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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Israel Charges Bedouin Medical Student With Grave Security Offenses. His Crime? Passing Out Lecture Notes Almog Ben Zikri - Haaretz - Rulings by a district court and the Supreme Court were critical of prosecutors. They denied a request to extend Jouda’s detention, allowed him to return to Jordan to study and disallowed one of the charges. Jouda is about to begin his fourth year at Irbid University. Two weeks after returning to Israel to visit his family this summer, he was arrested. His lawyer says the Shin Bet tried to recruit Jouda as an informant. [FYI: within the Green Line-bz]17/9/2017
Is Israel turning its Bedouin citizens into a stateless people?Orly Noy - +972 - “A clerk at the Interior Ministry should not have the authority to revoke someone’s citizenship. A mistake affecting 2,600 people? This is a well-planned mistake. This is policy.” [FYI: within the Green Line-bz]17/9/2017
Hamas pledges to dissolve administrative committee, hold electionsMa`an - Hamas has pledged to dissolve its administrative committee that runs the besieged coastal enclave and expressed readiness to hold general elections, in a bid for reconciliation with the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority (PA). This, in response to recent diplomatic efforts by Egypt to reconcile the rival factions, while PA President Mahmoud Abbas has been calling on Hamas to end the administrative committee, relinquish control of the small territory to the PA, and hold presidential and legislative elections. [bz]17/9/2017
Fatwa allowing illegal antiquities excavation triggers ire in Egypt Read more: A. Farouk - Al-Monitor "A recent religious edict allowing ordinary Egyptian citizens to illegally excavate and keep antiquities and treasure from their own land has triggered an uproar from the country’s government officials and moderate religious scholars...As the government makes such noticeable yet slow gains against the practice, edicts like that of Atrash are seen as undermining the state’s efforts." ca 16/9/2017
Ousted Trump adviser: Liberal Jews are betraying U.S.-Israel relationsEli Clifton - +972 "Gorka’s decision to lash out at “liberal” Jews and The Forward was driven by the publication’s coverage of his ties to a Nazi- affiliated group (as characterized by the U.S. State Department), Vitezi Rend, in Hungary and his apparent endorsement of a racist and anti-Semitic Hungarian militia in a 2007 television interview." ca15/9/2017
`Daily Stormer` dedicates banner to Netanyahu`s sonMairav Zonszein - +972 "The banner shows a photo of a joint-smoking Yair Netanyahu photoshopped on top of the West Bank separation wall, along with a sniper rifle pointed directly at a racist caricature of a Jewish man.The banner was posted just days after the prime minister’s son published an anti-Semitic cartoon on his personal Facebook page Saturday, which he took down a day later following widespread criticism." ca 15/9/2017
Netanyahu Has Lost the Freedom of Speech GameMotasem A Dalloul - IMEMC - "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has always claimed proudly that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East."..."However, he failed miserably — without a hint of irony — when his flawed democratic credentials led him to ban Al-Jazeera’s Jerusalem correspondent, Walid Al-Omari, from the “freedom of speech” event." - ID 13/9/2017
Palestinian diplomatic campaign derails Netanyahu`s African summitMa`an - Israel`s foreign ministry admitted that the Israeli-African Summit, set to take place in October, had to “postponed indefinitely" at the request of the President of Togo, the intended host. The summit would have brought PM Netanyahu together with some two dozen African Heads of State. It was expected to result in intensified economic relations - particularly, the sale of Israeli arms and "anti-terrorist" know-how to various African regimes. The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed credit for foiling the Netanyahu`s summit, having launched an intensive diplomatic campaign - especially, having mobilized the support of South Africa, which expressed opposition to Africa "normalizing relations with an occupation regime". [ak]12/9/2017
Tillerson State Dept. Demanding Israel Hand Back Millions in U.S. Military AidAdam Kredo - Obama`s U.S. military aid package was conditioned on a provision that bars Israel from lobbying Congress for increased aid. While Congress initially rebelled against this provision, and held up the Obama-era aid package, Tillerson is said to be lobbying for Israel to give back the additional aid to keep the country in line with the Obama administration`s 2016 agreement, known as the Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU. [bz]12/9/2017
Israeli film ‘Foxtrot’ snags prize at Venice; culture minister decries winTimes of Israel staff - Miri Regev slams `outrageous` movie, critical of IDF, accusing it of `giving a tailwind to BDS`; Israeli director says his criticism comes `from love`. [bz]12/9/2017
Workers are weakest link in Gaza’s garment trade Mousa Tawfiq - The Electronic Intifada - Gaza’s textile industry is being revived after years of decline. The siege, which Israel imposed on Gaza a decade ago, banned even cloth and thread. Recently, Israel has made an exception for textiles. Israeli businesses have lately outsourced some work to Gaza’s factories, rather than to distant China... [bz]12/9/2017
Top IDF brass tells US Israel can`t handle Iran aloneKorin Elbaz Alush - Ynet - "They are very similar to us, and because they are similar to us they are much, much more dangerous [than ISIS-style terrorism]. And we can’t cope with them alone.” [bz]12/9/2017
A Confession Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Today is the last day of the 93rd year of my life. Ridiculous. Am I moderately satisfied with my life until now? Yes. I am. If by a miracle I could be returned to, say, 14, and travel all this long way again, would I like that? No, I would not. Enough is enough" [ry] 11/9/2017
This Is Tourism in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoriesChristine Blau/photographs Yoray Liberman - National Geographic - The West Bank wall is a living canvas of Israeli-Palestinian narratives. [bz]9/9/2017
Shock and confusion in Egypt over US aid cut Shahira Amin - Al-Monitor "Egyptian government officials had misread the positive overtures toward Sisi from President Trump as signaling a potential increase in military and economic assistance rather than a slash in the aid. Foreign Minister Shoukry told reporters before Sisi’s April visit to the United States that continued military aid is not a “gift” but rather comes in the context of “joint interests.” ca 8/9/2017
Working towards employmentEditorial - Jordan Times "Jordan has become used to depending on foreign labour to support certain economy sectors, especially in the Jordan Valley, the prime area used for agriculture, but this heavy reliance on foreign workers needs to be gradually reversed." ca8/9/2017
Do I look like a terrorist? The dangers of facial profilingMerav Amir - +972 - "An Israeli start-up company recently made international news when it announced a new product that can identify terrorists simply by analyzing facial characteristics. Called Faception, the company offers its product to security agencies worldwide." - id6/9/2017
Palestinian security forces detain Palestinian activist over Facebook postMa`an - In a Facebook post Sunday evening, Amro, a Hebron-based coordinator for Youth Against Settlements and a former field researcher for the Israeli NGO B’Tselem, criticized the PA for arresting journalist Qawsmeh and stifling freedom of expression. Palestinian forces arrested Amro midday Monday. The human rights activist is known for advocating non-violent resistance and is facing charges in Israeli military court related to his activism. Amnesty International called Amro’s arrest by the PA “a shameless attack on freedom of expression.” [bz]5/9/2017
Major Canadian union joins BDSItamar Eichner - Ynet - Unifor National, Canada`s largest private union, adopts proposal to boycott Israel "until such time as Israel implements a permanent ban on further settlement construction in the OPT, and enters into good faith negotiations with representatives of the Palestinian people for the purpose of establishing a viable, contiguous and truly sovereign Palestinian state.” [bz]5/9/2017
Israel Seeks ‘Jewish’ Non-Jews in Numbers Battle with PalestniansJonathan Cook - CounterPunch - “The new status would apply to ‘crypto-Jews’, whose ancestors converted from Judaism; ‘emerging Jewish’ communities that have adopted Jewish practices; and those claiming to be descended from Jewish ‘lost tribes’” [ry]4/9/2017
How Israeli citizens are becoming stateless Farah Najjar - Al Jazeera "Israel has been gradually stripping thousands of Palestinian Bedouins from various villages in the southern Negev region of their citizenship status, claiming that they had been granted nationality in error – a move residents and legislators say is part of a state plan to do away with the minority population. Although Israel has employed the revocation policy for more than two decades, Knesset Member Aida Touma-Suleiman of the Joint List says it has since 2010 become an increasingly "widespread phenomenon" that is in clear violation of Israel`s Citizenship Law." ca 1/9/2017
Far-right Britain First fosters ties with Zionist movementAsa Winstanley - Electronic Intifada "An investigation by The Electronic Intifada has unveiled new links between far-right anti-Muslim group Britain First and the pro-Israel movement.Photos and video obtained by The Electronic Intifada show that Britain First’s leader in London Paul Besser picketed July’s Palestine Expo alongside other anti-Palestinian protesters, including former Zionist Federation vice chair Jonathan Hoffman... One Labour lawmaker has called for Britain First to be banned, after fellow MP Jo Cox was murdered by neo-Nazi Thomas Mair last year. Multiple witnesses said that Mair had shouted “Britain first” as he shot and stabbed Cox to death." ca 1/9/2017
Al-Araqeeb Village: Palestinian Bedouins Refuse to Surrender 116 TimesRamzy Baroud - The Palestine Chronicle - On August 1, the Palestinian Bedouin village of Al-Araqeeb was destroyed for the 116th time. As soon as Israeli bulldozers finished their ugly deed and soldiers began evacuating the premises, the village resident immediately began rebuilding their homes. 22 families, or about 101 residents, are estimated to live here. By now, they are all familiar with the painful routine, considering the first round of destruction took place in July 2010. It means that the village has been destroyed nearly 17 times per year, since then. And every single time, it was rebuilt, only to be destroyed again.-rh30/8/2017
For Israeli right, there is no occupationAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - Why did Israel revoke the press credentials of Al Jazeera correspondent Elias Karam? He has not been accused of inciting violence. He did not commit the ultimate sin of calling for anti-Israel sanctions. He has not even advocated a boycott of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. Karam, an Israeli Druze who identifies as Palestinian, did not sound off about the proposed Nationality Law that if adopted would anchor in the law that he and others like him are second-class citizens. Karam is being punished for using his mic and his camera to protest Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands.-rh 30/8/2017
Families of jailed Palestinians call on UN chief to hold Israel accountable for violationsMa`an - They highlighted that Palestinians, including women and children, are subject to “dangerous Israeli violations of prisoners’ rights,” such as deliberate medical neglect and administrative detention. Mother of underage Palestinian prisoner Shadi Farah -- who was just 12-years-old when he was detained in 2015 -- stressed the debilitating psychological effects that detention has on the some 320 children being held in Israeli custody. PLO chief Saeb Erekat took part in the meeting with Guterres.[bz for id]30/8/2017
Benjamin Netanyahu’s nightmare comes true as Putin crushes his plansAydin Mehdiyev - Pravda - "Iran is Russia`s strategic ally in the Middle East," Putin said. "But Israel is also an important partner for Russia in the region," he added. [bz]29/8/2017
Belgium demands compensation from Israel for demolition of donated school equipment in occupied West BankBethan McKernan - Independent - “These new demolitions and seizures of essential infrastructure are unacceptable. (...) By undermining such humanitarian projects, Israel contravenes its international obligations as an occupying power.” [bz]27/8/2017
Israel Revokes Citizenship of Hundreds of Negev Bedouin, Leaving Them Stateless Jack Khoury- Haaretz "Some were citizens for 40 years, served in the army and paid their taxes, but had their status canceled with a single keystroke and no further explanation." ca25/8/2017
Dr. Ashrawi on the 9th Anniversary of Mahmoud Darwish’s PassingIMEMC News & Agencies - "Darwish was not just a national poet; he was a poet of humanity and creativity who forged a new language and awareness for Palestine and beyond. He humanized Palestinian reality during its darkest hours, and he generated an undeniable energy to legitimize hope and affirmation, as well as resistance. We will always remain grateful to Darwish who embodied the Palestinian people’s yearning for freedom, love and life." ca 25/8/2017
Journalist David Sheen faces lawsuit from Israeli general Israel ZivCharlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada "A retired Israeli general with a history of threatening reporters is suing an independent journalist for defamation, after the journalist included him on a list of leading racists in Israel.At the beginning of this year, David Sheen authored what has become his annual list published by The Electronic Intifada of “Israel’s racist ringleaders.” The list, published this year on 3 January, cites 10 Israelis in positions of power and influence who have expressed or acted on deep antipathy towards migrants and refugees from African states.Included this year is Israel Ziv, a man who was a member for more than three decades in the Israeli army, serving as a commander in the occupied Gaza Strip during the second intifada, before retiring and establishing the private “security” consulting firm Global CST, which works with governments in Latin America and Africa." ca 25/8/2017
Sudanese-Palestinian group calls for minister to resign over Israel commentsBETHLEHEM/PNN/ - "The Sudanese Palestinian Brotherhood Society has condemned the comments made by Investment Minister Mubarak Fadel, in which he called for normalising relations between Sudan and Israel...In a media statement, the Sudanese-Palestinian group expressed its sadness that someone of Fadel’s age and experience would adopt the Zionist narrative regarding Palestine and its heroic resistance." ca25/8/2017
Charlottesville: O Bibi, Where Art Thou?Richard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "Bibi not only doesn’t care about American Jews (they’re far too liberal and Democratic for his taste), he’s joined at the hip to his soul brother, Donald Trump." - id 23/8/2017
Palestinians decry arrest of Islamic movement leader Raed Salah`s arrest is part of a wider political trend in Israel targeting Arab political life, Palestinians say.Nigel Wilson - Aljazeera - Salah was arrested at his home in Umm Al Fahm, northern Israel, in the early hours of August 15 on charges of inciting violence and supporting a banned organisation. On Monday, an Israeli court extended his detention until August 24. "I am sure that this is a political arrest," said Mohammed Barakeh, chairman of the Higher Committee for the Arab citizens of Israel. "This is a kind of anti-democratic act to put the Arab population in Israel under pressure."-rh 23/8/2017
For Arab citizens, `Jewish and democratic` means demographic warOrly Noy - +972 - While much of the world justly focuses on land theft in the occupied territories, we must not forget that Israel uses the pretense of ‘Jewish and democratic’ to actively dispossess its own Arab citizens.-rh23/8/2017
Producers examining abuse of Blacks in Israel need fundingRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "Existence is Resistance is raising funds for the filming of our new documentary Black in the Holy Land. This film will examine the lives and experiences of the various black communities throughout Palestine and the settler state of Israel." - id 23/8/2017
Ex-Palestinian prisoner killed in Sweden The Jerusalem Post - A Palestinian released from the Israeli prisoner, Muhammed al-Buzam, was killed in his apartment in Sweden. The circumstances are still investigated by the Swedish police. in question. The Fatah movement in Gaza, where he originated and where his family still lives, tweeted that the Israeli Mossad was responsible for the assassination. [The assassination carried out by Mossad agents at Lillehammer in neighboring Norway is still remembered, though it happened many years ago. ak]22/8/2017
Abbas sends medical aid to Venezuela, sparking Gaza criticismMiddle East Eye - Riad al-Maliki, the PA`s minister of foreign affairs, described the aid shipment as the Palestinian government`s way to "repay" the Venezuelan government after it donated $15m to build an eye hospital in the village of Turmus Ayya near Ramallah. Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, however, took to social media to criticise Abbas`s decision to send aid to Venezuela. Some dubbed the move "illogical" and "completely mad" as the besieged enclave continues to face major power cuts. Muneer Alboursh, who heads a hospital in Gaza, was frustrated at the decision made by Abbas to deliver medical aid to Venezuela as his patients languish in the besieged enclave. [bz]22/8/2017
UN blacklist of companies doing business in settlements to be released by year`s endItamar Eichner - Ynet - The commissioner has already submitted a draft of the list to the countries these companies are based in, so they could give their responses by September 1. There are several American companies on the list—including Caterpillar, TripAdvisor, Priceline and Airbnb—and the Trump administration is reportedly putting pressure on the UN not to release it. [bz]22/8/2017
Abbas: I Met Trump`s Envoys 20 Times and Still Don`t Understand Their Peace PlanDemocratic Underground/Source: Haaretz - "I have met with Trump envoys about 20 times since the beginning of his term as president of the United States" Abbas said. "Every time they repeatedly stressed to me how much they believe and are committed to a two-state solution and a halt to construction in the settlements. I have pleaded with them to say the same thing to Netanyahu, but they refrained. They said they would consider it but then they didn`t get back to me." The Palestinian president said he doesn`t know to what extent this will be reflected in the results of the upcoming visit of an American delegation which is supposed to be involved in an effort to restart the peace process. [ak]22/8/2017
Israeli police block anti-Netanyahu protest and arrest organisersSamuel Osborne - Independent - Israeli Prime Minister is suspected of committing bribery, fraud and breach of trust [ry]21/8/2017
Will South Africa push back Israel’s charm offensive in Africa?Ali Abunimah - EI - "South Africa will boycott an Africa-Israel summit planned for the Togolese capital Lomé in October. Pretoria’s ambassador in Beirut reportedly said that the summit was aimed at normalizing relations between African countries and what he termed an `occupation state`” [ry]21/8/2017
The Israel Anti-Boycott Act Is an Act of Political Persecution undermining American democracyLara Friedman - LobeLog - My endorsement of UN and EU policies calling for differentiation between Israel and settlements—as well as my related work tracking and reporting on economic activity in settlements, and advocating boycotts of settlements—would become “willful” violations of this new law (anyone “who willfully commits, willfully attempts to commit, or willfully conspires to commit, or aids or abets in the commission of” any act prohibited under the law would be in trouble). Were I to continue exercising my right to free speech in opposing settlements and occupation, I could face draconian penalties: punitive fines of between $250,000 and one million dollars, and up to 20 years in prison. [bz]19/8/2017
ISIL claims responsibility for van attack in BarcelonaAl-Jazeera - "The executors of the Barcelona attack were soldiers of the Islamic State," ISIL`s Amaq outlet said on its Telegram messenger account, without naming those it claimed were behind the attack. Amaq said ISIL had launched the attack in response to calls to target states taking part in the United States-led coalition battling the group in Iraq and Syria." ca 18/8/2017
IT disruption panics Gaza’s new Internet entrepreneursMousa Tawfiq - Electronic Intifada "No Internet? Hussain Mahdi, 24, looked shocked. “Our lives would be paralyzed,” the young T-shirt designer said. He has cause for concern. On 11 July, the Palestine Telecommunications Company, Paltel, announced that its main generator had broken down because of high loads and long power cuts. Tens of thousands of landline customers and some 8,000 Internet subscribers lost service because, as the company explained on its Facebook page, it was not able to import parts for its backup generators or bring in new, better ones." ca 18/8/2017
Two initiatives revive hopes for Palestinian reconciliationAhmad Abu Amer - Al Monitor "Within the span of some 12 hours on Aug. 3, Hamas in Gaza and the Patriots to End the Split and Restore the National Unity in the West Bank independently launched two initiatives to end the political and administrative division between Gaza and the West Bank resulting from the Hamas-Fatah feud." ca 18/8/2017
Tulkarm aims to renovate century-old Ottoman train tunnelIbrahim Abdelhadi - Al Monitor - "The Ottoman Empire’s Hejaz Railway, initially seen as Sultan Abdulhamid`s folly, played a key role in World War I and later in Palestine`s history." - id 16/8/2017
Israeli Arms Exporter Demonstrated Drone to Azeri Buyers by Attacking Armenian Army PositionsRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "Though they attempted to attack the Armenians, the flight failed and no one was injured.  Though not for lack of trying." - id 16/8/2017
How else to get water?Amos Gvirtz - Don`t Say You Didn`t Know - On Tuesday August 8, 2017, a water truck entered the Palestinian cave village of Pakhit in the South Hebron Hills to provide water for the residents. When it left the village Israeli soldiers stopped the truck and confiscated it, claiming that it had entered a military zone.15/8/2017
Trump to dispatch team to work on Israel-Palestinian peaceAP/CNBC - In a statement, the White House said Friday that Trump believes the return of calm to Jerusalem after a period of unrest over a contested holy site has created an opportunity to restart discussions. Leaving "soon" for the region is Trump`s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner; his envoy for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt; and deputy national security adviser Dina Powell. The three are to meet leaders from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Authority "about how best to support the peace effort." [bz] 12/8/2017
Israel is razing a Bedouin village to build a Jewish-only town on its ruinsEdo Konrad - +972 - "In a sense, the saga of Umm al-Hiran brings the story of Israel’s discriminatory land regime full circle. Like dozens of other Arab villages, Umm al-Hiran’s residents were first expelled to make room for a kibbutz." - id 11/8/2017
Israel wipes out non-Jewish village, replaces with Jewish only plansRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "The establishment of a town for Jews only is forbidden by law, stands in opposition to statements made by the state’s representatives to the Supreme Court, and contradicts the court ruling regarding the displacement of Umm al-Hiran residents – which was based on the statement that this would not be the establishment of an ethnically-based town.”" - id 11/8/2017
What steps does Israel have to take to ban Al Jazeera?Al Jazeera - "Shutting down Al Jazeera`s offices in Jerusalem will be a lengthy process and involves multiple offices and official bodies, lawyers have said." ca9/8/2017
After Israel tries to ban Al Jazeera, critics say the country is ‘taking its cues from Arab dictators Allison Deger - Mondoweiss "Amnesty International today released a statement critical of the Israeli decision, dubbing it a “brazen attack on media freedom in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The move sends a chilling message that the Israeli authorities will not tolerate critical coverage.” ca9/8/2017
Israel has stripped citizenship from an Arab Israeli for the first time ever : Judge says the move is a `suitable` response after Alaa Raed Ahmad Zayoud injured four people in an `act of terror`GreGreg Wilford - Independent - Israel has stripped an Arab Israeli man of citizenship, claiming he "removed himself from society" by launching a car-and-knife rampage that left four people injured last year. Activists claim the ruling, believed to be a legal first, will leave Alaa Raed Ahmad Zayoud "stateless" and may violate international laws.-rh9/8/2017
What is it like being a journalist in Israel?Al Jazeera - "I was stationed in Israel and Palestine starting from September 2014 as a full-time correspondent. In the first year, I never experienced any trouble with the authorities; I was doing my job like in any other regular democracy, I would say. But after the first year, when I wanted to renew my press card, I started experiencing problems." ca 9/8/2017
Soaring suicide and murder rates compound Middle East sufferingThe Guardian - "Research shows deaths due to violence such as homicide and sexual assault are rising much more steeply in the eastern Mediterranean region than elsewhere." ca9/8/2017
Israel has stripped citizenship from an Arab Israeli for the first time everGreg Wilford - Independent - Judge says the move is a `suitable` response after Alaa Raed Ahmad Zayoud injured four people in an `act of terror` [ry]7/8/2017
Police said to recommend charges against PM in two graft probesThe Times of Israel - With investigations bolstered by key Netanyahu aide turning state witness, authorities said to push for indictment [ry]7/8/2017
Israeli Communications Minister Moves to Ban al-Jazeera, and Its JournalistsJason Ditz - Al Jazeera - Legal Path to Outright Ban May Be Difficult [ry]7/8/2017
The war on Israeli BDS supportersAmnon Portugaly - Haokets/+972 - Erdan wants to expand the surveillance activities of his ministry to include Israeli citizens. In his view, many Israeli citizens are involved in encouraging boycotts of Israel while collaborating with foreign BDS activists. In fact, the Israeli government has been doing this for quite a while through shadow organizations such as Im Tirzu, Israel Academia Monitor, and the like. Now Erdan and the government are institutionalizing those organizations’ work. [bz]5/8/2017
Surge in Israeli attacks on journalistsCharlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada "During the two weeks of sustained Palestinian protests in occupied East Jerusalem over Israel’s attempts to tighten control over the al-Aqsa mosque compound, press groups monitored a surge in violations against journalists.Israeli police barred journalists from entering the Old City of Jerusalem, while Israeli settlers and tourists entered freely." ca 4/8/2017
Palestinian Charged with Death of Jewish-Israeli GirlfriendIMEMC News & Agencies - "Harouf denied that he had been in a relationship with Halimi at the hearing, claiming that he had killed her “to release (Palestinian) prisoners” held by Israel, before being removed from the courtroom shouting “I’ll kill all the Jews!,” Ynet reported.The Israeli news outlet also quoted Halimi’s husband, Aharon Halimi, as denying that his wife had had an affair, saying that the family would “sue the police” for investigating the case as a criminal instead of a “nationalistic issue.” Romantic relationships between Palestinians and Jewish-Israelis remain taboo in both societies, due to the 70- year conflict since the establishment of the state of Israel." ca4/8/2017
Residents of Israeli-Arab town anxious about proposed land swap Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The funeral in Umm al-Fahm of the three terrorists who killed the policemen on the Temple Mount on July 14 was attended by masses of local Israeli-Arabs. Immediately afterward, Israel’s Channel 2 reported that Netanyahu had raised a proposal to the US emissaries to the region: The prime minister wants to annex the Etzion Bloc settlement localities in exchange for transferring the Wadi Ara territory — including Umm al-Fahm — to the Palestinians. Liberman had promoted a similar plan for many years, and he even made it the cornerstone of his campaign in the 2015 elections. As soon as he heard Netanyahu’s proposal, Liberman tweeted at him, “Welcome to the club.”-rh 3/8/2017
Israeli Soldiers Demolish Al-Arakib For The 116th Time IMEMC - "Over 110,000 Bedouin live in so-called ‘unrecognized villages,’, many of which – like al-Arakib – significantly pre-date the state of Israel itself. Unrecognized villages are not entitled to services that the state provides to recognized settlements, notably water and sewage services, electricity, roads and educational provision." - id 2/8/2017
Austria Gives Palestinian Asylum-Seeker Life Sentence on Basis of Suspect Shabak EvidenceRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "The prisoner’s name may not be reported in Austria and has not been reported in Israel either. He is Abdel Karim Abu Habel, who was freed as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange." - id2/8/2017
Israel to strip Amnesty International of tax benefits over support for BDSMa`an - Israel`s Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon has reportedly taken steps to strip Amnesty International of its tax benefits in Israel, barring Israeli donors from receiving tax deductions from their donations to the international human rights organization owing to its calls to boycott Israel`s illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian territory. [bz]1/8/2017
Indians unfazed by Israeli-made stink bombSue Surkes - Times of Israel/Hindustan Times - Since 2008, the Israeli army has been regularly using the "Skunk" against Palestinian protesters in such villages as Bil`in. As part of Netanyahu`s blooming strategic partnership with Indian PM Mody, the Skunk was now exported to India, to be used in such places as Kashmir. However, the first tryout by Indian security forces proved disappointing. Instead of holding their noses and running away to retch, those targeted by the Skunk “managed to tolerate the smell without much difficulty.” One Indian official thought, maybe Indians are more used to terrible smells? [ak]1/8/2017
Goodbye, Ambassador Lenk, you won’t be missed in South AfricaAzad Essa - Mail and Guardian/The Daily Vox - Arthur Lenk, Israel’s representative to Pretoria, was astutely ambassadorial. Mention Israel on Twitter and Ambassador would pop around to “celebrate” or “correct” the perception. He was a one-man PR stunt. In parting from us you say “South Africa’s liberation story still has resonance and inspiration for so many of us around the world.” Is this why you continue to build settlements in the West Bank despite your closest ally, the United States, asking you not to do so? This is your inspiration from South Africa? [ak]1/8/2017
China urges support for new Israel-Palestinian peace planAP - Ynet - 1.) Advancing the two-state solution based on 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as the capital of a new Palestinian state. 2.) Upholding "the concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security," immediately ending Israeli settlement building (...) 4.) Promoting peace through development and cooperation between the Palestinians and Israel. China views both Israel and the Palestinians as "important partners" in its "One Belt, One Road" initiative - developing transport routes to expand trade in a vast arc of countries across Asia, Africa and Europe. [bz] 1/8/2017
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