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`Israel`s democracy under pressure` - Berlin lecture by Sharon Abraham-Weiss of ACRI
The Israeli government attempts with different measures to restrict the
scope and freedom of action of activism in Israeli civil society. These
measures include the new NGO-law which stigmatizes organizations that
receive funding from foreign government sources, as well as the law which
eases the politically motivated expulsion of parliament members, and the
plan to withdraw funding from cultural institutions for ideological reasons.
Critical organizations and individuals are accused of acting against the
interests of the State of Israel.
Basic rights and democratic principles have increasingly been disregarded.
The attempt to suppress criticism and instigate against organizations,
institutions and parts of the population take a toll on the whole country,
because they create prejudice and weaken democratic structures. Especially
affected are the Palestinian citizens of Israel, human rights groups, media,
intellectuals and artists. Nevertheless, Israeli human rights activists
continue to fight for democratic values and contribute significantly to
safeguarding them.
ACRI is Israels oldest and largest human rights organization and the only
one dealing with the entire spectrum of rights and civil liberties issues in
Israel and the Occupied Territories. Executive director Sharon Abraham-Weiss
will talk about the latest developments and their effects on civil society
activism in Israel.

WHERE: Heinrich-Bll-Stiftung, Schumannstrae 8;
WHEN: Wedn., Nov. 9 at 7 PM - 9 PM - in Englsh.

In cooperation with the Heinrich-Bll-Foundation, diAk, AphorismA and EAPPI-
Netzwerk Deutschland

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