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Ahmad Dewabshe does not smile
Ahmad Dewabshe - let his picture not fool you though
Annelien Kisch
November 4, 2015

Yesterday, after an absence of a month and a half, I again went to visit Ahmad Dewabshe in Tel Hashomer-hospital.
It was almost noon and even during the physical therapy treatment Ahmad slept refused to wake up even for his visiting aunt.
So my visit was more with his grandfather who is the one who speaks fluent Hebrew.
With his grandmother I could only shake hands as, even after strenuous efforts, I still do not speak Arabic and she does not speak Hebrew.
On internet I had seen a lovely, smiling kid and I was hopeful to see this progress.
Let this picture not fool you, though.
Ahmad Dewabshe does not smile, he sleeps hours on end, does not want to eat.
He seems to have lost his zest for life, his grandfather told me.

Nobody has told him about the sad fact that both his parents and his brother were killed, MURDERED, by Jewish settlers. He is missing his mother so badly, still asking for her to visit him

Yes, there is progress in his medical situation. No efforts (and COSTS!) are spared towards his recovery.
His little arms and legs are fixated in a kind of braces in unnatural positions during several hours per day.
Soon his little face will be completely covered again except for his eyes, nose and mouth, as the burned skin - over his whole body - has to repair itself under compression.
Imagine a toddler of 5 years having to undergo these torments!
Those treatments will probably take at least two years and will cost around 5000 shekels every three months.
Not only will the Israel government not take responsibility for these medical costs, it still has not found the perpetrators of this cowardly and cruel act!

While some Arab groups call for revenge the grandfather categorically and explicitly dissociates himself from this attitude.

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