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Communities Facing Expulsion - for no just reason and with almost no forewarning
Coalition of Women for Peace
Monday, November 13, 2017 7:24 PM

Alert!! Israel is about to expel 500 Palestinian children, women and men from their homes in two communities in the Jordan Valley - Ein El Hilweh and Um Jamal, near the Maskiot settlement. The Palestinian communities - mainly Bedouins - have been under pressure to leave for a very long time. They are not connected to the electricity grid and are denied water from pipes or natural sources. They are mainly poor shepherds who live off their herds. Since the Oslo agreement they found themselves living in area C and hence under direct Israeli occupation. Israel has declared in many occasions that these areas should be annexed to Israel. This latest eviction order will help Israel declare these areas empty and enhance its claim for sovereignty.

We, Israelis who oppose the occupation have been supporting these communities for a long time. We are appealing to you urgently to alarm anyone who could exert any pressure on the Israeli authorities to withhold their eviction order. Please organize demonstrations near Israeli consulates and embassies. Write messages to congressman/women, mobilize fellow Palestinians. The eviction order (in Hebrew) stipulates that these 30 families will have to evacuate within 8 days. Keep in touch with me and I will update you. Hannah Safran (Women in Black - Haifa),

For more information on the situation in the north of the Jordan Valley see:

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