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All to Burin this Friday! Stand with the Palestinians against settler violence!
Tomorrow, Fri. Feb 4, we are heading to Burin, to go tree planting activity in
support of Palestinian farmers and to take a stand against Jewish terror and
settler violence. This email contains all the information needed to make Friday
safe and effective, so please read it carefully.

What to expect

We plan to arrive in Burin at 9 a.m. and leave Burin at 12:30 p.m.

In the previous activity in Burin, volunteers experienced severe violence from
settlers. Most activities take place safely without any violence or danger, but
there is always a risk of violence during activities in the Occupied Territory.
It is important for you to know that the activity is coordinated with the police
and the army, and we always recommend not going anywhere alone. The commitment
of so many people to stand side by side in the face of settler violence is our
strength and shield. The activity will be led by very experienced activists who
are committed to maintaining your safety.
The activity will not take place in the form of a demonstration, following the
request of the residents of Burin and due to the fear that after the volunteers
leave, the settlers will use violence in retaliation against the Palestinian
residents of Burin, without anyone protecting them or standing by them. The
focus will be on completing the tree planting and making a clear and determined
statement against the ongoing violence.
There is a chance of rain on Friday, please prepare accordingly with coats and

For those interested, on Wednesday evening, at 20:00, there will be a
preparatory Zoom for the activity (in Hebrew). In the Zoom we will talk briefly
about what the activity will look like, we will share some safety tips, and we
will open the stage for you to share thoughts, concerns, ask questions, etc.
The link can be found here:
Bus rides:

The Tel Aviv bus will leave HaGdud Haivri St 33 (Levinski) at 7:15, and
Arlozorov at 7:30.

The Jerusalem bus will leave Liberty Bell Park (Gan Hapaamon) at 7:15.

North: a bus leaves Maalot (in front of the Bella Mia restaurant) at 5:50, the
old central station in Carmiel at 6:15, Alonim (first bus stop before the
square) at 6:50. and Yokneam (bus stop in front of Mall G) at 7 p.m.

South: A bus leaves Be`er Sheva (parking lot in the Teachers` Center) at 6:45.
Rosh HaAyin: A bus leaves from the Rosh HaAyin train station at 8 p.m.

If you would like to arrive by car, you are welcome to join the WhatsApp group
for rides:
Indicate there whether you will arrive by car or need a ride.

COVID precautions

Due to the risk of COVID infection, we recommend arriving by car. During the
entire bus ride, it is mandatory to wear a mask. If you do not feel well, please
stay at home. If you can do a COVID test before going to Burin, it will help
reduce the chances of infection.

What to bring
-Water (3 liters) and food (snacks and lunch)

-Hat, sunscreen, long work clothes suitable for rain and a raincoat, closed
shoes, and an umbrella

- ID (or passport)

-Work gloves (optional)

-Tools: garden hoe, pickaxe, and/or shovel (optional)

Please reply to this email address whether you are
coming and how (by bus or car) and if by bus, which one (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv,

If you have any questions, I am at 052-2847-685

Thank you and see you on Friday!


דני ברודסקי - Dani Brodsky
מנהל מחלקת השטחים הכבושים - Director of the OPT Department
רבנים לזכויות אדם - Rabbis for Human Rights
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