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Don`t Deport Kids! - the case of the Israeli-born children of Phillipine care givers
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Urgent Protest: Don`t Deport Kids!

Over the past few days, you`ve seen them arrested, crying in disbelief. You`ve seen Immigration Authority officers breaking into their homes, hunting them in the streets. You`ve seen the Ministry of the Interior take care of these children and their mothers, who have taken care of so many people in Israel. You`ve seen this horror show in play here, in our home and theirs, in Israel.

But you`ve also seen other sights. You`ve seen the kids` friends outside the prison, crying out for the children to be released. You`ve seen thousands of people act: teachers, friends, neighbors, grateful patients, soldiers who were once marked for deportation themselves, and the mayors defending the children. You`ve seen a different face of Israeli society.

You`ve seen the horror. You`ve seen the love. The UCI mothers fighting for the children have joined the school parent organizations, and volunteers from all walks of Israeli society, in organizing an emergency rally titled: DON`T DEPORT KIDS!

On Tuesday 6.8 at 19:00, Tel Aviv Museum, we will all be there, together with the families in danger of deportation. Artists will perform, public figures will speak, and above all, a great crowd of girls and boys and women and men, human beings, all belonging to one single family, all choosing love, and putting a stop to the horror of deportation.

UCI United Children of Israel

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