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Red Rag column: What is a terrorist organization? Letter to Alshaikh and Yaalon. Donald Trump.
By: Gideon Spiro
17 March 2016 (English translation 27 March 2016)

What is a terrorist organization?

Hadash and Balad, the two main components of the Joint List, have issued a
statement in condemnation of the Arab League’s resolution declaring Hezbollah
to be a terrorist organization. This provoked an outcry along nearly the
entire Jewish political spectrum, and again we see the scenario of Israel’s
Palestinian citizens against Israel’s Jewish citizens. Is Hezbollah indeed a
terrorist organization? If I were in the place of the two parties, I would say
the following:

Hezbollah is sometimes a terrorist organization and sometimes a legitimate
political organization that is part of the Lebanese government. When Hezbollah
fought the Israeli invasion army in the First Lebanon War, Hezbollah fighters
were freedom fighters repelling the Israeli invaders. On the other hand, when
Hezbollah fighters stand alongside the Assad government in Syria as it
slaughters its people, then it is a terrorist organization. It should be added
that Israel, which has been a terrorist state for fifty years, is the last one
who can complain about terrorism. The same can be said about the Arab League
states, which are all terrorist states, starting with the initiator of the
resolution declaring Hezbollah a terrorist organization, Saudi Arabia. Before
they label others terrorists they should carry out a democratic cleaning in
their own houses. Indeed Hezbollah is not composed of saints who respect human
rights; it is a religious fundamentalist organization (a Lebanese version of
the `Jewish Home` political party). Heaven preserve us from its long arm.

Education in democracy, Israeli style

The `Tel Nordau` School in Tel Aviv held a community-policing day in which
Border Guard police demonstrated crowd-dispersal techniques to Grade 2 pupils.
Instead of educating children on democracy, one of the basic rights of which
is the right to demonstrate, children as young as 7 are getting lessons on
regimes of oppression, where demonstrations are dispersed with tear gas and
live ammunition. This is the next generation of Occupation soldiers. Even if
this is merely a local initiative, not handed down from the Ministry of
Education itself, it is in alignment with the winds that blow from Jerusalem.
Israel is ensuring that the next generation of soldiers will be harnessed to
the wagon of crowd-dispersal and Occupation.

Bereavement in the service of Racism

A letter I sent to Alshaikh and Yaalon
16 March 2016

To Roni Alshaikh, General Commander of the Israel Police, and Moshe Yaalon,
Minister of Defence

You have both committed the offence of blatant racism when you stated that
Palestinian bereavement is inferior to Jewish bereavement. You have thereby
moved a step closer to the scenario envisioned by Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz in
which control over another people would lead us to an ISA state. [1] Your
words were a message to soldiers and police of the Occupation that the killing
of Palestinians is no terrible thing. Your words, Alshaikh, that the
Palestinians sanctify death whereas Israel sanctifies life (Haaretz 23
February 2016), and your words, Yaalon, that Israel educates its children to
seek peace (Haaretz 24 February 2016) are a mendacious pose for the
purpose of brainwashing. In fact one of the defining characteristics of
Israeli society – clearly since the beginning of the Occupation, but even
before then, is the cult of death and the cult of the military. These are
mainly expressed in events such as Remembrance Day for fallen IDF soldiers,
which is characterized by clichés about “the best of our sons” who fell “in
defence of the Homeland”, when the bitter reality is that about 80% of the
fallen died in wars and military operations that were groundless and
superfluous. Young people in Israel are educated not for peace but to hate
Gentiles, and especially Arabs. One of the cynical expressions of that is the
practice of sending delegations of youths about to be inducted into the IDF on
trips to the Nazi extermination camps in Europe, especially Auschwitz. A Tel
Aviv University study has shown that these expeditions motivate youths to
enlist in combat units. The most cynical mind could not have come up with the
idea of using Auschwitz as a marketing tool in that way.
In your official roles you have educated youths on the joys of pulling the
trigger, of killing and being killed as part of the Israeli culture of death,
to convert the army into a repressive police force and the police into a
branch of the ISA.

Beyond the lofty-sounding rhetoric at ceremonies of various types that are
generally mendacious from top to bottom, you hide behind dozens of defensive
walls. No one can get to you. From within your fortified compounds you send
18-year-old women, who have not even completed their basic training, to their
deaths as emissaries of the regime of Occupation and oppression.
Under the Rome Statute, you are nothing but a couple of war-criminals who
should make an accounting of yourselves before the International Court in The

Academic shame

Blessings on my friend Prof. Uri Ram, the Chairman of the Israeli Sociology
Association, for the decision to boycott the apartheid college in the
settlement of Ariel, which has dressed up as a “university” under the aegis of
the military administration.
That shameful institution should be pulled up by the roots, and meanwhile its
walls should be coated with posters declaring, “Here lives a relative of the
Nazi academy in its early years.”


To US citizens: there is still time to extricate this malignant tumour. Here
in Israel we waited too long, metastases are in the government and the cancer
is spreading. Chemotherapy is useless.

Translator’s note

1. ISA: Israel Security Agency.

Translated from Hebrew for Occupation Magazine by George Malent
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