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Siege, Wall, Checkpoints

In Middle Eastern elections, no one bats an eyelid when the leader gets 110 per cent of the vote Robert Fisk - The Independent - Even the worst dictatorships - usually supported by us, the `democrats` - want to play the game 30/4/2005
`Easing of restrictions - Where? Who for? When?` - Checkpoints in MarchMachsomWatch Report - Together with the `easing of restrictions` and `improvements` that the IDF rushed to present to the media, the impromptu checkpoints multiplied throughout March, making the life of people travelling even more difficult and insufferable. Only a few minutes away from the large checkpoints, where they`ve already waited for hours, Palestinians must yet again present their papers and wait for checks during an unlimited period.29/4/2005
US continues to torture IraqisAmnesty International - one year after the dramatic revelations of Abu Ghraib, US thugs continue to torture Iraqis with full government backing29/4/2005
Bil`in: Protest against the wallISM - More on the demonstration of 28 April at Bil`in29/4/2005
Blood for Oil?Iain Boal, T.J. Clark, Joseph Matthews and Michael Watts - London Review of Books - "Retort, a group of writers and activists, considers whether oil was the reason for the invasion of Iraq" 29/4/2005
Checkpoint for everDaoud Kuttab - the Jordan Times - There is something terribly powerful about personal experiences. No matter how much one reads, hears and talks about a situation, the direct connection is often much more potent.29/4/2005
Goodbye, LebanonAssociated Press - Dozens of trucks carrying hundreds of Syrian soldiers, cannons, and rocket launchers seen heading out of Lebanon; son of assassinated former Lebanese leader Rafik Hariri declares he would run in Lebanese general elections 25/4/2005
Last Syrian Units Pack to Pull Out of LebanonHassan M. Fattah - NYT - Syrian troops packed up their remaining equipment in Lebanon`s Bekaa Valley on Sunday, nearing a complete withdrawal days before a formal ceremony in Lebanon on Tuesday. 25/4/2005
Israeli checkpoints in the Occupied TeritoriesJews Against the Occupation - a link23/4/2005
Checpoint RealityPalestine Redcrescent Society - Presents a series of "Checkpoint Pictures" 23/4/2005
Sick Palestinian detained for 9.5 hours and then arrested Hannah and Anna - ISWP - A resident of Qira was reportedly stopped at Huwara checkpoint leaving Nablus, where he had spent 7 days in a hospital due to a serious stomach infection. He was on his way home but was detained from 12:30 at noon till 10pm while the army checked his ID.23/4/2005
Bil`in resists the Annexation Wall- two reports and an invitationISM News relay - Thursday the 21st of April, the youth of Bil`in village demonstrated against the Annexation Wall. 21/4/2005
`He shot me with a rubber bullet’Ali Waked - YnetNews - Mahmad Sa’id Wahadan gets into row with soldiers at Beit Ibah checkpoint; resisting arrest, he’s shot with rubber bullet; Wahadan says he’s proud: “I later beat my son, who had begged them to leave me alone” 22/4/2005
1000 Iraqis dying each month: expertThe Daily Telegraph - Despite a decrease in American deaths in Iraq, Iraqis continue to die and suffer under poor economic conditions, a foreign policy expert said today. Between 500 and 1000 Iraqis would be killed each month in the war-torn country, the Washington-based The Brookings Institution foreign policy expert Michael O`Hanlon said. 22/4/2005
The Arab sceneMustafa El-Feki- Al-Ahram Weekly - The Arab world appears to have entered a new chapter in the trials and tribulations that have beset it over recent decades as it faces a sudden onslaught of regional and international developments - the election of a Republican administration in the US to a second term of office, the new phase in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the formation of a new government in Iraq raising question marks over the future of that country and the repercussions it will have throughout the region.22/4/2005
Confronting present and pastHala Mustafa - Al-Ahram Weekly - Democratisation is not only about amending constitutions or securing free elections; it is also about opening political and cultural values, indeed history, to scrutiny Hala Mustafa* 22/4/2005
Another Palestinian woman loses her foetus at a checkpointMahsom - Ibtisam Lahham of Khan Yunis lost her baby after a one-hour delay at the Tuffah checkpoint 20/4/2005
Israeli Restrictions Lead Palestinian Woman to MiscarriageWAFA - Palestinian woman suffered miscarriage as Israeli soldiers prevented Wednesday an ambulance, carrying her, from accessing to reach a Hospital, Palestinian medicals sources said. 20/4/2005
What I Didn`t See in IraqJim McGovern - The Nation - "Trust me when I tell you things are so much better in Iraq," said one US military official to me on my recent visit to that war-ravaged country. I didn`t know whether to scream or pull the remaining two strands of hair out of my head. 20/4/2005
Jerusalem`s Armenians want Israeli recognition of `genocide`Ezzedine Said - Agence France Presse20/4/2005
Dangerous DemocracyDavid Hirst - The Guardian - Imperial America won`t like the free Arabia that missionary America will have helped to spawn20/4/2005
Upon your walls, O Abu Dis, I have set watchmenNavah Elisar - Mahsomwatch - an intimate look at the progress and the human cost of the Annexation Wall as it snakes its way through the Jerusalem area20/4/2005
One year after Abu Ghraib, torture continuesAmnesty International - Campaign Against Torture 30/4/2005
Darfur and the International Criminal CourtEric Reeves - MERIP Online - On the ongoing crisis in the Sudan: "On March 31, 2005, the United Nations issued another response to the vast crisis in the Darfur region of far western Sudan, referring various conspicuous violations of international law to the International Criminal Court." 29/4/2005
Savage attack on demonstrationGush Shalom - Reporting about the 28 April demonstration at Bil`in29/4/2005
High court orders halt of construction of Ariel wall section - approves wall near Bethlehem George Rishmawi – IMEMC & Agencies - Israel has halted the construction of the wall around the settlement of Ariel in the northern West Bank, following injunctions issued by the High Court of Justice, in response to petitions against the route of the wall. 19/4/2005
Iraqi Alliance Seeks to Oust Top Officials Of Hussein EraEllen Knickmeyer - The Shiite Muslim bloc leading the new Iraqi government will demand the removal of all top officials left over from the era of former president Saddam Hussein, a top official said 18/4/2005
What I Didn`t See in IraqJim McGovern - The Nation - "Trust me when I tell you things are so much better in Iraq," said one US military official to me on my recent visit to that war-ravaged country. I didn`t know whether to scream or pull the remaining two strands of hair out of my head...15/4/2005
Commemorating Lebanon`s War Amid Continued CrisisLaurie King-Irani - MERIP - Laurie King-Irani, former editor of Middle East Report, lived and worked in Lebanon from 1993-1998. She is completing a book entitled Universal Jurisdiction for Humanitarian Crimes: The Belgian Experiment15/4/2005
Don`t be fooled by the spin on Iraq Jonathan Steele - The Guardian - The US is failing - and hatred of the occupation greater than ever 13/4/2005
What I heard about IraqEliot Weinberger - Fellowship Magazine - an excellent documentation of historical statements exposing the lies about Iraq, in the liars` own words [warning: over 15 pages long]17/4/2005
Let them eat bombs; The doubling of child malnutrition in Iraq is bafflingTerry Jones - The Guardian - A report to the UN human rights commission in Geneva has concluded that Iraqi children were actually better off under Saddam Hussein than they are now.13/4/2005
Israel: Rushing to harvestGhassan Andoni - IMEMC - Israeli foreign minister Silvan Shalom surprised his Egyptian counter part as he called on Egypt to help Israel carryout its “regional road map.” which aims at normalizing relations and establishing diplomatic relations with Arab states.13/4/2005
Qatar: Collective punishment demission dispersion of whole families:Human ights Info - Qatari government decided to withdraw the nationality from more than 5 thousands Qataris; almost all of them belong to the Ghafran branch of Al- Morrah tribe, claiming that this tripe is Saudi and they still have the Saudi nationality. 13/4/2005
IRAQ - US plans retreat from Iraq as Pentagon claims progressAndrew Buncombe - The Independent - Reports suggest military commanders believe they are making sufficient progress against insurgents and in training Iraqi security forces that the Pentagon has starting drawing up plans to reduce US forces from the current 142,000 to as few as 105,000.12/4/2005
Al-Walaja Villagers Pledge Steadfastness to LandsAnti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - Palestinians from the village of Al-Walaja, set to see their lands, livelihoods and futures decimated by the Apartheid Wall, gathered to mark the finale of Land Week and assert their resistance to the colonization project of the Occupation Forces. 12/4/2005
IRAQ - Saddam may escape noose in deal to halt insurgencyAdrian Bloomfield - The Daily Telegraph - Saddam Hussein could avoid the gallows under a secret proposal by insurgent leaders that Iraq`s new administration is "seriously considering", a senior government source said yesterday. 11/4/2005
Soldiers` photos from IraqA large collection of photos taken by ordinary US soldiers in Iraq. Some are quite prosaic while others are very gruesome and disturbing. 9/4/2005
The Development ReportAbdulwahab Badrakhan - Al-Hayat - Away from American intervention, often destructive, the AHDR should be dealt with as an ambitious and beneficial document. Let us say that it is a document for the governments and oppositions at the same time, but it is first and foremost for the governments, since the UN deals with them.9/4/2005
Arnove on Iraq: Lecture to Brooklyn Parents for PeaceAnthony Arnove - Znet (Traprock Peace Center) - "[T]he U.S. occupation authorities passed more than 100 regulations that will outlive the occupation, imposing neoliberalism and austerity measures on whatever government comes to power. These involved opening every aspect of Iraq`s economy other than oil to 100 percent foreign ownership, retaining the anti-worker trade union laws of the Hussein regime, lowering taxes on corporations to levels only dreamed about by U.S. war profiteers, and ensuring that oil ... will be de facto controlled by private companies and dominated by the Western oil giants."9/4/2005
"Iraq`s oilworkers will defend the country`s oil"Hassan Juma`a Awad - Znet (Truthout) - "Iraqi oil reserves are the second largest in world. We asked ourselves, in a situation like that, how can it be that the workers in our industry would be getting a monthly salary of $35?"9/4/2005
"Israel is the key to Bush`s Iraq strategy"Neve Gordon - Counterpunch - The author argues that the US in Iraq is following the occupation model that Israel established in 1993, with the "Iraqi government" playing a role analogous to that of the Palestinian Authority.8/4/2005
Continued Construction of the Annexation Wall From the PCHR report - IOF have continued to construct the Annexation Wall inside the West Bank. This week, they confiscated more area of Palestinian land and demolished a number of houses for this purpose. 7/4/2005
Another Palestinian Ghetto in East Jerusalem: Israel Closes the Segregation Wall in Al RamLink to the Applied Research Institute: "The new construction is closing existing gaps between Al Ram and the neighboring towns of Beir Nabala and Beit Hanina and stretching around the eastern side of Al Ram. When complete, the Wall will encircle Al Ram (with a population of 25,215 inhabitants[1]) on four sides leaving only two exits."7/4/2005
Arab Human Development Report - 2004United Nations Developpment Program 6/4/2005
`Lebanese grow fearful as bombings persist`Jessy Chanine - Daily Star - BEIRUT: `Even in our own homes, we`re not safe anymore,` said Riad Asswad, one of the seven wounded in a blast in Broumana last Friday. He added: `We had just finished dinner and were watching television in our living room, when suddenly the room just fell about our head.` 6/4/2005
Attacking the Tehran-Damascus-Hezbollah AxisPatrick Seale - Al-Hayat - Ever since the United States invaded Iraq two years ago - toppling Saddam Hussein, smashing the state, and killing tens of thousands of Iraqis - commentators have puzzled over America`s war aims. What was the strategic plan behind the carnage? What was Washington trying to achieve? If there was a master-plan, where would the U.S. strike next?6/4/2005
A Constitutional Document For A New Lebanon?Hazem Saghieh - Al-Hayat - If this is the `second independence` of the Lebanese then this independence deserves an independent historical document drafted the `founding fathers` from the opposition, or at least by the opposition`s most prominent or most powerful movements. 6/4/2005
Who Will Administer Reform In Egypt?Hasan Abu Taleb - Al-Hayat - The Egyptian security forces had surrounded the parliament, established security checkpoints in the city of Cairo and created a situation which could be described by a nightmare. 4/4/2005
The Quest for DemocracyMohammad Al Ashab- Al-Hayat - The explosions of Beirut are simply attempts of standing in the way of change, but their impact cannot exceed the logic of implanting fear in people`s hearts. 5/4/2005
UN report: Reforms in Arab world `are largely cosmetic` - Roula Khalaf - Financial Times - Leading Arab intellectuals have warned against "premature" western euphoria over political progress in the Middle East, judging that reforms remain largely cosmetic and fragmented.6/4/2005
Iraqi Parliament Appoints Kurd as PresidentMariam Karouny - Reuters - Parliament elected Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani as Iraq`s president on Wednesday, breaking a political impasse and paving the way for a new government more than nine weeks after historic elections. 6/4/2005
Listen To Arab VoicesMarina Ottaway - The Washington Post - The third Arab Human Development Report, finally released by the U.N. Development Program after a lengthy controversy, should be required reading for Bush administration officials and for anyone interested in promoting Middle East democracy. 5/4/2005
Iraq Diaries: Out of ControlCliff Kindy - CPT - The media carried the prominent story of the shooting of the Italian kidnap victim and her security guard. Also a Bulgarian soldier died as US forces opened fire from a checkpoint on Bulgarian military vehicles. These stories are in the news, but the regular incidents of Iraqis in similar situations are usually untold. 5/4/2005
Zarqawi Said to Be Behind Iraq Raid; Assault on Abu Ghraib May Signal New TacticsEllen Knickmeyer - The Washington Post - Insurgent groups led by foreigners and Iraqis asserted Monday that guerrilla leader Abu Musab Zarqawi`s organization was responsible for a major assault on Abu Ghraib prison Saturday that U.S. officers called one of the most sophisticated attacks of the insurgency.5/4/2005
US Troops Battle Insurgents East of BaghdadReuters - U.S. and Iraqi troops battled dozens of insurgents in a remote part of Iraq east of Baghdad on Monday and two American soldiers and an Iraqi soldier were killed in the fighting, the U.S. military said on Tuesday. 5/4/2005
Morocco`s Justice and Reconciliation CommissionSusan Slyomovics - MERIP - From independence in 1956 through the 1990s, the Moroccan state sent thousands of dissidents and political opponents to prison. During these decades, known to Moroccans as the "black years," the act of expressing an "unauthorized opinion" could earn years of arbitrary detention.5/4/2005
Dahr Jamail: "Life in Falluja is a horror story"Eric Ruder- Socialist Worker - from the EI - DAHR JAMAIL spent eight months working as an independent journalist in Iraq. As one of the few journalists not "embedded" with U.S. forces, his reports earned a reputation for being an uncompromising look at life under occupation.1/4/2005
US relied on `drunken liar` to justify war; Crazy` Iraqi spy was full of misinformationEdward Helmore - The Observer - An alcoholic cousin of an aide to Ahmed Chalabi has emerged as the key source in the US rationale for going to war in Iraq.4/4/2005
Iraqi Assembly Selects Speaker, Ending ImpasseEllen Knickmeyer - TWP - Sunni Muslim was selected as speaker of the new Iraqi parliament on Sunday, an important first step in the formation of a national unity government that follows two months of difficult negotiations. 4/4/2005
Popular Movement Descend on Confiscated Lands Forcing Occupation Forces to Flee from ConfrontationStop the Wall Org. - Over 600 villagers from Azzun and Kafr Thulth in Qalqiliya gathered on lands confiscated by the Occupation Forces for its Apartheid Wall in their ongoing resistance to the theft and destruction of their lands. 1/4/2005
Violence of the Occupation Forces Fails to Deter Palestinian Resistance to the Apartheid WallStop the Wall - Simultaneous demonstrations on both sides of the Apartheid Wall which cuts through the area of Baqa ended in clashes with Occupation Forces, and defiant calls from the villagers that they will never accept the ghettoization of their lands.2/4/2005
Protest against the Wall in various West Bank villagesISM news relay - Israeli activist in hospital after a head injury sustained during anti-Wall protest, A-Zawiya protests isolation of their community,joint Palestinian-Israeli protest at Asira al Shamaliya near Nablus4/4/2005
A Wall that destroys Life 3/4/2005
Israeli (Yonatan Polak) hurt in anti-fence protestBorder Guard officers fire tear gas grenades at demonstrators; injured activist Yonatan Polak: "They aimed…directly at the protestors, as happens in all the demonstrations,” he said, and added that one grenades hit him in the head. “I’m hurting badly,” he said. 3/4/2005
Continued Construction of the Annexation Wall From the weekly report of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights3/4/2005
We were in Bil`in today at the big demonstration against the fence Adi Dagan - a peaceful joint Palestinian-Israeli demonstration against the fence is infiltrated by undercover Israeli soldiers and prison guards28/4/2005
Killing Freely in IraqPatrick Cockburn - The Independent - North American terrorists are wreaking havoc in Iraq with virtually complete immunity28/4/2005
Applying consistencyJordan Times Editorial - It is all very well to compel one set of foreign troops to leave, but useless if it is not a policy that is applied consistently. Israel still occupies land in Syria and Lebanon, in addition to East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. Let`s see some concerted international efforts to end those occupations. 27/4/2005
Breaking the silence on Arab rightsBy Hasan Abu Nimah - The Jordan Times - Syria has just ended its military and intelligence presence in Lebanon. This, no doubt, is a step in the right direction. It will enable Lebanon to continue to build its political institutions and its struggling economy away from the direct influence of foreign intervention. 27/4/2005
U.S. Figures Show Sharp Global Rise In Terrorism; State Dept. Will Not Put Data in ReportSusan B. Glasser - The Washington Post - The number of serious international terrorist incidents more than tripled last year, according to U.S. government figures, a sharp upswing in deadly attacks that the State Department has decided not to make public in its annual report on terrorism due to Congress this week.27/4/2005
Ex-Officials Say Bolton Inflated Syrian DangerDouglas Jehl - The NYT - According to former intelligence officials, cntral Intelligence Agency and other experts rejected as exaggerated John R. Bolton`s warnings about Syrian efforts to acquire unconventional. 27/4/2005
IRAQ: Death business booms in BaghdadAgence France Presse - BAGHDAD (AFP) - Hussein Mohammed never dreamt that roadside bombs and suicide attacks in Baghdad would make him a fortune. 27/4/2005
Iraqi insurgency `undiminished`BBC News Online - Militants staging attacks in Iraq are as strong now as they were a year ago, America`s top soldier has said.Between 50 and 60 attacks are carried out each day, the same number as in 2004, according to Gen Richard Myers, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. 27/4/2005
U.S. may sell bunker busters to Israel; Proposed deal raisesReuters - WASHINGTON - The Pentagon notified Congress on Tuesday of a proposed sale to Israel of 100 guided bunker-busting bombs, a move that analysts said could prompt concerns about a unilateral Israel strike against Iran. 27/4/2005
Swindler on a GusherMaureen Dowd - NYT - Ahmad Chalabi - convicted embezzler in Jordan, suspected Iranian spy, double-crosser of America, purveyor of phony war-instigating intelligence - is the new acting Iraqi oil minister. 30/4/2005
Amnesty: Torture continuing in IraqAljazeera - Amnesty International has said there are signs of fresh torture and sexual abuse in Iraq by prison authorities. 27/4/2005
Iraq Reaches Landmark as Government FormedLuke Baker - Reuters - BAGHDAD - Iraq formed its first democratically elected government in more than 50 years on Thursday, ending three months of political deadlock that has crippled efforts to end violence. The 275-seat parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of the cabinet proposed by Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Ja`afari, ending a power vacuum that has existed since Jan. 30 elections. 28/4/2005
On Abu Ghraib, the Big Shots WalkBob Herbert - The New York Times - When soldiers in war are not properly trained and supervised, atrocities are all but inevitable. This is one reason why the military command structure is so important. There was a time, not so long ago, when commanders were expected to be accountable for the behavior of their subordinates. 28/4/2005
A morning at Huwwara and Beit Furik checkpointsMatt Robson - There is a sign posted by the exit of the Beit Furik checkpoint, which looks innocent enough and possibly even multicultural with the three languages. The English reads "Exit Only" and the Arabic the same. The Hebrew, however, has been altered to the offensive "Exit Dog." 17/4/2005
Checkpoints Take Toll on Palestinians; Civilians Describe Abuse; Troops Lament Conditions Molly Moore - Washington Post - HAWARA, West Bank - At a sandbagged military checkpoint on a bleak patch of asphalt in the West Bank, an Israeli soldier yanked 29-year-old Mohammad Yousef out of a Palestinian ambulance. When Yousef`s medical papers were produced, the soldier waved them off and bellowed, "I wouldn`t let you in even if you brought God here with you!" 17/4/2005
Across the Middle East, a New Power RisesScott Wilson and Daniel Willams - Washington Post - an examination of opposition movements in Lebanon and Egypt: Pro-democracy or pro-Bush - or both? 17/4/2005
An unjust warCharley Reese - Antiwar - The North American people have been led like sheep to the slaughter in Iraq. 16/4/2005
Land confiscation gather pace in South Hebron area The Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - The Wall Prepares to Swallow the Land of Sammu`a and Dhahriya 13/4/2005
Conscription is necessary to stop the massacreBlack Commentator - Znet - a compelling argument that the US will never rejoin the family of civilized nations until universal conscription is implemented. 19/4/2005
New revelations about racism in the militaryAiden Delgado, Paul Rockwell - Znet - a returned US soldier speaks of the US soldiers` intense racial hatred of Arabs. Excerpt: "I talked to the guy who did the killing. He showed me these grisly photographs ... ‘I shot this guy in the groin, he took three days to bleed to death.` I was shocked. This was the nicest guy you would ever want to meet. He was a family man, a really courteous guy, a devout Christian. I was stunned and said to him: `You shot an unarmed man behind barbed wire for throwing a stone.` He said, `Well, I knelt down. I said a prayer, stood up and gunned them all down.` " 19/4/2005
The Wall: 182 Dunams annexed near Jerusalem; Wall section in northern Bethlehem startedSaed banoura and IMEMC - Tuesday afternoon, Israeli soldiers annexed 182 Dunams near Beit Sorik and Al-Jo’ba, north west of Jerusalem; Bulldozers started erecting a section of the separation wall near the Electricity Company in the northern neighborhood of Bethlehem. 26/4/2005
Hattar sentenced to three-month prison termRana Husseini - The Jordan Times - Ali Hattar was sentenced to a three-month prison term after being convicted for slandering the government in a lecture titled "Why we boycott America", organized by the Professional Associations Council and its Anti-Normalisation Committee, which was ruled illegal in Jordan. 25/4/2005
Breaking the silence on Arab rightsHasan Abu Nimah - The Jordan Times - Syria has just ended its military and intelligence presence in Lebanon. This, no doubt, is a step in the right direction. It will enable Lebanon to continue to build its political institutions and its struggling economy away from the direct influence of foreign intervention. 27/4/2005
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