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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Occupation magazine - Jerusalem

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No pasarán! Confront the racist "March of the Flags" in Jerusalem!
Fascism will not pass Opposing the march, seeking a free Jerusalem
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Thursday // 18.5 // Protest // Center CityKhatulot Square // 16:30

In recent months, weve been demonstrating for democracy in Israel, while in East Jerusalem live over 350,000 Palestinian residents with no Israeli citizenship, who are blocked from voting and from political representation in the parliament and government, and who are subject to institutionalized violence.

On the upcoming Jerusalem Day, we will all stand in solidarity with the residents of East Jerusalem, and call for justice, equality, and freedom for all residents of the city. Opposite the violent March of Flags, which celebrates Jewish supremacy, and severely harms the residents of East Jerusalem, we present an anti-occupation alternative.

The March of Flags, which in past years has crossed through the heart of the Muslim Quarter, is a march of hatred and racism. On the day of the march, the merchants of the Old City are required to close up their shops at an early hour, and the Palestinian residents in the streets and their homes are exposed to extreme violence from this racist mob calls of Mohammad is dead and may your villages burn, along with physical violence that endangers Palestinian lives.

On this day, we are obligated to resist these dark and violent forces that sweep the city. Join us on Thursday in calling for a different futureone of equality, justice, and freedom.

Thursday // 18.5 // Protest // Center CityKhatulot Square // 16:30
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