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Text of Resignation Letter by ESCWA Executive Secretary Rima KhalafJadaliyya - I cannot but stand by the findings of ESCWA’s report that Israel has established an apartheid regime that seeks the domination of one racial group over another. The evidence provided by this report drafted by renowned experts is overwhelming. Suffice it to say that none of those who attacked the report had a word to say about its content. I feel it my duty to shed light on the legally inadmissible and morally indefensible fact that an apartheid regime still exists in the 21st century rather than suppressing the evidence. [bz for dn]19/3/2017
Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of ApartheidUN Beirut 2017 - ESCWA - After pressure from Israel and the US, the PDF document was removed from the UN website, but you may want to read the text for yourself. [bz]18/3/2017
Damning ESCWA report says Israel guilty `beyond a reasonable doubt` of apartheidMa`an News Agency - "While the report has garnered praise from Palestinians, Israeli officials have compared the report to Nazi propaganda and called for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to publicly reject it." ca17/3/2017
Getting Off Scot-Free: Israel’s Refusal to Compensate Palestinians for Damages Caused by Its Security ForcesB`Tselem - Proposing that the tens of thousands of people injured during this half century wait for the occupation to end is tantamount to assuring that they will never receive any compensation. [bz]14/3/2017
NABOTH’S VINEYARD : Israeli settler agriculture as a means of land takeover in the West BankKerem Naboth - Report - The goal of this report has been to add another layer to the discussion about the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. This debate about the settlements tends to focus on construction of new neighborhoods, establishment of outposts, demographic growth among the settlers, the benefits they receive, and settler violence. Israeli agriculture in the West Bank is usually discussed in connection with the monitoring and labeling of agricultural exports from the West Bank settlements, which is an important tool for advocacy work on the economic implications of settler agriculture. Little is known or discussed, however, about the far-reaching territorial implications of the phenomenon, its humanitarian repercussions, and the risk this poses to Palestinian the state building and for Palestinian civil society.-rh9/3/2017
Baseless Arrests in the Holy Kingdom of Judea and Samaria Amira Hass - Haaretz - We won’t publish S.’s full name because at 17 years old, he is a juvenile. Unidentified soldiers from an unidentified IDF unit arrested him and his neighbor, Saif-al-Din Ibrahim, on February 28. They fired shots to scare them, slapped them, inflicted pain and left them bound and blindfolded out in the cold for several hours. Then the police were called in on a baseless pretext to finalize the abuse. The arrests without cause of S. and Saif al-Din Ibrahim are two more of those unreported run-ins, an entirely normal circumstance in the holy kingdom of Judea and Samaria.-rh 9/3/2017
How Netanyahu got cold feet over historic peace initiativeBen Caspit - Al-Monitor - The first time during this yearlong process that he got cold feet he decided to bring Yisrael Beitenu head Avigdor Liberman into the government instead of Herzog. This unexpected, pointed about-face took place in May 2016, leaving the entire system in shock. But Netanyahu’s true artistry lies in his ability to collect the pieces together after his shake-up and then recruit everyone again. The second time, it blew up last October, just before the formulation of the final version of the detailed draft that Netanyahu created for Herzog. This time, the excuse was the fact that the High Court of Justice had refused to extend the date for the evacuation of the Amona settlement. According to a diplomatic source speaking on condition of anonymity, Netanyahu claimed that the evacuation had caused a crisis in his coalition and asked Herzog to wait “a few more months.” At that point, Herzog knew that all was lost. He suddenly understood that he had spent an entire year with his foot on the gas — in neutral.-rh 9/3/2017
Israeli land seizure bill ‘an opening to annexation of West Bank’Ben Lynfield - The National - Masoud Ganaim, an Arab member of the Knesset, said the bill will "legitimise the theft of land from the Palestinians and is an opening to annexation of the rest of the territory in the West Bank. It will change everything, it will close up the path to the peace process and to any two state solution. There won’t be two states, there won’t be a solution.-rh9/3/2017
Israel’s Welcome Now Reserved Only For Jews Who Back NetanyahuJonathan Cook - Countercurrents - Arabs and Muslims have always struggled to gain entry to Israel. Palestinians are routinely abused at the borders, and thousands, especially from Jerusalem, have been stripped of the right to return home after living abroad. But new figures show Israel is excluding other groups too. Entry denials have increased nine-fold in the past five years, topping 16,000 people last year. Among those increasingly turned away are political activists. Israel controls all access to the occupied Palestinian territories, and has been regularly denying entry to solidarity activists and those who support the boycott movement. Legislation passed by the Israeli parliament on Monday night will only intensify the exclusionary trend. The new law forbids entry to anyone who supports a boycott, even if it is only of the settlements. As one legislator pointed out, that means Israel may quickly find itself bound to refuse entry to all officials from the United Nations and Europe.-rh 8/3/2017
Report: Israeli forces detained 420 Palestinians in FebruaryMa’an News Agency - "Israeli forces detained 420 Palestinians during the month of February, including 70 minors and 22 women and girls, according to a statement released on Saturday by the Palestinian Prisoners’ Center for Studies" [ry]6/3/2017
The Month in Pictures: February 2017EI [ry]6/3/2017
February: nine Palestinian-owned structures demolished in JerusalemAIC - Palestinian property owners describe shock at unexpected demolitions or else Israeli coercion to demolish their own homes with their own hands [ry]6/3/2017
Israel`s hateful posts target Palestinian politiciansNigel Wilson - Aljazeera - A Palestinian member of the Israeli parliament since 2009, Zoabi has been verbally and physically assaulted since she participated in a flotilla attempting to break the blockade of Gaza in 2010. She has also received threats by telephone and email to her office. According to a recent study by the Palestinian digital rights group 7amleh, Zoabi was the subject of 60,000 hateful online posts in 2016. Her fellow Knesset member, Ahmed Tibi, was the subject of 40,000 posts, while President Mahmoud Abbas appeared in 30,000 posts.-rh 2/3/2017
In Palestine, no job means no health insuranceKhaled Abu Amer - Al-Monitor - GAZA, Gaza Strip — According to official figures published by the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics on Feb. 16, the unemployment rate in Palestine climbed to 26.9%, with 360,500 unemployed out of a total workforce of 1.3 million in Palestine, while the poverty rate in the Gaza Strip exceeded 80%, according to the Zakat Department affiliated with the Palestinian Ministry of Religious Endowments. Despite these staggering figures, the Palestinian Cabinet announced Feb. 15 the cancellation of all health insurance benefits granted to unemployed citizens starting March 1.-rh 2/3/2017
New documentary highlights life of imprisoned Palestinian leaderDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - “Marwan” was produced and directed by young Palestinian director Ahmad Barghouti (no close relation) and is more of a political documentary than a work of art. Othman noted that the story of Barghouti is the classical story of all Palestinians. “He was 8 years old when the 1967 occupation occurred. He came from a poor family and graduated from Birzeit University, where he headed the student council. He became a Fatah youth leader. He was deported in the first intifada, returned with [Yasser] Arafat and dedicated his life to the Fatah youth movement he had helped establish. He was imprisoned many times and yet he has never given up. And today, he has become the highest vote receiver in the seventh Fatah congress.”-rh 2/3/2017
Comptroller: Defense establishment neglected tunnel handlingYaron Druckman - Ynetnews - The Shin Bet and Military Intelligence failed to cooperate on tunnels; `significant gaps in intelligence` left troops on the ground no choice but to improvise; plans to combat the threat remained on paper, while the Defense Ministry cut down on budget to protect Gaza border communities.-rh1/3/2017
Child Rights Briefing: February 2017 : News and updates on the situation of Palestinian children living in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.Defence for Children International - February 6, 2017—Evictions, demolitions, and UXO are constant risks for Palestinian children living in ares of the Jordan Valley that Israel has declared as "firing zones," where Israeli battalions regularly assemble to hone their combat skills. Before tanks can shoot off missile rounds and soldiers can carry out practice missions, goats are removed, animal pens and tents are dismantled. Read more.-rh1/3/2017
63 wells destroyed, 5310 trees, 150 doors: a chronicle of the occupation in Hebron district Abdulhadi Hantash - Mondoweiss - The writer of this 2016 report is a field consultant to the Palestinian Prime Minister for Wall and Settlement Affairs, and he chairs the non-profit organization, Land Defense Committee for the Hebron District in the West Bank, where he has worked as a land surveyor/cartographer for more than 30 years. [bz]25/2/2017
Lost Time: Palestinian prisoners in Israel : The poignant stories of Palestinian prisoners in Israel and the effects of imprisonment on them and their families.Aljazeera World - There are an estimated 7,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Since 1967, around 750,000 Palestinians have been in custody. Lost Time hears the deeply personal stories of some of the prisoners and their families, exploring the social, emotional, financial, physical, and psychological effects of long-term imprisonment.-rh23/2/2017
How both Trump and Netanyahu whitewashed antisemitism with ‘love’ Jonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - In this conference, a question was asked at a point by one reporter: “Mr. President, since your election campaign and even after your victory, we’ve seen a sharp rise in anti-Semitic — anti- Semitic incidents across the United States. And I wonder, what do you say to those among the Jewish community in the states and in Israel and maybe around the world who believe and feel that your administration is playing with xenophobia and maybe racist tones?”-rh23/2/2017
The Middle East: Contradictory promises that led to a century of conflictJeffrey D. Sachs - Boston Globe - As in so many other parts of the Middle East, the roots of today’s crisis go back to perfidious dealings by the British Empire during World War I, and of course to more ancient conflicts as well. The lands that today are Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank were part of the Ottoman Empire for centuries, and were settled overwhelmingly by Arabs. Small numbers of religious Jews had lived in Jerusalem for centuries, and greater numbers of Jewish emigrants began to arrive at the end of the 19th century following the anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia. The idea of a renewed Jewish homeland in the Jews’ biblical lands was revived at the end of the 19th century among the Jewish people by Theodor Herzl, the Vienna-based founder of modern Zionism.-rh23/2/2017
Who are real losers of US veto at UN against former Palestine PM?Daoud Kuttab - Almonitor - The strong reaction to blocking the secretary-general from appointing a qualified Palestinian has left a mark on the Trump administration and has inadvertently resurrected the profile of a Palestinian leader the world had forgotten. It even brought about agreement within Palestinian society and its leadership. Fayyad and Palestinians are not the real losers in this case. Rather, that distinction belongs, unfortunately, to the people of Libya, who have been denied a competent, Arabic-speaking world class talent to help bring their splintered society together.-rh 23/2/2017
Elor Azaria Verdict: ‘No Justice for Palestinians’Jonathan Cook - Information Clearing House - There has rarely been a trial in Israel where the judges have been under such relentless – and mostly hostile – scrutiny. That appeared to be reflected in their sentencing, more than a month after they found Azaria guilty of manslaughter. The sentence was much lower than the three to five years demanded by the prosecution, and far below the maximum tariff of 20 years. One of the three judges dissented, recommending two and a half to five years.-rh 23/2/2017
From the German Media 22/2/2017
Israeli Soldiers abduct 22 Palestinians In The West BankIMEMC News - "Israeli soldiers have abducted, overnight and at dawn Monday, at least twenty-two Palestinians, from various areas, in the occupied West Bank, and violently searched dozens of homes, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported" [ry]20/2/2017
In commemoration of the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre: #DismantleTheGhetto take the settlers out of of HebronInternational Solidarity Movement - February 25th marks the 23rd commemoration of the Ibrahim Mosque Massacre in Hebron. This year’s commemoration coincides with Israel’s unprecedented escalation in seizing Palestinian land in the West Bank for settlement expansion. This has been accompanied with ideas from Israeli ministers to construct settlements and annex most of the C areas in the West Bank. The commemoration also coincides with Israel’s increasing campaigns to Judaize the Naqab, similar to what has happened in Um Al-Hiran recently, with a general rise in the policy of demolishing Palestinian houses whether in the occupied territories or within the Green Line.-rh16/2/2017
‘The way they arrested him was savage’: Israeli forces violently detain 14-year-old disabled Palestinian boy -Sheren Khalel - Mondoweiss - Mutaz Baraka, also 14 and one of Ali’s friends, told Mondoweiss that he, Ali and around a dozen other children their age had just gotten out of school and were playing in the street next to the refugee camp’s community center when Israeli forces opened the gate in the nearby separation wall. Through the gate, an Israeli military jeep came driving quickly towards them. “Everyone ran but Ali was the slowest, so he didn’t get away, they caught up to him,” he said. - rh15/2/2017
2016 sees Israel demolish record number of West Bank homesB`Tselem - 2016 saw a marked increase in the number of homes Israeli authorities demolished throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, citing lack of building permits as a pretext. The scale of demolitions documented by B’Tselem this year is the most extensive since we began systematically documenting demolitions in 2004. In East Jerusalem, authorities demolished 88 residential buildings and 48 other structures. Elsewhere in the West Bank, authorities demolished 274 residential buildings and 372 non-residential ones. These demolitions are indicative of Israel’s efforts to limit Palestinian presence in the areas it seeks to take over, taking advantage of planning and administrative tools to that end.-rh15/2/2017
Israeli authorities demolish 3 buildings in East Jerusalem neighborhoodMa`an News - Israeli authorities have stepped up issuing demolition warrants for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, particularly after Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barakat warned that the demolition of the illegal Israeli outpost of Amona in the occupied West Bank would be met with the mass demolition of Palestinian homes lacking the nearly impossible to obtain Israeli-issued building permits.-rh15/2/2017
Israelis post anti-Arab racism online every 46 seconds, study findsRami Younis - +972 - A new study shows that Israeli Jews published 675,000 racist posts on social media in 2016 — a dangerous increase from 2015, when only 280,000 such posts were published [ry]13/2/2017
Will EU be more open to ICC probe of Israeli settlements?Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The sharp increase of Israeli settlement building since the swearing in of Donald Trump, coupled with the anger brewing in Europe over the new US president, is providing an opening for the Palestinians. Attempts to encourage the International Criminal Court (ICC) to initiate a probe into Israeli war crimes have received new life due to the rift between Washington and the European Union.-rh 9/2/2017
This isn`t Israel`s first `land theft law,` it won`t be the lastOrly Noy - +972 - Congrats to the Israeli Knesset for passing the settlement “regulation law” (also known as the “normalization law” and the “formalization law”) earlier this week. The law retroactively legalizes the theft by Israeli settlers of land privately owned by Palestinians, largely land on which those settlements Israel calls “illegal outposts” were constructed — because their existence is illegal even under Israeli law.-rh9/2/2017
Israel’s New Land Law: Clearing the Path to AnnexationJonathan Cook - Counter Punch - The legalisation law – also commonly translated from Hebrew as the regulation or validation law – was the right’s forceful response to the eviction last week of a few dozen families from a settlement “outpost” called Amona. It was a rare and brief setback for the settlers, provoked by a court ruling that took three years to enforce. The evacuation of 40 families was transformed into an expensive piece of political theatre, costing $40 million. It was choreographed as a national trauma to ensure such an event is never repeated.-rh 9/2/2017
Israel Passes Law To Legalize Theft Of Private Palestinian Land Charlotte Silver - Countercurrents - Late Monday night, Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, approved a bill to retroactively legalize the expropriation by settlers of private Palestinian land that has taken place over the last two decades. Passed by 60-52, the so-called Regularization Bill will legalize around 4,000 settlement homes in so-called unauthorized outposts and settlements. Human Rights Watch swiftly condemned the vote, noting that the Regularization Bill “undoes years of established Israeli law and, coming just weeks after the [UN] Security Council’s unanimous passage of Resolution 2334 on the illegality of settlements, reflects Israel’s manifest disregard of international law.”.rh 9/2/2017
Palestinian historical city of Sebastia besieged by settlementsZuheir Dolah - Al-Monitor - Sebastia, the gateway of historical civilizations, is facing a future of invaders different from those in previous eras. These invaders are committing serious violations to eliminate the city’s history and impose the Jewish story on it. One of the most dangerous violations is the Israeli decision to ban the entry of foreign tourists to the land of Palestinian antiquities. To tighten the noose on Sebastia, Israel established the Shavei Shomron settlement after confiscating and controlling most of the city’s lands.-rh 9/2/2017
Legalizing the theft of Palestinian land has been Israeli policy since Day 1 Jonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - The law would retroactively legalize about 4,000 settler homes built in what is known as ‘outposts’, outside the ‘settlement blocs’ and on privately owned Palestinian land. Until now, such construction has been deemed illegal even by the bizarre set of Israeli laws applying, indirectly as it were, to the occupation. Thus the law crosses a line Israel has never violated before, even according to right-wingers like Dan Meridor, member of Knesset for Likud and a former minister, who called the law “evil and dangerous”; Israel’s Parliament never regulated Palestinian property ownership in the West Bank because “the Arabs of Judea and Samaria did not vote for the Knesset, and it has no authority to legislate for them,” Meridor says. “These are basic principles of democracy and Israeli law.” -rh9/2/2017
Israel vote to legalise wildcat settler homes dubbed `an aggression against the Palestinian people` : Abbas: `What we want is peace.... but what Israel does is to work towards one state based on apartheid`Bethan McKernan - Independent - After more than a week of parliamentary discussion members of the Israeli parliament voted on the controversial legislation, retroactively recognising 4,000 Jewish homes in 54 “outpost” settlements late on Monday night. Speaking after a meeting with the French President Francois Hollande in Paris on Tuesday, Mr Abbas said the bill was “contrary to international law”. “This is an aggression against our people that we will be opposing in international organisations,” the President of the Palestinian Authority said.-rh 9/2/2017
Military Court, Ofer 29.1.17Vivy Sury, Nitza Aminov - Ofer Military Court, January 29, 2017 - Malena! (we’re sick of this!) cried the woman, mother of a 12.5-year old son, when offered a plea bargain including a 3,000 shekel fine. A young woman, angry and hurting, approached us to tell about the arrest of her 12.5 year-old son. The family lives in (the Palestinian town of) Bir Zeit. After school a group of children rode horse-back, and the police came along to arrest them. All the children except her son managed to get away. Her son was taken to the Benyamin detention facility where his father was summoned to report. On the same day, late afternoon, the son was taken to Ofer for arraignment and the family was informed that his hearing would take place on Sunday. The woman told us these children have nowhere to play so they spend their time in the streets. The police arrive regularly to create provocations.-rh 8/2/2017
Netanyahu wants to repress my group, Breaking the Silence. May, don’t help him Yehuda Shaul - The Guardian - n Monday the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, met with his British counterpart, Theresa May. Among other things, he asked her to stop the UK government’s funding of the group I co-founded, Breaking the Silence, as well as other human rights organisations in Israel and Palestine. This is regardless of the fact that Breaking the Silence has not received funding from the British government since 2011. As an Israeli, it’s not my place to tell Netanyahu to stop interfering in decisions made by the British government. That’s something British citizens can do. What I can do is shed some light on the reason Netanyahu is so intent on stopping us, an organisation of soldiers who encourage public debate on the reality of occupation and the moral price it exacts from Israelis.-rh 8/2/2017
Palestinian towns petition Israeli Supreme Court to strike down `Regularization law`Ma`an News - More than a dozen Palestinian municipalities filed a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court on Wednesday against the recently passed outpost “Regularization law” granting official Israeli governmental recognition to more than a dozen illegal settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank established on private Palestinian lands, as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned of the consequences of the new legislation on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Legal rights groups Adalah and the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC) presented the petition on behalf of 17 Palestinian municipalities whose lands will be affected by the new law, calling on the Supreme Court to strike it down.-rh8/2/2017
The Month in Pictures: January 2017EI - "In Palestine, the new year got off to a violent start" [ry]6/2/2017
Israel’s Hard-Liners Want to ‘Go Big’: Annex a SettlementIAN FISHER - The New York Times - Ma’ale Adumim has become a flash point of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. Right-wing politicians, emboldened by a more sympathetic Trump administration, want to annex it to Israel proper — the first formal annexation of a settlement. Supporters of the move argue that in the long absence of negotiations, Israel cannot stand still, and Ma’ale Adumim would likely be a part of Israel in any case.-rh 2/2/2017
How Palestinian authorities plan to clamp down on cybercrimeEntsar Abu Jahal - Al-Monitor - The law would address all forms of electronic crimes, in light of the recent high number of cybercrimes in Palestine. Per Palestinian police statistics in Ramallah, 2016 witnessed more than 1,200 cybercrimes compared to 520 in 2015, according to officer Louay Azriqat, the spokesman for the Palestinian police in Ramallah.-rh 2/2/2017
Israeli settlers hold 2 Palestinian teens returning home from school at gunpointMa`an News - Israeli forces and settlers detained two Palestinians teens at gunpoint on Sunday near an illegal Israeli settlement east of Qalqiliya in the northern occupied West Bank, according to reports from Israeli media, which alleged that the two Palestinians approached the settlement intending to carry out an attack.-rh2/2/2017
Is the media to blame for Netanyahu’s irresponsible tweet?Sima Kadmon - Ynetnews - He has no shame, Israel’s prime minister. No shame and not an ounce of integrity. And this is no longer about post-truth, or even about alternative facts. It’s a lie. A bald-faced lie. Benjamin Netanyahu sat in front of the cameras on Monday and threw the entire responsibility for the crisis with Mexico on the Israeli media. First he denied that there was a crisis, and then he blamed the press for the non-crisis.-rh 1/2/2017
Danwatch: Major EU pension funds invest billions in businesses linked to Israeli settlements Sheren Khalel - Mondoweiss - Five of Europe’s largest pension funds have — against EU directives — invested up to €7.5 billion ($8.09 billion) in businesses linked to illegal Israeli settlements, Danish investigative news team Danwatch, reported on Tuesday. In July, the EU released new guidelines that state that any Israeli entity “seeking funding from or cooperation with the EU will have to submit a declaration stating that the entity has no direct or indirect links to the West Bank, East Jerusalem or the Golan Heights,” Haaretz reported.-rh 1/2/2017
All Israeli ministers keep silent on Trump’s Muslim entry curbsRaoul Wootliff - The Times of Israel - As President Donald Trump’s executive order suspending refugee arrivals and barring visas for travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries continued to send shock waves across the US, Europe and Middle East Sunday, Israeli ministers maintained complete silence over the move.-rh 1/2/2017
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