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A concrete call for international action re Palestinian water rights
International solidarity: Water is a right!

From: Tanya Rubinstein [Hamushim]

Hey comrades,
We need your help with a simple action you can do in solidarity!
In the past months, Israel has been literally turning off the tap for
Palestine, as part of it`s ongoing occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. We
are a group of activists from Israel-Palestine who want to turn the
international spotlight on these water shut-offs, and we need your help
reaching the international media.

We got inspired by activists in other countries, who did the action in the
attached picture. Below is an explanation of what you need to do to organize
this in your area.

This is a simple action that is low-cost, legal and fairly easy to organize.
We`ll be doing it here and hope that you will do it in your area in
solidarity and send us a photo. the media effect can be big if we take
similar pictures all over the world. You can also use this solidarity action
with Palestine to bring attention to your local water issues like
privatization of water, water quality and shut offs (if relevant).

what you need:
*about 15 people
*a quality camera for photos
*battery powered LED lights / stick lights / x-mas lights (which don`t
require direct electricity) - you can purchase these online or at a shop.
sticklights are the cheapest option, but they are not very environmental.
LED lights are reuseable, but more expensive. so get whichever you prefer.
batteries for your lights if needed.
* 13 poster boards size 50x70cm (in inches this should be around 20x30). if
you wish to write the message in another language, you may need more poster
* clear tape
* a beach or lake near where you live

- Our message is `water is a right`. write this out with one large letter on
each board, like in the picture attached. that makes 13 boards in English.
if you speak a different language, you can write this message in your own
language (you may need more boards for this).

- Tape your lights over the letter you wrote on each board, and turn them on
to test.

- Take the boards + a bunch of fellow activists to a beach or lake, wait
until sunset, and take some photos of people holding these. preferably from
different angles - take some right by the water if you can, so the message
reflects, and some with the water behind you. take some from a higher angle
if possible. please make sure these are high-resolution photos as we want to
send them to print media as well as post them online.


We have 2 weeks to get this done.

Please send all photos to us by August 10, 2016. Please don`t post any
photos of this before August 14th! we want to create the most impact
together by publishing photos from all over the world on the same day. We`ll
send you a collage of the photos taken in different countries and ask you to
post them on social media on August 14th.
A few days prior to this date we`ll be holding an action here, delivering
water to a Palestinian village ourselves. We hope to reach international
media attention through both of these actions together.

Let us know if you can do this!
Contact us with any questions, and please send photos to:

Thanx and hope to hear from you soon!

In solidarity,

the Coalition of Water Rights for Palestinians
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