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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Protest tent in Tel Aviv`s Sarona compound: "Looking the Occupation in the eyes".
Wed. 12:00 till Fri. 16:00 - Protest tent in Tel Aviv`s Sarona compound:
`Looking the Occupation in the eyes`.

What do you say to yourself when you read or hear that the children of
Palestinian shepherds have been abandoned to the scorching sun without
water? when their shabby huts have been destroyed by settlers and their and
their herds` water tanks have been shot by soldiers? You say nothing. In
most cases you try to expel the harsh images that flash inside your head.
Perhaps you say, what can I do? This is the harsh reality. Or maybe you nod
in satisfaction and say to yourself, all Arabs are terrorists!

But not all Israelis are supporters of the occupation and trampling of the

A protest tent calling on the general public of Israeli citizens to face the
realities of the Occupation will be set up in the Sarona compound in Tel
Aviv, at the corner of Kaplan and Leonardo da Vinci streets, starting
Wednesday at 14:00 noon and Friday at 16:00.

The tent, set up by citizens, women and men, not parties and activists, not
political pressure groups,
and not protest organizations, wishes to rattle the indifferent Israelis,
those who prefer to ignore, look the other way or bury their heads in the
sand, in the face of the horrors that occur daily and hourly in the occupied
Territories, where Palestinian shepherds and farmers are persecuted on a
daily basis With the help of the army, they are displaced, their homes are
destroyed, the water sources for their flocks are looted, their orchards and
vineyards are uprooted or burned - and they, men, children, women and the
elderly remain forlorn in the fierce sun of the occupied territories. These
are the vanquished. People without human rights, whose lives are cheap and
who are abandoned by the Israeli military, government and administration in
the territories.

We invite everyone to come and hear the true story of what the occupation
leads to from Israeli citizens who care and constantly volunteer to go to
the Jordan Valley and other territories to support and protect these
oppressed. Lets look the Occupation in the eyes and not from a political
but human point of view. We present to you the reality as it is, without
filters, a reality in which settlers and soldiers abuse Palestinians in
order to remove them from their lands and our lives.

The Public, both on the right and left, must sober up and understand that
beyond the political issue (that we do not discuss in our tent), the
persecution and terror under occupation must stop! There are red lines that
must not be crossed, and the damage caused is destructive to the entire
Israeli society, to our life here, to education and the economy, and to the
future of the people and the State.

We also appeal to the media and social networks to stop being silent and
broadcast to the public what is really happening nowadays.


Guy Hirschfeld - 0527025743

Gali Handin - 0544308489

`The only thing necessary for the victory of evil is that good people do
nothing` (Edmund Burke)
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