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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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They Destroy, We Are Building A Common Future - Tel Aviv march, Sat. Feb. 4
They Destroy, We Are Building A Common Future
On Saturday night, Feb. 4, at 7:30 pm - a march in Tel Aviv, starting on
Magen David Square (corner of Allenby and King George) and culminating with
a on Dizengoff Street (near Dizengoff Square).
This is the moment to stand together!
We will not let them separate us! We will not let racism, discrimination and
in-citement win! It simply does not have to be that way. This home the
home which no one is going to leave could and should be our common home.
Not a day passes without incitement. Not a day passes here without
manifesta-tions of discrimination. Ministers make racist utterances. They
destroy houses and try to trample on the dignity of the Arab citizens.
Instead of being shamed and resigning, they are trying to depict the Arab
society as the enemy. We will not let them get away with it!
Two months ago, even while the fires were blazing all over the country and
the threatening the lives of civilians, the Prime Minister and his ministers
were quick to point an accusing finger at all Arab citizens, using such
terms as `fire terrorists` and an arson intifada`. Two weeks ago, in the
name of so-called `equal law enforcement`, the government sent the `our
boys` to destroy eleven homes in the Arab town of Qalansawe. This was after
years of suffocating the Arab communities, with no new ones established, no
approved master plans and no options for legal constructio. And no, unlike
removed settlers on the West Bank, they were not offered a million shekels
in compensations or new house constructed by the state.
Last week, in an attempt to destroy the Bedouin village of Um al-Hiran in
the Negev in order to establish a Jewish community on the site - the
police and the government decided to declare an Arab citizen as being an
ISIS terrorist, a completely false assertion. And Netanyahu rallying the
right-wing voters by tweeting on elections day `The Arabs are flocking to
the polls` This goes without saying. .
The tragic events at Um al-Hiran, ending the sad death of Yakub Musa Alkiaan
and police officer Erez Amedi Levi cop, must serve as a turning point. No
longe shall we, no longer can we, watch such things passively, sitting
frustrated and frightened at home. These events must become the moment when
we stand up be counted - when we, Jews and Arabs together, put an end to the
govern-ment`s ongoing onslaught against Israeli society. The moment when we,
Arabs and Jews, stand together and make it crystal clear: all citizens are
equal - Jews and Arabs. his house is ours, it belongs to all of us.
On Saturday night, February 4, at 7:30 we will march and hold mass rally
so that all who live here can live in equality, dignity, each feeling this
home is his and hers.
Marching in Tel Aviv, from Magen David Square (corner of Allenby and King
George) and culminating in a rally on Dizengoff Street (near Dizengoff
Participating orgainzations:Sikkuy, The Abraham Fund Intiatives, Standing
Together,Zazim, The Council of Negev Unrecognized Villages, Meretz, Maki,
Hadash, Givat Haviva, Gush Shalom, Anti-Racist Campaign Headquarters,
Peaceful Neighbors, Hand in Hand Communities, Ajic, Shatil, Socialist
Struggle, Mehazkim
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