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Update on imprisoned CO Tair Kaminer
Reuven Kaminer
Jan 26, 2016

Hi everybody, here is the update on Tair Kaminer

Tair declared her intention to refuse to join the army. The post reached tens of thousands of viewers in Israel and abroad.

On January 10th Tair was sentenced to 20 days in military prison for her refusal.
She is supposed to get out on January 27, but she might receive an order to return to the mobilization center for further sentencing.

More than 50 supporters demonstrated in her support. The demo is covered here.

For the discussion on Tair in the British Parliament:

Last Saturday a demo in support of Tair and other refuseniks was held in a field adjacent to Military Prison #400.

On Sunday, 31.1.16 Tair is scheduled to return to the induction center where she will repeat her stand. An additional refusenik, Tanya Golan is scheduled to join her refusal.

We are in regular contact with Tair who is in high spirits and morale. Much of this is a result of the support she is receiving including hundreds of letters from here and abroad.

Lawyers and MK`s are allowed to visit her. Noa Levy and Hadar Grayevsky visited her and a visit is scheduled with MK Ayman Odeh.

We want to thank everyone for their support and hope that the IDF will understand that people on the left have a conscience and red lines. For the good of all concerned Tair should be speedily released.

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