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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Back Home in U.S., Israel’s Lone Soldiers Break Their Silence About the OccupationJudy Maltz - Haaretz - While serving on a military base in the West Bank, Benzi Sanders recalls opening his eyes one morning and being struck by the sight of a tattered Israeli flag caught in the barbed-wire fence surrounding the Jewish settlement just across the way. “I couldn’t help thinking about how that flag, torn into shreds, symbolized what had become of my romantic vision of Zionism,” says the former New Yorker. “So I got up and took a picture of it.” Sanders, 28, is part of a first-of-its-kind delegation of Jewish-American veterans who are returning to their communities to share their not-so-happy stories of serving in the Israel Defense Forces in the West Bank. The two-and-a-half-week tour, which kicked off in Philadelphia last Wednesday, is sponsored by Breaking the Silence. [ak] 12/11/2019
Life in the Gaza StripBBC - Gaza is significantly poorer than it was in the 1990s, with annual income per person falling from $2,659 in 1994 to $1,826 in 2018. In 2017 the Gaza Strip had the highest unemployment rate in the World Bank`s development database. At 44% it was more than double the rate in the West Bank. And of particular concern was the high youth unemployment rate, which stood at more than 60% in Gaza. [bz]12/11/2019
Israel closes Gaza crossings and reduces fishing zoneGisha - This morning, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories announced that “following the situation” Israel has closed the crossings between Israel and Gaza to movement in both directions until further notice – Erez Crossing to movement of people and Kerem Shalom to movement of goods – and reduced the “fishing zone” it enforces in the Strip’s territorial waters to a distance of only 6 nautical miles off Gaza’s coast. Gisha emphasizes that Israel has an obligation to allow the continued provision of necessities to residents of Gaza and to enable travel. At a minimum, humanitarian access must be allowed. Gisha is following with great concern the impact of these developments on the lives of civilians. The civilian population must be kept out of the line of fire. [ak] 12/11/2019
Products from Israeli settlements must be labelled, EU court rulesAP/The Guardian - The ECJ underlined that settlements “give concrete expression to a policy of population transfer conducted by that state outside its territory, in violation of the rules of general international humanitarian law”. It said any failure to identify the point of origin of produce meant that “consumers have no way of knowing, in the absence of any information capable of enlightening them in that respect, that a foodstuff comes from a locality or a set of localities constituting a settlement established in one of those territories in breach of the rules of international humanitarian law”. [bz]12/11/2019
`Israel’s return to the policy of extrajudicial assassination is reckless and criminal. WAFA - Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, PLO Dept. of Public Diplomacy - "Israel’s return to the illegal and criminal policy of extrajudicial assassination and its wilful disregard for the lives of the Palestinian civilian population is reckless and criminal. Netanyahu is exploiting the culture of impunity to commit unchecked crimes and provoke a grave escalation for petty political and personal gain. On orders from the highest political echelons, the Israeli army is launching an assault on the Palestinian people, providing cover for the cold-blooded extrajudicial killing of a civilian in Hebron on Monday then ordering the assassination of two senior figures in Gaza City and Damascus by bombing their homes and targeting their families. [ak] 12/11/2019
Gaza flareup: What was Netayahu`s motive for a `targeted killing` just seven days before the end of Gantz’s mandate? Raul Wootliff - The Times of Israel - Labor-Gesher MK Omer Bar-Lev told Kan public radio that he was concerned the killing was ordered to prevent Gantz from forming a minority coalition. “There were many opportunities in recent months to carry out targeted killings,” Bar Lev said, but, he claimed, Netanyahu chose not to go ahead. “Therefore, when now of all times, seven days before the end of Gantz’s mandate to form a government, they do a targeted killing — it really, really bothers me.” [ak] 12/11/2019
Gaza tensions threaten chances for minority Israeli government Read more: Abu Much - Al-Monitor - Despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz` attempts to form a new coalition, the option of a minority government headed by Gantz keeps hovering in the background. It got a big boost late last week. Just moments before the start of the Sabbath on Nov. 8, Netanyahu surprised everyone by appointing New Right senior Naftali Bennett as defense minister. It is hard to forget how critical the Likud was of Bennett just one year ago. The party went so far as to declare Dec. 18, “The security of Israel rises above politics, and the Defense Ministry is not some way to find a job for Naftali Bennett.” It is obvious to everyone that the sole purpose of the appointment was to prevent Netanyahu’s 55- seat bloc from falling apart.Then, on the night of Nov. 9, it was Yisrael Beitenu leader Avigdor Liberman’s turn to steal the show. The wildcard of the election dropped a bombshell of his own, in the form of an ultimatum to Gantz and Netanyahu. His started with a proposed compromise that Gantz accept President Reuven Rivlin’s guidelines for a unity government and that Netanyahu abandon his bloc. Liberman said that if either side rejected this compromise, he would immediately throw his support behind the other. It looks like he is determined to avoid a third round of elections no matter the cost, and this ultimatum is his way of preparing to blame Netanyahu and the Likud if he decides to join forces with Blue and White.-rh 12/11/2019
Israel is concerned about potential EU court’s ruling to label settlement productsMEMO - "Israel is worried about the potential European Court of Justice’s (ECJ) binding ruling to label products of illegal Israeli settlements built in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights, Israel Hayom reported on Friday" [ry] 11/11/2019
Jordan`s king announces `full sovereignty` over lands leased by Israel in 1994 peace accordAssociated Press - Ynet - Israel controlled agricultural lands for over 70 years and was permitted to lease areas under 25-year-old peace accord, assuming arrangement would be extended once again; but monarch`s announcement to parliament seems to dash Israeli hopes [ry] 11/11/2019
Microsoft Should Not Fund Israeli Spying on PalestiniansRamzy Baroud - CounterPunch - “’Microsoft is committed to respecting human rights,’ Microsoft Global Human Rights Statement asserts. ‘We do this by harnessing the beneficial power of technology to help realize and sustain human rights everywhere.’ In practice, however, Microsoft’s words are hardly in line with its action, at least not when its human rights maxims are applied to occupied and besieged Palestinians” [ry] 11/11/2019
`Sickening hypocrisy`: Critics slam Israeli army Twitter postAl Jazeera - Israeli army, which celebrated soldiers helping cancer patients, regularly denies Gazans right to travel for treatment [ry] 11/11/2019
Discussions on Syria constitution going `better than expected`: UN AFP - Al-Monitor "A first round of discussions towards amending Syria`s constitution went better than anticipated, the UN mediator said Friday, adding that the talks would resume on November 25...His comments came after a first week of intensified talks on amending the war-torn country`s constitution ahead of possible elections as part of a UN peace plan.The talks kicked off last week with a ceremony and plenary session involving 150 delegates -- split evenly between Syria`s government, the opposition and Syrian civil society.But since Monday, a reduced group of 45 delegates have been meeting at the UN`s European headquarters with the aim of getting into the nitty gritty of things." ca 9/11/2019
PALESTINE PULSE Will Arabs work with Israel to fight violence in their villages? Rasha Abou Jalal - Al-Monitor "Arab political leaders in Israel hope their constituents will come to cooperate with Israeli security services to eliminate violence in Arab towns and cities, where crime has reached high levels in part because of the spread of unlicensed weapons.For decades, the Arab community has largely refused to deal with official Israeli institutions, which they accuse of racism against the 1.8 million Arabs who live there and make up 20% of Israel`s population." ca 9/11/2019
Journalists Syndicate: 600 Violations against Media Committed in 2019IMEMC News & Agencies - "The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, in a report, today. said that so far, this year, Israeli occupation forces have committed 600 violations against journalists and the media in general.The PJS Freedoms Committee said that the gravest of these violations was the use of live ammunition against journalists, with 60 cases of live fire injuries among journalists, by Israeli forces, documented." ca8/11/2019
Israel to release hunger-striking Jordanian national from admin detentionOren Ziv - +972 - “The release of administrative detainees is unprecedented,” said Raslan Mahajne, Hiba Al-Labadi’s attorney. “The legal work, the public pressure, and the fact that the Jordanians recalled their ambassador [from Israel] to Amman helped win her release. And of course, Hiba’s resilience, as she continued her hunger strike despite the difficult conditions. She’s a hero. It’s not easy to hold on for more than 70 days in detention and interrogations, and more than 40 days on hunger strike.” Abdul Rahman Miri, another Jordanian citizen in administrative detention will also be released. [bz]6/11/2019
Arab Israeli leaders launch hunger strike over failure to curb crimeTOI STAFF - The Times of Israel - Arab community leaders in Israel have announced a three-day hunger strike and will set up a protest tent near the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem in protest of the failure to adequately deal with a wave of criminal violence within the community. The High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel, the top representative umbrella organization for Arab Israelis, announced the steps after two members of the community were killed Friday in criminal violence, bringing the last week’s tally to four and the year’s total to 80.-rh 5/11/2019
The most beautiful picture out of 20 pictures worldwide Younes Arar - Guardian/Facebook - The British Guardian newspaper chose this pic as the most beautiful picture out of 20 pictures worldwide for the year. it was taken by a Palestinian photographer during one of the great return marches in Gaza, occupied Palestine. [bz]5/11/2019
Israel Supreme Court allows expulsion of human rights activistSteve Hendrix and Ruth Eglash - Washington Post - The ruling represents the likely culmination of the protracted effort to remove Omar Shakir, a U.S. citizen, and marks an escalation in Israel’s determination to prevent critics from operating in the country under new laws that equate support for the boycotts, divestments and sanctions movement (BDS) with challenging Israel’s right to exist. Shakir told The Washington Post the government had mined social media posts from his days at Stanford University to portray him as a BDS activist. In his four years as an employee of Human Rights Watch, he said neither he nor the organization have advocated for boycotts against Israel or companies doing business here. They do call on companies, including Airbnb, not to operate in Israeli settlements, which they characterize as violating international humanitarian law. [bz]5/11/2019
Supreme Court rejects Human Rights Watch activist`s appeal against expulsion from IsraelAP & Ynet - The initial order was for him to leave the country because his advocacy against Israel’s settlements in the West Bank amounted to support for the Palestinian-led boycott movement. Human Rights Watch says neither it nor Shakir has called for an outright boycott of Israel and says that Shakir, who is a U.S. citizen, is being targeted for the rights group’s opposition to Israel’s West Bank settlements. In an initial response, Shakir tweeted that Israel “would join the ranks” of Iran, North Korea and Egypt in blocking access of Human Rights Watch officials. [bz]5/11/2019
HAMAS THREATENS TO SHOWER ISRAEL WITH ROCKETS FOR 6 MONTHSYASSER OKBI/MAARIV, KHALED ABU TOAMEH - Jerusalem Post - "Our stance has led to the uprooting of the Israeli government and Liberman, and we brought about a crisis that not even two elections could solve. Maybe they`ll have a third one." Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar mentioned the threats made by Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz: "We have heard the threats (...). We are waiting to see if you can form a government – so we can see what it does." "Had it not been for Iran`s financial support, weapons and the transfer of expertise to the resistance in Gaza and Palestine, we would not have reached where we are." He said the injuries and siege were only to build a force to humiliate the occupation army. "We have built this power and will continue to build it – not to protect the Strip, not to protect ourselves, but to achieve our people`s dream of freedom and return," he concluded. [bz]5/11/2019
J Street conference confronts America`s `blank check` to IsraelMairav Zonszein - +972 - By making U.S. aid to Israel the central theme of its 2019 conference, J Street is challenging bipartisan support for Israel ahead of 2020. Now that the organization is starting to talk the talk, will it walk the walk? [ry] 4/11/2019
Jordanian-Israeli tensions continue to riseTamara Nassar - EI - “The detention of al-Labadi, Mirie and other Jordanians comes in the context of the 25th anniversary of the Israel-Jordan peace treaty, which was not marked by any ceremony in a sign of bilateral tensions. On 10 November, Israel is set to return control of the territories of al-Baqoura and al- Ghamr to Jordan, territory that had been leased to Israel under the treaty. Last October, King Abdullah announced that Jordan would not renew the relevant annexes in its 1994 treaty” [ry] 4/11/2019
Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to seeThe Electronic Intifada - "The Electronic Intifada has obtained a complete copy of The Lobby – USA, a four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera into Israel’s covert influence campaign in the United States.We are releasing the leaked film simultaneously with France’s Orient XXI and Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar, which have respectively subtitled the episodes in French and Arabic.The film was made by Al Jazeera during 2016 and was completed in October 2017.But it was censored after Qatar, the gas-rich Gulf emirate that funds Al Jazeera, came under intense Israel lobby pressure not to air the film." ca1/11/2019
Israel`s Oscars pick explores mind of Rabin`s assassin Ilan Ben Zion - Al-Monitor " Israel`s nominee for best international feature film at the Oscars this year is “Incitement,” a psychological thriller that plunges viewers into the mind of the man who murdered Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin on Nov. 4, 1995, during the height of the Oslo peace process with the Palestinians. It follows Yigal Amir in the years leading up to the murder and presents the social and religious motivations that drove him to commit his crime. While Amir is the protagonist and appears in virtually every shot, the film manages to generate no empathy for his character or his motivations." ca 1/11/2019
Sanders runs to left of J Street and 2020 opponents on aid to IsraelBryant Harris - Al Monitor - Four Democratic presidential candidates now support conditions on Washington’s annual $3.8 billion military aid package for Israel, but Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., wants to go further than both his opponents and the liberal lobbying group J Street. J Street and at least three Democratic candidates have set a formal Israeli annexation of certain West Bank settlements as their red line for conditioning the annual military aid package. Sanders, however, issued a broader call to condition the aid on human rights and living conditions in the Gaza Strip — a line that received booming applause from the conference’s rank and file attendees. “If you want military aid, you’re going to have to fundamentally change our relationship with the people of Gaza,” Sanders said at the conference today. “In fact, I think it is fair to say that some of that $3.8 billion should go right now to humanitarian aid in Gaza.” [ak]29/10/2019
Israeli doctors who saved thousands of Palestinian children honoured by UNVerena Dobnik - Independent - In twenty years, the non-profit, funded mostly by private donors, has performed surgery on nearly 5,000 children especially in war-torn and developing lands, including more than 2,000 from the West Bank and Gaza and 300 from Iraq and Syria. The rest came from Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and throughout the Middle East. At the moment, 44 children are being treated free-of-charge at the Edith Wolfson Medical Centre in Holon. [bz] 29/10/2019
She Deserves Our Support: Betty McCollum Wants US to Stop Subsidizing Torture of Palestinian ChildrenRamzy Baroud - CounterPunch - “By introducing H.R. 2407, McCollum has broken several major taboos in the US government. She unapologetically characterizes Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights with all the correct terms – ‘torture’, ‘abuse’, and so on… Moreover, she calls for conditioning US military support for Israel on the latter’s respect for human rights” [ry] 28/10/2019
Trapped by treaty, Jordan’s options are limitedOmar Karmi - EI - “Nothing attests to the temperature of Jordan-Israel relations than the celebrations planned for Saturday, which marks the 25th anniversary of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty. Nothing is planned” [ry] 28/10/2019
Vladimir Putin, Syria’s pacifier-in-chiefPepe Escobar - Information Clearing House "The negotiations in Sochi were long – over six hours – tense and tough. Two leaders in a room with their interpreters and several senior Turkish ministers close by if advice was needed. The stakes were immense: a road map to pacify northeast Syria, finally.The press conference afterwards was somewhat awkward – riffing on generalities. But there’s no question that in the end Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan managed the near impossible." ca25/10/2019
A surge of public anger sends Lebanon’s politicians reelingPrint edition | Middle East - Economist "THEIR GRIEVANCES are almost too many to list: electricity shortages, undrinkable water, collapsing infrastructure, a poisoned environment. The economy is stagnant and corruption is rife (see chart). But it was WhatsApp that finally pushed the people of Lebanon to the breaking-point. Since October 17th many have joined a spontaneous outburst of anger at a fossilised political class. By some estimates more than 1m people have come out to demonstrate, in a country with fewer than 5m citizens. These are Lebanon’s largest protests in almost 15 years." ca25/10/2019
International Criminal Court - Heed the Victims of Israeli War Crimes! Demonstrations at the Hague, Paris Olivia Zémor - EuroPalestine - A European initiative, calling upon the ICC (International Criminal Court) to heed the complaints lodged by Palestinian victims against Israel war criminals, is gathering momentum. The number of signatories and participants has grown. A rally will take place at the Hague on November 29, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. French and Belgian supporters have chartered buses, to depart from from Paris, Lille & Brussels. A preliminary French rally will take place on November 26 at the Forum des Halles, Paris. [ak] 22/10/2019
Twitter under pressure to block Hamas, Hezbollah accountsEmily Birnbaum - The Hill - Four members of the US House of Representatives - Democrats Josh Gottheimer and Max Rose and republicans Tom Reed and Brian Fitzpatrick — are demanding that Twitter "stop allowing figures associated with foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) — Hamas and Hezbollah — to make accounts. This also includes media which is supposedly linked to one of the two organizations, such as the Lebanese Al Manar News Agency, which has around 11,600 followers on Twitter. Twitter’s director of public policy Carlos Monje, Jr. explained that Twitter makes exceptions to its policies on terrorist and extremist content for "groups that are involved in peaceful resolution processes or that have been elected to public office, as is the case with parts of Hamas and Hezbollah". However, the four representatives rejected this explanation and demand that Twitter follow the lead of Facebook and Google and cut off the Hamas and Hezbollah no later than November 1. [ak] 22/10/2019
Buttigieg: US aid should be used as `leverage` to change Israeli policiesEric Cortellessa - Times of Israel - ¡§It is in the American interest, as well as the Palestinian and ultimately the Israeli Jewish interest, that Israel not reach the point where there will have to be a choice between either being a Jewish state or a democracy,¡¨ he said, ¡§and there is a trajectory toward that going on right now.¡¨™©[bz]22/10/2019
Tell Congress: No US aid for child torture!Alison Weir - If Americans Knew - New legislation in the House has the simple, humane goal of withholding any aid to Israel that would be used to detain, prosecute, and torture Palestinian children. This bill sets the bar extremely low for supporting Palestine: all it asks is that Palestinian children not be tortured using American aid money. Isn`t this a no-brainer? Shouldn`t everyone sign on? But in fact, out of 435 representatives, fewer than two dozen have committed to supporting `No Way to Treat a Child` (H.R.2407). Now, activists in California convinced their Congressman to co-sponsor the bill. If you are an American citizen, you can do the same! Please spend two minutes to tell your legislator: cosponsor this bill that protects Palestinian children! [ak]22/10/2019
Warren says making Israel aid conditional on settlement building is `on the table`John Bowden - The Hill - Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is emerging as the leading candidate in the contest for the Democratic party nomination, said that she was open to making aid to Israel conditional on whether the government ceases settlement building in the West Bank. "Right now, Netanyahu says he is going to take Israel in a direction of increasing settlements, [but] that does not move us in the direction of a two-state solution," Warren responded when asked what her stance was on aid and settlement-building. "It is the official policy of the United States of America to support a two-state solution, and if Israel is moving in the opposite direction, then everything is on the table," she said, before repeating: "Everything is on the table." [ak] 22/10/2019
Philippine police are executing people with Israeli weaponsEitay Mack - +972 "For much of the past two years, Israel has been exporting weapons and military training to the Philippine security forces. As part of President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal drug war, police officers and masked militiamen have been raiding the country’s poorest neighborhoods, where they execute men and young boys suspected of criminal activities or drug use. Their weapons of choice? Israeli- produced rifles such as the Tavor and the Negev, and handguns such as the Masada.Since Dutarte was elected president of the Philippines in June 2016, the country’s police force and its various militias have executed at least 12,000 people without trial, according to Human Rights Watch."ca18/10/2019
Judge fines petitioners for challenging Israel`s arms sales to PhilippinesOrly Noy - +972 "Judge Gilia Ravid of the Tel Aviv District Court issued a ruling Thursday on the petition filed by human rights attorney Eitay Mack on behalf of more than 50 human rights activists, who demanded that Israel cease its arms exports to the Philippines. As is customary with petitions of this kind, the hearing was held in camera and the ruling itself was embargoed. However, in an unusual move, the judge imposed a 10,000 NIS ($2,800) fee in legal costs on the petitioners — the only part of the ruling that was cleared for publication." ca 18/10/2019
Israel prepares to turn Bedouin citizens into refugees in their own country Jonathan Cook - Mondoweiss "     The decades-long struggle by tens of thousands of Israelis against being uprooted from their homes – some for the second or third time – should be proof enough that Israel is not the western-style liberal democracy it claims to be. Last week 36,000 Bedouin – all of them Israeli citizens – discovered that their state is about to make them refugees in their own country, driving them into holding camps. These Israelis, it seems, are the wrong kind." ca 18/10/2019
Israel likely to bag $1.6 billion in EU science grants David Cronin - Electronic Intifada "Israel’s involvement in a major research program run by the European Union has been valued at nearly $1.6 billion – more than enough to buy silence over the plight of the Palestinians...Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries – leading suppliers of drones used in attacks on Gaza – have proven adept at winning EU grants until now. With a bit of ingenuity, they should be able to continue doing so.Moreover, Israel has helped to set the agenda whereby the EU is splurging greater quantities of taxpayers’ money on developing killer robots and other futuristic weapons." ca 18/10/2019
TheSyrian Debacle Is Actually Well Planned ChaosBrandon Smith - Information Clearing House "Let`s distill this down to some primary facts:The US and other nations created ISIS anddeliberately destabilized Syria. The establishmentthen tried to convince the American public tosupport the use of military forces in the region toback the insurgents and the civil war they created.This initial plan failed...Today, the war has shifted once again. This time,Turkey is invading Syria with claims that the Kurdspresent an existential danger. The reality is thatthe Turkish government has sought to erase allKurdish culture from Turkey and Northern Syria sincethe 1970`s, including banning the Kurdish language and Kurdish dressand Kurdish names. Even the words “Kurd” and “Kurdish were eventually banned."ca18/10/2019
Palestinians cry foul over Facebook pro-Israel biasDima Abumaria - Y-Net/The Media Line - The Sada Social Center launched a campaign to expose what it considers a discriminatory, anti-Palestinian policy by Facebook. “Facebook has developed an algorithm that automatically deletes users` posts and accounts if they include names of Palestinian political parties, for example ‘Hamas,’ ‘Jihad,’ ‘Popular Front,’ ‘Qassam,’ ‘Saraya’ and ‘Islamic Jihad,’ or names of martyrs, leaders and others without looking at the context in which they were posted, which sets a historic precedent for infringement on media freedom. Palestinian journalists and media people are unable to carry out their work work as a result of `Facebook’s unfair policy, which doesn’t pay attention to professional work standards.” says Eyad Rifai of the Sada Center. Complaints get the standard answer that “Facebook is an American company committed to renouncing terrorism as part of an agreement with the American government". There is no comparable action against anti-Palestinian incitement extensively placed on Facebook by right- wing Israelis and their supporters abroad. This Facebook policy seems influenced by Israeli Minister Gilad Erdan who had said that "Facebook has become a monster" and that "Facebook facilitates Palestinian terrorism and is directly responsible for the killing of Israeli citizens [ demands- zuckerberg-to-monitor-facebook-incitement.amp.html]. [ak]15/10/2019
U.S. withdrawal is a tragic blow for Syria`s KurdsKareem Shaheen - +972 - Donald Trump’s apparent capitulation to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the fate of Syria’s Kurds risks paving the way for ISIS to renew its strength in the region, while adding to the growing murkiness of the Syrian conflict’s endgame [ry] 14/10/2019
Hacker found guilty of “terror and intimidation” against Palestine activistsAli Abunimah - Electronic Intifada "A French court has confirmed the conviction of a Jewish extremist for hacking the computers of Palestine solidarity activists.CAPJPO- EuroPalestine, the group targeted by the hacker, said that the court of appeal in Paris last week sentenced “Jonathan B.” to eight months in prison with suspension and $26,000 in damages and fines.The perpetrator, who has been previously named as Jonathan Bouaziz, is a member of the Brigade Juive, or Jewish Brigade, a pro-Israel extremist group." ca13/10/2019
Interior Minister Arye Deri Moves to Deport BDS Founder BarghoutiLahav Harkov - Jerusalem Post - “Barghouti led a determined battle against the occupation and settlements,” said Joint List MK Ahmed Tibi. “He received his resident status legally, and did not commit a crime other than expressing clear and determined stances here in Israel and in the world against the occupation and colonialism and used the same methods the blacks used in South Africa. [bz]8/10/2019
Let`s take on Goliaths!Rabbi Alissa Wise - Jewish Voice for Peace - I want to take on Goliaths. Like Microsoft, which gave $31 million to AnyVision, a shady Israeli company that uses facial recognition technology to surveil Palestinians in the West Bank. Like the Anti- Defamation League, which maintains that Jewish support for Palestinian human rights is as big a threat to Jews as white nationalism. Like Christians United for Israel, the largest Zionist organization in the U.S., which frames the oppression of Palestinians and Jewish ethnic supremacy in Israel as necessary for bringing about the “end times” – and whose leaders have the ears of those in the highest echelons of power in the U.S. [ak]8/10/2019
Not the Israel My Parents Promised MeHarvey Pekar - The Book Depository - In "Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me", one of the final graphic memoirs from the man who defined the genre, Pekar explores what it means to be Jewish and what Israel means to the Jews. Over the course of a single day in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, Pekar and the illustrator JT Waldman wrestle with the mythologies passed down to them. Combining his increasing disillusionment with Israel with an account of the Jewish people since biblical times, Pekar, aided by Waldman`s protean art, weaves a personal and historical odyssey. Plainspoken and empathetic, Pekar had no patience for injustice and prejudice, and he arrives at the firm belief that all peoples should be held to the same universal standards of decency, fairness, and democracy. [ak]8/10/2019
Over 100 Jewish scholars condemn Trump admin for exploiting anti-SemitismJoshua Leifer - +972 - More than 100 Jewish academics sign open letter demanding the Trump administration stop exploiting anti-Semitism in order to quash criticism of Israel on college campuses [ry] 7/10/2019
Local parties move against two Labour Friends of Israel MPsAsa Winstanley - EI - “Both Ellman and Hodge have attacked left-wing party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the most outspoken terms. Last year Hodge personally slandered Corbyn as ‘a fucking anti-Semite and a racist’” [ry]7/10/2019
Arab leaders plan protests throughout October over police inaction on violenceThe Times of Israel - Hundreds rally on Saturday; organizers readying to set up protest tents outside government offices at month’s end [ry] 7/10/2019
Despite difficulties, comprehensive peace possible - King Press release - Jordan Times "After 70 years, it is clear that peace in the Holy Land cannot be achieved by unilateral fiat or violence; it cannot be imposed by land grabs and walls against one`s neighbours; it cannot come by flouting international law and equal human rights. And the alternative to a two-state solution is a bi-national state and an unthinkable, undemocratic regime of unequal laws. We need to take a better, more effective path. And that is something we all have a vital role in delivering." ca4/10/2019
Sleep Deprivation and a Freezing Cell: A Palestinian Woman Is Interrogated by Israel Amira Hass - Haaretz "The Shin Bet security service tried to make journalist Lama Khater confess to links with Hamas, so for 35 days she was cuffed to a chair for 10 or 20 hours a day." ca4/10/2019
Portland Trail Blazers sever ties with company that supplies IDF with rifle scopes after campaign by activistsMichael Arria - Mondoweiss "Portland Trail Blazers president and CEO Chris McGowan has announced that the National Basketball Association (NBA) team will no longer partner with a rifle scope manufacturer that has a contract with Israeli military. The move comes after a year-long campaign by local activists to pressure the Blazers to drop the sponsor." ca 4/10/2019
How the Right Has Tried to Rebrand Anti-SemitismMairav Zonszein - New York Review of Books - Such false accusations of anti-Semitism do not come without a cost: the most dangerous long-term effect, which we are already beginning to see unfold, is that they will obscure and pervert people’s understanding of what actual anti-Semitism is—and thus undermine the battle to combat it.[bz]1/10/2019
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