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"Without Jewish-Arab partnership, no rebirth for the left in Israel"
But in these elections it became completely clear that without a Jewish-Arab
partnership there is no rebirth for the left in Israel.

One of the loud and prominent voices is the , , among the veterans of the
party. In the past Sagee served as the CEO of Hashomer Hatzair and as the
chair of the Council of Youth Movements, and he is currently the CEO of the
Givat Haviva Center for a Shared Society bringing together a group of
bodies and projects engaged in Jewish-Arab activity and in coexistence. In
the spirt of the body he has led for the past six years, Sagee is calling
for and acting to establish a new political body, one that is Jewish and
Arab, to include under one canopy representatives or parties from the Jewish
left and from the Arab factions from the Labor Party and Meretz and up
through Hadash, the Islamic Movement (Raam) and Taal of Ahmed Tibi. He
leaves out the nationalist Balad party.
In Sagees vision, the said list will have two chairs a Jew and an Arab.
The primary aspiration is for one party, with representation through the
zipper system (vertical parity) for Jews and Arabs. A different model,
perhaps more realistic, is a left-wing bloc of Jewish and Arab parties that
will run together, in similar fashion to the four Arab parties in the
framework of the Joint List in the 2015 elections.
What is certain, states Sagee, is that Meretz will cease existing if it
continues to run alone as it has done up until now. Meretz and others on
the Israeli left will need to understand that the State of Israel is on a
razor-thin edge and it obligates us to change, he says. According to the
chair of the Meretz directorate, the future of the Zionist left is therefore
in the hands of the Arab public. Actually, he reminds us, those who saved
Meretz from extinction in the most recent elections were Arab voters. This
fact proves his claim that the only way to bring down the right-wing
government means joining up with Arab parties.

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