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Commemorating Uri Avnery - Tel Aviv Cinemateque, today Wed. Oct. 3 at 7.30 pm ‬
Following is the invitation to the event organized by the Tel Aviv
Cinemateque, based on the details given on the Cinemateque website

In the wake of Uri Avnery`s death, the Tel Aviv Cinematheque will hold
today, Wed., Oct. 3 at 7:30 pm a renewed screening of Yair Lev`s 2002 film
`Uri Avnery: Warrior for Peace`

At the end of the screening, there will be a panel discussion including MK
Zahava Gal-On, former Meretz Chair, MK Ahmad Tibi, a delegation from the
Palestinian Authority headed by Elias Zananiri, a delegation from Kfar
Kassem, headed by former MK Ibrahim Sarsur, Latif Dori, Adam Keller - Gush
Shalom, Reno Tzror - former correspondent for `Ha`olam Hazeh` weekly,
Raymonada Tawil - a Palestinian message, Naftali Raz -` On the Left Side `.

Explanatory notes for the film as published at the original screening: `A
portrait of the last Mohican of the Israeli radical left, who at the age of
78 [Avnery`s age at the time of the film`s production] continues to proudly
hold aloft the banner of Israeli-Palestinian peace. A portrait of a
controversial man who in his person represents his spirit of the period when
he grew to maturity and the conflicted history of the State of Israel. `

To purchase tickets in advance, call the Cinematheque at 03-6060800 or
follow the link below (Cinematheque Hebrew website)

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