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Text of Prime Minister Netanyahu`s 2014 UN speech Jerusalem Post transcript - Israel cannot have territories from which it withdraws taken over by Islamic militants yet again, as happened in Gaza and Lebanon. That would place the likes of ISIS within mortar range – a few miles – of 80% of our population. [bz] 30/9/2014
560 Palestinians Imprisoned by Israel in SeptemberIMEMC News & Agencies - 85,000 Arrest Cases Since 200029/9/2014
Number of administrative detainees highest since 2008Maan--There are now 540 Palestinians being held in administrative detention, the highest number since 2008, a prisoner rights group said Friday. 28/9/2014
Today in Palestine for September 26, 2014Today in Palestine: A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the OPT. dn27/9/2014
Russell Tribunal findings on PalestineMondoweiss--Russell Tribunal finds evidene of incitement to genocide, crimes against humanity. [for a more detailed report see] dn 27/9/2014
Demonstration at Elbit Systems in Shenstone, StaffordshireAAN--During July and August 2014, 2,150 Palestinians were killed as Israel carried out another massacre of Palestinians in the besieged Gaza strip. Entire neightourhoods were destroyed and mosques, market places, UN relief compounds and schools were deliberately targeted. There was no safe place for the 1.7 million people in Gaza to take shelter from the Israeli bombardment. Israeli unpiloted planes, known as drones, carried out over 800 major strikes. Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest military company, supplied many of the drones used by the Israeli military. dn27/9/2014
Full Official Text of President Mahmoud Abbas` Speech at the UNGA Wafa - Ladies and Gentlemen, my people are waiting to hear the answer of the world. Will it allow Israel to continue its occupation, the only occupation in the world? [bz]27/9/2014
Today in PalestineToday in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the OPT. dn21/9/2014
Violations by Israel and the Problem of EnforcementAlice Lynd - Palestine-Israel Working Group of Historians Against the War (HAW) - The full document. [Reviewed in ` The U.S. is also guilty in Palestine` by Sam Bahour (accessible at OM)-bz] 20/9/2014
Resource: How the Shin Bet holds Gazans` health ransomPHR 2008 report - +972 "The practice of leveraging Gazans’ access to health care in order to get intelligence information out of them has been documented in the past. Six years earlier, in 2008, Physicians for Human Rights – Israel (PHR-I) put out a detailed report on the practice, including testimonies from Palestinians whom the Shin Bet demanded information from in exchange for permission to enter Israel to receive needed medical care.+972 is republishing the report here in order to explain in greater detail exactly what the reserve intelligence officers are describing." ca19/9/2014
174 Palestinians Kidnapped In One WeekSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "The Palestinian Prisoners Society has reported, Sunday, that Israeli soldiers kidnapped 174 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, in the second week of September, 2014" [ry]15/9/2014
Israeli intelligence veterans` letter to Netanyahu and military chiefs - in full The Guardian - Translation of the full text. [bz]13/9/2014
Settlements get significantly more government money than rest of Israeli communities, report findsYnet - Based on a report by the Adva Center - The West Bank settlements have for decades been receiving vastly preferential treatment, while residents of development towns only get a very small amount. [bz] 9/9/2014
Exclusive: Israel`s Video Justifying Destruction of a Gaza Hospital Was From 2009 Gareth Porter - Truthout - "A video distributed by the Israeli military in July suggesting that Palestinian fighters had fired from the Al Wafa Rehabilitation and Geriatric Hospital in Gaza City was not shot during the recent Israeli attack on Gaza, and both audio and video clips were manipulated to cover up the fact that they were from entirely different incidents, a Truthout investigation has revealed" [ry]8/9/2014
The Month in Pictures: July and August 2014EI - “`At the height of the conflict, an estimated 485,000 people — 28 percent of the population of Gaza — were internally displaced,` OCHA states. Approximately 110,000 displaced persons remain in schools administered by UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestine refugees, or with host families" [ry]8/9/2014
Israeli Demolitions Leave 5 Homeless in East Jerusalem Palestine Chronicle--Israeli forces demolished a Palestinian family’s home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina as well as several rooms of a nearby house being used to store aid supplies for Gaza on Wednesday, the owner of the property told Ma’an. dn7/9/2014
Israelis, stop swimming in our shitSam Bahour--A new report by Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network details the damage that consecutive Israeli military assaults have caused to Gaza’s water systems, whereby 95 percent of the water consumed in the Strip for decades has been unfit for human consumption. dn7/9/2014
The Israelis even have a “Military Philosopher”. Watch: Al Jazeera--A very interesting 25 minute video on how architecture is used for political ends. dn7/9/2014
The Militarization of Israeli Society: A Threat to Lasting PeaceRaffaele Piccolo--It is hard not to notice Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers almost everywhere one travels in Israel. Walk passed the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City and there are soldiers present. Board a bus at the Jerusalem Central Station to head to the South and there are soldiers seated onboard. Wait at the light rail station to travel from one side of Jerusalem to another and there are soldiers listlessly standing around. Use the bathroom at a roadhouse in the middle of the Negev and there is often a soldier using the urinal right next to you.dn7/9/2014
Today in PalestineToday in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries about current events occurring in the OPT. dn7/9/2014
Did Israel commit war crimes in Rafah?Karin Laub and Ibrahim Barzak - The Christian Science Monitor - A Palestinian rights group argues that the Israeli army violated the rules of war, which include giving adequate warning to civilians, using proportionate force and distinguishing between civilians and combatants. Unlike in many other Gaza battles, civilians were caught by surprise by the sudden fire and sealed exits.-rh4/9/2014
Israel’s right wing Zionists, Palestine’s militant resistance are political winners after Gaza slaughterPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Polling shows that Hamas`s popularity has spiked across Palestine with 61 percent saying the same strategy of militant resistance should be adopted in the West Bank. Israelis, meantime, have shifted right, more supporting settlements leader Naftali Bennett, who makes sitting P.M. Netanyahu look like a centrist.-rh4/9/2014
Honor the victims: Avoid past mistakes in reconstructing Gaza Omar Shaban - Ma`an News Agency - should efforts focus on reconstruction and renovation or on building and development? In post-World War II Japan, for instance, the question was: Do we focus on mending what the war destroyed or on building new foundations? The right approach lies in successfully combining the two. But beyond international experience there are specific lessons to learn from past efforts in Gaza, especially given that they have not been successful in putting Gaza back on its feet, and that is putting it mildly.-rh 3/9/2014
July "most bloody and violent month" for Palestinian press AIC - "Nine Palestinian journalists and one media activist were killed in the month of July [...] The journalists` death toll rose to 15 at the beginning of August when six journalists were killed by the Israeli army during its attack on the Gaza Strip" [ry]2/9/2014
Wounded Gazans struggle to find treatment after warTom Little - Yahoo!News - "But many of the organisations charged with rehabilitating Gazans [...] are struggling to cope in the wake of an Israeli offensive in which the United Nations estimates that more than 10,000 Palestinians were wounded, with up to 1,000 likely to suffer permanent disability" [ry]2/9/2014
`Despite reforms, IDF still mistreating Palestinian children`Gerard Horton - +972 - Nearly two years after Israel said it would work to improve its treatment of the Palestinian children it detains, there have been a few small positive developments. But ill-treatment of Palestinian minors still appears to be ‘widespread, systematic and institutionalized,’ a report by Military Court Watch says [ry]2/9/2014
Israel-Gaza crisis: YouTube footage shows scale of destruction after 50 days of shelling Zachary Davies Boren - The Independent - It will take 20 years and $6 billion to rebuild Gaza after conflict with Israel, says NGO [ry]2/9/2014
Mixed results in post-war Gaza opinion poll The latest results in the survey conducted Dr. Nabil Kukali in Gaza Strip revealed the following key results: 72.5% are worried about another military confrontation with Israel; 54.9% believe that the Israeli deterrence has receded; 52.6% support the resumption of the peace negotiations with Israel; 51.3% highly rated the extent of the media coverage; 77.6% believe that Israel has been painfully beaten by the Palestinian militants. ak 1/9/2014
Newly declassified documents reveal how U.S. agreed to Israel`s nuclear programAmir Oren--Documents reveal contacts between Washington and Jerusalem in late 1960s, when some Americans believed the nuclear option would not deter Arab leaders but would trigger an atom bomb race. dn31/8/2014
IDF recommends easing Gaza restrictionsAmos Harel--The IDF will recommend to politicians that they show generosity in indirect negotiations with Hamas when discussing the conditions for a permanent cease-fire, in order to forestall renewed hostilities at the end of September. A senior military source has told Haaretz that it is in Israel’s interest to avoid intense social and economic pressure on Gaza. “If we can assist by expanding fishing grounds and easing restrictions on border crossings of people and goods into and from Israel, this will help maintain the quiet,” the source said. dn31/8/2014
The Auschwitz Files: Why the Last SS Guards Will Go UnpunishedKlaus Wiegrefe--In February, German prosecutors conducted a wave of raids targeting former SS concentration camp guards. It was hoped the proceedings could help make up for decades of inaction. Instead, they will likely mark the latest chapter in the German judiciary`s shameful approach to the Holocaust. dn31/8/2014
Today in Palestine Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events occurring in the OPT. dn30/8/2014
PCHR UPDATES AND STATISTICSPCHR--Palestine Center for human rights reports and statistics of the Palestinian victims of the recent military campaign. dn30/8/2014
PHOTOS: Losing your home twice in one warBasel Yazouri / Activestills - +972 - "This story was originally published on August 17, 2014 on the Heber website. Since its publication, the family has had to flee once again due to the renewal of Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip" [ry]25/8/2014
National Lawyers Guild, other legal organizations urge International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes by Israeli, U.S. leaders in GazaMarjorie Cohn - “The National Lawyers Guild (NLG), Center for Constitutional Rights, International Association of Democratic Lawyers, Arab Lawyers Union, and American Association of Jurists (Asociacion Americana de Juristas) sent a letter on Friday, August 22 to Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), urging her to initiate an investigation of war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity committed by Israeli leaders and aided and abetted by U.S. officials in Gaza. Under the Rome Statute, the ICC has the power to hold individuals criminally accountable for the most serious of crimes” [ry]25/8/2014
Today in Palestine for August 22, 2014Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events occurring in the OPt. dn24/8/2014
Hamas pledges to back Palestinian bid to join ICCIbrahim Barzak and Mohammed Daraghmeh--ASSOCIATED PRESS - Hamas has signed a pledge to back any Palestinian bid to join the International Criminal Court, two senior officials in the group said Saturday. Such a step could expose Israel — as well as Hamas — to war crimes investigations. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has debated for months whether to join the court, a step that would transform his relations with Israel from tense to openly hostile and could also strain his ties with the United States. dn 24/8/2014
Holocaust survivors condemn Israel for `Gaza massacre,` call for boycottHaaretz--In response to Elie Wiesel advertisement comparing Hamas to Nazis, 327 Jewish Holocaust survivors and descendants publish New York Times ad accusing Israel of `ongoing massacre of the Palestinian people.` Hundreds of Holocaust survivors and descendants of survivors have signed a letter, published as an advertisement in Saturday`s New York Times, condemning "the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza" and calling for a complete boycott of Israel.dn24/8/2014
Israeli ship heads out of Oakland – again – after five days of extraordinary protestHenry Norr--On Tuesday the Zim Piraeus tried to escape protesters by feigning departure, then returning to Oakland (screenshot from Tracking the extraordinary adventures of the Zim Piraeus on Tuesday and Wednesday, as it tried to outmaneuver protesters in Oakland (screenshot from 24/8/2014
Israeli teenagers: Racist and proud of itOr Kashti--Ethnic hatred has become a basic element in the everyday life of Israeli youth, a forthcoming book finds. “For me, personally, Arabs are something I can’t look at and can’t stand,” a 10th-grade girl from a high school in the central part of the country says in abominable Hebrew. “I am tremendously racist. I come from a racist home. If I get the chance in the army to shoot one of them, I won’t think twice. I’m ready to kill someone with my hands, and it’s an Arab. In my education I learned that ... their education is to be terrorists, and there is no belief in them. I live in an area of Arabs, and every day I see these Ishmaelites, who pass by the [bus] station and whistle. I wish them death.” dn24/8/2014
Gaza Poll-- Gazans want truce, but not disarmament. Ynetnews--A poll from the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion shows that Gazans largely oppose ISIS, want truce with Israel, but not under terms of disarmament.dn24/8/2014
Overwhelming majority of Jewish Israelis say Gaza op justifiedHaaretz--Jewish public backs operation, army, even though it is divided over its outcome; most want to topple Hamas.dn24/8/2014
Despite what their critics say, Israel is using precision targeting to kill its enemies [scroll down for article.D]Yara Hawari--But its enemies just happen to include innocent civilians. Why? dn24/8/2014
In deaths of civilians in Gaza, U.S. weapons sales to Israel come under scrutinySudarsan Raghavan and Ruth Eglash--RAFAH, Gaza Strip — An Israeli missile attack that killed 10 civilians sheltering in a U.N. school here early this month prompted a call for restraint from the U.S. government over what the State Department described as a “disgraceful’’ act. Yet what Israel employed in that Aug. 3 strike was a Hellfire missile, a weapon manufactured in the United States, according to the United Nations. The incident was one of many in the ongoing six-week-old war in the Gaza Strip in which weapons sold to Israel by the United States and some European nations have played a prominent role. dn 24/8/2014
PCHR update for August 22, 2013PCHR--2106 KILLED, 10,430 WOUNDED dn23/8/2014
Israeli attacks on Gaza families must be investigated as war crimes, say human rights groupsRobert Tait - The Telegraph - Entire Gaza family wiped out by airstrikes one of cases being recorded by human rights groups as possible war crimes by Israel [ry]18/8/2014
UN releases Gaza Crisis Atlas documenting damage to StripItay Blumenthal - Ynet - 108-page report with high-resolution satellite photos captures extent of destruction in Gaza, to be used by UN committee on Operation Protective Edge [ry]18/8/2014
Dutchman returns Holocaust medal after family deaths in GazaBBC--A Dutchman honoured by Israel for hiding a Jewish child during World War Two has handed back his medal after six of his relatives were killed in an Israeli air strike on Gaza. dn17/8/2014
10,000 protest in Tel Aviv for a just peace, end to occupation972_Moriel Rothman-Zecher and Haggai Matar contributed to this report--Under a coalition of Israeli left-wing political parties and organizations, thousands gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square in the largest anti-war demonstration since the outbreak of violence in Gaza. dn17/8/2014
Today in Palestine for August 15, 2014Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the OPT. dn17/8/2014
Israel Police`s war against Arab protestersNir Hasson and Yaniv Kubovich--On a Friday afternoon, about a month ago, Aya Salame arrived in Haifa with her husband and three kids to break the Ramadan fast at one of the city`s restaurants. They arrived early and Salame, 38, a biology teacher in a Kalansua high school and a student of Chinese medicine, decided to spend the time remaining before the meal touring the German Colony and the Bahá`í Gardens. Drawn by curiosity, she approached a crowd of anti-war protesters, but quickly made her way to leave – only to be blocked by police officers. dn17/8/2014
Today in Palestine Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the OPT. dn16/8/2014
Obama`s message to Netanyahu: Weapons with strings attachedBarak Ravid--The battle that took place in Rafah exactly two weeks ago this Friday, an hour and a half after a cease-fire had supposedly come into force, was one of the most significant moments of the month-long war in the Gaza Strip as far as the White House was concerned. On that day, senior American officials were unpleasantly surprised twice over. dn16/8/2014
Thousands march through London in protest at Israeli military action in GazaNadia Khomani--Cries of `Free Palestine` and `Shame on you, Barack Obama` as 20,000 people protest in London. Demonstrations in Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin too. dn10/8/2014
IDF reservist sentenced to prison for refusing draftDahlia Scheindlin--An IDF reservist was arrested Wednesday and sentenced to 21 days in military prison for refusing to serve in Operation Protective Edge (photo:
Israelis dream of EuropeYuval Avivi--“I reached the conclusion that if I don’t do it now, it will never happen,” says Sharon, a man in his 40s who lives in the center of Israel. “I don’t see hope for this country. I never felt that I belonged and now it’s more than ever. I have had it with this place.” dn10/8/2014
Today in Palestine for August 8, 2014Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on recent events in the OPT. dn10/8/2014
Foreign press: Hamas didn`t censor us in Gaza, they were nowhere to be foundAnshel Pfeffer--Reporters who covered Operation Protective Edge in Gaza dismiss Israeli accusations of giving Hamas an easy ride. dn10/8/2014
Hamas threatens major escalation in rocket strikes on IsraelJason Burke in Gaza City--Hamas officials in Gaza have threatened a "major escalation" of rocket strikes against Israel, raising fears of a return to the intense violence of recent weeks. dn10/8/2014
PCHR August 9, 2014 updatePCHR--Palestinian Centre for Human Rights update on statistics and recent events in Gaza. dn9/8/2014
Europe offers to establish Gaza-Cyprus sea routeElior Levy--To prevent future rehabilitation of conflict-torn Strip`s military capabilities, European sources say continent willing to negotiate lifting naval blockade with use of European observers. dn9/8/2014
Gaza`s health and humanitarian crisisKristin Solberg - The Lancet - The deadliest attack on a health facility was the shelling of al Aqsa hospital in Deir al Balah in central Gaza on July 21. The hospital came under direct tank fire several times, and the surgical ward, the intensive care unit, and pieces of life-saving equipment were severely damaged. Four people died instantly and six died later from injuries, according to WHO.-rh 7/8/2014
Eight Days in Gaza: A Wartime DiaryAtef Abu Saif - New York Times - Sunday, July 27 For the last two hours we’ve heard nothing but sonic booms and the sound of rockets and mortars. Shells have fallen on our street a few hundred yards from my father-in-law’s house, where my wife and I, and our five kids, are staying, and on the street behind us.-rh7/8/2014
Gazans return to their neighborhoods — and find them decimatedSwati Sharma - The Washington Post - Another cease-fire took effect between Israeli forces and Hamas in Gaza, allowing many residents to venture back to their homes. Many found their houses in ruins and tried to salvage any belongings that might have survived the fighting. Others took the time to search for any victims buried in the piles of rubble. Intense airstrikes and ground attacks have taken a huge toll on many towns in the region. Here is a look at Gaza almost a month after Israel began Operation Protective Edge.-rh6/8/2014
Ten Killed, Dozens Injured, In First Hours Of MondaySaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "Palestinian medical sources have reported that at least ten Palestinians have been killed, on Monday at dawn, after the Israeli army and air force fired missiles into homes, and civilian areas, in different parts of the Gaza Strip. Dozens have been injured" [ry]4/8/2014
Statistics on the Israeli offensive against Gaza AIC - "Some 1743 Palestinians have been killed, including 396 children and 230 women, while 9100 have been injured, including 2767 children and 1814 women, since Israel began its current aggression against Gaza on July 8, said the Palestinian information ministry on Sunday [3.8.14]" [ry]4/8/2014
Dispatch from Gaza: The bloody devolution of a `ceasefire`Samer Badawi--GAZA CITY – After a night of relentless shelling from tanks and naval warships, a ceasefire meant to take hold in Gaza at 8 a.m. this morning quickly devolved into fierce fighting on two fronts along the Strip’s eastern and southern borders. As of this writing, Israeli shelling in Rafah had killed 40 Palestinians, and heavy bombardment was visible east of Gaza City, near the already battered towns of Shejaiya and Khuza’a. dn3/8/2014
Hamas never agreed that Israeli troops could remain in Gaza during CeasefireYnetnews--The head of Hamas` political bureau Khaled Mashal, spoke in an interview with CNN Saturday saying that Hamas had rejected an US drafted ceasefire that was presented last weekend. Mashal said that Hamas never agreed to allow IDF troops to remain in the Gaza Strip during a ceasefire. dn 3/8/2014
Thousands of people protested on Saturday in TamraYnetnews--Thousands of people protested on Saturday in Tamra, just north-east of Haifa, against the continuation of Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip. dn3/8/2014
U.S. Anti-Israel Protests Continue In Week 3 Of Gaza WarProtests against Israel’s operations in Gaza continued this week, with at least two dozen protests taking place since Sunday and several dozen more scheduled over the week­end. A total of 206 demon­stra­tions have taken place since Israel’s military cam­paign began on July 8. See below for a roundup of what hap­pened in select cities this week: dn 3/8/2014
Hamas’s ChancesNathan Thrall--The current war in Gaza was not one Israel or Hamas sought. But both had no doubt that a new confrontation would come. The 21 November 2012 ceasefire that ended an eight-day-long exchange of Gazan rocket fire and Israeli aerial bombardment was never implemented. It stipulated that all Palestinian factions in Gaza would stop hostilities against Israel, that Israel would end attacks against Gaza by land, sea and air – including the ‘targeting of individuals’ (assassinations, typically by drone-fired missile) – and that the closure of Gaza would essentially end as a result of Israel’s ‘opening the crossings and facilitating the movements of people and transfer of goods, and refraining from restricting residents’ free movements and targeting residents in border areas’. An additional clause noted that ‘other matters as may be requested shall be addressed,’ a reference to private commitments by Egypt and the US to help thwart weapons smuggling into Gaza, though Hamas has denied this interpretation of the clause. dn3/8/2014
Today in Palestine for Agust 31, 2014Today in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events occurring in the OPT (including Gaza) for July 31, 2014. dn2/8/2014
PCHR update Saturday, August 2, 2014PCHR--From July 8 till August 2, 2014 1492 Gaza Palestinians killed of which 360 are children; 6686 injured, of whom 1846 are children. dn2/8/2014
Stop the violence and end the blockade of GazaReligious Social Democrats of Sweden--The Religious Social Democrats of Sweden welcomes the UN decision to investigate war crimes committed during the Israeli military offensive "Protective edge" in Gaza. We ask for an increased presence of the United Nations and the support of its Security Council in order to protect civilians. dn2/8/2014
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