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Invitation: Sam Bahur and Mossi Raz speak online of annexation via

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Amidst our global pandemic, these are especially challenging days in Israel
and Palestine. Israel`s new government has announced its intent to annex the
West Bank, and senior Trump administration officials have signaled the U.S.
will support this move. Please join Extend for two sessions on the
implications of annexation for both Israelis and Palestinians:

Sam Bahour on Annexation & the Palestinian Future, this Friday, May 29 at
11am ET / 6pm IT.

Register today to join this session.

Sam Bahour is a Palestinian-American, born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio
and is managing partner of Applied Information Management (AIM), a
consulting firm specializing in business development with a niche focus on
start-ups and providing executive counsel. Bahour was instrumental in the
establishment of two publicly traded firms: the Palestine Telecommunications
Company (PALTEL) and the Arab Palestinian Shopping Center. He is currently
an independent director at the Arab Islamic Bank and an advisory board
member of the Open Society Foundations MENA Office. Bahour serves in
various capacities in several community organizations, including co-founder
and board chair of Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy (AVPE), board
member of Just Vision in New York, board member and policy adviser at Al-
Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network, and a secretariat member of the
Palestine Strategy Group (PSG), among others. He writes frequently on
Palestinian affairs and has been widely published in leading outlets. He is
co-editor of HOMELAND: Oral History of Palestine and Palestinians (1993),
tweets at @SamBahour and blogs at

Register today to join this session with Sam Bahour.

Mossi Raz on Annexation & the Future of the Israeli Left, next Wednesday,
June 3 at 12pm ET / 7pm IT. Register today to join this session.

Mossi Raz served as a Knesset Member from the Meretz Party between 2017 and
2019, and previously from 2000 to 2003. Last year, he ran to be co-chairman
of Meretz alongside MK Issawi Frej, arguing that the traditionally left-
Zionist party should be co-led by both a Jewish Israeli and Palestinian
citizen of Israel. Mossi has formerly served as the Executive Director of
Peace Now, the co-director of the joint Israeli-Palestinian radio station
All for Peace, the Chairman of Life and Environment (the largest
organization of Israeli environmental advocates), the Chairman of Bizchut
(Israels leading disability rights organization), a board member of the
sustainable transportation organization Transportation Today and Tomorrow,
and as Chair of the Israeli Disarmament Movement. Mossi serves as a board
member of Extend.

Register today to join this session with Mossi Raz.
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