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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Trump is bad for the Jews
If youre like me, you are INFURIATED by Trump who just signed an executive
order on Wednesday that claims to combat antisemitism on college campuses
but actually is designed to shut down Palestinian rights activists. It is a
racist, repressive attempt to silence students and academics.

The fight is just getting started, and we cant let it disappear from the
headlines. We plan to run an ad in The Hill to tell everyone in DC that this
act has nothing to do with protecting Jews.

Trumps executive order will do NOTHING to keep Jewish students safe. It
wont protect against Nazis or Nazi recruitment, it won`t prevent campuses
from scheduling important events on Jewish holidays, and it won`t protect
Jewish religious spaces from armed attackers.

What it will do is incentivize administrators to create harsh rules against
even the mildest activism for Palestinian rights or risk their
institutions federal funding.

Trump and his cronies are cracking down on student activism because they
know its working. Since the Palestinian call for BDS began, there have been
over 70 successful campus votes on divestment and for resolutions in support
of the Palestinian-led boycott.

Trump and his supporters are afraid of our movement. Trump doesnt want to
keep Jews safe he wants to suppress free speech to ensure our silence. So
lets speak up in a way Trump cant ignore and tell him were not backing

Rabbi Alissa Wise, Acting Co-Executive Director - Jewish Voice For Peace
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