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The Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony
Today! The Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony

Today, Tuesday, April 13 at 1:30 PM ET, the Joint Israeli-Palestinian
Memorial Day Ceremony will be broadcast live around the world. The Ceremony
is hosted by Combatants for Peace and The Parents CircleFamilies Forum, and
we are proud that T`ruah is once again an official sponsor.

What began as a small ceremony of 50 people in 2005 is now the largest
Memorial Day ceremony in Israel, attended by over 200,000 people last year
and the largest Israeli-Palestinian peace event in history. This year, the
Ceremony will take place virtually, broadcast live from Tel Aviv and

In this time of anxiety and separation, the upcoming Joint Memorial Day
Ceremony offers solidarity and hope for a peaceful future.

Israels Memorial Day, Yom HaZikaron, which begins Tuesday night and ends
Wednesday night, is a solemn day on which Israelis remember those they have
lost in the years of war and conflict. Often, this remembering is infused
with the despairing narrative that we have no choice but to live or die by
our swords. Traditionally, the immense suffering of Palestinian families is
not acknowledged, leading to dehumanization and further despair. The Joint
Memorial Day Ceremony offers a hopeful alternative: ending the occupation
and creating a just and peaceful future for both peoples.

At this ceremony, Israelis and Palestinians grieve together for the losses
that all families have suffered. By acknowledging the pain of those living
on the other side, we resolve to choose a new path of peace, justice,
security, and dignity for all. Speakers will include Israeli and Palestinian
activists, advocates, artists, and bereaved family members who have
transformed their adversity and loss into constructive action and care for
each others histories and struggles. Now, more than ever, we need this
vision of hope.

Please register here for the event. \

Thank you for joining us,

Rabbi Jill Jacobs
Executive Director

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