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Bernie Sanders sponsors special Congressional Briefing: Palestinian children speak about peace
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By Donna Baranski-Walker

Congressional Briefing: Palestinian children speak about peace
Initiated by Churches for Middle East Peace and Rebuilding Alliance

Place: United States Capitol Building, Visitors Center room SVC 212-10
(Senate Side), Washington, DC

The office of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is sponsoring a special briefing
on Capitol Hill, on Tuesday at 10:30am in SVC 212-10, for International
Peace Day featuring Palestinian children and human rights defenders
including Rabbi Arik Ascherman from Torat Tzedek, and Alon Cohen-Lifshitz
from Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights.

The Palestinian children will present their vision of peace. They are among
thousands in the U.S. and around the world making #PinwheelsforPeace,
writing down what peace means and drawing what peace looks like, then
forming a pinwheel that turns in the wind. They come from the Palestinian
villages of Susiya and Al Aqaba, and from Gaza City.

This is the 3rd Annual #ICareAboutPeace Congressional Briefing. Invited by
Rebuilding Alliance, an American non-profit dedicated to rebuilding war-torn
communities and bringing the world together to keep them safe. Congressional
action is key:

Susiya Village is facing the very real risk of demolition because the
Israeli Army denied their master plan. Their appeal before Israels High
Court awaits the pronouncement of Israels Minister of Defense, due on Oct.
1st. We ask Congressional intervention to keep Susiya standing.

Al Aqaba is the first Palestinian village in the West Banks Area C to
issue its own building permits in accordance with their master zoning plan.
They need your help to keep 22 new homes standing. It has been two years and
no demolition orders were issued - let`s keep them safe!

Gaza City, like all of Gaza, is experiencing 22 hours of blackout every
day. We ask Congress to assure shipments of Nur al-Amal (light of hope)
solar lanterns to all 750,000 children in Gaza and help lift the blockade so
that families will have jobs and be able to pay their electric bills.

It is our hope that upon hearing their presentation, members of Congress
will personally make calls to the Israeli Embassy to express concern, stop
the demolitions, recognize Palestinian planning rights, assure due process,
and turn on the lights in Gaza.

If your org or peace group would like to co-sponsor, please do message us.

The briefing is called #ICareAboutPeace. Constituents (that`s you!) are
invited and please invite your members of Congress, click here:

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