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Israelis & Palestinians Negotiate Solutions to the Gaza Crisis 14/11/2019
Protests Against Israel’s Nation-State Law Proved a More Just State Is PossibleDov Khenin - The Nation - In the summer of 2018, I witnessed two scenes that sum up the contradiction that defines Israeli politics at this moment. Late one summer night, as a member of the Knesset (parliament) for the left-wing Hadash Party, I watched the dramatic passage of the Nation-State Law, which attempts to codify the inferior status of Arab citizens. In that messy parliamentary scene, I saw how far-right racism had made its way to the highest reaches of power, rendering dissenting voices helpless when it came time to vote. Yet later that same summer, I also witnessed a remarkable opposing political reality here: a defiant mass joint Jewish-Arab protest against the Nation-State Law, organized by the leadership of the Arab minority in Israel, and attended by tens of thousands of people. On that evening, I could barely move through the overcrowded streets of Tel Aviv. Chants in Hebrew mixed with those in Arabic, and bilingual placards were handed out among those present. For many who were there, that evening was so powerful because it provided us with a picture of the possible, demonstrating that Arab-Jewish equality was indeed not merely a slogan but also a reality we all knew how to achieve.-rh12/11/2019
A war to keep Netanyahu on his throneRaluca Ganea - Zazim - Hundreds of thousands of us woke up this morning to the air raid alarms, but yet we are expected to shut up. Outside, missiles fly, and we`re told it`s not the time for politics, because there`s a war. But this war is political. And those who pay the price are us - the ordinary people. Women, children and men on both sides of the border and everywhere. [ak] 12/11/2019
Back Home in U.S., Israel’s Lone Soldiers Break Their Silence About the OccupationJudy Maltz - Haaretz - While serving on a military base in the West Bank, Benzi Sanders recalls opening his eyes one morning and being struck by the sight of a tattered Israeli flag caught in the barbed-wire fence surrounding the Jewish settlement just across the way. “I couldn’t help thinking about how that flag, torn into shreds, symbolized what had become of my romantic vision of Zionism,” says the former New Yorker. “So I got up and took a picture of it.” Sanders, 28, is part of a first-of-its-kind delegation of Jewish-American veterans who are returning to their communities to share their not-so-happy stories of serving in the Israel Defense Forces in the West Bank. The two-and-a-half-week tour, which kicked off in Philadelphia last Wednesday, is sponsored by Breaking the Silence. [ak] 12/11/2019
`Advocate` - the controversial documentary about Human Rights lawyer Lea TsemelRachel Leah Jones & Philippe Bellaiche - Lea Tsemel defends Palestinians: from feminists to fundamentalists, from non-violent demonstrators to armed militants. As a Jewish-Israeli lawyer who has represented political prisoners for nearly 50 years, Tsemel, in her tireless quest for justice, pushes the praxis of a human rights defender to its limits.[ak] 12/11/2019
Israel to release hunger-striking Jordanian national from admin detentionOren Ziv - +972 - “The release of administrative detainees is unprecedented,” said Raslan Mahajne, Hiba Al-Labadi’s attorney. “The legal work, the public pressure, and the fact that the Jordanians recalled their ambassador [from Israel] to Amman helped win her release. And of course, Hiba’s resilience, as she continued her hunger strike despite the difficult conditions. She’s a hero. It’s not easy to hold on for more than 70 days in detention and interrogations, and more than 40 days on hunger strike.” Abdul Rahman Miri, another Jordanian citizen in administrative detention will also be released. [bz]6/11/2019
A Conscientious Objector`s Thoughts From an Israeli Military PrisonYasmin Ricci-Yahav - Haaretz - In my conversations with fellow girl prisoners, both sides were forced to not only hear things they disagreed with, but to stay relatively calm and continue living together. I walked away from many of the conversations still thinking about the points that were raised, and how I saw them. I think other girls did too, because it was not uncommon for us to pick up a conversation that had been seemingly put to rest several days earlier. It was only after I spent time in jail that I realized how much we are missing this process in Israeli society. In our society, we can spend our entire lives agreeing with, and being agreed with, by our friends and family, whose opinions are similar – if not identical – to ours. We can demonize the other side, put words and beliefs in their mouths, but never give them the opportunity to explain themselves, or rebut our preconceptions and prejudices. We can feel enlightened, educated and realistic without actually engaging in productive talk with those who disagree with our perceptions. Israeli society desperately needs a more comprehensive, honest conversation, one that is conducted with respect and open-mindedness. Maybe it can learn a thing or two from the girls in Prison Six. The writer is 18 year-old, and is serving a fourth sentence in military prison as a conscientious objector. [bz] 5/11/2019
Supreme Court rejects Human Rights Watch activist`s appeal against expulsion from IsraelAP & Ynet - The initial order was for him to leave the country because his advocacy against Israel’s settlements in the West Bank amounted to support for the Palestinian-led boycott movement. Human Rights Watch says neither it nor Shakir has called for an outright boycott of Israel and says that Shakir, who is a U.S. citizen, is being targeted for the rights group’s opposition to Israel’s West Bank settlements. In an initial response, Shakir tweeted that Israel “would join the ranks” of Iran, North Korea and Egypt in blocking access of Human Rights Watch officials. [bz]5/11/2019
Duke Students Protest Speech by Tzipi Livni, Former Israeli Foreign Minister Accused of War CrimesBrett Wilkins - AntiWar - "Students at Duke University in North Carolina repeatedly interrupted a recent speaking event featuring Tzipi Livni, the former Israeli foreign minister who has been the subject of arrest warrants and a lawsuit in three countries for her alleged role in war crimes committed during the 2008- 09 Cast Lead invasion of Gaza" [ry] 4/11/2019
Israeli doctors who saved thousands of Palestinian children honoured by UNVerena Dobnik - Independent - In twenty years, the non-profit, funded mostly by private donors, has performed surgery on nearly 5,000 children especially in war-torn and developing lands, including more than 2,000 from the West Bank and Gaza and 300 from Iraq and Syria. The rest came from Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and throughout the Middle East. At the moment, 44 children are being treated free-of-charge at the Edith Wolfson Medical Centre in Holon. [bz] 29/10/2019
Act now to free Heba will take care that your statements will get to congressional offices and presidential campaigns!29/10/2019
Virgin Airlines’ Richard Branson – a force for justice for Palestinians?Kathryn Shihadah - If Americans Knew - Sir Richard Branson, billionaire, activist, and philanthropist, has founded together with Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter and various other VIP`s the international forum called "The Elders". He co-signed some statements condemning Israeli bombings in Gaza. Just last year, Branson`s Virgin Airlines aroused the anger of nationalist Israelis for serving "Palestinian Couscous". Yet now, Brabson made headlines when he emerged from his Virgin Atlantic flight and kissed the ground in the Tel Aviv airport. And the new Virgin Holidays vacation packages, named “Classic Israel,” includes time in Bethlehem – which is, significantly, not in Israel, but in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory, a fact omitted from publicity for the tours. It is time to write to Branson, remind him of his own declared philosophy - "Social Justice is good for business" - and ask him where he now stands with regard to the cause of justice to Palestinians. [ak]29/10/2019
Medical days in the West BankProf. Rafi Walden - Physicians for Human Rights Israel - In our medical days in the West Bank, we treat several hundred patients in our mobile clinic, but this contact has a ripple effect that reaches many others - family members, neighbors, residents of nearby villages. On each of these days, I feel like we touch the hearts of thousands. This work shows that coexistence between the two nations, that living together, is possible. For many Palestinians, this is the only positive contact with Israelis, in a reality where daily interactions are hostile - soldiers at checkpoints, settlers and security service personnel.[ak]29/10/2019
95 Civilians Shot and Injured, Including 43 Children, a Woman, 2 Paramedics and a Journalist at 80th weekly Gaza protest Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) - The protests lasted from 15:00 to 18:30 and involved activities such as speeches and theatrical performances. Hundreds of civilians protested at varied distances from the border fence across the Gaza Strip, where some protestors set tires on fire and a few of them attempted to throw stones, Molotov Cocktails and firecrackers at the Israeli forces, who responded with excessive force. [bz]29/10/2019
Tell Microsoft: Drop AnyVision, the surveillance company spying on West Bank Palestinians 29/10/2019
Tell Microsoft: Drop AnyVision, the surveillance company spying on West Bank Palestinians 29/10/2019
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: INSIDE OCCUPIED PALESTINEDEBBIE SHAMIR - Studentnewspaper - This summer, I together with a group of British Jews spent five days exploring the complicated situation between Israel and Palestine. Despite the common misconception that all of Israel-Palestine is characterised by unsolvable conflict and violence, we spoke to several people and organisations who longed for peace. They don’t deny the complications but believe that with a suitable government in power, a peaceful resolution is possible.-rh 29/10/2019
Tell Microsoft: Drop AnyVision, the surveillance company spying on West Bank PalestiniansJewish Voice for Peace - Microsoft made a multi-million dollar investment in AnyVision, an Israeli facial recognition company led by former Israeli military and intelligence personnel, which plans to cover the West Bank with a sophisticated camera network, in order "to spot and monitor potential Palestinian assailants.” Presented with the argument that mass surveillance is being carried out in a territory that is not governed democratically, AnyVision CEO Etshtein was rather evasive. Jewish Voice for Peace launched the petition, calling upon Microsoft to end their investment in AnyVision - which is what Microsoft should have done by themselves, under their own clearly formulated Ethical Code. [ak] 29/10/2019
Tell the European Union: Action and not just words! 28/10/2019
Puma keeps helping Israel sports-wash its human rights abusesAya Khattab - Al Jazeera - Companies like Puma which back Israeli sport associations purposefully ignore the oppression of Palestinian athletes [ry] 28/10/2019
Invitation by Jahalin Solidarity for a field visit to Khan al AhmarAngela Godfrey - Jahalin Solidarity - We are extending an invitation for a field tour, with a briefing at Al Khan al Ahmar, and overviews from Kfar Adumim and Ma`ale Adumim. Dates this month or early November are yet to be finalised, depending on preferences and numbers, so if you or colleagues who may not yet be receiving such invitations (please forward to them) have preferences, we hope to meet those requests. [ak]22/10/2019
International Criminal Court - Heed the Victims of Israeli War Crimes! Demonstrations at the Hague, Paris Olivia Zémor - EuroPalestine - A European initiative, calling upon the ICC (International Criminal Court) to heed the complaints lodged by Palestinian victims against Israel war criminals, is gathering momentum. The number of signatories and participants has grown. A rally will take place at the Hague on November 29, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. French and Belgian supporters have chartered buses, to depart from from Paris, Lille & Brussels. A preliminary French rally will take place on November 26 at the Forum des Halles, Paris. [ak] 22/10/2019
Tell Congress: No US aid for child torture!Alison Weir - If Americans Knew - New legislation in the House has the simple, humane goal of withholding any aid to Israel that would be used to detain, prosecute, and torture Palestinian children. This bill sets the bar extremely low for supporting Palestine: all it asks is that Palestinian children not be tortured using American aid money. Isn`t this a no-brainer? Shouldn`t everyone sign on? But in fact, out of 435 representatives, fewer than two dozen have committed to supporting `No Way to Treat a Child` (H.R.2407). Now, activists in California convinced their Congressman to co-sponsor the bill. If you are an American citizen, you can do the same! Please spend two minutes to tell your legislator: cosponsor this bill that protects Palestinian children! [ak]22/10/2019
Physicians for Human Rights meet with Palestinian Prime MinisterRan Goldstein - Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) - During the meeting, volunteer physicians, including those who visit Gaza monthly as part of our medical delegations, discussed ways to mitigate the difficulties Gaza residents have accessing medical treatment outside the Strip, the continuing health care crisis in Gaza and the West Bank and the shortage of drugs and medical equipment. Another topic discussed in the meeting was the decision made a few months ago by the Palestinian Authority to stop referring Palestinian patients to Israeli hospitals.[ak]22/10/2019
Settler terrorists attack their soldier marionettesGuy Hirschfeld - I am ashamed for them but also ashamed of them - I mean the marionettes in uniform. Are you not ashamed to look in the mirror, dear marionettes? What do you tell yourselves? Two days ago the terrorists from Yitzhar attacked you and your friends and today, like disciplined puppies, you simply follow his orders? And the saddest part includes the military restraint order that was issued today in order to prevent friction, because it was very quiet today until the terrorist and his militia arrived. They brought with them a lot of friction. [ak]21/10/2019
Dr. Hanan Ashrawi: Israel is waging war against everything Palestinian in JerusalemDr. Hanan Ashrawi - PLO Dept. of Public Diplomacy - The Palestinian leadership strongly condemns the illegal detention of Jerusalem Governor Adnan Ghaith in an overnight raid of his home in Jerusalem’s Isawiyeh neighborhood. This is the second time in less than a month that Israeli occupation forces target this senior official as part of its wider and systematic campaign to terrorize and provoke the residents of occupied Jerusalem, especially Isawiyeh, which has seen 450 of its residents detained in the past four months. Governor Ghaith’s detention is an act of political persecution. It is an illegal abduction that must be roundly and firmly condemned by all concerned parties. Israel is waging war against everything Palestinian in Jerusalem. It is targeting cultural centers, commercial activity, and neighborhoods. It is persecuting leaders and targeting youths through arbitrary arrests, daily raids and other crimes such as home demolitions and evictions, ID revocation and forced transfer.[ak]15/10/2019
Palestinians cry foul over Facebook pro-Israel biasDima Abumaria - Y-Net/The Media Line - The Sada Social Center launched a campaign to expose what it considers a discriminatory, anti-Palestinian policy by Facebook. “Facebook has developed an algorithm that automatically deletes users` posts and accounts if they include names of Palestinian political parties, for example ‘Hamas,’ ‘Jihad,’ ‘Popular Front,’ ‘Qassam,’ ‘Saraya’ and ‘Islamic Jihad,’ or names of martyrs, leaders and others without looking at the context in which they were posted, which sets a historic precedent for infringement on media freedom. Palestinian journalists and media people are unable to carry out their work work as a result of `Facebook’s unfair policy, which doesn’t pay attention to professional work standards.” says Eyad Rifai of the Sada Center. Complaints get the standard answer that “Facebook is an American company committed to renouncing terrorism as part of an agreement with the American government". There is no comparable action against anti-Palestinian incitement extensively placed on Facebook by right- wing Israelis and their supporters abroad. This Facebook policy seems influenced by Israeli Minister Gilad Erdan who had said that "Facebook has become a monster" and that "Facebook facilitates Palestinian terrorism and is directly responsible for the killing of Israeli citizens [ demands- zuckerberg-to-monitor-facebook-incitement.amp.html]. [ak]15/10/2019
One land, dividedKirsty LG - Green Olive Tours - It’s summertime in Scotland and finally after four intensive months I feel enough distance and cooling of the air to be able to reflect on my time in Jerusalem. the city and the land have both enchanted and enthralled me. Layer upon layer of history and religious diversity have created a depth of culture that is unlike anywhere else I’ve been in the world. I would call Jerusalem a melting pot but the ingredients don’t mix so easily here as they do in other great cities of the world. (...)I feel sad that most Israelis will never get to drive to Ramallah and experience the hustle and bustle of the old city or the divine cakes at Vanilla café in the shiny new area of the city. Similarly, most West bankers can only dream of hiking up Ein Gedi, floating in the Dead Sea or visiting the Tel Aviv beaches again. The human spirit is resilient however and there is always someone worse off with a staircase of suffering leading from East Jerusalem, to the West Bank, to Gaza and down from there to other Arab states like Syria and Yemen. This resilience of spirit impresses me but it’s not ok in the same way as Apartheid in South Africa wasn’t OK. (This essay got the first prize in the 2019 Green Olive Competition). [ak] 15/10/2019
Administrative Torture: Free Heba al-Labadi, a Jordanian Citizen in Israeli PrisonRamzy Baroud - CounterPunch - "On August 20, Heba Ahmed al-Labadi fell into the dark hole of the Israeli legal system, joining 413 Palestinian prisoners who are currently held in so-called administrative detention" [ry] 14/10/2019
Let`s take on Goliaths!Rabbi Alissa Wise - Jewish Voice for Peace - I want to take on Goliaths. Like Microsoft, which gave $31 million to AnyVision, a shady Israeli company that uses facial recognition technology to surveil Palestinians in the West Bank. Like the Anti- Defamation League, which maintains that Jewish support for Palestinian human rights is as big a threat to Jews as white nationalism. Like Christians United for Israel, the largest Zionist organization in the U.S., which frames the oppression of Palestinians and Jewish ethnic supremacy in Israel as necessary for bringing about the “end times” – and whose leaders have the ears of those in the highest echelons of power in the U.S. [ak]8/10/2019
Not the Israel My Parents Promised MeHarvey Pekar - The Book Depository - In "Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me", one of the final graphic memoirs from the man who defined the genre, Pekar explores what it means to be Jewish and what Israel means to the Jews. Over the course of a single day in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, Pekar and the illustrator JT Waldman wrestle with the mythologies passed down to them. Combining his increasing disillusionment with Israel with an account of the Jewish people since biblical times, Pekar, aided by Waldman`s protean art, weaves a personal and historical odyssey. Plainspoken and empathetic, Pekar had no patience for injustice and prejudice, and he arrives at the firm belief that all peoples should be held to the same universal standards of decency, fairness, and democracy. [ak]8/10/2019
Hadassah Hospital - do not hand Samer Arbid over to further interrogation!Anat Litvin - Physicians for Human Rights / Public Committee Against Torture - In an unusual move, a group of twenty senior physicians, members of PHRI’s board of directors and ethics committee, as well as members of the board of directors of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, has written a letter to the management of Hadassah Hospital urging the institution not to hand Samer Arbid over to continued Security Service interrogation, where he might be subjected to torture. The list of signatories includes senior physicians from Hadassah Hospital itself, where Arbid is currently treated, as well as physicians from other hospitals around the country, among them Prof. Rafi Walden, Prof. Bella Kaufman, Prof. Micha Eldar, Dr. Mushira Abu-Dia, Prof. Shaul Dollberg, Prof. Ruth Stalnikowicz, Dr. Bettina Birmanns MD and others. [ak] 8/10/2019
Seven Detainees, Including One Woman, Continue Hunger StrikeIMEMC - The hunger strike is protesting their being held under the arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, without charges or trial. One of the detainees, identified as Ahmad Abdul-Karim Ghannam, 42, from Doura town, southwest of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, started the hunger strike 79 days ago, and is facing serious complications, especially since he also has cancer. [bz]1/10/2019
Israeli army forcibly evicts nonviolent demonstrators at the Dead SeaPopular Struggle Coordination Committee / All That’s Left: Anti- Occupation Collective - Amidst the deepening Israeli occupation of the West Bank - specifically, the threat of full annexation made by Netanyahu - more than a hundred activists, Palestinians from across the West Bank as well as Israeli and international human rights defenders - came together at the former Lido Hotel, on the North Bank of the Dead Sea, with signs calling for a reclamation of Palestinian sovereignty over its land and resources. Dozens of Israeli soldiers forcibly evicted the activists. Sahar Vardi from Jerusalem said, “I am standing here in solidarity with my Palestinian partners because it is our duty, as Israelis, to resist these policies of resource theft, which are done in our names. At a time where Israeli politicians say that they will annex Area C, even further depriving Palestinians from their lands and resources, and in places like here, at the Dead Sea, we have no time to waste. It is our responsibility as Israelis to resist this in our actions and not just with words." [ak] 1/10/2019
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