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Worldwide campaign in solidarity with Hebron

The campaign Dismantle the Ghetto, take the settlers out of Hebron is a
Palestinian led initiative aiming to mobilize international solidarity
groups with Palestinians from Hebron in their struggle to live in peace in
their city.

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continue their strategy of pressuring
Palestinians to leave their homes in Hebron city center. This pressure comes
in the form of closures of neighborhoods, markets and streets. Palestinians
also face military checkpoints and are subject to military law, including
frequent random searches and detention, and rampant settler violence.

The IOF closed the important Shuhada Street to Palestinian vehicles in 1994
following the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre, and then prevented Palestinians from
walking on most of it in late 2000. Their excuse is the provision of
security for hundreds of illegal Israeli settlers occupying the center of

On November 1, 2015, the IOF declared the Tel Rumeida neighborhood and the
part of Shuhada Street that has remained accessible to Palestinian
pedestrians since the Ibrahimi mosque massacre in 1994, as a closed military
zone. Palestinians who are not residents have been denied access to this
part of the city. The closed military zone excludes adjacent illegal Israeli
settlements. Palestinian residents were forced to register with the army, or
else risk being barred from their homes.

More than 500 Palestinian stores have been closed by military orders in the
center of Hebron, and nearly another 1000 store owners were forced to close
their shops due to restrictions in the past several years. At the same time,
illegal settlers enjoy freedom of movement in the closed streets and are
protected by the IOF.

Inside Hebron, the occupation and its illegal settlers have turned the lives
of 200,000 native Palestinians into a living hell. in addition to this,
thousands have been expelled from their own homes.

This campaign comes in the weeks preceding the anniversary of the Ibrahimi
Mosque Massacre. November 25th 1994, an Israeli settler killed 29 people and
wounded more than a
hundred as they prayed in the mosque. During the last year, UNESCO declared
Hebron as a world heritage site of Palestine. Israel responded by approving
building tens of apartments for the settlers and by establishing a
municipality of the settlers in Hebron.

Today after the escalation on the ground by the IOF and the settlers, we
believe that the Palestinians will not be able to live normally in Hebron as
long as the illegal settlers are living in the city.

We are focusing on Hebron as it became a microcosm of the occupation, a
symbol of the settlement issue, the policy of separation in Hebron/al
Khaleel and the entire West Bank, the lack of freedom of movement, and the
occupation at large.

If you would like to organize and be part of this campaign in your city or
on your university campus please get in touch with us on:

We call activists and organizations from around the world to organize
solidarity activities with the Palestinians in Hebron/al Khaleel. Protests
and actions of the Dismantle the Ghetto, take the settlers out of Hebron
campaign actions will demand

Removal of all illegal Israeli settlements from Hebron.
An immediate end to collective punishment and the closed military zone
order in Tel Rumeida and Shuhada Street;
Removal of restrictions on movement throughout the Old City of Hebron;

Here are some ways that you can actively get involved:
Demonstrations, Marches, Vigils, Flashmobs.
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