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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Report: Mossad Chief Worked for Firm Linked to Netanyahu`s Billionaire Friend Haaretz - Cohen returned to the Mossad in 2002. Since then, Cohen reportedly met Arnon Milchan dozens of times, both in Israel and abroad. Milchan was granted a place in Cohen`s inner circle when he was still head of Israel`s National Security Council under Netanyahu, Walla said. In 2015, the prime minister appointed Cohen to head the Mossad. A number of the reported meetings between Cohen and Milchan occurred in Los Angeles, where Cohen was sent by then Mossad Chief Meir Dagan to discuss the production of a movie about the secretive Israeli agency.-rh 18/1/2017
Um al-Hiran - emergency protests in Tel Aviv and J`lem 18/1/2017
Demonstrators demand return of martyrs bodies in Bethlehemal-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "The Zionist Israeli forces often take the bodies of murdered Palestinian martyrs and hold them, usually for long periods of time, threatening to bury them in unmarked graves in the cemetery of numbers if Palestinian resistance continues." - id18/1/2017
Antisemitism and its useful idiotsAmitai Ben-Abba -Mondoweiss - All over the world people who challenge Zionism are being accused of antisemitism. You might imagine the one group of dissidents who are safe from this kind of delegitimization is the Israeli Jews—we are not. This cruel irony, when exposed, may actually play a productive role in decoupling antisemitism and anti-Zionism. As actual antisemites take positions of power in the US government while maintaining a pro-Israel stance, the need to oppose the false accusations of antisemitism becomes ever more vital.-rh18/1/2017
URGENT: Act now to prevent eviction of 100-year-old Musa Abu Al-Qian and family tomorrow 17/1/2017
J-Street: Some positive news from Capitol HillJeremy Ben-Ami - J Street - Something significant took place in the House of Representatives. It is not surprising that a resolution criticizing the Obama administration`s abstention at the UN Security Council did pass. What is new is that many principled Members of Congress protested and refused to support it - no less than 80 Members voted against. In the past, one-sided, inaccurate and unhelpful resolutions like this one would have passed with near unanimous support.We still have a long way to go - but this is a beginning. [ak] 17/1/2017
Yesh Din group submits Palestinian objections over AmonaElisha Ben Kimon - Ynet - The process of building new homes for the evicted Amona residents began last week. Once the plots were announced, land owners had just 96 hours to petition the location of the designated land in the case that also these plots were on private Palestinian land. With Yesh Din involvement the Palestinian owners were able to petition the construction of the structures. [bz]17/1/2017
Palestinian villager and two Israeli activists detained when clinging to olive treesYa`akov Manor- Olive Harvest Coalition - Massive Israeli military forces and numerous bulldozers arrived at the Palestinian olive groves of farmers from Nabi Elias, Azun and Izbat Tabib, and embarked on mass uprooting of olive trees. Dozens of residents, as well as Israeli volunteers, scattered through the groves, clinging to olive trees in an effort to protect them from being uprooted. The army began expelling the protesters. A Palestinian villager and two Israelis were detained. [ak]17/1/2017
Non-violent Bethlehem march attacked by Israeli militaryIMEMC News - "The protesters chanted and marched while holding Palestinian flags and mock coffins, calling on the Israeli government to release the bodies of Palestinians who died or were killed in Israel" [ry]16/1/2017
Gaza is attracting the attention of Silicon Valley as young tech entrepreneurs push to solve problems themselvesChristopher M. Schroeder - recode - Tech gurus from Uber, Google, SoundCloud, Microsoft and 500 Startups have visited Gaza on their own dime as volunteers to mentor startups [ry]16/1/2017
250 high school students declare support for conscientious objectorsHaggai Matar--Over 240 Israeli high school students signed a petition on Friday morning in support of two conscientious objectors. The petition, organized by Mesarvot, an Israeli NGO that supports conscientious objectors, called to support Tamar Alon — a former student at Tel Aviv’s Ironi Alef High School, where the petition was circulated — and Tamar Ze’evi. The two are now serving their fourth stint in military prison for refusing to serve in the IDF due to their opposition to the occupation. dn 15/1/2017
Amnesty International: Israel engaged in `illegal conduct` during demolitions in QalansaweMa`an - Mayor of Qalansawe, Abd al-Basit Mansour, immediately resigned from his post in reaction to the demolition campaign, underscoring that the city had been fruitlessly waiting for the approval of a master plan for the area for 20 years. The day following the demolitions, Palestinian citizens declared a general strike across Israel, which included protests in dozens of Palestinian-majority towns and at least half a million Palestinians participating in the strike. [bz]14/1/2017
Thousands protest house demolitions in QalansaweHassan Shaalan - Ynet - "Demolishing houses means that the state also intends to occupy our lands, which are ours." " - "Unfortunately, the government wants to expel us from our lands at any price. If Netanyahu remains in the government, he`ll destroy our lives because this is a racist and discriminatory government." "They destroyed our homes to tell the residents of Amona and all the racists that they also destroy Arab communities [but without offering alternative housing-bz]14/1/2017
Zionist Camp MK`s message to the Israeli leftMazal Mualem--Knesset member Ksenia Svetlova of the Zionist Camp told Al-Monitor in an interview that she still believes a diplomatic agreement with the Palestinians is the only solution and that Israelis must realize that there is no way to totally end terror acts. dn14/1/2017
Resolutions Advocating a Boycott of IsraelKenneth Surin - CounterPunch - "Both Palestinians and South African blacks said they were willing to make the concomitant sacrifices.  Who are we to deny their request, unless we happen to be Zionists now or supporters of South African apartheid then?" - id 11/1/2017
Snowden and Vanunu: Spies, Whistleblowers, Movies and Books Eileen Fleming - The Arab Daily News - "Cindy said she had a sister in Rome and I thought I would be safe there until I could return to London. We went to movies and art galleries, I trusted her." - id But, as soon as I got into the apartment, I was hit on the head and drugged. When I woke up and they took me for interrogation, they threw the Times article on the table and said, ‘Look, what you did.’ I was so relieved they had published it and that I had done what I did…   11/1/2017
Portland halts investment in Caterpillar, IDF bulldozer supplier Nora Barrows-Friedman - The Electronic Intifada - In a unanimous vote, city council of Portland, Oregon decided to halt investment in the corporate securities of "Caterpillar", notorious for supplying the D-9 bulldozers which the IDF regularly uses in destroying Palestinian homes. The Portland city council rejected charges of "antisemitism" - pointing out that many of the activists urging this act are Jewish themselves, and that similar acts were taken towards companies involved in other forms of Human Rights violations - for example, "Wells Fargo" which is involved in running private prisons in the US itself. [ak] 10/1/2017
Israelis Meet With President Abbas Ahead Of Paris Peace ConferenceEli Safran and Ibrahim Bushnak - Popular Resistance - Uri Avnery and Ran Cohen: Netanyahu should go to Paris – peace is a hope, not a threat. (...) “We will not take the path of violence and terror, we will continue to struggle by political means” - President Abbas. [ak] 10/1/2017
Petition for a public inquiry of Israeli UK Embassy 10/1/2017
WATCH: Soldiers prevent Palestinians, Israelis from protesting togetherAhmad al-Bazz and Haggai Matar, Photos by Ahmad al-Bazz and Keren Manor / - +972 - Israeli activists had hoped to join Palestinians to protest a new settler-only road that would uproot hundreds of olive trees. The Israeli army saw to that [ry]9/1/2017
Can TED Talks Sell 50 Years of Israeli Occupation?Naomi Zeveloff--Israeli settlers are taking inspiration from TED talks to make their case to the world on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 War. dn8/1/2017
Gazans kick off new year with plans for spring comedy festivalAhmed el-Komi--At a launching ceremony held Dec. 29 at Rotus restaurant, Maimas for Media Production formally announced the planning of Gaza`s first comedy festival to be held March 2017. The ceremony, which the organizers offered as a positive end to a difficult year for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, included theatrical performances and comedy shows by five Palestinian comedians and live bands. dn 8/1/2017
Thousands rally against incitement in Tel AvivAsaf Zagrizak--Several thousand Israelis came on Saturday night to Tel Aviv`s Rabin Square in a rally against incitement to violence and in a call for solidarity following the sharp divisions that have resounded in the country since the conviction of Sgt. Elor Azaria for manslaughter in the killing of the incapacitated Palestinian terrorist, Abed al Fatah a-Sharif, in March. dn8/1/2017
WATCH: Palestinian women prevent West Bank home demolitionNatasha Roth - +972 - Israeli forces who turned up to demolish a home in the West Bank village of Budrus were met with an unexpected obstacle: dozens of Palestinian women protecting the house with their bodies. [bz]7/1/2017
Soldiers use force on non-violent protest against illegal West Bank outpostsHaggai Matar - +972 "Dozens of Palestinian and Israeli activists gathered in the Jordan Valley, West Bank, on Thursday morning in order to protest the establishment of new illegal outposts in the area. The demonstrators, from joint Arab Jewish activist group Ta’ayush, were forcefully dispersed by Israeli soldiers, who fired tear gas at them. The outposts remained where they were." ca6/1/2017
What we`re doing to protect your privacy: +972 and HTTPSMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - "From everyone at +972 Magazine, we wish you a more just, uncensored, and surveillance-free 2017." - id 4/1/2017
Will `earth shaking` revelation bring down Netanyahu?Ben Caspit - Al Monitor - Netanyahu, even before the investigation against him began, adopted tactics to make it clear that he has no intention of caving. To the contrary, in fact, Netanyahu intends to leverage his popularity and recruit his supporters, mainly the growing right-wing Israeli public, to constantly repeat one message: that he is being subjected to a political investigation and political persecution. In a meeting of the Likud faction hours before the investigators arrived at his residence, Netanyahu claimed that he would not have come under investigation if he had had different policies. Instead, he said, he was being obsessively persecuted by the media. Many of his Likud supporters agree with his assertion.-rh 4/1/2017
Petition to support Paris Peace Conference-scroll down for English-3/1/2017
Israeli forces detain 5 Palestinian employees of Hebron Rehabilitation CommitteeMa`an - HRC`s director, Imad Hamdan, said that such Israeli procedures “aim to obstruct the committee’s work in maintaining the cultural aspect of Hebron and protect it from the Israeli attempts to Judaize it.” [bz]3/1/2017
BDS: Provincial Council of Valencia Declares itself ‘Israeli Apartheid Free’IMEMC News & Agencies - The Provincial Council of Valencia (Diputación de Valéncia) recently became the 60th city in the Spanish state declaring itself “Free of Israeli Apartheid” [ry]2/1/2017
Join the weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah! 30/12/2016
+972 Magazine`s Editor`s Picks of 2016Magazine Staff - +972 - "As 2016 comes to a close, +972 Magazine’s editors and bloggers look back at the year that was, and share the articles that most resonated with them – in no particular order." - id 28/12/2016
Palestinian land owner preparing to take settlers to ICCOded Shalom, Elior Levy - Ynet - The 2,000 acres that will be expropriated if the Regulation Bill is approved include the Mitzpe Kramim outpost, which was built on land that Hazem Hassim Ajaj says belongs to his family. ‘When I heard that a settlement had been built on my land, I felt as if my hand had been cut off,’ he says, vowing not to give up. Meanwhile, PA teams are monitoring the bill’s progress and collecting data ahead of an International Criminal Court lawsuit [ry]26/12/2016
Forced existenceRuchama Marton - Mondoweiss - The occupier is trapped in his own forced existence as occupier – unable to change, despite the fact that this would benefit both sides. [Ruchama Marton is founding member of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, whose decades-long actions appear in the later part of the article--bz]24/12/2016
Is Israeli High Court’s independence at risk?Mazal Mualem - Al Monitor - The High Court of Justice is well-known in the world as an institution symbolizing the robustness of Israeli democracy; it is an institution that protects minority groups, without political considerations. However, nowadays it is clear that the red line has already been crossed. All the signs show that the political and public atmosphere is ripe for infringing on, and restricting, the powers of the High Court of Justice vis-a-vis the politicians. President Naor’s struggle is only rearguard action.-rh 22/12/2016
Remembering Ziad Abu EinHuarra team - International Solidarity Movement - "Representatives of political parties as well as dozens of internationals also participated in the tree planting, and reclaiming the land, which followed the midday prayer." - id 21/12/2016
Israeli art student hounded by Israeli rightAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - Writing that Culture Minister Miri Regev has asked Education Minister Naftali Bennett to stop funding the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design because of a poster by a first-year student is a dog bites man story. But in fact, this is what happened this week, when a poster showing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a rope swept the social networks. It’s hardly surprising that the culture minister, who is proud of never having read Chekhov, doesn’t understand the difference between a poster displayed in the stairwell of an arts school and incitement against asylum seekers in the town square (as she did in 2012, when she called African asylum seekers “a cancer”). And then again, maybe she does understand and even knows that the school assignment of an 18-year-old student, posted on the web by some anonymous hand, is hardly a security threat to the prime minister. But Regev, as always, never misses an opportunity to pick up a few more likes from her fans.-rh 21/12/2016
Some of Jerusalem’s rabbis are waging their own war on ChristmasIshaan Tharoor - The Washington Post - In a letter faxed to hoteliers in Jerusalem, two of the city`s chief rabbis warned against displaying Christmas trees on their premises. “As the secular year ends we want to remind you that erecting a Christmas tree in a hotel contravenes halacha [Jewish law] and that therefore it is clear that one should not erect [a tree] in a hotel,” the letter reads, according to the Times of Israel. “It is also appropriate to avoid hosting parties to mark the end of the secular year.”- rh 21/12/2016
Boycott Israeli Wines campaign targets Vancouver Liquor StoreBoycott Israeli Wines - The manager of the store was made aware that the three brands of Israeli wines that are stocked here are all from stolen Arab and Palestinian land. One brand in particular, the Teperberg Vision Malbec, even openly brags on its website that the vineyard that contributes grapes for this wine is in the illegal Israeli settlement of Mevo Horon. [ak] 20/12/2016
Want to fight boycotts of Israel? Boycott West Bank settlements instead.Nathan Hersh - Washington Post - By boycotting the settlements, Americans would be sending a message of solidarity to progressive Israeli groups such as B’Tselem, Gush Shalom and Peace Now — as well as to Palestinians who suffer the humiliations of the occupation every day. In the Trump administration, everyone working to end the occupation will need more support, not less. Instead of boycotting Israel, progressives should continue to stand with those Israelis who are on the front lines against their government and the settlement movement.[bz]20/12/2016
Join us! Thursdays at the Jordan Valley with Taayush 20/12/2016
Women`s Boat to Gaza – oppose confiscation of Zaytouna-Oliva at Haifa Court! 19/12/2016
400 Jews, Arabs march on settler highway to protest the occupationPhotos and text: Keren Manor/Activestills - +972 - The march proceeded along Route 60, the main north-south highway in the southern West Bank, which connects Jerusalem, Beit Jala, the Gush Etzion settlements and Hebron. The demonstrators were escorted by Israeli soldiers and police for the entire march, which took place in full view of the Israeli settlers and Palestinians driving past. [bz]17/12/2016
Will Israel impose Cypriot model in West Bank?Adnan Abu Amer - Al Monitor - Implementing the Cypriot model in the West Bank requires international interference, which is what the Palestinians have been calling for while Israel has been rejecting it. Israel has been keen on keeping discussions and negotiations to this effect limited to internal circles at home, without any international interference, and rejected on Nov. 7 the international conference France intended to hold early next year.-rh 15/12/2016
Why Trump’s #DrainTheSwamp Slogan Means Something Totally Different in IsraelNaomi Zeveloff - Forward - Naftali Bennett sounded a lot like Donald Trump when he congratulated the Israeli parliament for “draining the swamp” by pushing a bill to retroactively legalize West Bank outposts built on stolen Palestinian land. At first, the far right wing Israeli minister seemed to be parroting Trump’s call to clean up government. But it’s more likely that Bennett was making a reference to a similar Israeli concept born out of Zionist history of swamp draining as a way to conquer the land for Jews.-rh 15/12/2016
Press conference at PM’s Residence - protests at legalized land robbery 15/12/2016
Israeli Soldiers Often Contaminate Evidence After Shooting Palestinian Assailants, Prosecutors Say Yaniv Kubovich - Haaretz - It is often impossible to investigate cases where soldiers shoot Palestinians, because the soldiers disturb the evidence at alleged terror attack scene, senior prosecutors and police officers warned the Israeli Defense Forces. Nor is this just a problem for the law enforcement agencies, they warned. It could also become a serious problem for the army itself, because it could make it harder to defend soldiers in civil or criminal proceedings overseas.-rh  15/12/2016
Israel wants mosques to turn the volume way downWilliam Booth and Ruth Eglash - The Washington Post - When the call to prayer begins in the Palestinian neighborhoods here, the Muslim faithful hear a song beautiful and sublime. Hour by hour, five times a day, it is the soundtrack of their lives. And it stirs deep emotions. Across the walls, across the lines that separate Arabs from Jews, the Muslims’ call to prayer means something very different. The Jews hear noise, they say. And worse.-rh 14/12/2016
Joint Israeli-Palestinian bike race in the desert 14/12/2016
Israel: EU labelling rules have `non-existent impact`Nigel Wilson - Al-Jazeera - "While the labelling guidelines prompted a rift between Israel and the EU, their economic effect is minimal." - id 14/12/2016
IDF sentences two conscientious objectors to month in prisonHaggai Matar - +972 - "Earlier this year another conscientious objector, Tair Kaminer, spent five months in military prison, the longest sentence ever for a female refuser." - id 14/12/2016
Over 22,000 signatures on call for artists not to take part in the Red Sea Jazz Festival 10 Reasons for a Cultural Boycott - The campaign calls upon artists to cancel participation in the Red Sea Jazz Festival, a bi-yearly event at Eilat in south Israel. Organizers note that "the free spirit of Jazz music is a beautiful tradition of oppressed minorities" - but that in this Israeli festival it`s "a government event of propaganda, which uses Jazz music as a tool for whitewashing military occupation, apartheid and oppression of the Palestinian people" - and therefore, jazz artists are urged not to take part. 22,000 people already signed the petition and campaigning will go on - targeting both the festival as a whole and specific jazz artists scheduled to appear - until the festival date in February 2017. [ak] 13/12/2016
Two Palestinian Hunger Strikers Stop Drinking Water After Israeli Court Denied Their AppealIMEMC - On the same day that Israeli authorities released from prison one long-term hunger striker, Bilal Kayed, the Israeli High Court decided not to release two others, Anas Shadeed and Ahmad Abu Farah. Both have been on hunger strike for more than 80 days. Medical reports have shown that Abu Farah and Shadeed may be facing organ failure or brain damage, and Abu Farah has lost vision in his right eye.Their lawyer attempted to present the two`s health conditions, but the Israeli High Court refused to hear that testimony. Both now declared they will stop drinking water, and are prepared to hunger strike until death. [ak]13/12/2016
J-Street leaders visit SusyaJeremy Ben-Ami - J-Street blog - The first thing that struck me about the Palestinian village of Susya was how small it is. We - 15 J Street leaders, including a rabbi, chapter chairs and committed activists - saw a camp of a few tarp-covered, minimal structures surrounding a well with no connection to the electric grid or the water system living under imminent threat of demolition. The people who live there brought the place to life for us – children smiling and playing with us; tea offered with gracious hospitality. A family with so little going out of its way to make us feel at home. Their grace meant so much more after they told us their story – a seventy-year odyssey of uncertainty, occupation and displacement.[ak]13/12/2016
Petition: urge Jazz artists not to take part in the Red Sea Festival 13/12/2016
National Service Bill - yet another blow at Human Rights GroupsChaim Levinson - Haaretz - The bill, introduced by Likud Knesset Member Amir Ohana and having the government`s support, would block national service volunteers from serving at non-profits that get the majority of their funding from "foreign political entities" (mostly from individual European countries or from the EU). Over the past year, only 11 volunteer positions were assigned to such organizations - including the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, the Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of Movement and B’Tselem, which focuses on human rights in the territories. In fact, the aim of the law is less to concretely deprive such organizations of volunteer help and more to further de-legitimize them. [ak]13/12/2016
‘We will defeat BDS with e-commerce’AIC - The Israeli government is supporting settlement businesses use e-commerce to combat the BDS Palestinian human rights movement [ry]12/12/2016
UN says Israeli bill to legalize settler homes ‘unequivocally illegal’AFP - Times of Israel - “Israel, as the occupying power, must respect the private property of Palestinians, regardless of whether or not compensation is provided.” (...) Israel differentiates between those it has authorized and those it has not. The bill would legalize nearly 4,000 settler homes built on private Palestinian land, according to settlement watchdog Peace Now. [bz]10/12/2016
Vigil at Prime Minister’s Residence: “Say no to legalized land robbery!” 8/12/2016
Israel`s Lehava stirs `anarchy` in Jerusalem : The far-right group stokes hatred and incites followers to violence against Palestinians, say analystsJonathan Cook - Aljazeera - The attacks were carried out by a far-right group called Lehava, or Flame in Hebrew, an acronym for the Organisation for the Prevention of Miscegenation in the Holy Land. Run by a far-right rabbi, Ben-Zion Gopstein, Lehava rejects any interaction between Jews and Palestinians.Run by a far-right rabbi, Ben-Zion Gopstein, Lehava rejects any interaction between Jews and Palestinians. Founded in 2009, Lehava is distinguished from other far-right groups by its official focus on stopping miscegenation and intermarriage between Jews and Palestinians. In addition to the 300,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem, some 1.7 million of Israel`s citizens are Palestinian by origin, making them nearly a fifth of the population.-rh 8/12/2016
Golden statue of Benjamin Netanyahu toppled after causing stirJeffrey Heller - Independent - A gilded statue of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dubbed “King Bibi” by its creator stirred condemnation from Israel`s culture minister and was toppled by an onlooker after a brief public appearance. Sculptor Itay Zalait said he had placed the four metre (13 foot) tall effigy of Mr Netanyahu on a white pedestal in Tel Aviv`s Rabin Square, adjacent to city hall, to test the limits of freedom of expression in Israel.-rh 8/12/2016
Join now: ISM-Training in England!contact ISM England and get involved in advocacy work at home 7/12/2016
Sixth annual race for peace!! joint Israeli-Palestinian bike race in the desert 6/12/2016
Palestinian village of Susya tests citizen powerRabbi Arik Ascherman - Mercury News/Action Network - Nasser Nawajeh, spokesperson for the threatened village of Susya, once told me that when they were expelled in 1986 they were powerless because they were alone. He said, “We are again in great danger, but with one big difference. We are no longer alone.” Susya probably would not be standing today were it not for international concern, especially expressed by Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Nobody knows what will be the policy of the next administration regarding Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. This is where average citizens come in. Our best hope to have Susya residents able to remain in their homes on the land they own is through American constituents pressing their representatives to express concern on their behalf. [ak]6/12/2016
Norway`s 3rd largest city votes to boycott settlement productsItamar Eichner - Ynet - Israel`s Ambassador to Norway Raphael Schutz slammed the resolution and asked the Jewish community in the city to condemn the decision. However, the Jewish community decided against condemning the resolution, saying it was a political issue, while its policy is only to condemn anti-Semitic incidents. This isn`t the first time a Jewish community in the Diaspora refuses requests made by the Israeli Embassy to condemn a boycott of Israel. Israeli diplomatic officials say there is a trend in which Jewish communities abroad do not wish to be associated with the State of Israel. [bz] 3/12/2016
WATCH: A new brand of Jewish nonviolence in Palestine Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - In the summer of 2016, dozens of Jews from the U.S. and other countries came to Palestine, at the request of Palestinian activists, to use nonviolence, civil disobedience, and their privilege as Jews to help oppose the Israeli occupation. Under the banner of “Occupation is not my Judaism,” the activists helped rebuild homes demolished by the Israeli army, facilitated an entire displaced Palestinian village’s return to to its former homes, and put their bodies on the line to challenge the Israeli military regime of segregation and settlement in Hebron.-rh 1/12/2016
The Real Link Between Israel’s Forest Fires And Muezzin BillJonathan Cook - Counter Currents - Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his support this month for the so-called “muezzin bill”, claiming it was urgently needed to stop the dawn call to prayer from mosques ruining the Israeli public’s sleep. A vote in the parliament is due this week. The use of loudspeakers by muezzins was unnecessarily disruptive, Mr Netanyahu argued, in an age of alarm clocks and phone apps. But the one in five of Israel’s population who are Palestinian, most of them Muslim, and a further 300,000 living under occupation in East Jerusalem, say the legislation is grossly discriminatory. The bill’s environmental rationale is bogus, they note. Moti Yogev, a settler leader who drafted the bill, originally wanted the loudspeaker ban to curb the broadcasting of sermons supposedly full of “incitement” against Israel.-rh 1/12/2016
Bernie Sanders Is Not Giving Up on Positive Change Because of an Election Bernie Sanders, Thomas Dunne Books - Truthout - Despite the dismay and consternation that so many of our readers felt with the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency, Bernie Sanders released a 450-page book recently with the proud rallying cry of Our Revolution as the title. The book emphasizes a roll-up-our-sleeves optimism in progressive populism despite the election of a white nationalist leader to the highest office in the land. That is further emphasized by the cover photo that includes his campaign slogan -- now his rallying cry -- "A Future to Believe In."1/12/2016
Now is the moment for us Palestinians to renew our national movementSalem Barahmeh - The Guardian - Fatah has long been the backbone of the Palestinian national movement. Today it is plagued by infighting between its various camps, often headlined by the feud between President Mahmoud Abbas and the former leader Mohammad Dahlan. This infighting is crippling Palestinian politics and society. It is incumbent on Fatah to hold itself to a higher standard and live up to its responsibility as the leader of the national movement. It must take this as a serious opportunity to elect fresh young faces and address its issues – not as an opportunity to further polarise the party and consolidate power. The final opportunity is the rumoured Palestine National Council meeting, which could be held before the year’s end.-rh 1/12/2016
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