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Human rights organizations to Israeli government: Lift movement restrictions against Amnesty International employee
Roy Yellin via

26 May, 2020
Press release - for immediate release
Human rights organizations to government: Lift movement restrictions against
Amnesty International employee

Today, 15 organizations publish a joint statement calling to lift movement
restrictions against Amnesty International employee:

`We stand in solidarity with our colleague from Amnesty International, Laith
Abu Zeyad, and demand that Israel lift the movement restrictions barring him
from leaving the Occupied Territories. His petition against the restrictions
imposed upon him will be heard on 31 May 2020.

Targeting Abu Zeyad is yet another example of Israels increased persecution
and punishment of human rights organizations in recent years. This includes
preventing international activists and human rights workers from entering
the country and forming a ministry that creates blacklists and engages in

Imposing draconian restrictions and denying millions of Palestinians freedom
of movement have been a routine part of Israels occupation policy for 53
years. Israel comprehensively violates Palestinians right to travel abroad,
while regarding its citizens rights to do so as fundamental.

If it looks like political persecution and sounds like political persecution
it is political persecution, and it must stop. ״

Adalah | BTselem | Bimkom Planners for Planning Rights | Breaking the
Silence | Gisha HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual | Haqel
In Defense of Human Rights Human Rights Defenders Fund | Ir Amim |
Physicians for Human Rights Israe l The Association for Civil Rights in
Israel | The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel Torat Tzedek | Yesh
Din | Zazim - Community Action

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