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In the French Senate, B`Tselem Executive Director urges an active Frence role in the Palestinian Territories
Email from Amit Gilutz

`France Must Take Action about the Palestinian Territories`
B`Tselem Executive Director Hagai El-Ad will tomorrow (Monday, 27
November 2017) attend a conference at the French Senate organized by
the Institut de Recherche et dtudes Mditerrane Moyen-Orient
(iReMMO). The event will emphasize the vital need for France, as a
permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, to
intervene in the developments in the Occupied Territories.

At the beginning of next month, Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to
visit Paris and meet with President Macron. At the conference,
entitled France Must Act, El-Ad will highlight Israels attempts
to portray itself as a member of the club of democratic nations
while maintaining a regime of oppression for over 50 years.

Other participants will include Shawan Jabarin, General Director of the
Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq; MK Ayman Odeh, head of
the Joint List; former Israeli ambassador to France Daniel Shek; as
well as academics and senior French diplomats.

El-Ad will discuss Israels public announcement of its intention to
pursue a plan for the forced transfer of Palestinian communities in
Area C an act that constitutes a war crime in the face of the
impotence and failure of the international community to take any
practical action to oppose such human rights violations.

Before departing for Paris, El-Ad explained: In the past, Israel seized
control of Palestinian land under the cloak of a peace process. Now
even this is no longer necessary: all that is required is some vague
anticipation of an American plan perceived in Jerusalem as a green
light for demolition on one side and settlement on the other. The
picture is clear, and it is equally clear that international action to end
the occupation is more important and more necessary today than ever before.
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