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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Palestinian prisoners ready for mass hunger strikeJoe Catron - The Electronic Intifada - Nearly two hundred Palestinian administrative detainees, held indefinitely without charge or trial on Israeli military court orders, have announced plans to launch a mass hunger strike for their freedom this Thursday. [bz for id]23/4/2014
Success for BDS in BelgiumPhoto by Hamde Abu Hamde Abu - Thanks to Ezra Nawi for spreading it on facebook [ak]22/4/2014
Palestinian Prisoners` Day remains centralAsa Winstanley - Memo - “[Addameer, a Palestinian human rights group focusing on the issues of prisoners and prisons] said in a press release: ‘Every year Israel arrests thousands of Palestinians in an attempt to suppress any resistance to its continued occupation and colonization, the result being the imprisonment of approximately 800,000 Palestinians since 1967’" [ry]21/4/2014
Statement by Dr. Saeb Erekat marking the Day of the Palestinian PrisonerSaeb Erekat - PNN - For Palestinians, having loved ones in prison is not the exception: it is something which has affected every Palestinian family. 800,000 Palestinians have been arrested by Israeli forces since 1967. 5224 remain incarcerated today, including administrative, sick, female and children detainees. [bz]19/4/2014
Nabi Saleh 18.4.2014 protest video (David Reeb) 19/4/2014
Weekly Vigil at Sheikh Jarrah April 18th at 4:00 PM 17/4/2014
U.S. legal victory for BDS movementAIC - "`Those who would try to intimidate concerned citizens speaking out on behalf of Palestinian human rights should take note,` said CCR Senior Staff Attorney Maria LaHood. `The law and history are on the side of peaceful boycotts for social change, and today’s ruling reaffirms that this time-honored tradition is protected by the First Amendment,` she added" [ry]14/4/2014
Video: Bricks from the Wall Jihane al Quds and Harlem Anti-Wall Chorus - BDS Movement - "We don’t need no occupation (Divest! Divest!) We don’t need no swat patrol (Divest! Divest!) Cat’s bulldozing West Bank classrooms (Divest! Divest!) That’s not for the greater good..." - id 9/4/2014
2014 Liberation Seder in TorontoBeit Zatoun - Two Liberation Seders, dedicated to a free Palestine and the liberation of all peoples, will be held this on this year`s Passover in Canada - one in Toronto and one in Hamilton. At Passover, Jewish families celebrate the liberation of the ancient Hebrews from oppression in the land of Egypt. Our Liberation Seder draws on the legacy of Rabbi Akiva who used the Pesach Seder to plan a revolutionary struggle against the Romans, and of the Partisans of the Warsaw Ghetto who began their revolt on the first night of Pesach - not only because the tactical need of the moment, but also because their understanding of the meaning of the Passover story. [ak]7/4/2014
Video: Bitounia, near Ofer prison, 4.4.2014 5/4/2014
Palestinians clash with IDF forces in support of prisoners - 13 woundedReuters / Jerusalem Post - A small group of demonstrators held a sit-in at the main gate leading from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and chanted anti-Israel slogans before Israeli security forces approached while firing stun grenades and tear gas. Another protest was held at the entrance of the Ofer Prison, located on the outskirts of Ramallah in Betunia. [bz]5/4/2014
King`s College London students union endorse BDS Ynet - The students union of King`s College London (KCL), one of the leading academic institutes in the UK, decided to endorse the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement at its Student General Meeting: "The Union believes BDS is an effective tactic, which educates society about these issues, economically pressures companies/institutions to change their practices, and politically pressures the global community." Union members resolved to carry out research into KCL`s investments, partnerships and contracted companies "that may be implicated in violating Palestinian human rights." and to pressrue the KCL administration to divest from Israel and from companies that "support the Israeli occupation and apartheid policies," either directly or indirectly. ak 1/4/2014
Leading leaders for peace in Tel AvivHillel Schenker - Times of Israel - Some people are afraid of using the word “peace”, thinking it`s passé, utopian or simply unattainable. Not so the dedicated Israeli and Palestinian activists of "Leading Leaders for Peace" who marched near the Tel Aviv seashore, Wearing white peace t-shirts with the word "Peace" and an olive branch on the front. They were joined by another group, "A Million Hands for an Agreement", who distributed colorful hands on a stick, with the slogan “Every hand is a vote for peace". The particiaption of dozens of West Bank Palestinians, including families with children, was made possible through an intensive effort to get them a permit. On an earlier occasion, the arrival of Palestinians at a peace demonstration had been vetoed by Defence Minister Ya`alon. ak 1/4/2014
Planting `Sumoud` on Land Day in Al-Khader Memo - "Since the establishment of the Efrat settlement in 1979 and later Newe Daniel in 1983, both as part of the Gush Etzion settlement bloc which stretches from Hebron to Bethlehem, land confiscation under various guises has continued to usurp Palestinian land from several villages in the area. Allatef`s land has been declared a `military zone` by the occupation authorities and is surrounded by various settlement extensions including military bases, settler houses and settler caravans" [ry]31/3/2014
29 European Parliament members call on Ashton to discourage European businesses from trading with settlements ECCP - AIC - “In their letter to Ashton 29 Members of European Parliament stated that: ‘There are several examples of the many ways in which European businesses contribute to the existence and expansion of the settlements. Through their activities, they make direct and on-going contributions to Israeli violations of international law and to human rights abuses associated with the settlements’” [ry]31/3/2014
Urgent Action: Please oppose the creation of a new settlement in Hebron.Christian Peacemaker Teams - Settlers have won a victory in their ongoing attempt to grab land for a new settlement in Hebron. On March 11 the Israeli Supreme Court agreed to hand over the Al-Rajabi building in the Old City of Hebron to settlers, despite the devastating humanitarian impacts of the decision on Palestinians living in the neighborhood. The Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) has appealed to the international community to speak out against the creation of a new settlement in the Old City of Hebron, and to appeal to the Defense minister to prevent settlers from moving into the building.-rh27/3/2014
Senior Fatah Leader links Israeli prisoner release to UN pushDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - A leading Palestinian official has said that the end of March, rather than the end of April, could be the date that the Palestinian leadership moves to join United Nations agencies.- rh27/3/2014
Will boycott `work?`Dahlia Scheindlin - +972 - "’s worth remembering that eight short years ago, there was no BDS at all." - id 26/3/2014
Activists shut Beit El checkpoint in protest against Jenin killingsMa`an - 180 protesters from the popular resistance movement carried Palestinian flags and pictures of the three men killed in Jenin refugee camp, chanting slogans demanding an end to the Israeli occupation and to its crimes against the Palestinian people. bz24/3/2014
WCC Expresses Concern over Knesset LawChris Carlson - IMEMC "Tveit called on "Israeli authorities to reverse this law to stop an injustice against the Christian citizens of Israel", encouraging WCC member churches to "raise this issue with representatives of Israel and with their own governments", and urging reversal of this law." ca 21/3/2014
Jerusalem Initiative to Sue Israel for Repressive MeasuresChris Carlson - IMEMC - A Jerusalemite initiative, under the name "Worship is my right", started on Wednesday, aiming to expose Israel’s policies and violent practices against Palestinians, Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem, with the hope of securing thousands of signatures -- enough to sue Israel in the international courts.-rh 20/3/2014
Women behind the lens: Palestinians filming the occupationManal Ja’bri - +972 - For the past several years, Palestinian women from all walks of life have been taking part in a video project to document human rights violations under occupation. In honor of International Women’s Day, one of them tells her story.-rh19/3/2014
Israeli activists erect a huge exhibit overlooking Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway and embark on Peace Walk 19/3/2014
Mavi Marmara case goes to the International Criminal CourtGreta Berlin - Free Gaza Movement - The Mavi Marmara, attacked by Israeli commandos in 2010 en route to Gaza, was flagged and registered in Comoros, an archipelago off the African coast. The Comoros filed a case in the International Criminal Court (ICC), and in addition individual victim applications requesting participation in the proceedings were sent to the ICC from passengers on the flotilla, as well as an organizational application from the Free Gaza movement, and the Turkish NGO Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHH). ak 19/3/2014
Israel`s War on American UniversitiesChris Hedges - Open - The banning of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at Northeastern University in Boston replicates sanctions being imposed against numerous student Palestinian rights groups across the country. The disturbingly similar forms of punishment, appear to be part of a coordinated effort by the Israeli government and the Israel lobby to blacklist all student groups that challenge the official Israeli narrative. Northeastern banned the SJP chapter after it posted on campus replicas of eviction notices that are routinely put up on Palestinian homes set for Israeli demolition. ak18/3/2014
Beduin protest over house demolitions outside Prime Minister’s ResidenceAriel Ben Solomon - Jerusalem Post - Almost every week we are destroying illegal structures, but they are building faster than we destroy, said the head of the `coordination directorate of land law enforcement in the Negev.` bz18/3/2014
Calling upon Netanyahu and Abbas to come to an agreement based on the 1967 bordersAchinoam Nini, Avraham Burg, Amos Oz and Yael Dayan are among the long list of Israeli public figures - academics, writers, artists, former senior military officers, business CEO`s, Laureates of the Israel Prize and others.18/3/2014
$170m Loss for Israeli Water Firm as BDS Spreads SouthwardChris Carlson - IMEMC News - "In the latest success for the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, authorities in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have suspended a proposed $170m water treatment plant deal with Israeli state water firm, Mekorot" [ry]17/3/2014
HP: Complicit in Jerusalem’s Ethnic Cleansing ECCP - AIC - "The Coalition to Boycott HP is in its final stages of preparing for the HP annual shareholder’s meeting, to take place on March 19th. There, members will present a petition letter calling on the company to end its ties to Israel. The Coalition needs all the signatures it can get from solidarity groups around the world, so please sign on before March 17th and tell HP to stop funding Israel’s apartheid" [ry]17/3/2014
Stand at PM`s Residence to protest Bedouin house demolitions 17/3/2014
Boycotting Israeli products? There`s an app for thatYnet - The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is determined to make it easier to boycott Israeli products. To that end, it is about to launch a smartphone app that will allow users to search for a company`s links to Israel, the International Business Times reported on Thursday. The app, still in its beta stage, will include a large database of product information that is researched by voluntary staff, as well as a barcode scanner. bz15/3/2014
Health Condition of Hunger Striking Prisoners DeterioratingChris Carlson - IMEMC "The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) said that 12 Palestinian detainees have declared hunger strike in Israeli jails.PPS said that Ofer prison administration pressured three of the hunger strikers to put an end to their protest steps." CA14/3/2014
Updated: Free the Nabi Saleh threeInternational Solidarity Movement - An Israeli military judge ruled that six demonstrators who were kidnapped from their homes three weeks ago, could be released on bail of 2500 shekels each. With the help of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and the villagers, three of the prisoners, Fadel Tamimi (54) Mohammed Tamimi ( 24) Basel Tamimi (16) have already been released. We need your help to raise the remaining 7000 shekels to release Jihad Tamimi (25) Mahmud Tamimi (21) Rami Tamimi (36). Any amount will help.-rh 13/3/2014
International Women`s Day : 22 Palestinian women held in Israeli jailsUFree - Palestinian female political and detainees suffer harsh detention conditions due to the Israeli prison administration`s deliberate medical negligence, ill-treatment, humiliating strip search, and ban on family visits in a clear violation of basic human rights and international law.-rh13/3/2014
Women behind the lens: Palestinians filming the occupationManal Ja’bri - +972 - Three years ago, I read a wanted ad in the newspaper for field researchers for B’Tselem, an Israeli organization dedicated to documenting human rights violations in the occupied territories. B’Tselem trains Palestinians in specific locations in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where tensions are high and clashes are commonplace, to use video cameras to capture those violations. The footage exposes the Israeli and the international public to the reality of life under occupation.-rh 13/3/2014
“When we see that our efforts are making a difference, it is easier to continue”Charlie Andreasson - ISM - "Their work for the Palestinian people has resulted in an impressive network of contacts with influential people at multiple levels within the community, necessary contacts for the plans they are making for the future." - id 12/3/2014
In Cairo - Celebrating International Women’s Day with the Women of GazaAnn Wright - CounterPunch - "Our message on International Women’s Day to the women of Gaza is: We, the International Women’s Delegation to Gaza, greet you on International Women’s Day. Although we can never know your suffering as you feel it, we hold you in our hearts, and pledge to you our continuing, ever-deepening solidarity. We will tell your story to all who will listen" [ry]11/3/2014
ACT! Conscientious objector Omar Saad imprisoned for the fifth time 11/3/2014
PHOTOS: Women leading the struggles in Israel/PalestineActivestills - +972 Magazine - In honor of International Women’s Day, Activestills brings you the best photos of the activist women who push for justice and a better life for all those between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. ak 10/3/2014
California court upholds conviction of ten protesters who heckled Israeli envoy A California state appeals court has upheld the conviction of ten students at the University of California, Irvine, who disrupted a 2010 speech by then-Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren. The protesters interrupted Oren repeatedly, calling him a "mass murderer" and a "war criminal." The heckling caused him to pause his speech and he curtailed his hourlong speech to twelve minutes. In 2011, the students were charged and subsequently convicted of violating a state law prohibiting the disruption or breaking up of a lawful assembly. The appeals court upheld the conviction. The defendants face up to a year in prison. ak10/3/2014
50 Young Israelis Send a Letter to Netanyahu: “We Refuse to Serve in the Occupation Army”Dafna Rothstein Landman & Itamar Bellaiche - Press release - Mandy Cartner, a 16 years old signatory from Tel Aviv said: "The actions of the army distance us from finding a solution and from creating peace, justice and security. My refusal is a way of expressing my opposition to the wrongs done daily in our name and through us." Shaked Harari, a 17 years old signatory from Bat Yam, said: "The army serves the people in power and not the civilians, who are only a tool. My friends and I refuse to be cannon fodder." Roni Lax, a 20 year old signatory from Bnei Brak: “We stand in solidarity with the ultra-orthodox youth and the Arab youth – Christian and Druze, some of whom are currently in an army prison.” bz10/3/2014
Gaza man uses remains of Israeli shells to produce works of artMa`an - Muhammad al-Zumar, a young Gazan, is regularly searching the ruins of buildings destroyed during Israeli military offensives, collecting the remains of missiles and other spent ammunition to use as raw material for handicrafts which he has assembled into an exhibition in his home. He started the project in the aftermath of the Israeli military assault on Gaza in 2008-9. Al-Zumar, like many Gazans, is unemployed, but this artistic project project is not very exapnsive. "The metal fragments I get free, I only need to find money for the paint" ak10/3/2014
Ottawa students want Sabra Hummus banned: `Company supports Human Rights violations`Nadia Drissi El-Bouzaidi - Fulcrum (student paper) - Students at the University of Ottawa launched a campaign to have Sabra hummus banned from campus. Sabra is partly owned by the Strauss Group that, according to the New York Times, financially supports the Golani Brigade of the IDF, a brigade that has been accused of Human Rights violations. Groups involved include Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR), the Palestinian Student Association (PSA), and Young Jews for Social Justice (YJSJ). ak10/3/2014
Palestinians in Israel reject "colonial, sectarian" lawPatrick Strickland - Electronic Intifada - A group of 18 Palestinian NGOs in present-day Israel subsequently released a joint statement that denounced the law as “sectarian” and “similar to the approaches adopted by the apartheid regime in South Africa, and by the French in its colonial rule in Algeria, among others. It is a policy that seeks to fragment the original people of the land into small groups with narrowed identities to replace their national identity.”-rh 5/3/2014
Tuba, ShahinDavid Shulman - Ta`ayush - We find the shepherds from Tuba with their goats just over the hill from the chicken coup of Chavat Maon, of cursed memory and cursed present. They’re scared. In fact, I don’t remember ever seeing Palestinian shepherds so nervous.-rh5/3/2014
Creative Gazans develop new crafts to cope with siegeAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - The intensification of the siege has spawned creativity in the most unlikely of places, as citizens seek outlets in an attempt to adapt to the crisis. In addition to these projects, there are people extracting gas from water, unemployed doctors who provide delivery medical services and other unsung heroes whom the media have yet to report on.-rh 5/3/2014
Anti-War Protest Held outside AIPAC Meeting in WashingtonTasnin News - "“We are here today outside of the AIPAC policy conference in Washington DC. There are several hundred people protesting the AIPAC policy conference. We are calling for peace with Iran and also justice to Palestinians.”" - id 5/3/2014
Barghouthi Welcomes YMCA, YWCA – Norway Decision To Boycott IsraelSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "“The decision is a victory to the Palestinian nonviolent resistance, a victory to BDS movement”, Dr. Barghouthi added. “International groups, institutions, and individuals must take similar actions, and boycott Israel”." - id 5/3/2014
Palestine activists, labor and environment groups in US unite against VeoliaCharlotte Silver - EI - "While the company sold its operations of the Modiin bus line in July 2013, it continues to maintain Israel’s Tovlan landfill in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank." - id 5/3/2014
Rolling Stones: Please cancel your show and boycott apartheid Israel 4/3/2014
As Israel boycott picks up steam, students at UC Davis start an course on BDS Israel Hayom - At the University of California, Davis, the "Students for Justice in Palestine" started an academic course on the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. The Jewish Agency representative at UC Davis, Hadas Buskila, was highly alarmed by the success of this initiative, which attracted about 170 students and even two lecturers - though the course does not count toward college credit. ak4/3/2014
Boycott campaigns extend to Arab countries AIC - "In Jordan a new campaign was launched to boycott Israeli products in Jordan`s grocery stores, the Jordanian daily newspaper Al-Ghad reported on Friday. The campaign started on Facebook and aims specifically to boycott Israeli agricultural products. The activists also printed stickers with the slogan `Don`t pay for the bullet that kills our people,` and distributed them to grocery stores across Amman and other Jordanian cities. The activists would also like to convince wholesalers to stop importing Israeli products" [ry]3/3/2014
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