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Stop the war - reach an agreement!
Thursday July 19, 17: 30-19: 30 demonstration at the Yad Mordechai
junction, just north of the Gaza Strip

Prevent the next war! Reach a long-term agreement!

This the 44th consecutive week of the weekly protests at this junction.

The past week was one of the most difficult we have experienced since the
summer of 2014. Dozens of missiles shot, nights of running to air raid
shelters, leaving dead on the Palestinian side and wounded on the Israeli

The terrible sequence of events, which we have witnessed too many times
already, is once again running its familiar course. Once again, swords are
rattled on both sides and preparations made for a destructive new round of
all-out fighting. The politicians and the media no longer talk of whether
there will be a war, but only of when it will break out.

To us, this situation is completely unacceptable because there is no real
reason for war. It`s time for an agreement! Residents of both sides of the
border should no long remain the hostages of cowardly and irresponsible

We demand a long-term agreement a pause for breath to all of us, a chance
to establish normal life on both sides of the fence.

Come with us, to call out:

* No to another war in Gaza!

* Yes to a long-term agreement!

* Yes to the rehabilitation of Gaza!

The government of Israel has no plan for Gaza. Even worse, the government
so far rejects any long-term cease-fire initiative, despite many mediation
attempts made by various countries around the world.

The continuing policy of ingoring Gazas misery leads to even repeating
cycles of violence completely futile, leading only to ever-new destruction
and misery.

We must continue to call, also this week, for a comprehensive, long-term
political plan for the rehabilitation of Gaza. This alone can give residents
on both sides of the fence a life of hope and respect.

Not to further fighting! Yes to a diplomatic solution in and with Gaza!

Contact: Naomika Tzion +972-(0)54-7689181

Eric Yellin - +972-(0)54-4689001
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