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The Israeli nuclear plan is to be addressed
Maria Botros
Gulf News

Limitations should be put on Israel as is being done with Iran as Israel should not be left to do as it wishes, Amr Mousa says

Dubai: The Israeli nuclear plan is to be addressed because it will be the only nuclear programme located at the centre of the Arab world only a few kilometres away from the Saudi Arabian, Egyptian, Jordanian and Palestine borders, said Amr Mousa, former Secretary-General of the Arab League.

“Iranian nuclear plan and the Operation Storm of Resolve have been the two topics of discussion that require us Arabs to address them with courage and honesty,” said Mousa. “Limitations should be put on Israel as is being done with Iran as Israel should not be left to do as they wish.”

He explained that the Arab public should attain the necessary knowledge on positive uses for nuclear energy rather than using it for nuclear weapons. Mousa stressed the role of citizens in the region and their responsibility towards the Arab world.

Regional political shifts

He also added that the challenge that Arab societies face today is an internal challenge in terms of citizens gaining their rights, freedom and future filled with aspirations. The challenge also includes the restoration of the Arab world and the Middle East.

“There are theories, policies and practices that came from abroad to accomplish certain goals and personal agendas but there are also mistakes made by Arab societies and poor administration from those in power that led to crises in the region,” said Mousa.

He said that 100 years have passed since the Sykes-Picot agreement that was set in 1914 and it is time for the Arab world to take charge and sail the boat in the direction of a prosperous era.

“Pursuit of happiness for citizens is the theory we should follow and not the unhappiness of our citizens,” said Mousa. “The reality is that we are responsible for the happiness of the average Arab citizen and we must grant them this simple right.”

He proudly shared that the Egyptian constitution clearly grants its citizens their rights and freedom which is the aim for the rest of the region. Mousa also highlighted that Egypt’s decision to support the operation storm of resolve is a sound decision.

The launch of the operation led by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries is one of the important events currently taking place that should be discussed, he said. Mousa explained that through the operation, the Arab world will be able to decide its destiny and vision for its citizens in the 21st century.

He said that in Sana’a today, the five-day humanitarian truce has started and, depending on its success, dialogue can be an option once again to reconstruct the country, bringing back hope to Yemen. Mousa also added that Yemen is the Arab region’s responsibility and assistance will be offered for a speedy recovery for the nation.

“When speaking of the operation and the reasons behind its existence, we want to demonstrate to the rest of the world that we are wide-awake and we will not accept humiliation,” said Mousa.

He also emphasised that the Arab nations “will not wait until red lines are crossed in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq or any nation in the region”. Regardless of the matter, the situation or the measures that need to be taken, there will be a response, he added.

Mousa also referred to Mustafa Barghouti’s session stressing the importance of the Palestinian cause and that it will never be forgotten.

Maria Botros is a trainee at Gulf News
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