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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Demonstration: Stop the Judiazation of East Jerusalem!
Demonstration: No to expulsion of Palestinian families,Stop the Judiazation of
East Jerusalem!
Friday, 27/3, 13:45, Damascus Gate
Two families in East Jerusalem are facing imminent eviction from their homes:
Sub Laban family from the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, and Shamasne family
from the neighbourhood of Sheik Jarach. These evictions are part of ongoing
efforts of the settler movement supported by the state to create a ring of
settlements surrounding the Old City in order to promise the continued control
of Jews on Jerusalem as a whole.
This coming Friday (27/3) we will march together with members of the two
families from the Sub Labens` house in the Muslim Quarter to Shamasnes` home
in Sheik Jarach. Our aims are to prevent the eviction of the faimilies and
resist the Judiazation of East Jerusalem.
The eviction of the two families is being promoted under the legal pretext of
the houses having been owned by Jewish families prior to 1948. While they face
losing the homes they have lived in for decades, their own rights to the land
and assets these families lost in 1948 are denied. In this way, the law
discriminates between Jews and Palestinians, making these Palestinian
families, along many others, refugees for the second time.
Together, Israelis and Palestinians, we will call: Stop the Judiazation! Stop
the racism! Breake the ring of settlements!
Contact: Uri Agnon 0544-777-397
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