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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Palestinian Teen in Viral Photo to Appear in Israeli Court IMEMC - "Fawzi Muhammad al-Juneidi, 16, from the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron was detained by 23 Israeli soldiers on Friday, during protests against US President Donald Trump’s announcement that he was recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel." - id 13/12/2017
Trump protests evoke memories of the Second IntifadaZizo Abul Hawa - +972 - "We stayed home from school for more than three months. When we returned, more than half of the class was gone. They say children always pay the highest price." - id 13/12/2017
Artists boost Gaza’s morale with music, comedyHuda Baroud - Al-Monitor - “The main goal of the festival was to give artists in Gaza the chance to show off their work to the Palestinian public, which is keen to hear music,” Ismail Daoud, a well-known Palestinian musician and professor at the conservatory, told Al- Monitor. “The Edward Said Conservatory is the only institution organizing regular music festivals in the Gaza Strip.”-rh 13/12/2017
Jews and Arabs stand together in Wadi Ara 12/12/2017
‘If there were just one more Dalia, there would be peace by now’Yifat Erlich - Ynet - In her job as the Civil Administration’s health coordinator, Dalia Bassa wasn’t supposed to save the lives of hundreds of Palestinian children, visit them in hospitals, take them on trips and treat them as the children she never had. “After the Oslo Agreement in 1994,” she says, “at first, things went well. There was a time when we used to sit together with the PA representatives and help them develop the Palestinian health system. In 2002, after Operation Defensive Shield, everything was breached, and Palestinian residents who had no one to turn to began approaching me directly.” [A human voice from within-bz]12/12/2017
Much more than a threat to peace
--a hundred artists on Trump`s Jerusalem move--
Open letter - The Guardian - The Guardian reports President Macron’s comment that recent US moves on the status of Jerusalem are a threat to peace. They are much more than that. In recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Donald Trump seeks to achieve through a declaration what Israel has been trying to do for fifty years through force of arms: to erase Palestinians, as a political and cultural presence, from the life of their own city. The Palestinian people of Jerusalem are already subject to municipal discrimination at every level, and a creeping process of ethnic cleansing. In addition to the continuing policy of house demolitions, in the last 15 years at least 35 Palestinian public institutions and NGOs in occupied East Jerusalem have been permanently or temporarily closed by the occupying forces. Cultural institutions have been a particular target. At the same time, Israeli authorities and entrepreneurs have spent millions in clearing Palestinian neighbourhoods to create “heritage” projects that promote a myth of mono-ethnic urban identity, said to stretch back 3,000 years. We reject Trump’s collusion with such racist manipulation and his disregard for international law. [bz]12/12/2017
Congress Member McCollum: US Tax Dollars Must Not Be Used to Detain Palestinian ChildrenCongress Member Betty McCollum - The Nation - Israel is the single greatest beneficiary of American military assistance, receiving $3.8 billion, some 25 percent of its defense budget, from American taxpayers each year. Of this, Israel is allowed to spend as much as $800 million a year with little transparency, accountability, or oversight by US officials. Some of this money almost certainly flows to Israel’s abusive military detention of Palestinian children.To help sustain the occupation, Israel’s military and police forces have arrested, interrogated, and imprisoned thousands of Palestinian children, mostly for throwing stones.Israel’s military court and detention system is unique in the world in its systematic incarceration of children, in this case Palestinian children. It is a system that denies basic due-process rights and is cruel, inhumane, and degrading.[ak]12/12/2017
Palestinians burning Trump pictures protesting his intention to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital PNN - Palestine News Network - "The activists  also chanted national slogans in which they attacked  Trump Declaration which is anti-Palestinian and pro-Israel positions. Some activists took off their shoes and hit Trump’s pictures before burning his picture and chanted slogans that America was the head of the snake assuring that Palestinian people will not surrender." - id 6/12/2017
Tens of thousands turn out in Tel Aviv for anti-corruption ‘march of shame’ALEXANDER FULBRIGHT - Times of Israel - 8 Tens of thousands of protesters took part in an anti-corruption demonstration in Tel Aviv on Saturday night amid the government’s efforts to push through the so-called police recommendations bill, which critics say is intended to shield Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a pair of graft probes.-rh6/12/2017
Imprisoned Human Rights Defender in Military CourtInternational Solidarity Movement - Abdullah, a leading non violent activist and human rights defender has has been held in military prison since the occupation forces raided his village, Bil’in, and took him from his home in the middle of the night on the 19th of November, 2017. Abdullah was handcuffed, gagged and his hand were tied to the roof of the jeep. Since then, two military judges have conceded that Abdullah is not dangerous and should be released on certain conditions, but the military prosecution is intent on making sure he remains in detention, and has continued to hold him without regard to due process. Tomorrow’s hearing will be to determine if Abdullah has broken conditions set for his release by a military judge after his arrest from the Alwada Cycling Marathon on Nakba Day, the 13th of May, 2016.-rh6/12/2017
US senators cautiously challenge ethnic cleansing by IsraelMichael F. Brown - EI - "In a rare move, 10 US senators wrote Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week calling on him “not to demolish the Palestinian village of Susiya and the Bedouin community of Khan al-Ahmar” in the occupied West Bank." - id 6/12/2017
Palestinians tear down Israeli iron gate in protest of separation wallMa`an - Spokesperson of the Fatah movement pointed out that the gate is located in the middle of the separation wall that runs through Anata, and separates it from the nearby illegal settlement of Pisgat Zeev. Fasfous said that as the youth were taking down the gate, an Israeli army patrol raided the village. [bz]5/12/2017
In Spain, hundreds of elected officials endorse BDS Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee - "Condemning the occupation is not enough. Condemning attacks against the civilian population is not enough. As with the institutionalized regime of racial discrimination in apartheid South Africa, it is necessary to end the complicity of the European governments, the United States and the Western powers in maintaining a system of injustice that has already lasted for too many decades". So read the statement signed by 350 elected officials - including mayors, city councilors, presidents of regional parliaments and members of the members of the Spanish Parliament and the European Parliament. [Some of the signatories are from Catalonia, others from different areas. There was no reference to Spain`s own ongoing deep crisis, except in an oblique way - the signatories defining themselves "elected officials in the Spanish state" rather than "Spanish elected officials". ak] 5/12/2017
Government angered by EU visit to B’Tselem eventAFP/Times of Israel - Next week, PM Netanyahu is due to visit Brussels for talks with EU foreign ministers. But just ahead of this event, officials and ministers of the Netanyahu government are strongly attacking the European Union, angered at the news that the EU Ambassador to Israel Emanuele Giaufret will visit an exhibition on “50 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank”, held at the Port of Jaffa by the Israeli Human Rights group B’Tselem. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nahshon said it constituted "spitting in the faces of Israelis”. However, the EU reiterated that visiting an event by a Human Rights organization was an appropriate way of marking Human Rights Day [ak]. 5/12/2017
How Can Palestinian Reconciliation Efforts Save the National Project?Wajjeh Abu Zarifa - Alshabaka - Israel believes the current attempt at reconciliation is doomed to fail like the 11 before it (whose failure it often helped to ensure). However, should this attempt succeed, Israel is waiting to see how the process will be implemented on the ground, and how it can manipulate it to serve its security interests. Israel wants to see the PA in full control of the Strip and apply the same policies it does in the West Bank, particularly with regard to security coordination and prevention of attacks against it. In such a scenario, Israel would effectively regain ultimate security control over Gaza and avoid having to make concessions (albeit short lived) in exchange for a truce with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and their allies. Control of the border crossings by the PA’s security forces would guarantee stability in adjacent Israeli settlements, prevent smuggling of weapons into Gaza, and could lead to a Palestinian effort to disarm the resistance groups.-rh29/11/2017
Video: Bedouin community resists imminent house demolitions and Israel’s E1 projectMondoweiss editors - The residents of Jabal Al-Baba Bedouin community, east of Occupied Jerusalem held a rally a week after receiving an eviction notice from the Israeli authorities. The protest, in cooperation with the Avazz organisation and international activists aimed to send the message they are refusing Israeli orders and are determined to remain on their land.-rh29/11/2017
UN to list businesses operating illegally in Occupied Palestinian landsRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "Despite Israel’s clever PR, companies that operate in the Occupied West Bank, Occupied Jerusalem and the Occupied Golan Heights are violating the Rule of Law if they produce food or other products manufactured or grown on lands stolen from Palestinian Christians and Muslims." - id 29/11/2017
MachsomWatch needs your support 28/11/2017
In the French Senate, B`Tselem Executive Director urges an active Frence role in the Palestinian TerritoriesAmit Gilutz - B`Tselem - “In the past, Israel seized control of Palestinian land under the cloak of a peace process. Now even this is no longer necessary: all that is required is some vague anticipation of an American plan, perceived in Jerusalem as a green light for demolition on one side and settlement on the other. International action to end the occupation is more important and more necessary today than ever before. [ak]28/11/2017
MANDELA’S GRANDSON ON VISIT: ‘ISRAEL IS THE WORST APARTHEID REGIME`ILANIT CHERNICK - Jerusalem Post - “The settlements I saw here reminded me of what we had suffered in South Africa because we also were surrounded by many settlements and were not allowed to move from one place to another freely. (...) What we have experienced in South Africa is a fraction of what the Palestinians are experiencing. Us, we were oppressed in order to serve the white minority. The Palestinians are being eliminated off their land and brought out of their territories (...)."[bz]28/11/2017
Palestinians to appeal over Israeli settlement teamsDalia Hatuqa - Al Jazeera - "The Palestinian Football Association has long raised objections that Israeli football teams based in West Bank settlements violate FIFA regulations, which prohibit games from being held in a member federation`s territory without its authorisation" [ry] 27/11/2017
Palestinians in Jabal al-Baba protest Israeli expulsion orderActivestills - +972 - The small village is located in E1, an area in which the U.S. and Europe have long demanded Israel not build new settlements, because doing so would cut the West Bank in two [ry]27/11/2017
Charges dropped over protest at Israeli military drones factory in UKDamien Gayle - The Guardian - Company witnesses pull out of case involving five activists accused of blocking access to UAV Engines in Staffordshire [ry]27/11/2017
Israel `doing everything they can` with Trump to suppress UN list of companies operating in West Bank settlementsJosef Federman, Jamey Keaten and Josh Lederman - Independent - `We just view that type of blacklist as counterproductive`, says US State Department spokesperson [ry]27/11/2017
What`s behind Israel`s sudden enthusiasm to investigate attacks on Palestinians?Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - "Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked`s push for a fast-paced inquiry into the case of an Israeli soldier`s alleged abuse of a Palestinian was not about justice, but about bringing down Breaking the Silence." - id 22/11/2017
Thanksgiving for Palestinians, Israelis and USS Liberty Veterans With HOPEEileen Fleming - The Arab Daily News - "USS Liberty survivor of The Six Day War Donald Pageler, Palestinian Christian Authors, and Jewish Israeli BDS Activist exemplify HOPE in action for Thanksgiving 2017. “HOPE has two children. The first is ANGER at the way things are. The second is COURAGE to DO SOMETHING about it.”-St. Augustine." - id 22/11/2017
Israel Hayom`s new target: Conscientious objector`s motherYael Marom - +972 - "If my daughter is willing to pay the price and go to prison, then I too am willing to pay. If someone thinks I am doing the wrong thing, then I am willing to pay any price to support my daughter. I am, first and foremost, her mother. They say that I am putting my job at risk, but I have been in the education system for 30 years, and I find it hard to believe that I will be fired for saying I support my daughter." - id22/11/2017
Government campaign against Breaking the Silence: absurd upon absurdTimes of Israel - Israel Hayom’s front page is dominated by another curious chapter of the peculiar Breaking the Silence saga, which involves the organization’s spokesman Dean Issacharoff vehemently attempting to prove he is guilty — you read that right — of assaulting a Palestinian during his army service. Proving it would vindicate the campaign of Breaking the Silence to expose the essential immorality of the occupation, while declaring Issacharoff not guilty of beating a Palestinian would tend to make him and his organization into "liers who defame the army". Adding to the confusion is the fact that Issacharoff’s father, Jeremy Issacharoff, happens to be Israeli ambassador to Germany. Like all Israeli diplomats, Issacharoff Senior is instructed by the Foreign Ministry to wage an unrelenting international struggle against his son`s organization and do all he could to discredit it in German and European public opinion... [ak] 21/11/2017
The Trials of Benjamin NetanyahuRamzy Baroud - Dissident Voice - Corruption in Israeli society has become particularly endemic after the occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. The idea that ordinary Israelis can move into a Palestinian house, evict the family, claim the house as their own, with the full support of the military, the government and the court, exemplifies moral corruption to the highest degree. It was only a matter of time before this massive corruption racket – military occupation, the settlement enterprise, the media whitewashing of Israeli crimes – seeped back into mainstream Israeli society, which has become rotten to the core. While Israelis might have ‘gotten used’ to their own corruption, Palestinians have not, because the price of Israel’s moral corruption is too high for them to bear.-rh 15/11/2017
Historic US bill would outlaw Israel aid used to abuse childrenNora Barrows-Friedman - The Electronic Intifada - "The Promoting Human Rights by Ending Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act, introduced on Tuesday, is the first ever bill to prioritize the human rights of Palestinian children as a condition for US support, according to campaigners." - id 15/11/2017
Netanyahu: Israel Will Act Alone to Force Iran Out of SyriaJason Ditz - - On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed that the most recent ceasefire announcement did not involve any commitment for Russia to force Iran out of Syria, saying that Iran can maintain a legitimate presence in Syria. This isn’t sitting well with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who urged the world to unite and force Iran out of Syria at all costs. Now, he’s saying Israel is prepared to act alone to ensure Iran has no permanent presence there.-rh15/11/2017
Cambridge slammed for `censoring` Palestine BDS event 11 NOVEMBER 2017Shafik Mandhai - Aljazeera - Ruba Salih from the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) was set to oversee Wednesday`s event featuring Palestinian BDS activist, Omar Barghouti, but organisers say they were forced to cancel her participation hours before it was due to start after the university intervened citing concerns over her neutrality. Palestinian activists say the incident highlights the increasingly restrictive atmosphere for critics of Israel on campuses across the UK.-rh 15/11/2017
Communities Facing Expulsion - for no just reason and with almost no forewarning CWJP - They are not connected to the electricity grid and are denied water from pipes or natural sources. They are mainly poor shepherds who live off their herds. Since the Oslo agreement they found themselves living in area C and hence under direct Israeli occupation. Israel has declared in many occasions that these areas should be annexed to Israel. This latest eviction order will help Israel declare these areas empty and enhance its claim for sovereignty. [bz]14/11/2017
Alert!!! Communities Facing Expulsion - for no just reason 14/11/2017
Palestinian citizens of Israel won`t be bullied into silence any longerRami Younis - +972 - A recent campaign against Palestinian journalist Makbula Nasser, who was attacked on the front page of Israel’s most-read newspaper, was meant to strike fear in the hearts of Palestinian citizens of Israel — the fear of speaking out. That may have worked with previous generations [ry] 13/11/2017
Palestinian organizer Hassan Karajah released after 16 months in prison without charge or trialSamidoun - “Karajah is a prominent Palestinian leftist and a community leader and youth organizer. He is a trainer at the Handala cultural center in Saffa and director of its annual arts and cultural festival in the village” [ry]13/11/2017
Haifa court to deliberate on "The Women`s Boat" which tries to reach Gaza 12/11/2017
Ramallah: Seminar on Ending Impunity for Crimes against Palestinian JournalistsPNN - Palestine News Network - "This seminar is an important step in the quest to promote the rights and freedoms of the press." - id9/11/2017
Understanding anti-normalization in Palestinian society Rami Elhanan - Ynet - "We must try to understand each other, honor our Palestinian partners who are courageously standing at the forefront of the battle against their society, and keep deepening the joint activity of those who believe in peaceful cooperation against the occupation." - id   9/11/2017
The Rabin Memorial - did I make the correct decision to go?Hillel Schenker - Times of Israel - While the organizers said there would be no civil society and political stands allowed at the rally, Peace Now had a stand in the middle of the square, constantly surrounded by people who were picking up signs to be held at the rally. I picked up one which read: “We Have Not Forgotten the Incitement, the Murder, The Peace, Peace Now”. Meretz also had a stand which gave out countless green Meretz balloons held up high by young people, and Hebrew-Arabic bilingual signs against the occupation and for peace. Other signs, some made by organizations, others personal, read, “Two States for Two Peoples”, “I’m a Patriotic Leftist” and “It’s all Political”. And the Gush Shalom people circulated a sticker which said “Continuing in Rabin’s Path”, with a photo of Rabin and Arafat shaking hands, and map of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza with the Green Line. [bz] 7/11/2017
Al Shakaba Roundtable: After Balfour — 100 Years of History and the Roads Not TakenAl Shakaba/IMEMC - A worldwide wave of analysis and activism is marking the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 2017.Could history have taken a different trajectory? Were there points during the past century at which the Palestinians could have influenced the course of events in a different direction? We turned to the historians and analysts in Al-Shabaka’s policy network and asked them to identify and reflect on a turning point at which things might have gone differently had the Palestinian people decided on another course of action, and to draw lessons that should be applied in this quest for self-determination, freedom, justice, and equality. [ak]7/11/2017
Activist Moshe Machover reinstated in the British Labour Party, after intensive campaignAsa Winstanley - Jewish Voice for Labour - The former Israeli activist Moshé Machover regained his membership in the British Labor Party after numerous resolutions were passed by Labour Party constituencies and branches, protesting his expulsion some weeks ago. However, the language of letter which Machover got, announcing his reinstatement, is highly grudging and petulant - with no hint of apology for having falsely accused Machover of "antisemitism" because of his support for the Palestinians. [ak] 7/11/2017
Thousands march through London in Balfour protestNoor Nanji - The National - Up to 4,000 people took to the streets of London on Saturday to oppose the Balfour Declaration. Rather than the long-dead Arthur Balfour, the protest`s main target was mainly the incumbent PM Theresa May, who had declared her "pride" at the Balfour Declaration and hosted Netanyahu for the centenary. But the message from the protestors was clear. “Theresa May, shame on you,” was written on placards waved by the crowds. “She’s proud to celebrate the Balfour Declaration… is she proud to celebrate ethnic cleansing? Apartheid? And the oppression of human rights?” Rajab Shamlakh, from the Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK, asked the crowd in one of the many speeches at the event. “This government should feel shame, not pride,” he continued.[ak] Other banners held at the march included “100 years of injustice”, “Free Palestine” and “Israel is a terror state”. Colin from Liverpool told The National he travelled down to London to attend the protest, together with 30 other members of the “Liverpool Friends of Palestine” group. “I’m very ashamed of the British government,” he said. “They signed that declaration in 1917 with no care whatsoever for the indigenous people. It is very important that British people come out and show solidarity with the Palestinians.” The protest was delayed by almost an hour as pro-Israeli demonstrators attempted to block the streets. They ended up marching ahead of the pro-Palestinian protest all the way to Westminster, holding signs which lambasted the “anti-semitic rally”. But Glyn Secker, from campaign group Jews for Justice for Palestinians, told the crowd: “These criticisms are not and cannot be anti-Semitic – they are to assert basic human and Jewish values.” ________________ Read more Netanyahu warns Iran over Mediterranean military bases The bitter legacy of Balfour - protests in Ramallah, 100 years on Britain marks Balfour centenary amid Palestinian protests ________________ Describing Palestine as “the world’s biggest prison” and a “psychological torture chamber”, Mr Secker took direct aim at the Israeli leadership, saying: “Netanyahu you do not speak for me, nor for hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world who identify with your victims.” Other speakers at the rally included representatives from trade unions, film director Ken Loach, SNP politician John Nicolson and Palestinian politician Dr Mustafa Barghouti. A video of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a long-time patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, was also played to the crowd, which burst into energetic chants of “Ohh, Jeremy Corbyn” – one of the more memorable refrains from this year`s general election campaign. Speakers and attendees expressed outrage at the steady loss of Palestinian land to Israeli settlers, with maps handed out at the event showing the dramatic reduction in Palestinian-controlled territory since 1917. “Palestinians only have 22% of their land left, which is being eroded daily,” said Mr Nickleson said. “That’s a pitifully small amount of land.” They also urged Theresa May’s government to apologise for the Balfour Declaration. “She should apologise for this crime,” another protester, Hassan, told The National. “She has lost touch with the British people, and what we want.” Ismail Patel, founder of Friends of Al-Aqsa, said the message to the government from Saturday’s march was clear. “First and foremost, apologise for the Balfour Declaration,” he said. “Secondly, recognise the state of Palestine today. Third, continue with BDS [boycott, divestment and sanctions] until Palestine is free. “My friends, take this message home and keep working until Palestine is free,” he added, to rapturous chants of “free, free Palestine”. 7/11/2017
Conscientious objector freed after 150 days in IDF prison+972 - "I call on all teenagers who face the draft to do away with all the prejudices we are educated on, and that they look at the violent situation in our region for what it is, and ask themselves whether they are willing to take responsibility for it” says Ofir Averbukh upon release. Averbukh is 18, from moshav Tzofit. [bz]7/11/2017
Tens of thousands attend Rabin memorial rally in Tel AvivKorin Elbaz Alush, Itay Blumenthal, Elisha Ben Kimon - Ynet - "We can separate from the Palestinians without compromising our security. We must separate from the Palestinians to keep the State of Israel as the democratic home of the Jewish people," said Commanders for Israel`s Security leader Maj. Gen. (res.) Amnon Reshef. Darkenu head Col. (res.) Dr. Kobi Richter spoke of the "moderate majority" in Israel. "The moderate majority is Haredi people who watch in shame as extremists from their sector wildly protest," he began. "The moderate majority is Israeli Arabs who see the radicalization in both nations and have come here to support a discourse of peace and coexistence. The moderate majority is residents from Judea and Samaria who renounce the extremism of the Hilltop Youth. The moderate majority is the Tel Aviv residents who came here this year in particular to shirk off seclusion. [bz]5/11/2017
The most disputed land on earth: How Greek Orthodox church sold off Palestinian plotsJihad Abu Raya - Middle East Eye - Triggered by the summer revelations, Palestinian Orthodox protesters have demanded not only to manage the church’s properties and for existing suspicious deals to be annulled, but also for the appointment of a Palestinian patriarch and church representative. It would signal end to what many see as the Greek colonisation of the Palestinian Orthodox church.-rh1/11/2017
Memorial rally takes place Tel Aviv for 22nd anniversary of Rabin assassinationYonatan Baniyeh - Ynet - "The event, titled "Remembering in Song—from HaReut Song to Shir LaShalom", originated with an initiative by Army Radio and the Menashe Regional Council in the Gan Shmuel kibbutz and was held for the 17th consecutive year." - id1/11/2017
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