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Gaza plan `relieves Israel of responsibility`Gregg Carlstrom and Dalia Hatuqa - AlJazeera - Complicated mechanisms could risk prolonging the Gaza reconstruction efforts, critics argue [ry]20/10/2014
PCHR Report On Israeli Violations In Occupied PalestineSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "The Palestinian Centre For Human Rights (PCHR) published its weekly report on Israeli violations against the Palestinians in occupied Palestine in the period between October 2 to October 15" [ry]20/10/2014
Today in PalestineToday in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn19/10/2014
The saddest – and most optimistic – peace organization turns 20Netta Ahituv--At the end of 1994, Yitzhak Frankenthal, a bereaved father and an Orthodox Jew, spent three months in a public library in Tel Aviv. His self-appointed task: to go through the library’s newspaper archive and find the names of all the families that had lost loved ones in terror attacks since 1948. The final list numbered 422 families. He invited 350 of them (forgoing those whose loss was quite recent and those who had made bellicose declarations to the media regarding Arabs) to join a group of bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families that he was establishing. Representatives of 44 families who had lost members to the conflict responded positively and became the first to join the Parents Circle Families Forum – Palestinian [and] Israeli Bereaved Families for Peace. It’s the saddest – and most optimistic – peace organization that is active here. As it marks the 20th anniversary of its founding, the forum now consists of 620 Israeli and Palestinian families bonded by bereavement. dn 19/10/2014
As Israeli officials vow to turn Gaza into Darfur, the international community pledges billions to sustain the brutal status quo.Max Blumenthal--The Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip has brought with it a depressingly familiar ritual: The Israeli military destroys large swaths of the ghettoized coastal enclave, leaving tens of thousands homeless, a trail of carnage and piles of rubble. Then, Western and Arab diplomats rush to some Middle Eastern capitol to play janitor to the Jewish state, pledging billions in aid to clean up Israel`s mess. And like clockwork, Israel destroys everything all over again just a year or two later, bombarding Gaza with unprecedented ferocity. dn19/10/2014
Abbas: Settlers have no right to `defile` Al-Aqsa MosqueNir Hasson and Jack Khoury--Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on Friday for the defense of the Al-Aqsa Mosque against Israel. Abbas stated that the holy site was being desecrated by settlers and that a continued Palestinian presence is required there to protect it. dn19/10/2014
Palestine and IsraelPublications Parliament UK - Transcript of the discussion preceding the vote on recognition of Palestine. [bz]18/10/2014
How ‘Open Hillel’ created a new community by challenging the Jewish establishmentAlex Kane--Hundreds of young Jews from around the country converged on Harvard over the weekend for the Open Hillel conference. The event succeeded in creating a space where open dissent on Israel is welcomed and where conversation and debate is the norm. At the heart of the Open Hillel network is a conviction that Hillel should be a place that welcomes all Jews--not just those who follow the establishment line on Israel. dn16/10/2014
Today in PalestineToday in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the oPt. dn16/10/2014
Administration In Negev Detention Camp Escalates AssaultsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News & Agencies - "The Palestinian Committee of Detainee has reported that Israeli soldiers have escalated their attacks against Palestinian political prisoner, held at the Negev Detention camp, under arbitrary Administrative Detention orders without charges or trial" [ry]13/10/2014
Jewish American peace activists interrupt High Holdays with protestKate Aronoff--On September 29, `IfNotNow` interrupted the traditional act of Tashlich and recognized that while we can cast away our sins symbolically, our hands are not clean collectively until the Occupation ends and a path is forged for freedom and dignity for all. dn12/10/2014
Christian clerics urge recognition of Palestinian stateAFP--Three leading Christian clerics in the Holy Land appealed Friday for more European governments to recognize a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital. dn12/10/2014
Over 640 Swiss artists call for cutting military cooperation with IsraelPACBI-- 640 Swiss artists and cultural actors published a public statement on the 23rd of September condemning the war crimes committed by Israel during its fifty-day-long assault on the Gaza Strip. The statement calls on the Swiss Council to suspend all military cooperation with the Israel, including canceling a recent order of Elbit H-900 military drones, which were tested in Gaza and would are intended to be used by the Swiss intelligence to monitor Switzerland’s own population. dn12/10/2014
Netanyahu `doesn`t bother to cover the gap between words and bulldozers.` (Wikimedia Commons) Jamal Kanj--In my last column, I discussed Benjamin Netanyahu’s proclivity to deceive, cheat and lie. During my research, however, I came across an article by Israeli journalist Amira Hass, who had a different take on the issue. dn12/10/2014
Sweden rebuffs the US on PalestineChristian Christensen--Stockholm returns to its progressive foreign policy roots. dn11/10/2014
All the countries — including Sweden — that now recognize Palestinian statehoodKabir Chibber - Quartz - "Currently, more than 130 countries officially recognize Palestine. That is significantly up from about 90 that did so in 1988" [ry]6/10/2014
The Month in Pictures: September 2014EI - A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine [ry]6/10/2014
Israel to summon Swedish ambassador over plan to recognize PalestineBarak Ravid--Lieberman calls new PM Stefan Loven`s declaration proof he has not internalized that it`s the Palestinians who are presenting obstacles, not Israel. dn5/10/2014
Today in PalestineToday in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the OPT. dn5/10/2014
Forty leading Jewish Studies Professors have denounced the pro-Israel group, AMCHA,Paul Berger--Leading Jewish Professors Denounce Pro-Israel Group`s `Blacklist` Paul Berger Forty leading Jewish Studies Professors have denounced the pro-Israel group, AMCHA, for degrading the "currency of academic freedom." AMCHA is circulating a list of 218 professors it charges with "an anti-Israel bias" or "antisemitic rhetoric." The Jewish Studies Professors in North America said AMCHA`s monitoring of university lectures and conferences is "deplorable " and "strains the basic principle of academic freedom. dn5/10/2014
More than 350 anthropologists from around the world endorse BDS movementJTA--More than 350 anthropologists from around the world have endorsed a boycott of Israel and its academic institutions. dn5/10/2014
Sweden Will Recognize State of PalestineReuters--Sweden’s new center-left government will recognize the state of Palestine in a move that will make it the first major European country to take the step, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said on Friday. dn5/10/2014
How the Israel Lobby Set Beto O`Rourke RightNathan Guttman--What Happens When Freshman Lawmaker Misses the Memo dn5/10/2014
Israeli youths jailed for refusing to serve in armyMaureen Clare Murphy--The anti-militarization group New Profile announced this week that two Israeli youths who refuse to serve in the army are once again being sent back to military prison. dn5/10/2014
PCHR Press Release September 30, 2014 Ref: 145/2014 PCHR--PCHR Calls for Full and Immediate Ending of the Closure and Warns of Repercussions of Its Institutionalization and Continuity dn4/10/2014
560 Palestinians Imprisoned by Israel in SeptemberIMEMC News - According to the Palestinian News Network, the records indicate that the Hebron province has witnessed the highest rates of imprisonment, with 163 prisoners, followed by Jenin province, with 108.-rh 1/10/2014
Text of Prime Minister Netanyahu`s 2014 UN speech Jerusalem Post transcript - Israel cannot have territories from which it withdraws taken over by Islamic militants yet again, as happened in Gaza and Lebanon. That would place the likes of ISIS within mortar range – a few miles – of 80% of our population. [bz] 30/9/2014
560 Palestinians Imprisoned by Israel in SeptemberIMEMC News & Agencies - 85,000 Arrest Cases Since 200029/9/2014
Number of administrative detainees highest since 2008Maan--There are now 540 Palestinians being held in administrative detention, the highest number since 2008, a prisoner rights group said Friday. 28/9/2014
Today in Palestine for September 26, 2014Today in Palestine: A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the OPT. dn27/9/2014
Russell Tribunal findings on PalestineMondoweiss--Russell Tribunal finds evidene of incitement to genocide, crimes against humanity. [for a more detailed report see] dn 27/9/2014
Demonstration at Elbit Systems in Shenstone, StaffordshireAAN--During July and August 2014, 2,150 Palestinians were killed as Israel carried out another massacre of Palestinians in the besieged Gaza strip. Entire neightourhoods were destroyed and mosques, market places, UN relief compounds and schools were deliberately targeted. There was no safe place for the 1.7 million people in Gaza to take shelter from the Israeli bombardment. Israeli unpiloted planes, known as drones, carried out over 800 major strikes. Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest military company, supplied many of the drones used by the Israeli military. dn27/9/2014
Full Official Text of President Mahmoud Abbas` Speech at the UNGA Wafa - Ladies and Gentlemen, my people are waiting to hear the answer of the world. Will it allow Israel to continue its occupation, the only occupation in the world? [bz]27/9/2014
Today in PalestineToday in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries on current events in the OPT. dn21/9/2014
Violations by Israel and the Problem of EnforcementAlice Lynd - Palestine-Israel Working Group of Historians Against the War (HAW) - The full document. [Reviewed in ` The U.S. is also guilty in Palestine` by Sam Bahour (accessible at OM)-bz] 20/9/2014
Resource: How the Shin Bet holds Gazans` health ransomPHR 2008 report - +972 "The practice of leveraging Gazans’ access to health care in order to get intelligence information out of them has been documented in the past. Six years earlier, in 2008, Physicians for Human Rights – Israel (PHR-I) put out a detailed report on the practice, including testimonies from Palestinians whom the Shin Bet demanded information from in exchange for permission to enter Israel to receive needed medical care.+972 is republishing the report here in order to explain in greater detail exactly what the reserve intelligence officers are describing." ca19/9/2014
174 Palestinians Kidnapped In One WeekSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "The Palestinian Prisoners Society has reported, Sunday, that Israeli soldiers kidnapped 174 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, in the second week of September, 2014" [ry]15/9/2014
Israeli intelligence veterans` letter to Netanyahu and military chiefs - in full The Guardian - Translation of the full text. [bz]13/9/2014
Settlements get significantly more government money than rest of Israeli communities, report findsYnet - Based on a report by the Adva Center - The West Bank settlements have for decades been receiving vastly preferential treatment, while residents of development towns only get a very small amount. [bz] 9/9/2014
Exclusive: Israel`s Video Justifying Destruction of a Gaza Hospital Was From 2009 Gareth Porter - Truthout - "A video distributed by the Israeli military in July suggesting that Palestinian fighters had fired from the Al Wafa Rehabilitation and Geriatric Hospital in Gaza City was not shot during the recent Israeli attack on Gaza, and both audio and video clips were manipulated to cover up the fact that they were from entirely different incidents, a Truthout investigation has revealed" [ry]8/9/2014
The Month in Pictures: July and August 2014EI - “`At the height of the conflict, an estimated 485,000 people — 28 percent of the population of Gaza — were internally displaced,` OCHA states. Approximately 110,000 displaced persons remain in schools administered by UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestine refugees, or with host families" [ry]8/9/2014
Israelis, stop swimming in our shitSam Bahour--A new report by Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network details the damage that consecutive Israeli military assaults have caused to Gaza’s water systems, whereby 95 percent of the water consumed in the Strip for decades has been unfit for human consumption. dn7/9/2014
Israeli Demolitions Leave 5 Homeless in East Jerusalem Palestine Chronicle--Israeli forces demolished a Palestinian family’s home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina as well as several rooms of a nearby house being used to store aid supplies for Gaza on Wednesday, the owner of the property told Ma’an. dn7/9/2014
The Israelis even have a “Military Philosopher”. Watch: Al Jazeera--A very interesting 25 minute video on how architecture is used for political ends. dn7/9/2014
The Militarization of Israeli Society: A Threat to Lasting PeaceRaffaele Piccolo--It is hard not to notice Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers almost everywhere one travels in Israel. Walk passed the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City and there are soldiers present. Board a bus at the Jerusalem Central Station to head to the South and there are soldiers seated onboard. Wait at the light rail station to travel from one side of Jerusalem to another and there are soldiers listlessly standing around. Use the bathroom at a roadhouse in the middle of the Negev and there is often a soldier using the urinal right next to you.dn7/9/2014
Today in PalestineToday in Palestine--A compilation of reports and commentaries about current events occurring in the OPT. dn7/9/2014
Did Israel commit war crimes in Rafah?Karin Laub and Ibrahim Barzak - The Christian Science Monitor - A Palestinian rights group argues that the Israeli army violated the rules of war, which include giving adequate warning to civilians, using proportionate force and distinguishing between civilians and combatants. Unlike in many other Gaza battles, civilians were caught by surprise by the sudden fire and sealed exits.-rh4/9/2014
Israel’s right wing Zionists, Palestine’s militant resistance are political winners after Gaza slaughterPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss - Polling shows that Hamas`s popularity has spiked across Palestine with 61 percent saying the same strategy of militant resistance should be adopted in the West Bank. Israelis, meantime, have shifted right, more supporting settlements leader Naftali Bennett, who makes sitting P.M. Netanyahu look like a centrist.-rh4/9/2014
Honor the victims: Avoid past mistakes in reconstructing Gaza Omar Shaban - Ma`an News Agency - should efforts focus on reconstruction and renovation or on building and development? In post-World War II Japan, for instance, the question was: Do we focus on mending what the war destroyed or on building new foundations? The right approach lies in successfully combining the two. But beyond international experience there are specific lessons to learn from past efforts in Gaza, especially given that they have not been successful in putting Gaza back on its feet, and that is putting it mildly.-rh 3/9/2014
July "most bloody and violent month" for Palestinian press AIC - "Nine Palestinian journalists and one media activist were killed in the month of July [...] The journalists` death toll rose to 15 at the beginning of August when six journalists were killed by the Israeli army during its attack on the Gaza Strip" [ry]2/9/2014
Wounded Gazans struggle to find treatment after warTom Little - Yahoo!News - "But many of the organisations charged with rehabilitating Gazans [...] are struggling to cope in the wake of an Israeli offensive in which the United Nations estimates that more than 10,000 Palestinians were wounded, with up to 1,000 likely to suffer permanent disability" [ry]2/9/2014
Israel-Gaza crisis: YouTube footage shows scale of destruction after 50 days of shelling Zachary Davies Boren - The Independent - It will take 20 years and $6 billion to rebuild Gaza after conflict with Israel, says NGO [ry]2/9/2014
`Despite reforms, IDF still mistreating Palestinian children`Gerard Horton - +972 - Nearly two years after Israel said it would work to improve its treatment of the Palestinian children it detains, there have been a few small positive developments. But ill-treatment of Palestinian minors still appears to be ‘widespread, systematic and institutionalized,’ a report by Military Court Watch says [ry]2/9/2014
Mixed results in post-war Gaza opinion poll The latest results in the survey conducted Dr. Nabil Kukali in Gaza Strip revealed the following key results: 72.5% are worried about another military confrontation with Israel; 54.9% believe that the Israeli deterrence has receded; 52.6% support the resumption of the peace negotiations with Israel; 51.3% highly rated the extent of the media coverage; 77.6% believe that Israel has been painfully beaten by the Palestinian militants. ak 1/9/2014
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