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Nabi Salah rally: release the Tamimi women!
This Saturday Jan 13 at 11 am in Nabi Saleh, Rally for freedom for the
Tamimi family and all Palestinian political prisoners.
Please join the people of Nabi Saleh and other towns and villages for
this important cause. For transportation from Tel Aviv please call Ilan


Ahed Tamimi was detained by Israeli soldiers on Sunday, 19 December,
2017, during a pre-dawn raid on her family`s house.. Her arrest was
filmed, and the video published by the IDF Spokesperson. The
media-oriented arrest took place after a video from the previous Friday
(15.12.2017) produced a full-fledged media frenzy in Israel, evoking a
heated and inflammatory discourse against the Tamimi family. Ahed`s
mother, Nariman Tamimi, was arrested several hours later on suspicion of
incitement, merely for having allegedly broadcasted the incident on
Facebook. Nur Tamimi, Ahed`s 20-year-old cousin, was arrested the
following day in another pre-dawn raid, on suspicion of participation in
the incident.

The three have since all been served with inflated indictments. During
the repeated remand hearings and appeals, The Tamimis` legal defense
team has presented overwhelming legal precedents in similar cases
involving Israeli settlers in the West Bank, all of whom have been
released on bail or without charge. Ahed and Nariman, however, currently
remain under detention at HaSharon prison. Nur was released on bail on
Thursday, 1 January , after two weeks of detention.

The Tamimi women, like all Palestinians in the West Bank, are subject to
Israeli military law, and dealt with in military courts. Israeli human
rights group B`Tselem referred to proceedings in these courts as a
`faade of propriety` that `masks one of the most injurious apparatuses
of the occupation` and stated that `military courts are not, an
impartial, neutral arbitrator nor can they be. They are firmly
entrenched on one side of this unequal balance, and serve as one of the
central systems maintaining Israel`s control over the Palestinian people`.
Israel upholds two separate and discriminatory legal systems in the West
Bank: on one hand, military law for Palestinians, and by contrast, the
much more lenient and liberal Israeli criminal judicial system for
Israeli citizens, including settlers.

Since the year 2000, thousands of Palestinian minors have been
detained by Israel, in what amounts to a systematic policy, which, as
the UN has highlighted, includes abuse and ill-treatment. Diplomatic
involvement in such cases, including diplomatic monitoring of legal
proceeding, have helped decrease the severity of Israeli abuses in the past.

Marwa Hanna
Outreach and media Coordinator
Coalition of Women for Peace
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