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Two Million Gazans Swelter in the DarkMohammed Omer - Washington Report on Middle East Affairs "The unremitting electric blackouts—sometimes for as long as 20 to 22 hours a day—along with ill-equipped hospitals and closed borders, mean that many people in Gaza literally face death as a result of Israel’s collective punishment." ca21/7/2017
U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against IsraelGlenn Greenwald - The Intercept - THE CRIMINALIZATION OF political speech and activism against Israel has become one of the gravest threats to free speech in the west. In France, activists have been arrested and prosecuted for wearing t-shirts advocating a boycott of Israel. The U.K. has enacted a series of measures designed to outlaw such activism. In the U.S., governors compete with one another over who can implement the most extreme regulations to bar businesses from participating in any boycotts aimed even at Israeli settlements, which the world regards as illegal. On U.S. campuses, punishment of pro- Palestinian students for expressing criticisms of Israel is so commonplace that the Center for Constitutional Rights refers to it as “the Palestine Exception” to free speech. But now, a group of 43 Senators – 29 Republicans and 14 Democrats – want to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, which was launched in protest of that country’s decades-old occupation of Palestine. The two primary sponsors of the bill are Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland and Republican Rob Portman of Ohio. Perhaps the most shocking aspect is the punishment: anyone guilty of violating its prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000, and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.-rh19/7/2017
When Gaza has no power, we all swim in sewageHagai El-Ad - +972 - As Netanyahu drinks water from a new Israeli mobile desalination technology with the visiting Indian prime minister, Israel’s actual desalination plant, planted firmly next to Gaza, stares down the consequences of Israel’s disastrous policies: raw sewage flowing its way.-rh19/7/2017
The History of Anti-Arab Sentiment Is Too Deep, the Pain Too RealJames J. Zogby - LobeLog - A week ago, a pro-Israel media monitoring group accused me of making “an unsubstantiated charge that Israel supporters are responsible” for discrimination, hate crimes, and the political exclusion of Arab Americans. Because this issue is so important to Arab Americans and because some hardline pro-Israel groups refuse to acknowledge their role in harming my community, I am obliged to respond with a few examples representing just the tip of the iceberg of painful acts of defamation, discrimination, exclusion, threats, and violence.-rh19/7/2017
Israeli-Palestinian water deal could chart course for further talks Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - An agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on the Red Sea-Dead Sea canal project could build some trust between the sides, but the Palestinians are leery of any impact from it going into negotiations.-rh 19/7/2017
Gaza on Verge of Collapse as Israel Sends 2.2M People "Back to Middle Ages" in Electricity CrisisDemocracy Now - Israeli-imposed restrictions have limited electricity in Gaza to barely four hours a day, creating a humanitarian catastrophe for its 2 million residents. In 2012, the World Health Organization warned that Gaza would be uninhabitable by 2020. The U.N. now says the area has already become unlivable, with living conditions in Gaza deteriorating faster than expected. We go directly to Gaza to speak with Raji Sourani, an award-winning human rights lawyer and director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza. We also speak with Tareq Baconi, author of the forthcoming book, "Hamas Contained: The Rise & Pacification of Palestinian Resistance." He is a policy fellow at Al-Shabaka, The Palestinian Policy Network.-rh19/7/2017
Palestinian succession gets more complicatedDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Hopes that Saeb Erekat, the head of the Palestinian negotiating team, would succeed President Mahmoud Abbas have been dashed by news that Erekat has to undergo an urgent lung transplant, thus further complicating the Palestinian political scene.-rh 19/7/2017
The children of Nabi Saleh in Israeli prisons: a conversation with Bassem TamimiRichard Hardigan - Mondoweiss - The demonstrations in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh began in December of 2009. The villagers have been protesting against the theft of a local spring by the nearby illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish, but it has also been a battle against the Occupation in general. The Israeli authorities have responded to the protests in brutal fashion. In addition to three deaths and countless injuries over the years, the treatment of children has been particularly horrifying.-rh19/7/2017
When Israel Becomes an Anti-Semitic State Richard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - When you’ve blogged as long as I have (since 2003), you think you’ve seen everything. Until tonight, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that Israel as a state could become anti-Semitic. Of course, this notion violates just about every sacred principle of Zionism, which purports to be a haven for Jews around the world from persecution and anti-Semitism. No longer. With today’s “piling on” by the Israeli foreign ministry onto Hungary’s right-wing government’s anti-Semitic campaign against George Soros, Israel has sunk to the dregs.-rh12/7/2017
Will Mohammed Dahlan return to lead Gaza?Dylans Collins - Aljazeera - The document provides details of an alleged agreement between Hamas` second-in-command, Yahya Sinwar, and Dahlan. Under the deal, allegedly made during Egyptian-led talks last month, Dahlan would return to Gaza to lead the government and Hamas would run the territory`s interior ministry. Many believe that Dahlan brokered talks in Cairo between Hamas and senior Egyptian officials in an attempt to strengthen relations between Hamas and Cairo and pave the way for his return.-rh 12/7/2017
UNESCO Hebron motion important to all faithsDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Declaring Hebron as an endangered World Heritage site should not be seen as being anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic or pro-Palestinian. Instead, it should be seen as the governor of the city saw it, that the heritage of the city is much bigger than Palestinians and Jews. It should be preserved for generations to come.-rh 12/7/2017
Israeli Court in Abu Khdeir Case: “Jewish terrorism is different from Arab terrorism”IMEMC news - The Israeli High Court ruled Tuesday that three Jewish Israelis convicted of kidnapping, torturing and brutally murdering a Palestinian teenager by setting him on fire should not have their homes demolished. The Court noted that “Jewish terrorism is different from Arab terrorism”, and the collective punishment measures used against the families of Palestinians who commit violence should not be used against Jewish Israelis who commit acts of political violence.-rh12/7/2017
 How Israel’s 10-Year Blockade Brought Gaza to the Brink of Collapse : The crisis in Gaza is not simply a humanitarian tragedy. It’s a moral outrage.Tareq Baconi - The Nation -  he stories read like dispatches from a nightmare, describing a reality that is almost too extreme to fathom: nearly 2 million people locked inside a land mass the size of Philadelphia, the borders carefully controlled, the movement of goods and humans severely restricted; as much as 72 percent of the population facing food insecurity and 41 percent struggling with unemployment; hospitals forced to rely on generators for life-saving equipment, while supplies of life-saving medicines dwindle to dangerous levels; and looming in the not-far-off distance, as water treatment and desalination plants stop working, the risk that drinking water will run out.-rh12/7/2017
Old town of Hebron al-Khalil & its environsUNESCO - Hebron/al-Khalil is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, sacred to Muslims, Christians and Jews, as the burial place of prophets Abraham/Ibrahim, Isaac, Jacob and their wives. [To the taste of Israeli representatives this is not enough emphasizing the Jewish attachment to the place-bz]8/7/2017
A defiant remembrance of Kafr Qasem’s deadSarah Irving - Electronic Intifada "on 29 October 1956, 49 people were killed and dozens more wounded at Kafr Qasem. Many were women and children; most were agricultural laborers coming home from the fields. They were either not told of the curfew, or did not have sufficient time to reach safety. Hundreds more Palestinians were also massacred by Israeli troops in the towns and refugee camps of Khan Younis and Rafah in the Gaza Strip in the following days.Halaby’s encounters with survivors of the Kafr Qasem massacre and their descendants inspired her to create a huge body of written, drawn and painted work." ca 7/7/2017
The real reason Hamas is flirting with dismissed Fatah leader Adnan Abu Amer - Al-Monitor - Although Hamas is aware of Dahlan’s regional and international relations and regardless of the political rivalry between the two, the aggravating humanitarian disaster in Gaza may prompt the movement to turn a blind eye to the negative aspects of the rapprochement in order to overcome this harsh phase with as little damage as possible. Today, Hamas’ most important mission is to positively promote its connection with Dahlan within the movement as it believes he may use UAE funding to help improve the living situation in Gaza and ease the Israeli blockade on Gaza thanks to his close relations with Egypt and Israel.-rh 5/7/2017
Why is Netanyahu trying to disband the UNRWA? Hanin Abou Salem - Aljazeera - Netanyahu wants to dismantle the UNRWA because the agency allows Palestinian refugee men to transmit their refugee status from one generation to another. This transmission of refugee status keeps the right of return for Palestinian refugees alive - it ensures that their hopes for returning to their ancestral homeland do not perish with the death of the original 1948 refugees.- rh5/7/2017
Residency Revocation: Israel’s Forcible Transfer of Palestinians from JerusalemAl-Shabaka - Under international law, East Jerusalem is considered an occupied territory and the de facto annexation of the city by the Israeli government is considered illegal. Throughout its occupation, Israel has enacted discriminatory laws and policies to diminish the presence of the Palestinian population in East Jerusalem. By granting Palestinians a “permanent” residency status to live in Jerusalem, entry into and residency in Jerusalem becomes a revocable privilege, instead of an inherent right.-rh5/7/2017
327 Palestinians Killed during Jerusalem IntifadaThe Palestine Chronicle - Israeli occupation forces have killed 327 Palestinians since the start of the ongoing Jerusalem Intifada in October 2015, according to figures released by Al-Quds Centre for Palestinian and Israel Studies yesterday. According to the statistic, Israeli occupation forces have killed 48 Palestinians since the start of this year.The largest number of deaths were of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, where 81 Palestinians were killed, followed by Jerusalem with 65, Ramallah with 33, Jenin with 25, Nablus with 23, Bethlehem 20, Tulkarm 8, Salfit 5, Qalqilia 4 and Tubas 1.-rh5/7/2017
Blocking of Websites Critical of Palestinian Authority Violates International and Domestic LawsRamallah/PNN/ - "Blocking websites on the internet may impinge on the right to freedom of expression, including “freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds,” as found under Article 19 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, unless certain restrictions are met and provided for by law." ca30/6/2017
A decade under siege: Gaza health sector nears collapse Years of Israeli siege, coupled with crippling electricity cuts, have pushed the Strip`s health system close to failure.William Parry - Aljazeera - As the two million Palestinian residents of Gaza enter their 11th year under a blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt, the many daily hardships they face are having an increasingly adverse effect on physical and mental health, particularly for the most vulnerable. Life for the people of Gaza has become characterised by soaring unemployment, acute fuel shortages, electricity supply for a couple of hours a day, a crippled water and sanitation system, prison-like movement restrictions, and the ever-looming threat of full-scale Israeli aggression on the horizon.-rh 28/6/2017
Palestinians in Gaza reflect on 10 years of siegeHosam Salem - Al Jazeera - Residents reflect on how life has changed since Israel blockaded the Strip and Hamas took control [ry] 26/6/2017
Central Bureau of Statistics: 70% Rise in Construction of Settlements during The Past Year, Compared to Previous YearPeace Now - The ICBS data also shows that between April 2016 and March 2017 there has been a decrease of 2.65% in construction starts within Israel proper (excluding settlements).* [bz]21/6/2017
Israel cancels 250,000 Palestinian permits to enter Israel during Ramadan after deadly attack Sheren Khalel - Mondoweiss - Israeli authorities on Friday rescinded 250,000 Israel entry permits from Palestinians hours after a deadly attack in Jerusalem left four dead and several injured, a spokesperson for the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) told Mondoweiss.-rh 21/6/2017
Canada Park, a popular picnicking spot for Israelis, created upon the rubble of Palestinian homes Mersiha Gadzo - In 1972, the Canadian branch, JNF Canada, raised $15m ($90m in today’s dollars) to create Canada Park, built on top of the demolished villages in occupied Palestine. Since then, the land has been treated as though it is in Israel proper rather than the occupied West Bank. The Separation Barrier prevents Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank from accessing Canada Park, including families that used to live on the land. A 1986 UN Special Committee reported to the UN Secretary-General that it “considers it a matter of deep concern” that the villagers are denied the right to return due to the construction of Canada Park by JNF Canada.-rh 21/6/2017
All Palestinian prisoners need is dry bread, a glass of water– and a bullet to the head Jonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - In the past, there have been many hunger strikes precisely by such administrative detainees protesting this practice on its own. It is notable that whilst abolishing of this practice has been a demand of the prisoners, it has not even appeared on the list of alleged concessions. Now, if Israel indeed had a clear case of ‘terrorism’ against a Palestinian person, it wouldn’t need the administrative detention, now would it? Israel is otherwise happy to parade ‘terrorists’ in court. So let’s put that one aside. Now, what is MK Hazan saying? That ‘they’ (they’re all terrorists anyway), should simply be executed. This point leans on a point made earlier by the chairman of the committee, MK Amsalem, who said that “in other democratic countries, such as the United States, not only do murderers not get any visits, they are executed.”-rh 14/6/2017
Culture war takes center stage at Israeli theater festival Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - On May 30, various playwrights, directors and other artists announced their withdrawal from the Acre Festival of Alternative Theater, in which they were scheduled to take part in October 2017, following the organizers’ decision to ban the play “Prisoners of the Occupation” by Einat Weitzman. Their boycott of the play is another stage in the culture war being waged in Israel in recent years. The ban was not the result of a direct order by Culture Minister Miri Regev, who since taking office in 2015 has made it her practice to intervene in the contents of publicly funded events. But her activities have clearly created a threatening climate that limits free expression and leads theaters to practice self-censorship so as not to clash with her and endanger their funding.-rh 14/6/2017
Israel`s renewal of law restricting family unification condemned as `apartheid`Ma`an News Agency - - Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, renewed the controversial “Citizenship and Entry into Israel” law, which sets severe limitations on Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory married to Israeli citizens, for the 14th year on Monday, as Palestinian members of parliament denounced the move as “racist” and a show of “apartheid” against Palestinian citizens of Israel. The law was extended by a vote of 57 in favor and 16 against, according to a statement released by the Knesset, The law applies to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip, and foreign nationals from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq -- and can apply to other nationalities originating from countries the Israeli government deems a security threat.-rh14/6/2017
Israel agrees to PA request to reduce Gaza electricity Gaza residents will live on four hours of electricity, as the Palestinian Authority and Hamas continue power struggle.Aljazeera - The Israeli government has agreed to cut down its electricity supply in the Gaza Strip, at the behest of the West Bank- based Palestinian Authority (PA), Israeli officials said. According to Yoav Mordechai, the Israeli head of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), President Mahmoud Abbas requested Israel to stop supplying electricity to Gaza back in April. The PA declined to comment to Al Jazeera.-rh14/6/2017
Palestinian Children’s Lives Are Shaped By 50 Years of Military Occupation Five decades of occupation have turned military violence into the norm for Palestinian children.Jennifer Bing - Foreign Policy In Focus - Children under 18 years old currently represent 46 percent of the 4.68 million Palestinians living in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (70% are under the age of 30). This current generation has grown up in the shadow of failed negotiations and with futures stifled by systemic discrimination, persistent settlement expansion, blockade, and repeated military offensives. Israeli military courts in the West Bank lack fair trials and due process, and don’t recognize the rights of prisoners. At least 500-700 Palestinian children are held in Israeli military detention in the West Bank every year. These children often experience abuse, especially immediately following arrest. Over 90% of the children are convicted in “courtrooms” housed in Israeli military bases.-rh14/6/2017
Benjamin Netanyahu to crack down on Israeli human rights groups It comes after the Prime Minister called for the dismantling of a UN agency that aids millions of refugees, accusing it of anti-Israeli incitementSamuel Osborne - Independent - The current law, which requires Israeli organisations receiving a majority of their financial support from overseas governments to disclose their funding, mainly targets human rights groups.There are only 27 Israeli organisations that receive more than half of their funding from foreign governments, according to the Justice Ministry.Of those, 25 are human rights organisations.-rh14/6/2017
Israel’s occupation was a plan fulfilledIlan Pappe - Electronic Intifada "Through the work on this book, I realized that the Israeli manipulation of Jewish fear in 1967 was even more cynical than it was in 1948, when the Jewish leadership genuinely could not foresee the results of its decision to ethnically cleanse Palestine. The cabinet meetings reveal a group of politicians and generals, who ever since 1948 looked for a way of rectifying what they deemed was the gravest mistake of the otherwise triumphant “war of independence”: the decision not to occupy the West Bank." ca 10/6/2017
UK poll shows strong backing for Israel boycottAsa Winstanley - EI - “Majorities of voters for the opposition Labour and Liberal Democratic parties said BDS is reasonable – 51 percent and 54 percent respectively. But even two in five of voters for the ruling Conservative Party also agreed BDS is reasonable. The poll is another sign of the growing divide between Prime Minister Theresa May and her own voters” [ry]5/6/2017
Even forensics can`t stop Palestinian teen`s killer walking freeBrad Parker - +972 - Nadeem Nuwara and Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh Salameh Abu Daher were shot dead by Israeli Border Police officers during a 2014 protest. Forensic evidence didn’t stop the Israeli authorities from failing to adequately prosecute the killings [ry]5/6/2017
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