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Israeli support rally for the women`s march in Gaza

Members of Other Voice will today ( Tuesday, July 3 ) hold a support rally
for the women`s march in Gaza

Today, at 17:00, there will be a non-violent march of some 20,000 women in
Gaza demanding the end of the siege and the right to a dignified life. The
march is organized by the leaders of the nonviolent struggle in Gaza. Women
from all over the Palestinian political spectrum will march from the
Saja`iya neighborhood towards the border - near Kibbutz Nahal Oz.

They asked us to march with them as a sign of solidarity on the other side
of the fence ... It is important for them to see that there is someone in
Israel to talk to.

In response to the request of the Gaza organizers, Tuesday, 3 July, at
17:30, we will gather at the entrance Kibbutz Nahal Oz and march with large
signs, expressing a message of peace, towards the border, in the hope that
both processions will succeed in seeing each other across the fences and

Contact: . Nomika Zion 054-7689181; Eric Yellin 054-4689001
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