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Stop settler harassment at Umm al-Kheir
From: Li Lorian

Demand that the Carmel settlement take responsibility and stop the
harassment of Umm al-Kheir!

The village of Umm al-Kheir in the south Hebron hills has been under attack
by stone-throwers from the adjacent settlement of Carmel for the past five
nights. With the sole aim of depriving the villagers of their sleep every
hour throughout the night, a stone is lobbed over the fence. A single stone,
jerking an entire village out of sleep. Cowardly, under cover of darkness,
the perpetrator runs away. In these summer nights when people sleep outside,
the danger of one of the stones physically harming someone is real.
Last night Taayush activists spent the night with the people of Umm al-
Kheir. When we called the police after the first stone was thrown at about
midnight, we were told they would call us back. But this didnt happen. This
morning, Friday, September 1, the people of Umm al-Kheir welcomed Eid al-
Adha after another sleepless night.
The website of the Carmel settlement says: Here in Carmel, on the slopes of
the southern Judean hills abutting the desert, we live a life of harmony
between the rocky mountain and the soft desert, between the pristine
mountain air and the caressing desert dryness. Here living side by side are
old and young, academics and scientists alongside farmers, Torah scholars
alongside hardworking professionals.
What harmony are they talking about?! In Umm al-Kheir children cant get a
full night of sleep. In Umm al-Kheir they cant celebrate the holiday in
peace. Umm al-Kheirs neighbor, the settlement of Carmel, must be held
accountable and stop the stone-thrower/s!
Call the Carmel local council at 02-9963101 and ask why they let are letting
aggressors roam around at night and harassing their neighbors?
Call General Assembly member Elisheva Rosenfeld at 0528990122 and report the
incidents. Call Carmels secretary Yaron Gabai at 0507714312 and ask why he
doesnt restrain the residents of his settlement?
Call secretary Nirit Adela at 052-5767300 and ask her how she would like to
greet a holiday or the Sabbath?
Call security officer Simcha Koren at 052-8903516 | 052-9214080 and demand
to know why Umm al-Kheir isnt allowed to sleep in peace.
Or send an e-mail to: | |
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