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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Joining the Canadian Boat to Gaze is a Jewish thing to do
From Canada Boat Gaza

Dear friends,
As a Jew, I am all too aware that history has been painted with the blood of
individuals whose only crime was being born Jewish. The stigma of living
life as a minority has forever shaped Jewish history and the histories of
many other peoples. Therefore, I am always taken aback when I see any group
of people who face discrimination not for their actions, but simply for
being alive.

I know that Jewish leadership has made sure that any assertion of
commonality between Jew and Palestinian is denied. But throughout history,
from Poland to Iraq, from Argentina to South Africa, from Brooklyn to
Mississippi, Jews have taken up their quest for justice, and their desire
for a more just world, by joining with others in collective struggles. Jews
have participated prominently in the workers struggle of the Depression
era, in the civil rights movement, in the struggle against South African
Apartheid, in the struggle against fascism in Europe, and in many other
movements for social and political change.

Obviously the State of Israels historic and ongoing oppression of the
Palestinian people contradicts and betrays these long histories of Jewish
participation in collective liberation struggles.

Thus, I invite you to join me in my support for the Canadian Boat to Gaza,
and its insistence on ending the illegal and immoral blockade imposed by the
Israeli State on over 2 million Palestinian civilians living in the Gaza

Let`s challenge the legality of the inhumane blockade of Gazas 2 million
inhabitants, most of whom are refugees and children.

Let`s expose the Canadian governments complicity in this act of collective
punishment of defenceless civilians.

Let`s demonstrate to the people living under the blockade that the world has
not forgotten them.

Let`s stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Let`s support the Canadian Boat to Gaza right now!

You can find different ways to donate at

Please share our messages widely to help spread the word.

In solidarity,

Rabbi Lucia Pizarro
Founding Spiritual Director
The Jewish Liberation Theology Institute, www.JeLiThIn.Ca

Those who can benefit from a charitable tax receipt in the US may wish to
donate through the US Boat to Gaza page: https://2018boatstogaza-
In other parts of the world, please consider donating through one our other
partner campaigns in the Freedom Flotilla:

Please share our messages and forward them; Merci de partager et de faire
suivre nos messages.

Twitter: @CanadaBoatGaza @GazaFFlotilla
Donations / dons: /

Canadian Boat to Gaza: email:

Bateau canadien pour GAZA: courriel:

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