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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Sat. April 1, Marching in Jerusalem: After 50 years, High Time to End the Occupation
Time: Sat. April 1, 2017 - starting 7.30pm
Place of gathering: Gan Ha`sus (Horsepark) on King George St., Jerusalem
Marching towards: rally at Jaffa Gate, Old City Wall
Transportation from: Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Be`er Sheva, Galilee (details Adam 054-2340749)
Organized by: an Israeli and East Jerusalem coalition

We`ll start at the end: Were embarking on a struggle for Israeli society, for peace, and an end to the occupation. This struggle will start in Jerusalem on Saturday night, April 1. We`re going to march in Jerusalem, the city that the right wing claims is united, that Mayor Nir Barkat is trying to make exclusively Jewish, and in which Bentzi Gopstein spreads hate and racism. But this is a city that can be tolerant, open, and free of hate. A city that will be home to two capitals for two independent nations.

The March which we`ll conclude with a rally precisely on the green line is the beginning of our struggle that will culminate in a central event in June of 2017, marking exactly 50 years of occupation. Fifty years during which the State of Israel has had full control over another nation. Fifty years of violence and harm to innocent civilians, of coffins and settlements. Fifty years during which Israeli society has paid intolerable social costs. And thats exactly the point. Our struggle is for Palestinian people who live under occupation and military control, while also for Israeli society itself: Because a nation that controls another nation can never truly be free. And both of our nations can and need to be free and independent.

For this reason, weve united. For the past two months weve sat together - movements, political parties, organizations, protest groups, and NGOs. Weve decided to act: To embark on a series of actions to awaken Israeli society and prove that when we take to the streets - in the center and the periphery, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular locals alike - were the majority. In the coming months well facilitate protests, marches, informational activities, media coverage, and work among social networks and in the field. We dont intend to surrender, and are going to bring this struggle directly to the heart of Israeli society
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Friday webinar with the Human Rights activists designated as "terrorists"
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