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Two-thirds of Israelis Still Back Two-state Solution, J Street Poll Finds Judy Maltz - Haaretz - The results show that an overwhelming majority of those who voted for parties associated with the political center and even the center-right favor the creation of a Palestinian state. Eighty-three percent of those who voted for the Kulanu party, which is part of the ruling coalition, favor a two-state solution. So do 81 percent of those who voted for Yesh Atid, which currently sits in opposition. [bz]17/1/2017
Today in PalestineToday in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn15/1/2017
Israel Lobby: Headlines, resignations, calls for probeAl Jazeera Investigative Unit--Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a crazy politician surrounded by weirdos and extremists, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is an idiot whose deputy Alan Duncan should be taken down, and Crispin Blunt is among a group of MPs that are strongly pro-Arab rather than pro-Israel. This all according to Shai Masot, who last year introduced himself to Al Jazeera`s undercover reporter Robin Harrow (alias), as a senior political officer at the Israeli embassy in London. dn 15/1/2017
Can PA end arms proliferation in West Bank? Ahmad Melhem - Al-Monitor "Palestinian parties are currently discussing the implemention of a draft law on firearms and ammunition licensing fees that the Palestinian Authority cabinet ratified Dec. 13. A government statement declared that the law aims to “reorganize the weapons dossier, reduce the spread of illegal weapons, work to control illegal weapons and confront arms dealers and outlaws seeking to undermine the security of both the homeland and the citizen.” ca 13/1/2017
Israeli settlers attack Palestinian videographer of Hebron shooting in attempt to ‘silence documentation and resistance’ Sheren Khalel - Mondoweiss - Emad Abu Shamsiyah first started receiving death threats in March, after a video he filmed for Israeli rights group B’Tselem, which captured Israeli soldier Elor Azaria shooting dead Abed al-Fattah al-Sharif, 21, was released to the public. The video sparked a media frenzy surrounding the incident, and directly led to the initial indictment of Azaria. Shamsiyah has not had a good night’s rest since.-rh 12/1/2017
A Soldier, Not a “Child”Gershon Hacohen - The Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies - When we ask young men and women to give everything they have and more for the sake of their country and their people, we cannot at the same time see them as kids. This is by no means a denial that every soldier is in fact a son or daughter to their parents.-rh12/1/2017
What do Israelis think about settlements? Turns out age matters.Oded Haklai - The Washington Post - The year 2017 will mark the 50th anniversary of the 1967 war in which Israel conquered the contested territories from Jordan. According to the findings in this research, those born before 1967 are more likely to remember Israel’s pre-1967 boundaries. They know that Israel has not formally declared its sovereignty on Judea and Samaria. They view settlements to be outside the State of Israel’s territory. This is especially true for those who were at least 10 years old in 1967. For that generation, the Green Line is tangible.-rh11/1/2017
Report: 7,000 Palestinians held in Israeli jailsYael Marom - +972 - Since the occupation began in 1967, Israel’s military legal system has jailed anywhere between half a million and 800,000 Palestinians, according to estimates. This is an almost inconceivable number. The saying goes that there are practically no Palestinian homes without someone in jail. The conviction rate of Palestinians who have been arrested and tried in this system stands at around 99 percent. This means that if you are a Palestinian who has been arrested, it is worthwhile agreeing to a plea bargain, because you have almost no chance of being found innocent.-rh11/1/2017
Occupation capturedChristian Peacemaker Teams - AIC - Photos of Palestinian life and Israeli occupation in the West Bank city of Hebron [ry]9/1/2017
IDF 2016 data: 15 suicides, all menYoav Zitun--In total, 41 soldiers die in 2016, a slight increase from 36 in 2015; four of them die in terrorist-related activities. dn8/1/2017
The Lobby will be broadcast on Al Jazeera from January 15 [Al Jazeera]Al Jazeera--The Israeli government is in the midst of a brazen, covert influence campaign in Britain, a six-month undercover investigation by Al Jazeera will reveal. dn8/1/2017
Today in Palestine for Janary 4, 2017Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn8/1/2017
Video showing Israeli diplomat plotting takedown of UK ministers causes uproarYnet--Footage from an undercover Al-Jazeera reporter shows Israeli diplomat Shai Masot talking to Maria Strizzolo, former aide to British education minister, about `taking down` parliamentarians considered anti-Israel in their views. dn8/1/2017
U.S. Senate Leaders Back Bipartisan Bid Condemning Anti-settlements UN Vote Amir Tibon--Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) backed on Wednesday a bipartisan move in the U.S. Senate to condemn a recently passed United Nations Security Council resolution critical of Israeli settlements. The two leaders are among a group of 20 senators who cosponsored the Senate resolution, introduced earlier in the day by Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla) and Ben Cardin (D-Md). The motion calls on the UN to repeal Resolution 2334 adopted two weeks ago by the Security Council. dn 7/1/2017
Meet the Palestinian woman director bringing her generation to the screenHaggai Matar - +972 "“Judging by the responses from Palestinian girls who have seen the film, at premieres and festivals, I don’t feel I have anything to worry about. It obviously exposes something, but I think that the trick of the movie, for the families and for the older generation is that after the initial shock of seeing [the girls’] lives at the beginning, the film starts to slowly reveal their own lives to them as well, which undoes the antagonism." ca6/1/2017
Running From the Law, Netanyahu-StyleLawrence Davidson - Counterpunch - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threw a temper tantrum (24 December 2016) after the U.S. failed to veto United Nations Security Council Resolution 2234 condemning Zionist settlements on Palestinian territory. Netanyahu called the resolution “shameful.” He went so far as to tell the foreign secretary of New Zealand, one of the countries that brought the resolution forward for a vote, that this action was the equivalent of “an act of war.” He then started recalling Israeli ambassadors from the Security Council states that backed the resolution. Finally, Netanyahu said Israel would “not abide by it [the resolution].” All in all it was quite a performance.-rh 5/1/2017
Report: Israeli military turns blind eye to attacks on PalestiniansAssociated Press - The Daily Star - An Israeli advocacy group on Tuesday criticized what it called an "exceptionally low" prosecution rate by the Israeli military in cases of violence committed by soldiers against Palestinians. The report by Yesh Din, a human rights group that is often critical of the Israeli military, came a day before a military court`s verdict is to be delivered in a high-profile manslaughter case against a soldier. In its annual report, Yesh Din said the army opened 186 criminal investigations into suspected offenses against Palestinians in 2015, but just four of those investigations yielded indictments. The group said the 2015 figures, based on official army data, were the most recent available.-rh 5/1/2017
Israeli justice minister considers bill to grant Benjamin Netanyahu immunity in case he faces corruption chargesBethan McKernan - Independent - Israeli Justice Minister Ayalet Shaked has appeared to give her backing to a bill that would grant sitting premiers immunity from certain types of criminal prosecutions, a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was questioned by police over gifts he may have received from business leaders.-rh 5/1/2017
Elor Azaria: the Israeli soldier who exposed the country`s faultlinesPeter Beaumont - The Guardian - The case of Elor Azaria – the “Hebron shooter” – has cast a long shadow over Israel over the past 10 months. The baby-faced, diminutive soldier who fatally shot a wounded Palestinian attacker in the head exposed multiple faultlines in a country that itself seemed at times to be on trial. For the military, whose senior officers pushed for a prosecution, the case and the international attention that it drew appeared clear cut from the beginning, not least with the threat of action against Israel in the international criminal court.-rh 5/1/2017
Israeli officials back shoot-to-kill policy of Palestinian suspects, says Human Rights WatchHarriet Agerholm - Independent - Leading Israeli officials have been encouraging soldiers and police officers to kill Palestinians suspected of attacks regardless of whether lethal force is necessary, according to a new report by a leading human rights organisation. Human Rights Watch has compiled numerous statements by senior members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration and the country’s police force, which appear to endorse using lethal force against suspects, irrespective of whether anyone is in danger.-rh |5/1/2017
The Palestinians’ new peace initiativeUri Savir - Al Monitor - The proposal includes six central elements. The first is establishing a one-year time frame, ending in December 2017, for declaring a Palestinian state on transitional borders. A second element relates to the interim territory of the new state, which will include all of Area A (currently under Palestinian control) and Area B (under Palestinian civil control and joint Israeli-Palestinian security control) and 20% of Area C (under Israeli control) in the Jordan Valley with full Palestinian sovereignty. This means an Israeli withdrawal from parts of Area C and the transfer of security control to Palestinians in Area B. Then there is the issue of Israeli settlements in Area C. The settlers could stay, but under Palestinian sovereignty. A fourth and most important element is a complete Israeli freeze of settlement expansion, based on the 1968 UN General Assembly Resolution 2443. Also, Israeli-Palestinian security cooperation shall be increased. The sixth element concerns permanent status negotiations, which must be launched after December 2017 between Israel and Palestine. The negotiations, on the basis of the 1967 lines and the Arab Peace Initiative, should last no more than a year, with a one-year implementation time frame.-rh 5/1/2017
Will `earth shaking` revelation bring down Netanyahu?Ben Caspit - Al Monitor - Netanyahu, even before the investigation against him began, adopted tactics to make it clear that he has no intention of caving. To the contrary, in fact, Netanyahu intends to leverage his popularity and recruit his supporters, mainly the growing right-wing Israeli public, to constantly repeat one message: that he is being subjected to a political investigation and political persecution. In a meeting of the Likud faction hours before the investigators arrived at his residence, Netanyahu claimed that he would not have come under investigation if he had had different policies. Instead, he said, he was being obsessively persecuted by the media. Many of his Likud supporters agree with his assertion.-rh 4/1/2017
2016: A deadly year in the occupied Palestinian territory and IsraelMa’an News Agency - "The past year has been one of the deadliest and most violent in recent years for Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip. In 2016 alone, more than 100 Palestinians were killed, the majority shot dead by Israeli forces" [ry]2/1/2017
Israeli home demolitions break records, shatter lives in 2016Charlotte Silver - EI - "Israel has demolished or seized a record number of Palestinian buildings throughout the West Bank in 2016, according to the United Nations, displacing over 1,500 people. In its year-end report, the UN humanitarian coordination agency OCHA states that Israel demolished 1,089 structures, double the number in 2015. The demolitions and seizures displaced 1,593 persons and affected the livelihoods of another 7,000" [ry]2/1/2017
Number of Palestinian minors in Israeli prisons doubles in 2016Louisa Emslie - AIC - Israeli forces are disproportionately incarcerating Palestinian children in occupied Jerusalem, says documentary short film by Addameer: Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association [ry]2/1/2017
Undoing the myth of Israel`s flagship settlementsDror Etkes--The settler movement likes to pretend its flagship settlement bloc, Gush Etzion, was built entirely on land purchased by Jews decades before Israel’s founding. History says otherwise. dn1/1/2017
Today in Palestine for December 29, 2016Today-in Palestine for--A compilation of reports and commentaries of recent and current events in the oPt. dn1/1/2017
Palestinian population will double by 2050Alternative Information Center (AIC) - "The U.N. Population Fund in the occupied Palestinian territories and the office of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Ramallah released a report titled, “Palestine 2030 – Demographic change: opportunities for development.”...The growth will be concentrated in Gaza, which will increase from 1.85 million people in 2015 to 4.8 million people in 2050. Strained infrastructure and a lack of employment opportunities pose problems. " ca30/12/2016
Israeli court sentences 19-year-old Palestinian girl to 16 years in prisonMa’an News Agency - "The Israeli magistrate’s court in Jerusalem on Sunday sentenced a 19-year-old Palestinian girl to 16 years in prison, after she was accused of attempting to stab an Israeli settler in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem in Oct. 2015" [ry]26/12/2016
Full text of UNSC resolution, approved Dec. 23, 2016Times of Israel staff--Approved by 14-0, with US abstaining, text seeks action ‘to reverse the negative trends on the ground that are imperiling the two-state solution’ dn25/12/2016
Today in Palestine for December 23, 2016Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn25/12/2016
US abstains, Israeli settlement resolution passes at UN Security CouncilYnet--After a US abstention, the UN Security Council passes a resolution simultaneously declaring settlements illegal, while also demanding a halt to their construction; US ambassador Power: `One cannot champion settlements and the two state solution.` dn24/12/2016
Critics warn US could adopt `pro-settler agenda` : Nomination of David Friedman as next US ambassador to Israel has further damaged prospects for Palestinian statehoodJonathan Cook - Aljazeera - Donald Trump`s nomination of David Friedman as the United States ambassador to Israel provoked widespread consternation over the weekend, amid heightened speculation that the president-elect`s selection would move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In a statement accepting the nomination, 57-year-old Friedman welcomed the chance to work "from the US Embassy in Israel`s eternal capital, Jerusalem". That would signal US recognition of Israel`s illegal annexation of East Jerusalem, long viewed as the only feasible capital of a future Palestinian state.-rh 22/12/2016
Why moving US Embassy to Jerusalem is no way to start a presidencyDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - Corpus-separatum refers to a city or region with special legal and political status. The designation falls short of bestowing sovereign status, or that of an independent city-state. Hanna Issa, a Palestinian expert on international law and a resident of Jerusalem, told Al-Monitor the United Nations has in various ways stressed the special status of Jerusalem. “This definition was made clear in the 1947 UN Partition Plan, Resolution 181, and a year later, the status of Jerusalem was reaffirmed in a separate resolution, UNGA 303, in December 1949,” he said.-rh 21/12/2016
IDF opens investigation after Palestinian teen killed by flareHaggai Matar - +972 - Israel’s military prosecutor is investigating the killing of a Palestinian teenager in the Gaza Strip after IDF soldiers shot a flare at his face, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman recently announced. Footage of the incident, which occurred on September 9, shows that the 15-year-old was not posing a threat to the soldiers at the time he was killed.-rh21/12/2016
Israeli art student hounded by Israeli rightAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - Writing that Culture Minister Miri Regev has asked Education Minister Naftali Bennett to stop funding the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design because of a poster by a first-year student is a dog bites man story. But in fact, this is what happened this week, when a poster showing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a rope swept the social networks. It’s hardly surprising that the culture minister, who is proud of never having read Chekhov, doesn’t understand the difference between a poster displayed in the stairwell of an arts school and incitement against asylum seekers in the town square (as she did in 2012, when she called African asylum seekers “a cancer”). And then again, maybe she does understand and even knows that the school assignment of an 18-year-old student, posted on the web by some anonymous hand, is hardly a security threat to the prime minister. But Regev, as always, never misses an opportunity to pick up a few more likes from her fans.-rh 21/12/2016
Occupation capturedAIC - Photos of Palestinian life and Israeli occupation in the West Bank city of Hebron [ry]19/12/2016
Israel among world’s worst jailers of journalistsAli Abunimah - EI - "By far the largest group, 81 journalists, are detained in Turkey, followed by China (38) and Egypt (25). Israel is holding 7 journalists, according to CPJ, which puts it on a par with Syria and Bahrain, just behind Iran (8) and ahead of Saudi Arabia (6)" [ry]19/12/2016
Today in Palestine for December 16, 2016Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn18/12/2016
Strangled Education: Reporting on higher education in Palestine and Israel David Lloyd - Mondoweiss - Literally, because the freedom of movement that Israeli and American scholars take for granted is arbitrarily denied to Palestinian academics and, increasingly, to their foreign colleagues. Figuratively, because what is so implicitly racist about the conversation is the assumption embedded in it: in the scale of things, Palestinian freedoms do not count as highly as Israeli ones. Their right to study, to teach and to attend conferences can be infringed with appalling regularity, as their campuses can be invaded and their persons subject to strip-search or detention, with a paradoxically routine unpredictability.-rh15/12/2016
Israel Blocks Gaza Women From Breast Cancer TreatmentSarah Algherbawi - Countercurrents - Human rights groups have long documented how Israel has, in effect, sought to blackmail Palestinians who are seriously ill. Patients have been told that they will only be allowed to travel for treatment if they become informers to the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic intelligence agency. Dalia Abu Skhaila, a 34-year-old breast cancer patient from the southern Khan Younis area of Gaza, said that Israeli officers at Erez have tried to recruit her as an informer on a number of occasions. Because she has refused to accept that condition, she has been blocked from traveling.-rh 15/12/2016
Top Israeli Politician: ‘I Prefer If Arabs Did Not Show Up To Vote’Marcy Oster - Forward - David Bitan, of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party, on Saturday said during an event in the Jerusalem suburb of Mevasseret Zion: “Arabs flock to the polls? I’d prefer if they didn’t show up to vote at all.” Some 95 percent of Arab-Israelis vote for The Arab Joint List party, Bitan noted, adding that the party: “doesn’t represent Israeli-Arab interests – it represents Palestinian interests.”-rh 15/12/2016
Why Trump’s #DrainTheSwamp Slogan Means Something Totally Different in IsraelNaomi Zeveloff - Forward - Naftali Bennett sounded a lot like Donald Trump when he congratulated the Israeli parliament for “draining the swamp” by pushing a bill to retroactively legalize West Bank outposts built on stolen Palestinian land. At first, the far right wing Israeli minister seemed to be parroting Trump’s call to clean up government. But it’s more likely that Bennett was making a reference to a similar Israeli concept born out of Zionist history of swamp draining as a way to conquer the land for Jews.-rh 15/12/2016
Israeli Soldiers Often Contaminate Evidence After Shooting Palestinian Assailants, Prosecutors Say Yaniv Kubovich - Haaretz - It is often impossible to investigate cases where soldiers shoot Palestinians, because the soldiers disturb the evidence at alleged terror attack scene, senior prosecutors and police officers warned the Israeli Defense Forces. Nor is this just a problem for the law enforcement agencies, they warned. It could also become a serious problem for the army itself, because it could make it harder to defend soldiers in civil or criminal proceedings overseas.-rh  15/12/2016
Netanyahu`s `Job Act` could win him Trump-like appointment powersMazal Mualem - Al Monitor - At the Dec. 11 Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself placed his own version of the Job Act on the table. The headlines from that meeting focused on how Netanyahu is jealous of US President-elect Donald Trump and would like to have the same option of making hundreds of political appointments, without going through committees or the tender system. As Netanyahu put it, “Trump can make 4,000 appointments. We should be able to make a few hundred appointments that don’t need a tender. … We also need to be able to govern."-rh 15/12/2016
East Jerusalem: Israeli Strategy Explored in New VideoIMEMC News & Agencies - "`Colonized, impoverished and segregated.` With these words the Negotiations Affairs Department video concludes its narrative of the future facing occupied East Jerusalem and its Palestinian residents" [ry]12/12/2016
After a Year in Prison, Palestinian Circus Performer Denied Release by Israeli Court Freeabusakha campaign--The statement said that after only 15 minutes of deliberation on Dec. 5, the court rejected the petition to release Abu Sakha based on “the same secret evidence opinion produced by the Military Prosecutor in December 2015,” that was used to justify his administrative detention order. dn11/12/2016
Today in Palestine for December 7, 2016Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn11/12/2016
Polls Finds Almost Half of Jewish Israelis Think Left Is Traitorous Fifth ColumnDaniel J. Solomon--Almost half of Israel’s Jews think the country’s political left isn’t patriotic, finds the latest poll of the Israel Democracy Institute’s Peace Index, in a survey that shows a public continuing to hold attitudes that favor the current right-wing government. dn11/12/2016
U.K. Intelligence Called Israel `True Threat` to Middle East Haaretz&JTA - Haaretz  "British intelligence spied on Israeli diplomats and firms in addition to its military, the French daily Le Monde reported on Wednesday, based on leaked documents that came into the possession of whistleblower Edward Snowden. In one of the files, Britain’s GCHQ intelligence-gathering apparatus defined Israel as "a true threat" to the Middle East." ca9/12/2016
Despite Hundreds of Complaints of Shin Bet Torture, Israel Yet to Launch Single Criminal Investigation Yotam Berger - Mivtan, it turns out, has never launched a single criminal investigation against a Shin Bet agent, even though it has examined many hundreds of complaints. Haaretz has learned that the department employs only one investigator, meaning it’s unlikely that complaints can be thoroughly examined. In practice, then, the unit does not interfere with the Shin Bet’s work, even though complainants have reported harsh and prohibited forms of torture – including severe beatings and extensive sleep deprivation.-rh8/12/2016
How Many Israelis Does It Take to Arrest One Palestinian? Amira Hass - Haaretz - So how many is that so far? At least 65 people. It’s clear that every soldier/policeman gets to arrest a few Palestinians every month with the same force often arresting a few all at once, which is much preferred. The same applies to the Nahshon teams and the Shin Bet coordinators, the prison guards, the detectives and the judges. Efficient and resourceful, they pass the detainee from hand to hand in assembly-line fashion.-rh8/12/2016
One week later: Where is the evidence of an `arson intifada?`Haggai Matar - +972 - But what do we actually know about this wave of wildfires? We know that there were 1773 different fires according to the Israel Fire and Rescue Services. The police were called to 90 of these “events,” 40 of which were investigated for a number of crimes (including negligence, as well as arson and attempted arson). The Israel Tax Authority announced that nine of the fires will be counted as nationalistically-motived arsons, yet the police and the Fire and Rescue Services were quick to respond that Authority’s list was not based on facts, and that there is no way to prove that any of those nine fires were the result of arson.-rh 8/12/2016
Obama would have overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Shibley Telhami’s latest polling for Brookings shows that criticism of Israel has burgeoned in the United States public during the last year, particularly among Democrats; and that if President Obama were to buck Israel at the United Nations, by sanctioning Israel for settlements, or allowing the U.N. to endorse the establishment of a Palestinian state, he would have broad popular support. Obama has political “cover,” Telhami said at Brookings in announcing his findings. [bz]6/12/2016
The Month in Pictures: November 2016EI - "Israeli forces killed four Palestinians during the month of November. Three were killed during separate alleged stabbing attacks on Israeli forces" [ry] 5/12/2016
Economic Collapse in East Jerusalem: Strategies for RecoveryIMEMC News & Agencies - “Despite the economic obstacles it confronts, East Jerusalem remains at the forefront of Palestinian civil society’s strategies of sumud. These strategies focus on ensuring that Palestinians remain rooted to land under threat of confiscation; creating socioeconomic conditions that help Palestinians endure Israeli policies; maintaining the political identity and cultural heritage of the city; and promoting community-controlled development” [ry] 5/12/2016
US colleges move to protect undocumented studentsAl Jazeera--Universities and colleges in several US states are considering labelling themselves "sanctuary campuses" amid fears from immigrant students and pressure from activists following the election of Donald Trump. [Israel should take notice and refrain from deporting children of non-Jewish workers whose children have been born in Israel. dn]4/12/2016
Today in Palestine for December 2, 2016Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn4/12/2016
How US security aid to PA sustains Israel`s occupationAlaa Tartir-- However, US military aid to Israel is not the only way in which the US subsidises the Israeli occupation of Palestine. US aid to Palestinians, averaging $400m a year since 2008, split between budget support to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and civilian project-based assistance, also ultimately sustains the Israeli occupation. dn4/12/2016
G4S Ends Business in Israel - HUGE VICTORY FOR BDS!FOSNA Friends of Sabeel North America--December 3, 20164/12/2016
WATCH: A new brand of Jewish nonviolence in Palestine Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - In the summer of 2016, dozens of Jews from the U.S. and other countries came to Palestine, at the request of Palestinian activists, to use nonviolence, civil disobedience, and their privilege as Jews to help oppose the Israeli occupation. Under the banner of “Occupation is not my Judaism,” the activists helped rebuild homes demolished by the Israeli army, facilitated an entire displaced Palestinian village’s return to to its former homes, and put their bodies on the line to challenge the Israeli military regime of segregation and settlement in Hebron.-rh 1/12/2016
Deported from Palestine: Why Israel fears journalistsEoin Wilson - Aljazeera - As Israel tightens its grip on Palestinians and their international supporters, a growing number of activists, researchers and journalists have been denied access by the Israeli authorities. Among them is Eoin Wilson, an Irish-Scottish freelance journalist specialising in social movements and international solidarity activism. Earlier this month, he was refused entry and banned for 10 years. Here, he reflects on his ordeal at the hands of Israeli interrogators.-rh 1/12/2016
In Jerusalem, insurance becomes extortionJoharah Baker - The Electronic Intifada - Earlier this year, new regulations made it mandatory for all residents in Jerusalem with temporary family unification permits to obtain Israeli medical insurance. The law, which came into effect on 1 August, will cost those affected a monthly fee in addition to a large backdated one-time charge. It has caused an angry uproar among Jerusalem’s Palestinians, who see it as yet another attempt by Israeli authorities to target their community and make their precarious existence in the city even more challenging.-rh 1/12/2016
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