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Academics and public figures call upon Netnayahu: stop demolition of Umm Al Hiran!
The following open letter was sent to PM Netanyahu, signed by dozens of
prominent academics, jurists and public figures, among them Amos Oz, Ronit
Matalon, Agi Mish`ol, Haim Be`er, Udeh Basharat. A.B.Yehoshua, Ibtisam
Barakat and Eyal Gross.

To Prime Minister
Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu
Government Offices, Jerusalem

Dear Sir,
Stop the demolition of Umm Al Hiran! Prevent the expulsion of its

After the tragic events and house demolitions on January 18, 2017 in the
Bedouin village of Umm Al Hiran, an agency of the government headed by
yourself has issued demolition orders to additional homes in the village.

We demand a halt house demolitions in the village of Umm Al Hiran, an
immediately cancellation of the entire plan to demolish the village and
expel its inhabitants, and a change in the master-plan for the new community
of Hiran - so that this village would remain in place.

The Negev is vast and has room enough for all. There is no reason to
demolish a Bedouin village and build a Jewish-only community on its site.
Hiran and Umm Al Hiran can abide side by side.

In view of the events of the recent month and a half, in which two persons
were killed and dozens have become homeless, we demand that the authorities
stop and reconsider their plan of action.

The village of Umm Al Hiran must be recognized in its present location and
further planned, in proximity to the planned settlement Hiran because
there is no other just solution!

Haia Noach | חיה נח
Mobile: +972-507701119 Skype: haia.noach
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