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Passover event at Umm Al Hiran
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Vardit Goldner

There will be a both fun and serious program for all ages in Umm al Hiran
on Wednesday the 12th. We will have mural painting, hiking trails in the
village and environs, baking matzot as they were baked in the desert (no
heksher - but similar to how the ancient Hebrews actually did it), other
food, including kosher for Passover, conversation tables
for different ages, an Ajeec run handicrafts program, etc.

The event link in Hebrew and English is:




There was an item on Walla! about the incredible number of people visiting
Umm Al Hiran since the tragedy. It also talks about the Wednesday event.

Contact for transportation:
Rabbi Arik Ascherman
Co-Founder: *Haqel* (The Field)-Jews and Arabs in Defense of Human Rights
Israeli Cell Phone: (972) 50 5607034
U.S. Cell Phone: (206) 250-1451
Skype: ravarik
Facebook: Arik Ascherman
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