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The Jerusalem AnomalyNir Hasson - PALESTINE-ISRAEL JOURNAL - Today’s Jerusalem is a place of administrative and governmental anomaly, where residents of the eastern half of the city do not have the same status, benefits, or public systems.-rh21/2/2018
Why ‘Milchan law’ at core of PM graft case is about so much more than tax breaksSIMONA WEINGLASS - The Times of Israel - It is a law that is proving central to the corruption case against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It has been dubbed “the Milchan law” because of its centrality to the investigation of the alleged illicit interactions between Netanyahu and Israel-born Hollywood mogul Arnon Milchan. But its widely misunderstood provisions extend far beyond the prime minister and his associates, and now threaten to derail years of effort by Israel’s financial oversight authorities to reverse Israel’s reputation as a haven for criminal money launderers.-rh 21/2/2018
Israeli Warplanes Pound Gaza After Border Bombing :Two Palestinian Teens Killed in Tank AttackJason Ditz - ANTI WAR.COM - The attacks started after a bombing at the Gaza-Israel border. Israeli Army officials say Palestinians rose a flag inside Gaza, but near the border, and planted an explosive device on it. The device detonated when Israeli troops crossed into Gaza after the flag.-rh21/2/2018
Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners held without trial or charge launch boycott of Israeli courtsYumna Patel - Axis of Logik - Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli prisons under administrative detention — Israel’s widely condemned policy of detention without charge or trial — launched an open-ended boycott of Israeli courts on Thursday. The 450 administrative detainees released a joint statement announcing the boycott, saying “the core of resisting administrative detention policy comes from boycotting this Israeli legal system.”-rh21/2/2018
The Boomerang Effect: How Netanyahu Made Israel an American Issue, and LostRamzy Baroud - DISSIDENT VOICE - Despite massive sums of money spent to channel public opinion in the United States in favor of Israel, unmistakable trends in opinion polls are attesting to the changing dynamics of Israel’s support among ordinary Americans. Not only is Israel losing its support and overall appeal among large sections of American society, but among young American Jews, as well — a particularity worrying phenomena for the Israeli government.The trend promises to be a lasting one, since it has been in the making for years, starting some time after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.-rh21/2/2018
February 10, 2018: Susya, Twaneh, Tuba David Shulman - Touching Photographs - I suppose by now everyone knows the Susya story of repeated expulsions and continuous harassment and demolitions. For years nearly every structure in the village has had a demolition order hanging over it. The legal excuse for this act of gratuitous and extreme cruelty is that these shacks and tents and latrines and wind turbines were built without a permit. That’s because Palestinians living in Area C on the West Bank cannot get permits. Beneath the thin veneer of legality lies the true reason. The government is now keen on driving out entire Palestinian communities, not simply on making their lives miserable and destroying homes one by one. The pace has accelerated, and the goal is clear.-rh21/2/2018
The last days of NetanyahuJOSHUA DAVIDOVICH - The Times of Israel - If papers can be believed, the one that struck Tuesday is The Big One, and their pages are filled with almost nothing else other than the news that Communications Ministry head Shlomo Filber is becoming or has become a state witness. (Never mind the fact that there is not a single source for the news, which doesn’t mean it’s not true, but that’s not quite how journalism is supposed to be done.) Piling on top of that is a fresh scandal in which an adviser for the Netanyahu family is alleged to have tried to bribe a judge to get the prime minister’s wife out of her own legal mess, all of it swirling into a morass that will leave Netanyahu’s term in rubble in the near future, according to the pundits.-rh21/2/2018
Finkelstein on Gaza: Who or What Has a Right to Exist? JUDITH DEUTSCH - counterpunch - The book primarily investigates the official reports about Operation Cast Lead (2008-09), the Mavi Marmara (2010), and Operation Protective Edge (2014). Finkelstein attributes these assaults in part to Israel’s intention to prove its deterrence capacity after its defeat by Hezbollah in 2006. A pattern emerges of Israel’s surreptitious provocations that conceal its own aggression, use of disproportionate military force and targeting of civilians, specious legality, and lies that exonerate Israel and permit ever- increasing brutality. The Dahiya doctrine refers to Israel’s military strategy of acting immediately, decisively, and with disproportionate force. Dahiya is a suburb of Beirut that was flattened by Israel in the 2006 war.-rh21/2/2018
MORE PALESTINIANS ARE DYING WAITING TO GET MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE ISRAEL WON’T GIVE THEM TRAVEL PERMITSCRISTINA MAZA - Newsweek - Palestinians are dying at an increasingly higher rate because Israel is issuing fewer travel permits for people seeking lifesaving medical care, according to a group of human rights organizations. At least 54 people died in 2017 while waiting for an Israeli travel permit to seek medical treatment outside of Gaza, according to a joint statement released Tuesday by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Physicians for Human Rights Israel, among others.-rh21/2/2018
In one month, soldiers kill 5 unarmed young Palestinians – 3 with shots to the headB`Tselem press release - All were shot in the upper body during clashes and demonstrations that included stone-throwing, although they were not endangering the lives of the soldiers or of anyone else. According to the Israeli military’s open-fire regulations, shooting to kill is permitted only when the lives of security forces or other persons are in danger. Even then, it is allowed only when there are no other means of averting the danger. These incidents did not meet these conditions. [bz] 13/2/2018
Update on communities facing expulsion, February 2018B’Tselem - “For years, Israel has been leading a policy aimed against Palestinian communities throughout the West Bank, with the intention of making the residents leave their homes and thus transfer the communities within the area. The policy is implemented tactically, so as to avoid blatant images of soldiers forcing Palestinians onto trucks. Instead, Israel invests efforts in making the lives of these residents unbearable, in order to get them to leave their homes as though of their own free will” [ry]12/2/2018
Israeli forces shower Palestinian school with tear gas, sending several students to hospitalMa`an News Agency - "Dozens of Palestinian school students in the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron were exposed to high levels of tear gas on Thursday morning as Israeli forces showered their school with tear gas canisters.Several students were transferred to the Muhammad Ali al-Muhtaseb Hospital for treatment.The principal of the al-Hajiryeh school Ammar Bin Jaber told Ma’an “we were shocked by the amount of tear-gas bombs fired by Israeli soldiers at the school and nearby school.” ca9/2/2018
Palestine in Pictures: January 2018EI - "Israeli occupation forces killed six Palestinians during the first month of 2018. Four of those killed were children under the age of 18. One Israeli – a rabbi living at a settlement outpost not authorized by the Israeli government – was killed by suspected Palestinian gunmen during the same period" [ry]5/2/2018
Between determination and despair: Meet the refugees fighting deportationJoshua Leifer - +972 - The start of the new year marked the first stages of the Israeli government’s plan to deport the roughly 40,000 asylum seekers, most from Eritrea and Sudan, currently living in Israel. The government announced in early January that asylum seekers have three months to leave the country; those who remain in Israel after the three months will face a choice: deportation or prison.-rh24/1/2018
Israel distributes eviction, demolition notices to Palestinians in Bethlehem areaMiddle East Monitor - Israeli occupation authorities distributed eviction and demolition notices Monday to Palestinians in Khillat al- Nakhla village in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, reported. Anti-settlement activist in Bethlehem Hassan Brijea reported that Israeli occupation forces raided the village and handed over the notices to the Jubran family, asking them to evacuate their 45-dunam agricultural land. Brijea said that the Israeli occupation authorities claimed, in the notices, that the designated area is classified as a state land.-rh 24/1/2018
Amnesty made the right call when it refused to host Israeli apologistsBen White - Middle East Eye - The commendable decision by Amnesty International UK to cancel an event this week organised by the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) is an important development in the fight against Israel`s illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. The event, which was to focus on the ills of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), featured Hillel Neuer, the head of pro-Israel pressure group UN Watch. Acknowledging that the booking should never have been approved in the first place, Amnesty UK pulled the plug on the event after concerns were raised both externally and within the organisation.-rh24/1/2018
White House official: Kushner and Greenblatt haven’t spoken to Palestinian leadership since Jerusalem falloutAllison Deger - Moondoweiss - Relaying an unusually pessimistic outlook on Middle East peace, a White House official said today Trump administration senior envoys Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt and the Palestinian leadership have not spoken in nearly seven weeks, breaking contact after President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.-rh24/1/2018
Why is the Israeli army suddenly concerned about Gaza?Jonathan Cook - For the first time last week Israeli military officials echoed what the United Nations has been saying for some time: that Gaza’s economy and infrastructure stand on the brink of collapse. After a decade of this horrifying experiment in human endurance, the Israeli army finally appears to be concerned about whether Gaza can cope much longer.-rh24/1/2018
Over 7,000 people collectively punished: Israel imposes harsh restrictions on access to village of HizmaB`TSELEM - For more than a week, the Israeli military has been severely restricting access into and out of the Palestinian village of Hizma in the West Bank, apparently in response to stone-throwing along a nearby road. Soldiers have been deployed at all entrances to the village, and physical roadblocks have been put in place barring vehicular access. At various points during this time, only registered residents of the village were allowed in, and men under 40 were not allowed out.-rh24/1/2018
Trump’s Move to Slash Aid for Palestinian Refugees Will Lead to TragedySara Roy - The Nation - The news dropped on January 16, when the State Department sent a letter to UNRWA announcing that it would be withholding $65 million of a planned $125 million payment to the agency. Two days later, the State Department announced that it would also be halting a $45 million payment it had pledged to UNRWA in December, in that case for food aid for the West Bank and Gaza. While a State Department spokesperson insisted that the cuts were “not aimed at punishing anyone,” punishment certainly seemed to be on Trump’s mind when he tweeted two weeks earlier, “with the Palestinians no longer willing to talk peace, why should we make any of these massive future payments to them?” -rh24/1/2018
Israeli Security Pays Price for SettlementsMolad the center for the renewal of Israeli democracy - The greatest challenge to Israel’s security is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Inasmuch as the conflict revolves around land, it is inextricably intertwined with the settlements in the West Bank. Yet for many years, Israel has lacked responsible public debate over the settlements’ impact on national security. Molad’s new study analyses this issue in depth, based on facts, figures and input from Israel’s top defense experts.-rh 24/1/2018
Dispossession in the northern Jordan Valley: New settlement outposts as part of the land grab processB`Tselem - “The establishment of these settlement outposts and the violence perpetrated by their residents against local Palestinians do not take place in a vacuum. They form an inseparable part of Israel’s policy in the Jordan Valley ever since 1967, which includes a variety of official and unofficial measures designed to minimize Palestinian presence in the area and further establish Israeli control of it” [ry]22/1/2018
Abbas: US is no longer suitable mediator of peace processMa"an News Agency - "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a speech on Wednesday at the Al-Azhar International Conference in Support of Jerusalem in Cairo, saying that the Palestinians “still adhere to peace and will use all the available options, but not violence or terrorism.” Official Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned Wafa news agency quoted Abbas as saying that US President Donald Trump’s administration could not be trusted, and “is no longer suitable for the role of mediator of the peace process." ca19/1/2018
Palestinian leadership faces monumental decisionsDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The 80-plus members of the Palestinian Central Council (PCC) who are expected to convene for a two-day meeting Jan. 14 in Ramallah face potentially monumental choices. Yet, on the eve of this crucial meeting, nothing resembling consensus can be discerned. The choices range from dissolving the Palestinian Authority (PA) to ending security cooperation with Israel to withdrawing Palestinian recognition of Israel to the declaration of Palestine as a state under occupation. Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages, its supporters and opponents.-rh 17/1/2018
Army Invades Many Apartments In RamallahIMEMCNews - Israeli soldiers invaded, on Tuesday at dawn, many Palestinian apartments, including one inhabited by a journalist, and conducted violent searches, causing serious property damage.The Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) said the soldiers invaded the apartment of one of its reporters, identified as Zahran Hammad, after detonating the front door.-rh17/1/2018
Israel Will Hire Its Citizens to Capture and Assist in the Deportation of African Refugees (VIDEO)Palestine Chronicle - In an effort to resolve the ‘African Refugee Problem’ in Israel, Israeli civilians will receive cash rewards and generous bonuses if they sign up to serve their country as ‘immigration inspectors’, a position that includes monitoring, rounding up and delivering people whom the government is referring to as ‘infiltrators’ to the proper authorities for deportation.-rh17/1/2018
Israeli forces kill Palestinian student, former prisoner during clashes in QalqiliyaMa`an News Agency - Israeli forces shot and killed a 28-year-old Palestinian student and former prisoner during clashes on Monday in the northern occupied West Bank district of Qalqiliya. Locals identified the slain Palestinian as Ahmad Abd al-Jaber Muhammad Salim, a student at al-Quds Open University in Qalqiliya and the secretary of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) student bloc. Salim was critically injured in the head with a live bullet during clashes in his hometown of Jayyous before he succumbed to the wounds just minutes later.-rh17/1/2018
US withholds $65 million from UN agency for PalestiniansTimes of Israel Staff - Times of Israel - The United States sent $60 million to keep the UN relief agency for Palestinians (UNRWA) in operation but withheld a further $65 million while it urged others to pay more, a State Department official said Tuesday.-rh17/1/2018
PALESTINE PULSE The Palestinian village with only three residents Ibrahim Abdelhadi - Al-Monitor - To the southwest of the town of al- Khader, 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the city of Bethlehem, lies Shoshahla village located at the foot of a mountain surrounded by five Israeli settlements: Sidi Bouaz, Eliezer, Efrat, Neve Daniel and Kfar Etzion. Only three people — a man, his wife and their daughter — live in Shoshahla and continue to cling to a land they inherited from their ancestors. This small family, which was forced to migrate decades ago under Israeli threats, chose to return to Shoshahla in the early 1990s and is refusing to leave again despite the primitive life they lead.- rh 17/1/2018
Israel`s new death penalty bill `targets Palestinians`Shafik Mandhai - Aljazeera - The Israeli government`s proposal to make it easier for judges to hand out the death penalty for "terrorist activity" has been condemned as "fascist" by Palestinian politicians and rights groups, who fear it will give Israel legal cover to target Palestinians.-rh 17/1/2018
2017: Tightening of the closure, further limiting movement of people to and from Gaza GISHA - The number of exits by Palestinians through Erez Crossing in 2017 dropped by 51 percent compared to 2016. The monthly average in 2017 was only 5,963 exits compared to a monthly average of 12,150 exits in 2016 and 14,276 exits in 2015. (...) What is clear is that these measures were introduced with little to no public discussion, with immediate effect and no prior notice (...) and, it appears, no consideration of the impact they would have on Gaza’s civilian population, which is already under great duress. [bz]16/1/2018
Palestinian Leadership Decides to Suspend Recognition of and Cooperation with IsraelIMEMC - In light of the withdrawal of the occupying state from all agreements and revoking them by practice and imposing a fait accompli (...) the PLO Central Council decided that the transitional period stipulated in the agreements signed in Oslo, Cairo and Washington, with its obligations, no longer stands.(...) To suspend recognition of Israel until it recognizes the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders and revokes the decision to annex East Jerusalem and expand and build settlements.(...) To stop security coordination in all its forms and to break away from the relationship of economic dependence established by the Paris Economic Agreement, [in order] to achieve the independence of the national economy. [ak]16/1/2018
Ahed Tamimi’s arrest sheds a disturbing light on how children are targeted by IsraelJonathan Cook - The National - Palestinian villages like Nabi Saleh are regularly invaded by soldiers. Children are dragged from their beds in the middle of the night, as happened to Ahed during her arrest last month in retaliation for her slaps. Human rights groups document how children are routinely beaten and tortured in detention. Many hundreds pass through Israeli jails each year charged with throwing stones. With conviction rates in Israeli military courts of more than 99 per cent, the guilt and incarceration of such children is a foregone conclusion.-rh 10/1/2018
Israeli Chief of Staff hints at full-scale war against SyriaMiddle East Monitor - The Israeli Chief of Staff hinted yesterday at the possibility of launching a full-scale war against Syria to prevent the imposition of Shia hegemony in Israel’s neighbour. Lieutenant- General Gadi Eisenkot made his comments at the University of Herzliya and accused the Iranian government of working to form a “Shia crescent” to spread its influence across Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain and the Gaza Strip.“In recent months, investment in the Palestinian arena has also grown,” explained Eisenkot, “driven by a desire to influence it by increasing the annual funding in the Gaza Strip for Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements to $100 million.”-rh10/1/2018
Israel Accused Of Revoking Thousands Of Jerusalem Residency Permits From PalestiniansDANIEL ESTRIN - NPR - According to an August report by Human Rights Watch, Israel has revoked the residency status of at least 14,595 Palestinians in East Jerusalem since Israel captured the territory from Jordan in 1967. The group cited data that lawyers and rights groups collected from Israel`s Interior Ministry through freedom of information requests and court cases.-rh 10/1/2018
Israel Shoots Palestinian Teen in the Head During Funeral of Musaab Tamimi (VIDEO)Palestine Chronicle - A Palestinian youth was critically injured after being shot in the head by Israeli forces during clashes that erupted following the funeral of slain Palestinian teenager Musaab Firas al- Tamimi, 16, in the Deir Nitham village, northwest of Ramallah in the central occupied West Bank.-rh10/1/2018
Israel`s new death penalty bill `targets Palestinians`Shafik Mandhai - Aljazeera - The Israeli government`s proposal to make it easier for judges to hand out the death penalty for "terrorist activity" has been condemned as "fascist" by Palestinian politicians and rights groups, who fear it will give Israel legal cover to target Palestinians.-rh 10/1/2018
Palestine in Pictures: December 2017EI - "Twelve Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during the month of December as Israel cracked down on protests against Donald Trump’s proclamation that the US would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – a move roundly condemned in a vote by the United Nations General Assembly" [ry]8/1/2018
This Palestinian camp is the community most exposed to tear gas in the worldChloé Benoist - MIDDLE EAST EYE - The small and densely populated refugee camp has long been the target of Israeli military raids, but a University of California, Berkeley study released on Thursday led Pierre Krahenbuhl, commissioner general of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East, to designate Aida the community most exposed to tear gas in the world earlier this year.-rh4/1/2018
Israeli Interrogations Could Lead to False Confessions, says Israeli CourtIMEMC News - An Israel judge ripped into the Shin Bet, an Israeli intelligence service, for its interrogation tactics, saying they could lead people to confess crimes they did not commit. The panel of Be’er Sheva District Court judges has issued the opinion blasting the security service as part of a ruling explaining their acquittal last month of Khalil Nimri, a Palestinian accused of terrorism.-rh3/1/2018
Palestinians ready for major shift in strategyDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The US decision is seen by many Palestinian leaders as a unique opportunity to rise up to this occasion by working seriously on national unity. Calls for a serious end to the Palestinian split and a unity of purpose have been on the rise in various Palestinian circles, with many thinking about the best approach forward that can preserve the steadfastness of Palestinians on the ground while making the occupiers pay a much higher price for their illegal occupation, colonial settlements and denial of Palestinian rights.-rh 3/1/2018
Trump, The UN, And The Future Of JerusalemRichard Falk - Countercurrents - This post is the modified text of an interview on behalf of the Tasnim News Agency in Iran as conducted by Mohammed Hassani. It tries to assess the wider implications of the UN reaction to Trump’s December 6th decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and to follow this by relocating the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.]-rh3/1/2018
Made in Israel: Exploiting Palestinian Land for Treatment of Israeli WasteB`Tselem - Publications - B’Tselem research has found that there are at least fifteen Israeli waste treatment facilities in the West Bank. Most of the waste they process is produced in Israel. Six of the facilities handle hazardous waste which requires special processes and regulatory supervision due to the dangers it poses.-rh3/1/2018
Why Israel`s Permit System is more sophisticated and controlling than Apartheid South Africa’s Pass SystemTony Greenstein - Blog - When we think of Apartheid, whether Israeli or South African, we think of discrimination, segregation and separation. But the essence of Apartheid was labour control and to organise this it was necessary to have a system of pass control. People could only move with the requisite paper. In South Africa this was a crude system and it fell into abeyance but in Israel it is highly sophisticated, with over 100 different varieties of permit. It is the means by which Israel segments and divides the Palestinians, setting one off against another.-rh3/1/2018
This Land Is Our LandRaja Shehadeh - The New York Review of Books - In the course of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, some 750,000 Palestinians fled the fighting or were forced off their land. In 1950 Israel passed a law designating those lands as “absentee” territory and through a series of other legal measures reserved it for the use of the Jewish Israeli population. But there remained heavy concentrations of land—in the Galilee, the north of Israel, and the Negev in the south—that was still owned by the Palestinians who stayed in Israel and became Israeli citizens. In these areas, Palestinians still far outnumbered Jewish Israelis in 1950. The new state was confronted with two questions: how to “Judaize” those areas, and how to transfer most of the land there to Jewish Israelis.-rh3/1/2018
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