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Suggest questions for Senators to ask Trump`s Ambassador to Israel
From: Tamsin Avra, Rebuilding Alliance

An alert sent out from FCNL to SFRC Senators regarding David

As you know, the Senate confirmation hearings for our new Ambassador to
Israel will soon begin. In the hearings, the 21 members (10 Democrats, 11
Republicans) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will ask the nominee
questions of considerable depth. I am writing to ask your help - please
send us the questions that you would like U.S. Senators to ask David
Friedman in the confirmation hearings.?

We are confident we can get these questions to the Senators because
Rebuilding Alliance has held over a hundred meetings with House and Senate
staff in the past two years. Because so many constituents are ready to press
this forward, we expect the Senators will follow through and ask.

You can send us your questions to

Let us know whether we can share your questions, along with your name and
organization, with the Senator`s staff. Please also indicate if you are
willing to have your questions shared with constituents represented by the
Senators on the committee, and on social media.

Regardless of whether Mr. Friedman is confirmed, the vetting process itself
presents an unparalleled opportunity not only to question the nominee but to
also question U.S. and Israeli policy regarding the Israeli Occupation.

Many thanks,

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