-25 NIS in one direction from Jerusalem), there are no
further expenses. If we have a large group, we will book a bus for the
similar price.

Please follow us on our event page and welcome on board!
We have more activities to offer

- We travel with Israeli-Jews to meet our Palestinian activists in Jericho
and Bethlehem for a tour and dialogue

- We organize meetings between Palestinians and Israeli-Jewish public in

- We work with the International Health Relief organization Caritas to
provide relief for civilian non-combatants in Gaza and bring the message
of Peace from people of Israel to people of Gaza in spite and because of
the conflict

- We support peace activism and peace initiatives of other organizations
and individuals

- We inform our supporters about activism events on our event page


In times of the unrest and violence, the Peace Bus continues to call up
for Peace and cooperation, against the violence and discrimination. We
support efforts and dialogue and are committed to remove obstacles on the
way to Peace. After the cease fire with Gaza, the conflict moved to
Jerusalem and Arab-Israeli residential areas elsewhere in the country.
Therefore, throwing the water on the flame of violence is the subject of
the next mission of the Peace Bus.
We are convinced that cooperation, not separation, is the way to Peace,
even in times of violence. Please contact us if you want to get involved
in the project or phone 0586566767

During the time of the war between Israel and Gaza we organized campaigns
for the immediate cease fire. After the cease fire was reached, we are
concerned with the long-term solution of the conflict and support
Palestinian, Israeli-Arab and Israeli-Jewish meeting.

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