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Ashkenazi petition against Israeli State-Nation Law
Press release, June 11, 2019

A new petition was filed to High Court of Justice in Jerusalem, in a bid to strike down the newly passed Nation-State Law. The petition argues that the law discriminates against the non-Jewish - mainly Palestinian - citizens of Israel, as elaborated in a similar petition submitted by Adalah against the same law. Furthermore, the petition supports the petition of some 60 Mizrahi Israelis who argued that the law discriminates against Jews of Arab extraction as it degrades the Arabic language to that a `special status`.

In addition to these main arguments, Ashkenazi Israelis argue that the Nation-State Law defines them as superior to non-Jews as well as Mizrahi Jewish-Israelis. We refuse to inhabit the privileged position allocated to us. We demand a full equality for all the residents of this country.

We see ourselves as the bearers of a tradition pioneered by Ashkenazi Jews who lived in this country and mastered the Arabic language out of respect for the language of the region, rather than the `enemy language` which is the way it is often perceived in Israel nowadays.

There were also Jews in Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries who saw the studying of Arabic language and culture as an important tool to emancipate themselves as Jews. This is the Israeli Ashkenazi identity we wish to champion, against a racist colonial one.

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Watch an interview with Eitan Bronstein Aparicio (with subtitles in English)

on `Kalman & Segal` show in Kan 11, 12.5.2019.

For more information contact Eitan Bronstein Aparicio: +972(0)50-6314229
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