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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Tisha B`Av visit to threatened villages
On Tisha B`Av we remember past destructions and disasters, but by afternoon
experience glimmers of hope, `Observe what is right and do what is just, for
soon My Salvation shal come... Happy is hte one who does this....Who stays
his/her hand from doing any evil.`(Haftara for Minkha on Fast Days, Isaiah
56:1-2) There are those among us who believe that the command emanating from
our history of destructions is not to do to others whatr was done to us.

The First Activity of Our New NGO in the Making-`Khakel (The Field)-A
Covenant of Human Rights Defenders`

This Tisha B`Av, after the Minkha prayers, please join Rabbi Arik Ascherman
on a pilgrimage between endangered villages on both sides of the Green Line,
villages that have experienced, or are in immanant danger of destruction. We
will pray for and renew our committment to the end of destructions. Together
with the young people who will spend Shabbat Hazon in Susya and in front of
Israeli Embassies and Consulates around the world, we will open the `Four
Villages Campaign` dedicated to saving the same villages we will be
visiting: El Araqib (That has been demolishced 101 times); Umm Al HIran
(Where the bulldozers are preparing the first stage of Jewish `Hiran` that
will eventually expand over the rubble of Bedouin Umm Al Hiran); Susya; Umm
Al Khir (The forces of the Jewish State demolished 5 houses this week, as
`Regavim` (Acting as judge, jury and executioner) looked on.

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חובה לתאם הצטרפות עם הרב אריק אשרמן:` 050-5607034
(הסעות: י-ם 14:30 מגן הפעמון ת`א 14:30 משיבת ציון 18 (ע`י התחנה המרכזית
You must coordinate participation with Rabbi Arik Ascherman:, 050-5607034
Departure: Jerusalem 14:30 Liberty Bell Garden Parking Lot, Tel Aviv 14:30
Shivat Tzion 18 (Near Central Bus Station)

English Follows Hebrew

הרב אריק אשרמן

נייד 050-5607034

סקייפ: ravarik

פייסבוק: Arik Ascherman

טוויטר: ravarik

Rabbi Arik Ascherman

Cell Phone: 972 50 5607034

U.S. Cell: (206) 250-1451

Skype: ravarik

Facebook: Arik Ascherman

Twitter: ravarik
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