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Israelis and Palestinians demonstrate against West Bank land expropriation
Today (Friday Feb. 12) - Israelis and Palestinians demonstrate against West
Bank land expropriation

Demonstration on Friday 12.2 at 12 in Nabi Alias Qalqilya region

In area C Palestinian communities are discriminated and settlements get a
preferred treatment. Palestinian movement is restricted by a complex set of
physical and procedural barriers and most Palestinians cannot get building

The seize of Palestinian land continues, and now under the pretext of
transportation needs twenty six acres of private property are expropriated
to build a new bypass. Hundreds of olive trees will be uprooted, small
businesses will be destroyed or incur damages and movement in fields near
the new bypass will be restricted.

Join us in protest in an effort to stop the roads construction. The
demonstration will start at Nabi Alias from which we will walk to the
expropriated land. We will hear a review a meet local residents.

More information about the planned road and its impact here.

A ride will leave Tel-Aviv Savidor train station (near Shlomo Sixt car
rental entrance) at 11:00
Back in Tel-Aviv at around 14:30
Register for the ride here.

If you come by car, we will meet at 11:45 in the Tel-Ofra gas station on
road 55 next to the exit to Alfei-Menashe.

Bring identification and water.
Contact: Avi +972-(0)52-6129987
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