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Applying the law by ethnicity: Israel`s dual legal systems explainedVideo by Tal Frieden - +972 "In the occupied West Bank, everyone is subject to Israeli military law. Unless, of course, you’re an Israeli settler. The dual legal systems — separate laws and court systems for different people in the same territory — are one of the reasons some refer to Israel’s occupation as apartheid." ca19/1/2019
Trump’s Full Spectrum Assault on Palestinian PoliticsIlana Feldman - MERIP - he Trump Administration announced on August 31, 2018 that it was ceasing all US contributions to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), rejecting what it termed “an irredeemably flawed operation.”[1] UNRWA provides education, healthcare, job training, and limited food aid for millions of Palestinian refugees in the Middle East, the majority of whom are descendants of those Israel forcibly displaced from their homes in historic Palestine in 1948, in what Palestinians refer to as the Nakba (catastrophe).[2] Unlike most UN agencies, the entirety of UNRWA’s operational budget comes from voluntary contributions by member states. The US has historically been UNRWA’s biggest donor, last year providing about one-quarter of its $1.24 billion budget. The US refusal to contribute is therefore potentially catastrophic for its recipients.-rh16/1/2019
Are U.S. newspapers biased against Palestinians? Analysis of 100,000 headlines in top dailies says, YesDorgham Abusalim - Mondoweiss - A study released last month by 416Labs, a Toronto-based consulting and research firm, supports the view that mainstream U.S. newspapers consistently portray Palestine in a more negative light than Israel, privilege Israeli sources, and omit key facts helpful to understanding the Israeli occupation, including those expressed by Palestinian sources.-rh15/1/2019
Don`t say we didn`t know. The bookAmos Gvirtz - Why don`t people want to know about their own country`s crimes? Why do Human Rights and Peace movements` activities evoke such strong opposition? [You can buy the book from Amazon. Also available to read it for free--bz]15/1/2019
In Three Years, Israeli Military Courts Have Fined Palestinians $16 Million Amira Hass - Haaretz - In 2016 the fines came to 21.97 million shekels, and in 2017 to 20.59 million shekels. It’s hard to find a system and uniformity in the scales of the fines, as reports by the Machsom Watch rights group reveal. Despite the meticulous breakdown in the military courts’ reports, in July 2018 the Israel Defense Forces spokesman said in response to a question by the group Combatants for Peace – based on the Freedom of Information Law – that he could not provide figures on the fines and guarantees paid in military court. [ak]15/1/2019
Child Dies From Serious Wounds Suffered Last Friday in GazaIMEMC News - "Abdul-Rauf Ismael Salha, 14, was shot with a live round in the head during the Great Return March procession, east of Jabalia, in the northern part of the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip" [ry] 14/1/2019
Detained Jewish teenagers suspected of murdering Palestinian woman — Shin BetJACOB MAGID - The Times of Israel - The Shin Bet security service on Sunday revealed that a group of Jewish teenagers arrested over the past week are suspected of involvement in the murder of a Palestinian woman in October. Aisha Rabi, 47, was struck in the head with a large stone while sitting in the passenger seat of a car being driven by her husband in the northern West Bank, the Shin Bet said in a statement, providing the first details on the investigation since a gag order was imposed on the case two days after the October 12, 2018, killing of the mother of eight.-rh 8/1/2019
Legal official said to accuse PM of trying to ‘deceive public’ over graft probesMICHAEL BACHNER - The Times of Israel - In a live statement on prime time television Monday evening, Netanyahu demanded that police allow him to confront his former aides and colleagues who have reportedly provided incriminating evidence in the three graft cases in which he is a suspect. “Netanyahu wants to assert his power, weight and status to disrupt the investigation,” Army Radio quoted a “very senior official” in the State Prosecutor’s Office as saying. “In a confrontation with him, those state witnesses could give a different statement than what they gave police.” “The Israeli public is being deceived, and not for the first time, by Netanyahu, who is making use of the masses’ stupidity — meaning their lack of knowledge in those subjects,” the unnamed official was quoted as saying. “Anyway, no suspect has any right to a confrontation [during a police investigation] and it is inappropriate to hold an unnecessary and damaging confrontation.”-rh 8/1/2019
Birthright-will-fail-if-it-cant-adapt-to-the-needs-of-young-jewsPeter Beinart - Forward - Since June, 22 Diaspora Jews have either walked off Birthright trips in protest against their tour guide’s refusal to take them to meet Palestinians or been kicked off for raising uncomfortable questions about Israeli policy. And If Not Now activists and members of Na’amod, a similar group in Britain, have distributed anti-occupation literature to people about to embark on Birthright trips at airports. All this is both necessary and tragic. It is necessary because taking Diaspora Jews to Israel without giving them the chance to hear from Palestinians who live as non-citizens under Israeli control in the West Bank is dishonest and immoral. It’s like organizing a tour to America in the 1950s without introducing participants to blacks in the segregated south.-rh 8/1/2019
Gaza’s public servants outraged at Hamas’ recent spending Huda Baroud - Al-Monitor - On Dec. 17, media sites circulated a leaked document from Hamas’ Popular Action Department detailing the movements’ expenses for the celebrations of its 31st anniversary in mid-December in Gaza City. The expenditures included travel and accommodation costs to bring Al-Waad band from Beirut to Gaza to participate in the festivities, buses to transport citizens to the event location, monitors at the festival site, Hamas flags and banners, promotion on social media and personal visits by Hamas members to Gaza. The movement also paid to install a stage in Katiba Square, west of Gaza City, and rented seating and generators. The leaked document said total expenditures up to Dec. 13 were some $534,350 — a bill that has angered many Hamas government employees in Gaza who have not been paid their full salary since 2013.-rh 8/1/2019
Unseen enemy: Doctors in Gaza battling superbug epidemicThe Bureau of Investigative Journalism - Doctors in Gaza and the West Bank warn they are battling an epidemic of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, a growing problem in the world’s conflict zones and one that risks spilling over borders and diminishing the global medical arsenal against serious illness. The rise and spread of these virulent infections adds to the devastation of war, increasing medical costs, blocking hospital beds because patients need longer care and leaving people whose injuries might once have been healed with life-changing disabilities.-rh8/1/2019
23 police officers, 4 settlers hurt in violent clashes at Amona outpostJACOB MAGID - The Times od Israel - Israeli security forces early Thursday morning clashed with roughly 300 settler youths who gathered overnight inside a pair of mobile homes illegally installed on the West Bank hilltop where the Amona outpost once stood. Officers who arrived on the scene to carry out a Jerusalem District Court order to remove the caravans encountered “very severe violence from dozens of rioters who threw stones, burned tires and threw irons bars” at the forces, a Border Police spokesman said.-rh8/1/2019
Exporting the Technology of OccupationAntony Loewenstein - The New York Review of Books - Speaking recently to an audience in Tel Aviv via satellite from Moscow soon after the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden alleged that Saudi Arabia had used Israeli-made spyware to track Khashoggi’s movements before his death. Snowden said that the Israeli cyber-intelligence company NSO Group Technologies had developed software known as Pegasus that was sold to the Saudis and allowed Khashoggi to be monitored by infecting the smartphone of one of his contacts, another Saudi critic, based in Canada.-rh 8/1/2019
Attacks by Jews against Palestinians in the West Bank tripled in 2018: ReportMiddle East Eye and agencies - Haaretz says 482 incidents, including damaging homes, cars and farmers` trees, reported by mid-December, compared to 140 for 2017 [ry] 7/1/2019
Netanyahu`s election u-turn is meant to sway his criminal probesNahum Barnea - Ynet news - Nothing can separate the elections from the attorney general`s decision, and no decision will be to everyone`s satisfaction. If Mandelblit decides to postpone the decision until after the elections, many Israelis will wonder —and justifiably so—for whom are they being asked to vote. Is it for a man who is facing charges of bribery or for a man who is facing lesser charges? They will ask whether they are voting for someone whose criminal cases are about to be closed due to the fact that "there is nothing, because there was nothing," according to Netanyahu`s oft-repeated mantra. Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit Will the prime minister announce his resignation when Mandelblit`s decision is released? Will a deal be reached? Will his future coalition partners abandon him if he has already formed a government? Will Netanyahu even be the Likud`s ultimate candidate or does his candidacy depend on the outcome of these investigations?.-rh 1/1/2019
In 2018, Israel’s mask finally came offGideon Levy - Middle East Eye - Apartheid has been in place in the territories for a long time, and now it will be on the law books, too. Those who deny Israeli apartheid - the pro-Zionist propagandists who claim that unlike in South Africa, in Israel there are no racialist laws or legislatively institutionalised discrimination - will no longer be able to disseminate their baseless arguments. Some of the laws passed this year, and those in the legislative pipeline, undermine the claim that Israel is an egalitarian democracy. Yet, such legislation also has a positive side: these laws and the ones to come will strip away the disguise, and one of the longest masquerades in history will finally end. Israel will no longer be able to continue defining itself as a democracy - “the only one in the Middle East”.-rh1/1/2019
‘NYT’ report on killing of Gaza paramedic Rouzan al-Najjar is a big step forward, though flawedJames North - Mondoweiss - The New York Times surprised us yesterday by running a long, front-page investigation into the Israeli army’s killing last June 1 of a 20-year-old Gazan health worker, Rouzan al- Najjar. Before we criticize, let’s state clearly that this article was inconceivable in the Times up until a year, or even 6 months ago. By contrast, when Israel killed four small boys who who playing soccer on the beach during its 2014 assault on Gaza, the paper swallowed the army’s dishonest explanation, without challenge, even though one of its own photographers had been an eyewitness to the killings. This time, the Times came right out and said its inquiry showed that “. . . the shooting [of Rouzan al-Najjar] appears to have been reckless at best, and possibly a war crime, for which no one has yet been punished.” The paper waited until the 9th paragraph to say this, but better late than never.-rh1/1/2019
Memo from Israel: Game still on in Syria Ben Caspit - Al-Monitor - “We are not prepared to accept the Iranian military entrenchment in Syria which is directed against us. We will act against it vigorously and continuously, including during the current period,” Netanyahu remarked. “I have said that we will not be deterred from doing what is necessary. Therefore, we are called upon and we act. President Trump`s decision to withdraw the American soldiers from Syria will not change our policy. We are standing steadfast on our red lines in Syria and everywhere else.”-rh 1/1/2019
The events that shook the Palestinian territories in 2018Al Jazeera - Over the past year, Palestinians have experienced no respite from the Israeli occupation, let alone a breakthrough of ending it. Although no full-scale war broke out in 2018, as some had expected, it did bring a grim year of deadly violence, illegal settlement expansion and home demolitions. At least 289 Palestinians - men, women and children - were killed throughout 2018, while thousands of others were wounded, including many who were maimed for life by Israeli gunfire. According to the Defense for Children organisation, the death toll includes 56 Palestinian children - an average of more than one child every week. At least 538 housing units and facilities were demolished in the occupied West Bank, resulting in 1,300 Palestinians losing their homes, a report by the Palestinian Liberation Organisation`s Centre for Studies and Documentation said.- rh1/1/2019
The case against Netanyahu: Is Israel about to reelect a corrupt prime minister?DAVID HOROVITZ - The Times of Israel - The prime minister, a self- proclaimed victim of a political witch hunt involving the opposition, the media and the police, is seeking reelection in April precisely as the attorney general weighs whether to indict him for bribery, breach of trust and/or other allegations in three corruption cases. Immediately after Netanyahu announced Monday that he was going to the polls, discussion turned to the question of whether the prime minister was calling elections seven months before their scheduled date in part to bolster his legal position. -rh 1/1/2019
Three Israeli teens arrested in Jewish terror probeJACOB MAGID - The Times of Israel - Three Israelis were arrested Sunday on suspicion of involvement in a major security probe whose details are under gag order, a defence official confirmed to The Times of Israel. The investigation is being conducted jointly by the Shin Bet security service and the police’s nationalistic crime unit, which are probing the unspecified incident as a possible Jewish terror attack. A squad of Shin Bet agents and officers in the Yasam police reconnaissance unit raided a yeshiva in the northern West Bank and grabbed one student, who has since been prevented from speaking to a lawyer, said a spokesman for the Honenu legal aid organization that is representing the detained student.-rh1/1/2019
Seven hospitalized in settler attack on Hebron activistsEdo Konrad - +972 Magazine - Israeli settlers attacked a group of Palestinians who were attempting to rebuild part of a local youth center in the occupied city of Hebron over the weekend, sending seven of them to the hospital with minor injuries. On Saturday, according to eye witnesses, the settlers had demolished parts of a storage room being constructed at the home of local Palestinian activist Issa Amro, which also serves as a community center run by Youth Against Settlements. Amro filed a complaint with Israeli police against the settlers, who he says also tore off a metal gate from his neighbor’s house.-rh 1/1/2019
IDF in West Bank refrains from arresting Jews Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - This December was particularly dramatic. At least one price tag attack was recorded about every three days. These included the slashing of tires of cars belonging to Palestinians, anti-Arab graffiti in Palestinian villages, the throwing of stones, the cutting down of olive trees and more. After the terrorist attack at the Givat Asaf intersection on Dec. 13, dozens of price tag attacks were recorded in Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem. In Beit Hanina, for example, assailants slashed tires and sprayed slogans like “Death to the Arabs” and “We will not sleep when blood is spilled here.” The graffiti included the Star of David, which has been adopted by price Tag activists as a symbol of their nationalist crimes. Despite the steep rise in incidents, almost no suspects have been arrested.-rh 1/1/2019
Don`t believe the hype: The Israeli right is weaker than it seemsMeron Rapoport - +972 Magazine - Political commentators are in near- total agreement that a solidly right-wing government will be formed after the upcoming elections, set to take place in early April. Even commentators identified with the liberal left say they have no doubt Netanyahu and the right will win. I doubt they are genuinely convinced of these predictions; rather, there are trying to avoid being seen as esoteric and out of touch with the people, as those who forecast a defeat for the right usually are.-rh1/1/2019
Growing US Public Support for One State Shared Equally by Israelis and Palestinians Falls on Deaf EarsJonathan Cook - Dissident Voice - The American public is now evenly split between those who want a two-state solution and those who prefer a single state, shared by Israelis and Palestinians, according to a survey published last week by the University of Maryland. And if a Palestinian state is off the table – as a growing number of analysts of the region conclude, given Israel’s intransigence and the endless postponement of Mr Trump’s peace plan – then support for one state rises steeply, to nearly two-thirds of Americans.-rh25/12/2018
Israeli Soldiers Briefly Detain Three Schoolgirls Near RamallahIMEMCnews - Israeli soldiers detained, on Sunday morning, three schoolgirls from Betunia Basic School, west of Ramallah, in central West Bank, and threatened to attack any person who approached them after placing them in their jeep, and released them shortly afterwards.-rh25/12/2018
Huwwara Residents Foil An Attack By Colonialist SettlersIMEMCnews - Members of the popular Local Guards Committee, an unarmed group of residents in Huwwara town, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, managed to foil an infiltration attack, carried out by extremist illegal Israeli colonialist settlers into their town.-rh25/12/2018
Israel displaces, locks up and kills Palestinian childrenMohammad Balawi - The Palestinian Information Center - Consider a 16- year-old who has lived all his life under occupation, has never a chance to travel abroad, and has watched his family members to be killed, imprisoned or forced to leave the country. Given how he has grown up, would it make sense for him to attack a fully grown man armed to his teeth with a screwdriver or a kitchen knife, or throw a stone at his tormentors?-rh 25/12/2018
IDF chief: US troops leaving Syria is ‘significant,’ but no need to overstate itJUDAH ARI GROSS - The Times of Israel - IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot on Sunday called the White House’s decision to pull its troops from Syria a “significant event,” but said the Israeli military would continue to independently fight Iran’s military presence in the neighboring country.-rh25/12/2018
A ‘stubborn’ Gaza photographer narrowly escapes killing but vows to return to fence next weekAhmad Kabariti - Mondoweiss - Gaza photographer Mohammed Asad tells the story of how he miraculously survived gunfire yesterday, just a few feet away from Mohammed al Jahjuh, 16, who was shot dead in the neck by a bullet fired by Israeli soldiers during the ongoing demonstrations near Israel’s fence. “Unlike the past 38 protests, everything was almost quiet except for seven to eight stone throwers, and no burning tires. I had just decided to go home with dozens of photos I took. But I felt someone thought it was time for me to leave, and he sent a bullet to my camera. He was an Israeli military sniper.”-rh25/12/2018
Christmas in Bethlehem: Controlling the narrative through tourismMegan Giovannetti - Aljazeera - "Israel`s idea about tourism is just marketing the state of Israel," Hilu explained. "It`s a political tool." And Bethlehem is not marketed as a part of Palestine, says Hilu. To the state of Israel and its visitors, Bethlehem is just another destination in Israel. Hilu confirmed that as a tour guide, he avoids referring to himself as Palestinians - or use "The P-Word", as he jokingly referred to it. There have been countless instances, the tour guides remembered, in which Palestinians were fired or avoided by companies if they slipped up and use "The P-Word". "We can`t say anything," says Hisman Khemayes, another general tour guide from Bethlehem. "Bethlehem is under their [Israeli] control."-rh 25/12/2018
Nearly 300 Palestinians killed, 29,000 injured in 2018Maureen Clare Murphy - Electronic Intifada "Israeli occupation forces and settlers have killed 295 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza since the beginning of the year, according to a UN monitoring group.Fourteen Israelis were killed by Palestinians during the same period, in addition to a baby who died days after his premature birth following the shooting and critical injury of his mother." ca 22/12/2018
Palestine`s Petty Fiefdoms: How the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are Destroying the Dream of a Free Palestine with Torture, Corruption and a Parallel Police StateTy Joplin - albawaba - The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza have prioritized ruling their strips of Palestinian land over guaranteeing the rights of Palestinians. Al Bawaba spoke with Palestinian activists, analysts, and human rights defenders who count the PA and Hamas’ brutal tactics to maintain power, including torturing dissidents and rampant corruption. It is becoming clear that both have a significant role in disempowering Palestinians, taking away their rights and any semblance that their wills are being represented. They both have helped to trap the Palestinian people.-rh 18/12/2018
Violence escalates amid Israeli raid of RamallahDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Many Palestinians believe that the heavy- handed Israeli army incursion into the center of Ramallah on Dec. 10 is the most important reason behind this escalation. While the Oslo Accord forbids Israeli soldiers from unilaterally entering areas that are under full Palestinian security and administrative control — known as “Area A” — Israeli security forces have repeatedly breached that agreement. Two factors make this particular Israeli army incursion into Area A different — namely, its strength and location. Eyewitnesses told Al-Monitor that a very large army convoy entered Ramallah Dec. 10 and headed for the offices of the Palestinian News Agency WAFA, which is located a few hundred yards from the home of President Mahmoud Abbas and across the street from the official Palestinian presidential headquarters, Al-Muqata. The Israelis barged into the state-run news agency and confiscated copies of the security camera footage.-rh 18/12/2018
MachsomWatch rejects violenceAviva Hay - Cleveland Jewish News - The article featured the right- wing extremist organization, Im Tirzu, a group devoted to maligning legitimate Israeli peace seeking human rights organizations and specializing in launching witchhunts and campaigns against democracy. MachsomWatch: Women Against the Occupation and for Human Rights, is highlighted in this feature, alongside allegations against the New Israel Fund. The article claims that MachsomWatch and other organizations work to “delegitimize Israel and the IDF.” Nothing could be further than the truth. The work of these organizations focuses on protecting democracy and pluralism, building a just civil society and seeking an end to the deadly occupation – the 51 years of military rule of the Palestinian population – and the severe damage it causes to both the Palestinian people and Israeli society.-rh 18/12/2018
As West Bank violence continues, Netanyahu calls for settlement expansion, punitive demolition of Palestinian homesYumna Patel - Mondoweiss - Between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon, Israeli forces had shot and killed four Palestinians in separate incidents, while two Israeli soldiers were killed by a still unidentified Palestinian shooter, all in and around the central West Bank district of Ramallah. By Thursday afternoon, Israeli forces had enforced vast closures across the central and northern West Bank, heavily deploying troops at checkpoints, major highways, and inside Palestinian towns and cities. The intensified presence of soldiers across the occupied territory sparked clashes with Palestinian youth in several cities that lasted well into Friday.-rh 18/12/2018
As one Palestinian family’s history shows, home demolitions won’t stop attacksAVI ISSACHAROFF - The Times of Israel - The family’s history shows that home demolitions are, unfortunately, highly unlikely to deter would-be attackers. Although some seem to believe destroying assailants’ homes is a comprehensive solution to preventing terrorism, the case of the Abu Hamid family shows that not only do they not prevent attacks — they can sometimes even fuel motivation for revenge The Abu Hamid home will be rebuilt within a few years, likely with Palestinian Authority funding, as one Fatah leader has said. Even if the Fatah money is not forthcoming, someone else — perhaps Hamas — will provide the funds.-rh18/12/2018
Why Netanyahu likes Salvini: He’s a ‘racist neo-fascist’Michele Giorgio - Il Manifesto - Yitzhak Laor has no doubt. “In Israel, Salvini is starting his campaign aimed at becoming the Italian Prime Minister,” he told us with full conviction when I interviewed him in Tel Aviv, at the same time that the Italian vice-prime minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini was starting his official visit to Israel. A poet, essayist and writer for the newspaper Haaretz, Laor, now 70, represents a powerful and constant historical voice in the country. He had recently returned from a trip to Italy: “I know Italy, and I went on this last trip not only for tourism, but also for political and social research. I tried to understand the context in which the advance of the populists has taken place.”-rh18/12/2018
US, Israeli, Palestinian leaders more hawkish than their peoples Yossi Beilin - Al-Monitor - A survey conducted a few weeks ago by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion at Beit Sahour, among Palestinians from the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, which has been since quoted in a publication of the Washington Institute, shows that the positions of the Palestinian public are significantly more moderate than those of its leaders; this is the case in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, the Fatah-led West Bank and East Jerusalem.-rh 11/12/2018
The Left’s ideas are winning – so why are its politicians losing?Ayala Paniewsky - Molad - Public opinion polls show that most Israelis support progressive positions. So why are progressive parties failing? How did the liberal-democrat majority come to believe it is a minority? On the ideological success and political failure of the Israeli Left – and wher we go from here.-rh11/12/2018
‘Thank you, we are with you’: Palestinian activists stand in solidarity with Marc Lamont HillYumna Patel - Mondoweiss - Over the past week, Amira and his fellow activists have staged multiple protests and actions in support of Dr. Marc Lamont Hill after he was fired from CNN for a speech he gave at the United Nations in which he criticized the Israeli occupation and the abuse of Palestinian rights.-rh11/12/2018
Israel’s War on Protesting Children and Other CiviliansTODD PITMAN - Truthdig - Israeli forces deployed along the volatile border with the Gaza Strip have fired live rounds at rock-throwing Palestinian protesters ever since demonstrations against Israel’s long-running blockade of Gaza began in March. And for eight months, Israeli snipers have targeted one part of the body more than any other — the legs. The Israeli army says it is responding to weekly assaults on its frontier by Palestinians armed with stones, grenades and firebombs. The military says it opens fire only as a last resort, and considers firing at the lower limbs an act of restraint.-rh11/12/2018
Israel won’t apologize for killing daughters of Gaza doctor Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The Beersheba District Court has thrown out a lawsuit brought by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish against the State of Israel. He was suing the government for killing his three daughters and niece 10 years ago, during Operation Cast Lead. The girls were killed when two tank shells hit his home in the town of Jabalia in the Gaza Strip.-rh 11/12/2018
When will the mainstream Jewish community call us to ‘light a candle’ for the Palestinian people?Howard Horowitz - Mondoweiss - Chanukah calls us to stand up against religious persecution. As Jews and global citizens, we are all too familiar with the horrors of violence against religious and ethnic minorities—and we cannot stand idly by as the senseless brutality of the Occupation of Palestine continues for more 50 years, a continuation of the crisis (the Nakba) that forced more than 700,000 Palestinian people to flee to refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, leaving everything behind in 1947 and 1948. Join us by dedicating the 8th candle on the 8th night of Chanukah to the Palestinian people. Together, Jews will illuminate our support for the Palestinian people and share their stories for our communities to hear.-rh 11/12/2018
We Shouldn’t Lie to Ourselves: Nonviolent Resistance Is Alive and Powerful in Gaza : It’s time for the international community to recognize and support it.Muhammad Shehada - The Nation - The international community justifies its idleness during these periods by maintaining a strict no-contact policy towards the authorities in Gaza. “We can’t talk to Hamas,” the Europeans and Americans insist. But reality reveals the opposite: They obviously can and do talk to Hamas, but only when a war or an armed escalation is taking place, or when Hamas captures Israeli soldiers. Then the international community hastens to Gaza, one after the other, to restore stability.-rh11/12/2018
Netanyahu’s latest corruption case could expose long hidden secrets about Israel’s nuclear weapons programTed Snider - Mondoweiss - If a legal examination of the relationship between Netanyahu and Milchan, which may include his currently using Milchan as a middle man in one of the newspaper bribery cases, were to bring out that Netanyahu used Milchan as a middleman in the 1980’s to illegally smuggle U.S. parts into Israel for use in Israel’s clandestine nuclear program, then that could potentially not only force a public admission of the existence of the nuclear program, but also an American admission that they knew Israel was illegally acquiring U.S. parts to help them develop that nuclear program. And that, and not the survival of Netanyahu’s government, may be the biggest danger in these indictments.-rh11/12/2018
Israeli gov`t is trying to defund +972 Magazine, report says+972 Magazine Staff - "Israel asked the German government to pressure two left-leaning political foundations to stop funding +972 Magazine, according to a report in the German media Thursday. +972 was able to independently verify the report.The total contributions from the two foundations, Heinrich Böll Stiftung and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, comprise only 9 percent of +972’s overall 2018 budget as of September. In the past two years, 40 percent of our budget has come from the support of our readers." ca 8/12/2018
`Progressives of the World to Unite`: Sanders-Varoufakis Call for New Global MovementPortside - Bernie Sanders and Yanis Varoufakis pledge to work together for a Progressive International based on a Progressive New Deal.-rh5/12/2018
Neturei Karta’s long history of solidarity with Palestinians is subject of upcoming documentaryEmmaia Gelman - Mondoweiss - Heather Tenzer is a filmmaker straddling three worlds: she grew up in a modern Orthodox Jewish community that was Zionist, she left it for non-religious life in New York, and she’s an activist for Palestinian freedom. Her upcoming film, The Rabbis’ Intifada (, uniquely stitches together these three vantage points. Tenzer follows the strictly-Orthodox rabbis of Neturei Karta – long-time supporters of Palestinian rights, and opponents of Israeli colonialism – from the US to Jerusalem and Gaza.-rh 4/12/2018
Opposition accuses Netanyahu of trying to bury legal woes with tunnel operationTOI STAFF - The Times of Israel - Knesset member Yoel Hasson, the chairman of the opposition Zionist Union’s group of legislators, accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday of orchestrating a major operation on the Lebanese border for political gain, in a bid to divert attention from police recommendations that he be indicted for bribery.-rh4/12/2018
The Netanyahu paradox: Guarding Israel from enemies without, causing harm withinDAVID HOROVITZ - The Times of Israel - Attention in Israel swiftly shifted on Tuesday from the allegations of corruption against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his attack on the police who recommend he be put on trial — the big, big news of the past two days — to the launch on the northern border of a major IDF operation neutralizing tunnels dug by Hezbollah into Israeli territory.-rh4/12/2018
Anti-tunnel operation in north kicks up coalition’s political dirtMarissa Newman - The Times of Israel - Israeli action in the north fleshes out Liberman’s ostensibly straightforward reason for quitting the post and the coalition on November 14. The former defense minister had cited the ceasefire agreement with Hamas, calling it a “capitulation to terror” and accusing Israel of sacrificing long-term security in favor of short-term quiet. But according to leaks from the high-level security cabinet on Tuesday, Liberman had clashed with the Israel Defense Forces chief on whether the tunnel threat in the north was deemed serious enough to hold off on a Gaza reprisal — and may have been overruled. Hamas or Hezbollah? According to the leaks, the upcoming plan to dismantle the Hezbollah tunnels was a consideration — though not the primary one — in Israel’s decision to exercise restraint in Gaza last month. “The IDF chief of staff’s position and that of officers at the meeting was unequivocally that we must immediately act against the tunnels in Lebanon for operational reasons,” an unnamed security cabinet minister told Channel 10 on Tuesday.-rh4/12/2018
UN General Assembly demands that Israel withdraw from entirety of occupied Syrian GolanHazem Sabbagh - Sana "The majority of the UN General Assembly member states reiterated their demand that Israel withdraw from the entirety of the occupied Syrian Golan up to the June 4th 1967 line in compliance with relevant Security Council resolutions." ca1/12/2018
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