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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Safed landlord kicks out Druze students Ynet - Druze students ordered to vacate apartment after haredi neighbors threaten landlord31/10/2011
Ex-soldier jailed for leaking Israeli assassination policy Catrina Stewart - The Independent - "Israel has sentenced a former soldier to four and a half years in prison for leaking classified documents to a journalist who used them to expose an alleged army policy to assassinate wanted Palestinian militants in violation of court rulings"31/10/2011
Adalah`s New Report Exposes Serious Conflicts of InterestsPress Release - Adalah "Eleven years after the October 2000 events in which 13 Arab citizens of Israel were killed by the Israeli police and security forces Adalah has published a new report entitled The Accused – 2. The report examines the decision of former Israeli Attorney General (AG) Menachem Mazuz to close the investigations into October 2000 killings with no indictments filed against any police or political leader responsible for the deaths. The report supplements Adalah`s report The Accused, which was published in 2007, following the decision of the Ministry of Justice`s Police Investigations Department (Mahash) to close the investigations." ca28/10/2011
Making the Uneasy Transition From Prisoner to CelebrityStephen Farrell - NYT "“He still feels that he is in prison; he does not believe that he is out,” a sister, Zeinab, said during one evening visit to a family friend’s house. She has come to Gaza to help him find a wife. Mr. Taqatqa is a native of Bethlehem in the West Bank, but as a condition of release, he was forced to live in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. “The first thing I think of now is to finish my studies,” Mr. Taqatqa said as he tried to focus on his new life." ca 28/10/2011
Arab schools watchdog draws up educational plan for `Palestinian minority` in IsraelTalila Nesher - Haaretz "We are calling on the ministry to adopt the principles and recognize the Arab Pedagogic Council," says council member Dr. Ayman Agbaria. "It has risen as an alternative civic body in response to the ministry`s ignoring of the need to establish a council within the ministry itself and under its supervision, similar to the state religious education council." ca28/10/2011
Analysis: Arab Spring boosts political Islam, but which kind?Tom Heneghan - Ma`an News "Jan Michiel Otto, a Dutch law professor who led a recent study of how 12 Muslim countries apply sharia, said political Islam covers a broad spectrum of approaches."If sharia is introduced, you don`t know what you`ll get," said the Leiden University professor, editor of the book Sharia Incorporated. His study indicated that, contrary to what many Western observers might think, more Islam did not always mean less liberty." ca 28/10/2011
Israel to free 25 Egyptians in prisoner swap Al-Jazeera - "The statement said there were no "security prisoners" on the list, Israeli shorthand for fighters. It is assumed that the Egyptians to be freed are mostly smugglers." - id 26/10/2011
The Negev`s Hot Wind BlowingJonathan Cook - Middle East Report - One Negev Bedouin leader, Amal al-Sana al-Hajouj, observed: “If we accept what they are offering, we will see a violent, overcrowded, poverty-ridden area. We want to restart the negotiating process so we, the Bedouin, can start to contribute to the area and not just be people living in poverty.” All indications are, however, that the Netanyahu government, like its predecessors, is incapable of seeing the Bedouin citizens of Israel through any prism other than that of security. 26/10/2011
Archaeologists protest removal of Muslim graves Ma`an (Bethlehem office) - Eighty-four archaeologists and and professors of archaeology from universities and research centers around the world signed a letter protesting the destruction of the ancient Mamila Mulsim Cemetery in Jerusalem in order to construct the Wiesenthal Center`s `Museum of Tolerance`, and cited the repeated protests by the same Wiesenthal Center regarding the desecration of Jewish cemeteries in various countries. 25/10/2011
Erekat: Either a transition from Occupation to Iindependence, or Netanyahu must think seriously about a One-State Solution PNN (Palestinian News Network) - In a short interview with PNN, PLO chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said: “Either the Palestinian Authority transitions from occupation to independence, or Netanyahu must think seriously about taking responsibility for everything between the river and the sea.” 25/10/2011
PA to demand Barghouti release as part of renewed negotiations with IsraelAvi Issacharoff - Haaretz - With emissaries of the Quartet set to arrive in the region and try to restart Isreali-Palestinian negotiations, the Palestinian Authority is likely toraise a demand for the release of prioners, including Fatah`s Marwan Barghouti and Popular Front Head Ahmad Saadat -prominent political figures excluded from last week`s prisoner excahnge. In an interview to Time Magazine, Addas asserted that former PM Olmert promied had promised him a prisoner rlease in the event of a dealtorelease Gilad Shalit, and Olmert confirmed that it was indeed so. 25/10/2011
IDF now mum on Eilat attacks that served as premise for Gaza bombingYossi Gurvitz - +972 - A reporter exposes an IDF investigation acknowledging that the Eilat attackers came from Sinai, not Gaza; the IDF has nothing to say on the matter24/10/2011
Bibi, free us tooAkiva Eldar - Haaretz - A huge swathe of the public backed Netanyahu`s decision to free Gilad Shalit from his prison; Israelis will similarly support the prime minister in a courageous decision to finally free them from the prison of the occupation24/10/2011
Fayyad to speak at US Palestinian lobby gala despite riftRoee Ruttenberg - +972 "In just few hours, the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is slated to give the keynote address at the annual gala dinner of the American Task Force on Palestine, or ATFP. A few days ago, it was unclear Fayyad would be allowed to attend, much less speak, after the Palestinian Authority severed ties with the group." ca21/10/2011
Middle East witnesses day of euphoria and tears both sides of the divideHarriet Sherwood - Guardian - ""Netanyahu is only concerned about his position, and the young people shook his position in the summer. So he makes a miracle. He has to give something to distract the minds of the people."" - id 19/10/2011
Egyptian journalist rejects Israel`s criticism of Shalit interview Jack Khoury - Haaretz - ""I really identified with him, he`s the age of my children, and I held his hands a few times to calm him down before we continued."" - id 19/10/2011
Deported Ex-Prisoners Arrive in Qatar, Turkey, Syria, Jordan PNN - "In Turkey, Reuters reported that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had ordered a plane to collect the Palestinian former detainees in Cairo. He said he saw it as an “important contribution to the peace process.”" - id 19/10/2011
Gilad Shalit met by ecstatic parade as he returns home after five yearsIlan Lior - Haaretz - Gilad Shalit was greeted by an ecstatic welcome from hundreds of his friends, relatives and supporters as he arrived at his home in the northern community of Mitzpe Hila, hours after he was reunited with his parents and brother. 18/10/2011
Freed Prisoners in Spotlight in Huge West Bank and Gaza Rallies PNN - Following the completion of the first phase of a historic prisoner swap between Israel and Hamas, captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit set foot inside Israel for the first time since 2006 and 477 Palestinian prisoners were released from Israeli prisons--some to their homes in the West Bank, some to the Gaza Strip or exile abroad, but all to loud celebration and official praise.18/10/2011
Mentally, Gilad Shalit seems amazingly soundLarry Derfner - +972 Magazine - Gilad Shalit’s mental state seems amazingly sound. In his interview on Egyptian TV, all his responses were perfectly rational, lucid, to the point. Here he is after more than five years in what sounds like solitary confinement, he’s still in Egyptian custody, and the interviewer asks him if he’s going to campaign for the release of the remaining 4,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. He replies: “I’d be very happy if all the Palestinians prisoners went free, but they shouldn’t return to attacking Israelis.” 18/10/2011
A Moment for Freedom - time to end the Gaza siege Gisha - The deal to free Gilad Shalit in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners also holds the possibility of release from the concept of closure of the Gaza Strip which until now shaped Israeli policy toward Gaza Strip. It was already long since proven completley futile in the purpose of toppling Hams rule. Now the excuse for continuing it - the captivity of Gilad Shalit - is gone. 18/10/2011
Where is Israel`s compassion toward refugees?Haaretz Editorial - At a time in which an entire nation is filled with pride over the rescue of one individual, Gilad Shalit, it should also demonstrate empathy for those from beyond our midst17/10/2011
Freedom for Palestine`s sons comes at a price Catrina Stewart--The 1,027 prisoners due to be freed in an Israeli swap deal face an uncertain future dn16/10/2011
Barghouti release likely bad news for AbbasRoee Ruttenberg - +972 - "Binyamin Netanyahu made it very clear that he will punish Abbas for pursuing his goal of Palestinian statehood at the UN General Assembly in September." - id 12/10/2011
Gilad Shalit exchange deal could boost both Hamas and Israeli government Ian Black - Guardian - "The key player in this shadowy drama has been a German mediator and former intelligence officer named Gerhard Conrad, reported to have been in Cairo in the last few days." - id12/10/2011
Israel and Hamas Agree to Swap Prisoners for SoldierETHAN BRONNER - NYT - "Egypt played a central role in the deal, helping bolster its international standing at a time of growing internal political strife as well as strains with Israel." - id 12/10/2011
Netanyahu will be remembered as Gilad Shalit`s redeemerYossi Verter - Haaretz - " It`s a stomach-churning decision that involves flexibility - or rather, complete capitulation, a definite U-turn and disavowal of his former declarations, speeches and pledges." - id 12/10/2011
UN chief: East Jerusalem settlement plans are unacceptableAkiva Eldar & Reuters - Haaretz - Ban Ki-moon says move to build 2,600 housing units runs contrary to Quartet`s call on Israel, Palestinians to refrain from provocations as efforts are being made to resume peace talks. 15/10/2011
Hamas fees and taxes infuriate GazansHugh Naylor - - Hamas, a hybrid between governing authority and resistance movement, does not disclose detailed information of its budget or donors. Most of its money is believed to come from Iran and charity organisations (...) which may have turned their attention to, for example, helping Islamists win elections in Egypt. 11/10/2011
Close reading by Israeli Foreign Ministry of PA UN bid Herb Keinon - Jerusalem Post - "(...) they have presented contradictory positions, wanting to continue to represent all Palestinians on refugee-related claims, but, at the same time, stating that they do not intend to grant citizenship to members of the Palestinian diaspora.” 11/10/2011
In Jaffa, Israeli racism towards Arabs is routineRoy Arad - Haaretz - The problem in Jaffa is not that some kids scrawled `Death to the Arabs` on a grave, but the racist treatment Arabs receive on a daily basis; Israel`s Arab minority is treated as an enemy10/10/2011
Muslim and Christian cemeteries desecrated in Jaffa on eve of Yom KippurYossi Gurvitz - +972 - PM Netanyahu may denounce these pogroms, but he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth: He had no problem whatsoever sitting on the same platform with Dov Lior, possibly the worst of the inciting rabbis. 8/10/2011
Israel may increase PA control in goodwill gestureYaakov Katz - Jerusalem Post - The IDF believes that if the PA feels like its authority is expanding, it will make sure to work toward containing demonstrations that could break out as the Palestinians move forward with their bid for statehood. The defense establishment is also opposed to withholding funds from the PA, as it could lead to the PA’s collapse and anarchy in the territories.
["Give them a crumb and keep them subordinate"-bz]
A Palestinian political prisoner’s take on Israel’s protest movementAmeer Makhoul - Electronic Intifada "However, the contradictory nature of “social justice,” as this universal value is understood on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Blvd., silences all issues of injustice related to the Palestinian people. I am not just speaking of Palestinians in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and in exile, but also those who are Israeli citizens, who suffer daily from land confiscation, racist legislation, the non-recognition of their villages by the state and the Judaization of the Naqab (Negev) and the Galilee." ca7/10/2011
Jerusalem light railway a new source of Jewish-Arab tension Nir Hasson - Haaretz "Most of the clashes, which police say are not reported, take place in the area of the Arab neighborhood of Beit Hanina and the Jewish neighborhood of Pisgat Ze`ev." ca7/10/2011
In solidarity with the Palestinian prisonersShahd Abusalama - Mondoweiss "Around 6,000 detainees inside Israeli prisons are forgotten and treated as if they are less than animals. Israel, who claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East, seems to forget that prisoners are humans and have rights. The Palestinian prisoners are hunger striking for the ninth day hoping that Israel will implement their simple demands." ca7/10/2011
"Our identity is under attack;" Palestinian youth activist interviewedAdri Nieuwhof - The Electronic Intifada - Sawsan Khalife’ is a young Palestinian woman with an Israeli passport. She was born in Shefa-Amr, a village of approximately 45,000 inhabitants in the south of the Galilee. Khalife’ is involved in supporting Palestinian families that are being evicted from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, occupied East Jerusalem and in activities that aim to strengthen the identity of Palestinian youth in Israel. 6/10/2011
Hamas Leader, Meshaal, at his Iran address, has some good words for Abbas’ UN statehood bid Richard Silverstein - Tikun-Olam - [Including links to Haaretz and Turkish Weekly on same speech] - Hamas’s chief leader, Khaled Meshaal delivered a major address (as reported in Farsi at at a Palestine conference in Iran - directly contradicting the view advanced by Ayatollah Khameini, who attacked the two state solution, the PLO’s support for it, and its UN bid. Meshaal, in contrast, praised Mahmoud Abbas for his campaign for Palestinian statehood.4/10/2011
European sources: We won’t stop financial aid to PalestiniansAlaa Ashkar - IMEMC & Agencies - "The European Foreign Policy chief, Catherine Ashton, informed the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas that the European Union (EU) won’t freeze its funds to the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian People after the PA President submitted Palestine full membership application to the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon on Sep 23rd, European sources reported earlier on Monday"3/10/2011
UK rewrites war crimes law at Israel’s requestRichard Irvine - EI - "However, the UK’s retreat from the implementation of universal jurisdiction is not a lone example of the power of the Israel lobby to affect states’ domestic legislation. A similar shameful episode ensued when Ariel Sharon was indicted before the Belgian courts, in that instance not just Israel but also the United States brought pressure to bear, Donald Rumsfeld going as far as to threaten to move NATO headquarters from Belgium"3/10/2011
Israel’s Great Fear: Iran Might Act Like ThemJason Ditz - AntiWar - Military Officials Concerned Iran Might Try `Nuclear Ambiguity`3/10/2011
Violent clashes erupt between Israeli Arabs, police after apparent `price tag` attackEli Ashkenazi and Jack Khoury - Haaretz - Some 300 residents of Upper Galilee village, where mosque was set on fire, hurl rocks at security forces, burn tires; police responds with tear gas, stun grenades3/10/2011
Similar sense of victoryAmirah Ibrahim - Al-ahram Weekly "Celebrating Egypt`s military victory in the 1973 October War has a different taste this year," ca7/10/2011
Transition causes a stirDina Ezzat - Al-Ahram Weekly "Ending the transitional phase by bringing presidential poll forward is one of the demands being made by six potential presidential candidates who have been busy drafting an alternative schedule that will allow for presidential elections in April at the latest.The call for a shorter transitional phase is expected to be a dominant theme of the mass demonstration called for tomorrow in Tahrir Square." ca 7/10/2011
After SeptemberKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly "PA officials, who have been overenthusiastic about the creation of an international momentum that would dramatically expedite Palestinian statehood, are now realising that reality is more complex than they previously thought." ca 7/10/2011
Israel`s melding of private and public spheresEthan Bronner - New York Times - When Israelis say they view the seized soldier, Staff Sgt. Gilad Shalit, as their own son, they mean it. It is the melding of private and public spheres, the unwillingness to distinguish between what is good for the state and what is good for the individual that is seen by many here as Israel’s greatest strength — but by others as its greatest weakness. 18/10/2011
Palestinians joyous over release of prisonersOmar Rahman - +972 Magazine - An outpouring of emotion accompanied the return of Palestinian prisoners to the West Bank on Tuesday, as a very large crowd assembled at the Muqa’ata in Ramallah to welcome home nearly 100 prisoners who were released as part of an exchange deal between Hamas and Israel.18/10/2011
Freed mother: `I must be dreaming`Ali Sawafta - Reuters/Ma`an - For nine years, Qahera Assadi dreamed she would one day be free to embrace her four children again. "I must be dreaming," she said during the chaos of a reception at President Mahmoud Abbas` compound in Ramallah where thousands gathered to welcome the ex-prisoners as national heroes. "I can`t believe it, I can`t believe it," she repeated, tears streaming down her cheeks.18/10/2011
Murdered for being Palestinian; Wael Zuaiter remembered 40 years onSarah Irving - EI - "I was told later that the Israeli group, the hit team, were living in the hotel opposite and they were obviously looking down on the terrace. He knew that he was being watched." - id 5/10/2011
Journalists ask Israel to tone down security checks on Arab mediaGili Izikovich - Haaretz - "..."racist" security procedures for Arab journalists, calling them "an assault on human dignity and a blight upon the state of Israel."" - id 5/10/2011
Arabs outraged over ban on October riots studies Hassan Shaalan - Ynet - Teacher at a Wadi Ara high school: "We received warning from the school headmaster not to discuss the October events with the students and we shall honor that request despite our opposition." But many parents respond by keeping kids at home. 1/10/2011
Abbas is punished by $200m cut in aid from USDonald Macintyre - The Independent - Congress makes Palestinians pay for seeking UN recognition. The decision runs counter to the wishes of the Obama administration and reflects Congressional anger at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas`s so far unrealised pursuit of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation and statehood recognition at the UN. 1/10/2011
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