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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Defense Ministry teach-in against the destruction of Khan Al Akhmar and Susya
Wed., Oct. 11 - Defense Ministry teach-in against the destruction of Khan Al
Akhmar and Susya

Come to learn about the endangered communities of Khan Al Akhmar and Susya
from residents and lawyers and others.

Defense Minister Liberman has recently vowed to totally destroy the
communities of Susya and Khan Al Akhmar in the coming months.

These orders fall squarely in line with the systematic Israeli policies and
practices of demolishing unrecognized villages in the West Bank as well as
the Negev.

Sukkot calls upon Jews to remember when our ancestors lived in vulnerable
shelters while today Palestinians are forced to dwell in similar structures
because Israeli officials refuse to grant them building permits and choose
to demolish any structure, no matter how fragile.

Tomorrow, October 11th, at 11.00 am, we will gather outside the Defense
Ministry, which has the authority to demolish villages in the West Bank, for
a teach-in and demonstration of our opposition to Israeli home demolitions.
Join us in standing in solidarity with communities facing unjust

The frail Sukkah should sensitize us to the importance of a home, and basic
universal right to have a dry roof over one`s head. The final day of Sukkot,
Hoshana Raba, is a `Yom Kippur Katan.` a minor Yom Kippur. It is therefore
the perfect time to demand that those in the Ministry to cancel the evil
decree against these villages.

In tens of communities around the world there have been.will be Sukkot
Against Demolitions activities. This will be an opportunity to learn about
the demolition threats facing these communities and to publicly express our
opposition to housing demolition!

For More Information:

Yaacov Manor 050-5733276
Rabbi Arik Ascherman 050-5607034
Micah Friedman- 050-4610385
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