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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Put an end to 55 years of occupation and oppression! March and rally in Tel Aviv, Sat. June 18.
We now mark 55 years of occupation. Already for 55 years now, Israel has been
holding millions of people under military rule, enforcing two disparate systems
of law

for in the same territory, denying and violating human and civil rights.

Therfe is ongoing repression: more and more victimization, more demolitions
expulsions, expropriation, administrative detentions, detentions of minors, land

daily settler violence, and much much more rerpession of all kinds.

We all see how the occupation is creating facts on the ground every day, its
settlments expanding and growing at the expense of the Palestinians - and ever

violent. Therefore - we must not remain silent!

We in Gush Shalom join with all our fellow peace and human rights organizations
in the struggle for an end to the occupation; for the creation of a sovereign

Palestinian state; for democracy and equality to both peoples; for peace and

It is time to act, to stop the occupation and oppression. We call on all
citizens who care to join us for a demonstration tomorrow, Saturday June 18. We
will meet at 19:00

in the Tel Aviv Museum plaza (King Saul 25) and march to a rally in Habima

Put an end to 55 years of occupation and oppression - because we must! For all
our sakes!

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