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Haifa demo Wed. Feb. 23: On the 92th day of his Hunger Strike
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On the 92th day of his Hunger Strike
Against Unlawful Administrative Detention
Demonstration to Save Muhammad Al-Qiqs Life!

With the increasing danger to the life of Palestinian journalist Muhammad Al-Qiq, the occupation regime tried to distract the popular movement of solidarity with him by publishing false news about an imminent agreement for his release.
The recent declaration of `Nady Al-Asir` (the prisoners club) that they give-up representation of Al-Qiq because of the absence of any intention on the side of the occupation authorities to negotiate seriously disproved all these lies. Muhammad Al-Qiq stressed that he continues his heroic hunger strike.

Mohammed Al-Qiq announced the strike, consciously risking his life, not to resolve his personal case, but to expose the crimes of the occupation regime, which holds hundreds of Palestinians under `administrative detention` without charge and without trial. Our solidarity with Al-Qiq is our minimal duty towards his struggle and sacrifices and a vital support for the cause of the prisoners - the beating heart of the Palestinian liberation movement.

Herak Haifa invites you to take part in a protest demonstration demanding the immediate release of Muhammad Al-Qiq.

The vigil will be held on Wednesday, February 24, at 20:00
In the junction of Alenby and Carmel Avenue (Ben-Gurion),
The German Colony, Haifa

Please join the event on Facebook

Free Muhammad Al-Qiq!
Stop administrative detentions!
Freedom to the prisoners of the freedom struggle!
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