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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Israel Police cancel school tour of Hebron with Breaking the SilenceTalila Nesher - Haaretz - The Education Ministry had tried to keep Breaking the Silence out of the visit, but in the end gave permission - to be followed after some hours by the police prohibition. 30/1/2012
Iranian protestors: IAEA leaks, Mossad killsNews agencies - Ynet - Iranian state media allege that Roshan, a chemistry expert and director of the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran, was interviewed by IAEA inspectors before being killed earlier this month in a targeted bomb attack. - The IAEA said it does not know Roshan and has never talked to him. 30/1/2012
Iran isn`t isolated; Obama and the other White leaders arePepe Escobar - Antiwar Radio - The vast majority of humanity has absolutley no problem with Iran; the bogus "Iranian threat" is a purely White obsession. gm28/1/2012
Mossad`s Jundullah terroristsPhilip Giraldi - Antiwar Radio - Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses his article ”What War With Iran Might Look Like;” the many layers of obfuscation (like peeling an onion) in the Jundallah/CIA/Mossad frame-up. gm28/1/2012
Israeli judges are the confessors in savage new docy on legitimizing the occupationMichael Ratner - Mondoweiss "The new documentary, The Law in These Parts, is getting a lot of attention. Yesterday the New York Times published an Op-Ed piece by filmmaker Ra`anan Alexandrowicz that included a chilling excerpt of the film that shows Israeli military officers displaying higher moral standards about the occupation than the Israeli judges who have legalized it." ca27/1/2012
9 detainees injured in Israeli prison fireMa`an News Agency - "Nine Palestinian detainees were injured on Thursday after a fire broke out in the Israeli jail Maasiyahu, Israeli media reported. One prisoner was in a critical condition and two others were in a serious condition after detainees set fire to a mattress in the prison near Ramla, the Israeli daily Ynet said." ca 27/1/2012
Protests in Ramallah over cost of livingMa`an News - "Protesters held banners reading "Yes to a national economy that protects the citizens dignity, People want to overthrow the new tax law, and 18 shekels for one kilo of chicken, and 80 for meat, thats if officials dont know. The demonstration was organized by a Facebook group called "Against the High Cost of Living and Tax Increases." ca27/1/2012
Barghouti sent to isolation after Israel commentsMa`an News Agency - "After testifying in a Jerusalem court on Wednesday the Fatah leader briefly spoke to reporters.Upon returning to Hadarim prison in Israel, Barghouti was not allowed back into his regular cell and was instead put in isolation, the Palestinian Prisoners` Society said Thursday" ca27/1/2012
Reshaping ties with the worldDoaa El-Bey - Al-Ahram Weekly "Attempting to play a more supportive role towards easing the suffering of the Palestinians was part and parcel of the new Egyptian foreign policy. In May, El-Arabi announced the imminent and permanent reopening of the Rafah Crossing with Gaza, describing the blockade as "shameful". He said "important steps" to ease the blockade would start in the following days. Egypt made the move in the hope of improving its image and enhancing its relations with Gaza. Since 2006, the Rafah Crossing had only been open for humanitarian cases and students.However, just one week after the Rafah Crossing was opened for Palestinians and after hundreds of Palestinians passed through it both ways, it unexpectedly closed its doors." ca 27/1/2012
`We wont be silenced,` say students arrested over Peres boycott callYara Sa`di - The Electronic Intifada - Three Palestinian students at the College of Engineering in Jerusalem (JCE) have been put under house arrest for a week and instructed not to contact any of their peers for using the social media website Facebook to urge a boycott of a speech by Israeli President Shimon Peres. 25/1/2012
Fatah operative jailed for pre-Oslo crimesAviad Glickman- Ynet - "... the court must take into account that Fatah is no longer a terror organization but an organization that "Israel has held peace negotiations with and has conducted diplomatic and economic talks with."" - id 25/1/2012
Knesset blocking of MK Tibis bills censors Palestinian minorityFady Khoury - +972 - "Disqualifying bills in advance and thus excluding debate should only be tolerated in cases where the mere discussion of an issue is harmful or even immoral." - id 25/1/2012
Abbas to RT: We want to co-exist with Israel independentlyRT (Russian News in English) - The basis for negotiations is the acceptance of the 1967 borders or any other positions agreed by both parties. This is not our unilateral stance, it is the position of the international community. Of course, its closely linked with the issue of security, which is a huge problem for us. We do not accept the Israeli concept of security. It would mean another 40 years of occupation of our legitimate territory. This concepts name is further occupation."24/1/2012
Ashton coming to Israel after Iran decision Herb Keinon - Jerusalem Post - The Amman talks on Wednesday are expected to go a long way toward determining whether this channel of direct communications will continue. The Palestinians have said that January 26 is the deadline by which Israel according to a framework laid out by the Quartet in September must present its comprehensive proposals on border and security issues. Israel has said the deadline for presenting those proposals was not until early March. 24/1/2012
Report: Israel to give US only 12-hour warning before attacking Iran because Netanyahu doesnt trust ObamaMondoweiss translation of Maariv article - Israel informed Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, during his visit over the weekend, that it would not request US authorisation for an attack on Iran.24/1/2012
`Talk to us,` says Hamas in rare visit to EuropeAdri Nieuwhof - EI - "The IPU Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians met in Geneva on 14 January to discuss parliamentarians under threat. The IPU collected information about lawmakers who face death threats, are subjected to harassment, or are unable to carry out their parliamentary mandate without hindrance and invited the delegation from Gaza to clarify the situation of the Palestinian lawmakers"23/1/2012
Waging liberation in and outside Israels prison wallsAmeer Makhoul - The Electronic Intifada "Yet the official Palestinian position on the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails serves to undermine their cause, which is a central component of our peoples liberation struggle." Ameer Makhoul is a Palestinian civil society leader and political prisoner at Gilboa Prison."ca20/1/2012
Robert Fisk: The adventures of Tintin in Beirut Robert Fisk - The Independent "...the Syrian conflict has created renewed tensions between Alawites and Sunnis in Tripoli, between Shia Hezbollah supporters of Syria and the Lebanese Sunni-Christian opposition. But it`s the more subtle, inside-page stories which snag your coat as you breeze around Beirut. The last-minute cancellation at a Beirut film festival of Persepolis, the animated award-winning movie about a girl growing up in Iran after the Islamic revolution, for example; it was widely rumoured that the Iranian embassy had expressed its displeasure. And then came the weird disappearance of Steven Spielberg`s name on the billboard for his The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn at a cinema in (largely Christian) east Beirut." ca 20/1/2012
1500 Tank Shells Missing From Israeli BaseSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The website quoted military officials stating that the main theory indicates that a gang of minorities, referring to non-Jews, is active in the region and is likely behind the theft of the missing shells.Gang members, according to the military, took advantage of the bad surveillance at the base, and managed to infiltrate under the barbed-wires and some walls, and were able to steal the shells and take them out of the base without being noticed." ca 20/1/2012
Bethlehem woman sentenced to 10 years hard laborMa`an News Agency - "A Palestinian Authority court sentenced a woman from Bethlehem to 10 years hard labor on Thursday for treason.On Jan. 11, a military court in Gaza sentenced a 48-year-old man to death on charges of collaboration and conspiracy to murder. The sentence was condemned by rights groups and the European Union." ca20/1/2012
PLO under `huge pressure` to extend negotiations deadlineMa`an News Agency - "In October, the Quartet of international peace mediators -- the US, Russia, the EU and the UN -- set the Jan. 26 deadline for both sides to state their positions on the borders and security arrangements of a future two-state solution. PLO envoys fulfilled the Quartet`s request and submitted proposals on Jan. 3 during a meeting with Israeli officials in Amman.Israeli and PLO negotiators have met three times in the Jordanian capital in January but Israel has yet to offer its positions on borders or security. The envoys are due to hold a fourth meeting on Jan. 25." PLO official Wasel Abu Yousef told Ma`an the Palestinian negotiators would insist the deadline was met despite "huge pressure" from the Quartet and other countries to hold further talks after Jan. 26." ca 20/1/2012
Viruses instead of missilesSaleh Al-Naami - Al-Ahram Weekly "After Israel succeeded in crashing Iran`s centrifuge system by using a cyber virus, an Israeli military officer boasted: "Instead of the Air Force, we can use cyberspace; instead of missiles, we can use viruses." It seems that in response Israel is likely to be confronted with other viruses, albeit of foreign origin." ca 20/1/2012
Chapters in a TragicomedyAdam Keller - Crzay Country - "To settle in occupied territory is a manifest violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention as ruled by the International Court in The Hague a body which Israel`s Supreme Court recognizes as the highest authority in the field of International Law." - id18/1/2012
UK: Time running out for Mideast two-state solutionHaaretz - DPA - "We think that time, in some ways, is running out for the two state solution unless we can push forward now, because otherwise the facts on the ground will make it more and more difficult, which is why the settlement issue remains so important," Cameron said.
Earlier, deputy U.K. PM condemned Israeli settlements as `act of deliberate vandalism` that damages peace process; remarks made during Abbas` visit to Europe. [The Cameron quote appears in Ynet and Jpost as coming from Reuters].
French parliament report accuses Israel of water `apartheid` in West Bank Barak Ravid - Haaretz - "Some 450,000 Israeli settlers on the West Bank use more water than the 2.3 million Palestinians that live there," the report appearing on the French parliament`s website said. "In times of drought, in contravention of international law, the settlers get priority for water."
Reaction from the Israeli Foreign Ministry: "This report is a serious mishap that has caused damage to Israel`s image in France."
What if the Iranians start killing scientists? Avner Cohen - Haaretz - The next phase of the assassination war is liable to turn international scientific conferences into arenas of assassination16/1/2012
New plan criminalizes Palestinian citizens of IsraelSergio Yahni - AIC - On the request of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Minister of Internal Security, Yitzhak Aharonovitch (Israel Beteinu), presented a plan to the government today that will essentially criminalize Palestinian citizens of Israel under the guise of improving personal and community security within the Arab sector16/1/2012
HRW accuses Israel of rights violationsJerusalem Post Staff - In annual report on rights abuses, group charges Israel with using unnecessary lethal force23/1/2012
Study: IDF officers less committed to Jewish values after visits to Nazi death campsChaim Levinson - Haaretz - The trips also produced a decline in IDF-related values, including commitment to the state and the army, feelings of leadership, and love of heroism. These findings are the exact opposite of a large-scale study that the same researchers did on how death-camp visits affected high-school students. [Could it be that soldiers, more than pupils, recognized what military power is capable of?-bz]22/1/2012
U.S. Warns Israel on Strike - and prepares for itAdam Entous, Julian E. Barnes and Jay Solomon - Wall Street Journal - The planned closing of Israel`s nuclear plant near Dimona this month, which was reported in Israeli media, sounded alarms in Washington, where officials feared it meant Israel was repositioning its own nuclear assets to safeguard them against a potential Iranian counterstrike. Despite the close relationship between the U.S. and Israel, U.S. officials have consistently puzzled over Israeli intentions. "It`s hard to know what`s bluster and what`s not with the Israelis," said a former U.S. official.14/1/2012
Arab women, protest and the Arab springManal Jamal - Bitterlemons "Similarly, in the Arab world, the relationship between Arab women`s rights, their socio-economic status, and regime type has never been straightforward." ca 13/1/2012
Greeks voice anger at Ehud Barak visitPressTVGlobalNews - Constantine Venizelos Video 13/1/2012
Islamists taking the pulse?Amani Maged - Al-Ahram Weekly " On the threshold of winning a commanding majority in the Egyptian parliament, Islamists are beginning to manifest their political and ideological substance, sending alarming messages to whom it may concern." ca13/1/2012
Sharansky: Obama`s new chief of staff `staunch Israel supporter` Aviel Magnezi - Ynet - "While he refrained from predicting an improvement in Israel-US relations following the appointment of Lew, Sharansky said he is convinced that Lew`s presence will have a positive effect in the media sphere." - id 11/1/2012
Thousands Of USTroops To Arrive In Israel This WeekMais Azza - IMEMC - "The joint force will now be in place ready for a decision to attack Iran`s nuclear installations or any combat emergency." - id 11/1/2012
Israel, PA reps` Amman meeting yields no results Elior Levy - Y-Net - The Palestinians presented the Israeli team with data on settlement activity in the West Bank, claiming it was destroying the two-state solution. They do not intend to continue these "talks about talks" past the Quartet`s January 26 deadline without an Israeli commitment to a settlement freeze. 10/1/2012
Knesset passes bill that could put asylum seekers in jail without trial Jonathan Lis - Haaretz - MK Dov Khenin (Hadash ), one of the staunchest objectors to the bill, said "This bill is dangerous, immoral, unconstitutional and contrary to the law of human dignity and freedom. It runs contrary to Israel`s international commitments and the Knesset should reject it out of hand." 10/1/2012
Israel Plans New Rules on Exchange of PrisonersETHAN BRONNER - New York Times "In a separate statement issued by his office, Mr. Barak said he had appointed the committee to examine the issue in 2008 and asked a former Supreme Court justice, Meir Shamgar, to be its leader. It was agreed, he said, that the conclusions would not be presented before the return of Sergeant Shalit.The statement added that given the region in which Israel lived, it would find it difficult to secure its vital interests unless we change the rules, the reality and the results of deals like those we have witnessed in the last 25 years. ca 6/1/2012
Obama Seeks to Distance US From Israeli AttackGareth Porter - AntiWar - "Netanyahu, who makes no secret of his dislike and distrust of Obama, may hope to put Obama under maximum pressure to support Israel militarily in a war with Iran by striking during a campaign in which the Republican candidate would be accusing him of being soft on the Iranian nuclear threat." - id 4/1/2012
Gaza PM stirs tension by boarding blockade ship Catrina Stewart - Independent - "... in a show of solidarity with the pro-Palestinian activists who attempted to break Israel`s blockade." - id 4/1/2012
Police confiscate speakers from Jaffa mosque - upon complaint of foreign minister`s mother`s neighborMeirav Shlomo-Melamed - Ynet - "I if they would have asked us to play the prayers more quietly, we would have invited them for a cup of coffee and lowered the volume." 3/1/2012
Border Police train Israeli teens to detain illegal Palestinian workers Talila Nesher - Haaretz - Some quotations: **We gather for a briefing on how to use weapons and then go out to catch illegal workers. **Its a fun feeling you are filled with adrenaline and energy during such operations.3/1/2012
Thailand recognises Palestinian stateBangkok Post - Thailand said Thursday that it has recognised a Palestinian state, in a move hailed by Palestinian leaders eager to boost their international standing amid a stalemate with Israel. 21/1/2012
Political controversy leaves Israel-Gibraltar friendship stamp unissuedNir Hasson - Haaretz - The Israel-Gibraltar Friendship joint postal stamp was due to be issued in both countries, with a design showing a Gibraltar cliff and the King David Citadel in Jerusalem. Gibraltars postal service was dismayed with Israels choice, since the Jerusalem landmark is located beyond the Green Line, and they froze the joint project. 14/1/2012
2012: The year democracy endsNoam Sheizaf - +972 - A not-so-crazy speculation for the new year: A date for new elections will be set; at least one major Arab party wont be allowed to participate in them, resulting in a call for boycott in the Palestinian public and the Jewish left. With the Arabs out of the Knesset, the right will enjoy a much bigger majority, forever. Game, set, match2/1/2012
Exposed: UK university student claiming bias works for project of Israel pressure groupAsa Winstanley - EI - "If this was another attempt to `sabotage` the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, it was an especially clumsy one"2/1/2012
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