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Red Rag column - new Mandate needed - deportations - Ahed Tamimi

By: Gideon Spiro

18 January 2018

Return the keys

The mission Israel took upon itself at its founding, to be a light unto the nations, has failed. The more modest goal of creating an ordinary democratic state has also failed. We have gone from being a light unto the nations to darkness for defenders of human rights.

After 70 years of the existence of the State, 50 of which have been years of Occupation and apartheid, a radical change is needed. We need to return the keys to the body that decided on the creation of the State so that authority can be transferred to an international mandate that will be responsible for ending the Occupation and apartheid and instilling democratic values.

Deport the deporters

In light of the governments decision forcibly to deport to Rwanda and Uganda refugees and asylum-seekers under threat of unlimited detention for those who refuse, a radical solution to remove the threat is required.

The top echelons of the government, police and parliament who support the expulsion must be interned in the Holot detention camp and transfer them to the two above-mentioned countries so that they can experience the abuse that has been the lot of the refugees who were tempted by the lies that were spread by the expellers from Israel.

Speaking as one who was expelled from Germany and came to this country as a refugee, I cannot bear the shame and the disgrace brought on by the crime of expelling refugees and asylum-seekers from the state of which I am a citizen.


Solidarity with the 16 year old Palestinian youth Ahed Tamimi, who tried with her bare hands to evict an armed invader from the Occupation army who had invaded her home in the village of Nabi Saleh in the Occupied Territories. Shame on the military judge, Major Chaim Biliti, who extended her detention until the end of the proceedings. Judges like him are judicial pollution that greases the judicial infrastructure of dictatorship and tyrannical regimes. He belongs in the court for war criminals in The Hague.
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