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Making Peace: Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day
Combatants for Peace

As has been the case over the past 9 years, on the evening of Memorial Day, Combatants for Peace will hold the Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony. The event will be held on 21 April 2015 in the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds.

On this evening we will all come together Israelis and Palestinians to remember the victims of violence on both sides and to remind everyone that war is not an act of fate. To our deep sorrow, the recent conflict in Gaza and southern Israel added many additional families to the abyss of bereavement and pain.
This conflict was not predestined but part of a continuing vicious cycle of violence for which humans were both responsible and its victims. We will gather together on the eve of Memorial Day; we will not remain alone because, together as human beings, we have the power to end this terrible cycle of violence and prevent further victims.

The number of people who come to the ceremony increases every year and last year, the event was attended by more than 2,500 people. We are doing our best to allow anyone who wishes to attend to join us on this evening, but this requires substantial resources that are beyond our present means.

We have thus launched a fundraising campaign aimed at making this important ceremony viable. Please help us and make a contribution by clicking here:

Thank you very much,
Mohamad Owedah and Assaf Yacobovitz
General Coordinators of Combatants for Peace
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