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20,000 call upon Carlos Santana to cancel Tel Aviv performance

Dear Adam,

In just one month, rock legend Carlos Santana is scheduled to take the stage
in Tel Aviv, letting down thousands of fans around the world who donít want
an icon to provide cover for Israelís human rights abuses. We are only 2,000
signatures away from our goal of 20,000 asking him not to!

Can you sign today so Santana knows we stand 20,000 strong in our request he
respect the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS)?

Next Tuesday, the Middle East Childrenís Alliance and Bay Area JVP chapter
will be delivering thousands of signatures to Santana through his childrenís
charity, The Milagro Foundation. Santana supports that foundationís good
work, premised on the idea that all children are miracles.

Sign today: letís be sure that Santana canít forget Palestinian children are
miracles too.

In 2010, Santana canceled a show in Israel - as an act of solidarity with
Palestinians, justice-loving Israelis, and people all over the world who
want to see human rights for all. And whatís changed since then? A child
born in Gaza has survived 3 massive bombing attacks in their short
lifetimes. Over 400 Palestinian children are held in military detention.
Israelís current justice minister is on the record calling Palestinian
children ďlittle snakes.Ē

Weíre reaching out to Santana out of respect for his amazing artistic and
political work. And out of commitment to Palestinians, including Palestinian
children, who deserve to grow up with justice, equality and dignity.

Tell Carlos Santana: donít play Israel.

Thank you for speaking up for justice,

Stefanie Fox
Deputy Director

Carlos Santana is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv on July 30.

Santana is committed to the welfare of children and founded the Milagro
Foundation in 1998, which is devoted to helping `underserved and vulnerable
children around the world.` The name of the foundation means miracle and was
inspired by the image of children as divine miracles of light and hope.

The children of Palestine are among the most vulnerable of children
worldwide. According to Defense for Children International- Palestine,
Israel has killed more than 1,800 Palestinian children since 2000. Every
year the Israeli military arrests and prosecutes around 700 Palestinian
children, who face ill-treatment and torture.

In 2010 Santana honored the call from Palestinian civil society for cultural
boycott and cancelled a planned concert. Join this campaign to urge him to
do so once again and take a stand for Palestinian children.
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