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POSTPONED / Sat. Feb. 27: They demolish, We build - Constructing a playground in Yanun
Email from Combatants for Peace

The construction of the playground in Yanun, in memory of Abir Aramin has been postponed.

We will publish the new date soon

When demolitions are answered with building

Constructing a playground in Yanun, in memory of Abir Aramin

Yanun is a small, isolated Palestinian village that lies approximately 12km southeast of Nablus. The residents have been suffering for a long time from recurring harassments by the settlers of Itamar and the other unauthorized outposts in the area.

The Tel Aviv-Nablus branch of Combatants for Peace has maintained a relationship with the people of Yanun for a few years.

Due to the obstacles raised by the Occupation, and the geographic remoteness, the infrastructures that the residents and their children enjoy are extremely limited. Therefore a playground will be built for the children of the village.

The playground will be built in memory of Abir Aramin (daughter of Bassam, a founding member of Combatants for Peace) who was shot and killed by a Border Police officer in 2007.

This will be the third playground dedicated to Abir in the West Bank and will be a collaborative project with Rebuilding Alliance.

Come and help us build, together with the villagers and residents of the greater area.

We will meet at Merkaz-Savidor Train Station (Tel Aviv) on Saturday, February 27th, at 9:30, and leave by organized transportation. Planned return at 16:00.

Come in clothes that you are comfortable and don’t mind getting dirty; and bring water and a light meal.

Please fill this form

See you soon!
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