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Tell AirBnB not to rent vacation homes on stolen Palestinian land
atie Miranda

You may have heard recently about the controversy with AirBnB, a company
that allows people rent or find lodging, often in private homes. In an Al
Jazeera article, journalist Kate Shuttleworth uncovered the sketchy truth;
AirBnB is facilitating the renting of properties in Jewish settlements on
stolen Palestinian land.

AirBnB may become the next target for the BDS Movement, however Palestinians
in the West Bank also list their properties for rent in AirBnB. So I`m not
sure if a full out boycott of AirBnB is ethical. I`m sure the BDS committee
will come up with some guidelines around this if they haven`t already.

In the meantime, I`d recommend reading Phil Weiss` investigative article
about his 5 days undercover in Israeli settlements using AirBnB; very eye
opening !

Do you have a minute to sign a petition sponsored by to be
delivered to Brian Chesky,
CEO of Airbnb asking him to stop listing vacation rentals in West Bank
settlements on on website, or identify them as being in the West Bank.

In Solidarity,
-Katie Miranda.

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