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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

UN Secretary General to Arrive in Gaza Next WeekIMEMC News & Agencies - "The Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Palestinian Authority, Riyad al-Maliki, announced that the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki moon, and the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shokri, will visit Palestine at the end of June. “We will talk with Shokri about the role of the ministerial Arab quartet committee, headed by Egypt, to take serious actions regarding Israeli escalation in settlement expansion,” said al-Maliki. Spokesperson for the Secretary General, Stéphane Dujarric, said that Ban is to visit the West Bank and Israel next week, adding that he will arrive in Jerusalem on Monday, to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to deliver a lecture in Tel Aviv University. He will then arrive in the Gaza Strip to visit UN schools, and to meet officials at the UN headquarters. He will also meet with PA president Mahmoud Abbas, “to be honored”, according to Al Ray." ca 24/6/2016
Marwan Barghouti, A Palestinian Mandela Or Israel’s Worst Nightmare?Piotr Smolar - Worldcrunch - Marwan Barghouti, 56, takes care of himself. He walks and runs. Once a week, he meets with one of his lawyers. Once every two weeks, his wife Fadwa visits and tells him about their four children. In 14 years, he`s gotten to see them just a few times. A picture of his face painted or plastered on the walls of the West Bank reminds the children that their father has a special status. He is the hardened résistant, a symbol of the Palestinian national movement. "My release is bound to happen, sooner or later,” says Marwan Barghouti, in a written interview with Le Monde. "Israel will have to release me, me and the others. During these last decades, it has already happened thanks to the exchange of prisoners or through political discussion."-rh 22/6/2016
Israeli defense minister moves to muzzle Palestinian voices for peaceShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - On June 15, Liberman ordered the revocation of Madani’s entry permit into Israel on the grounds that he had promoted subversion in Israel, attempted to intervene in its internal affairs and had even tried to establish a political party. The revocation of Madani’s entry permit means the muzzling of the committee that was created at the instruction of Abbas to establish a dialogue with Israeli society and convey the message that the Palestinian Authority seeks peace and does not engage in incitement and warmongering, as the Netanyahu government depicts it.-rh 22/6/2016
`Recalculating Route`Thursday, 30 June 2016, 17:00-21:00 at The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute22/6/2016
BTS: “You Force People the Age of Your Grandma Out of Some Tin Shed Where They Live” Breaking The Silence - IMEMC - "“Do you hear the tractors working in the new neighborhood in Carmel? What’s that?” And we told him, “They’re building with an approved plan, you aren’t.” He goes, “Does that sound just, to you?” And we told him, “That’s the way it is.”" - id 22/6/2016
Gaza Mechanic Turns Heads With Classic Mercedes Replica Nidal al-Mughrabi - Ha`aretz - Repairing cars in the Gulf, a Palestinian mechanic from Gaza spotted a vehicle that took his breath away - the classic Mercedes Gazelle. Munir Shindi knew that he had to have one, and after returning home to Gaza, set about building a replica of the 1927 model of the two-door, open-top roadster from scratch. Harsh conditions in the Strip did not deter him from going on, cannibalizing parts from used vehicles and importing a few items such as locks, hub caps and hinges from the United States. Now, the masterpiece shaped by Shindi, 36, is on display in his workshop, admired by his neighbors. [ak] 21/6/2016
`Lieberman will not dissuade us from continuing our interaction with the Israeli society!`Palestinian Committee for Interaction with the Israeli Society - Lieberman`s decision to curtail the movement of Mohammad Madani, our committee`s Chair, comes as no surprise. The defence minister is annoyed by any rapprochement between Palestinians and Israelis, as by any entente among the Israelis themselves, Arabs and Jews. But Lieberman’s decision will not dissuade us from continuing our interaction with various layers of the Israeli society. We had contact with no less than 70 Knesset Members, from a broad spectrum of Israeli political parties, as well as diverse Jewish groups of both Oriental (Sephardic) and Western (Ashkenazi) origin, with lecturers, scholars, researchers, university students and representatives of various civil society institutions. We have no intention of stopping all this. [ak] 21/6/2016
Israeli Conscientious Objector Sentenced to Sixth Term in Military Lock-up Gili Cohen - Haaretz - Tair Kaminer has been imprisoned for the sixth time; she was sentenced to another 45 days, which makes her the woman longest jailed for refusing to be a soldier. Her fellow refuser, Omri Barness was sentenced - for the third time - to 30 more days. [bz] 21/6/2016
At least 60 Palestinian prisoners begin hunger strikeMa`an News Agency - "The decision to start the hunger strikes, added the lawyer, was in protest against Israeli decision to send PFLP- affiliated prisoner Bilal Kayid to administrative detention without trial or indictment for six months after he completed a 14-year sentence. Kayid began his own hunger strike on June 14 following his sentence of six months in administrative detention" [ry] 20/6/2016
Gaza: Resistance Through PoetryRamzy Baroud - CounterPunch - "True, the wars have devastated Gaza and the siege is severely diminishing its ability to develop the massive and promising human capital it has. But it has not disfigured its essence, or lessened its humanity. Gaza remains a place of poets, artists, dabka dancers and untamable spirits of utterly resilient and refreshingly stubborn people" [ry] 20/6/2016
Senior Israeli minister: Make BDS activists in Israel `pay a price`Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 "Public Security Minister Erdan says ‘the message has to be that it’s not worth being a BDS activist,’ reveals his plans to create government-sponsored legislation to that end." ca17/6/2016
Irish Support of Boycott Welcomed by Human Rights Campaigners IMEMC - "...thirteen of Ireland¡¦s best-known musicians, writers, artists and sports stars have called on the Irish government to join them in supporting the growing worldwide boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel." - id 15/6/2016
Palestinian Ramadan Boycott campaign Mahmoud Nawajaa - BDS - "The campaign is intended at raising awareness among the people that buying Palestinian products rather than Israeli ones can have a political impact and encourages the Palestinian public to make a conscious choice of popular resistance during their Ramadan shopping." - id 15/6/2016
Network Against Islamophobia We know we have to fight homophobia, transphobia, racism and Islamophobia at once. 15/6/2016
Palestine hopes to join Interpol this fallDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - Gen. Adnan al-Damiri, a spokesman for the Palestinian police, told Al-Monitor that joining Interpol will improve the security situation in Palestine and at the same time help strengthen Palestinian efforts at state building. He said, “We need Interpol to stop many cases of people fleeing justice and to extradite those criminals who have fled Palestine.”-rh 15/6/2016
`Ramadan Tov`: How to stop funding Israel`s occupation: A new BDS campaign to encourage Palestinians to boycott Israeli goods in Ramadan and afterwardsZena Tahhan - Aljazeera - Entitled "Ramadan Tov" - meaning "Happy Ramadan" in Hebrew - the campaign has brought together a majority of the local Palestinian boycott movements for the first time under the umbrella of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) group. It aims to encourage Palestinians to boycott Israeli products, food items in particular, during Ramadan, and afterwards. The targets are the biggest Israeli food companies including Jafora, Tnuva, Strauss and Osem. The face of the campaign is an Israeli soldier in his distinguishable green uniform serving a tray of popular Israeli food products regularly consumed by Palestinians during the holy month.-rh 15/6/2016
Detention of Palestinian circus performer extended despite international outcryMaan - Israeli authorities ruled to extend Muhammad Faisal Abu Sakha’s remand for another six months from June 13 until Dec. 12, in addition to the six months he has already served in administrative detention -- Israel’s controversial policy of internment without trial or charge. According to prisoner’s rights group Addameer, a confirmation hearing for the ruling is scheduled for June 15, during which a military judge may confirm, limit, or cancel the administrative detention order. [bz]14/6/2016
`Ramadan Tov` campaign boycotts Israeli products during holy monthThe New Arab - The BDS movement protests the Israeli occupation through boycott [BDS] [ry] 13/6/2016
Israel Boycott Has Staying PowerSteven Salaita - The Chronicle of Higher Education - We can debate ad nauseam the probity of academic boycott, but it would be more useful to address the problems of repression and occupation that spurred the boycott movement to begin with.-rh 9/6/2016
Israel`s smartest student is an ArabShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - Mohammed Zeidan, from the Arab community of Kafr Manda in northern Israel, is the only Arab in Israel who has been able to get the ultranationalist Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Arab Knesset member Ahmad Tibi from the Joint List to exchange warm greetings. Zeidan, 19, scored an 800 on Israeli`s Psychometric Entrance Test, the highest possible score. Tibi praised his achievement on Twitter, and Bennett was quick to retweet Tibi’s greeting, leading the two political foes to exchange kind words.-rh 8/6/2016
Khalida Jarrar freed – Palestinian leftist leader calls for action to liberate Palestinian prisonersSamidoun - Arrested in a pre-dawn raid by Israeli occupation soldiers who raided her home on 1 April 2015, Jarrar was first ordered to administrative detention without charge or trial. Following an international outcry, Jarrar was charged in the Israeli military courts with 12 charges based entirely on public political activity, including giving speeches, attending events, and expressing support for Palestinian prisoners and their families. She was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, in addition to a suspended sentence and a fine.-rh8/6/2016
Israeli counter-protesters confronted by extremist paraders on Jerusalem DayYumna Patel, Jaclynn Ashly - Ma`an - Israeli counter-protesters hand out flowers on Jerusalem Day, outside Damascus Gate, while thousands paraders were entering the Old City. “A lot of Israelis are angry at us for what we do, they don’t support us, but we keep doing it.” [bz]7/6/2016
Global protests target Airbnb over Israeli settlement rentalsJohn Brown - +972 - Over 150,000 sign petition calling on Airbnb to pull out of Israeli settlements as part of the #StolenHomes campaign, which was launched by a consortium of organizations following an investigative report by +972 and Local Call. The investigation also found that many property owners were discriminating by refusing to rent to prospective Arab guests, which violates company policy. [bz]7/6/2016
Demonstrate solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers 6/6/2016
`Two countries, One homeland` Itay Blumental - Ynet News "A new peace organization called "two countries, one homeland" which is made up of both Israelis and Palestinians had its first convocation on Thursday morning whereby it announced its principals: two independent states based on the 1967 lines, economic cooperation, and a shared capital in Jerusalem." ca3/6/2016
Israeli mayors meet with AbbasJesse Lempel/TPS - Ynet News "Israeli delegation of mayors arrived on the eve of an international peace conference in Paris on Friday – and as Israeli leaders turn to Egypt to spearhead new talks with the Palestinians – to discuss another peace conference to be held in, of all places, the small northern Israeli town of Ma’alot Tarshiha." ca3/6/2016
BDS movement in Morocco gets dozens of shop owners to boycott Israeli datesMa`an News Agency - "BDS Maroc started the boycott campaign last year, adopting several strategies to pressure retailers in the Darb Mila date markets to discontinue their relationship with Israeli date companies, while promoting the campaign among Morocco’s consumer base. " ca3/6/2016
Special Protest Vigils Women in Black On June​ 3, 2016 ​​at 13:00;4​9​ years of one long disaster! END THE OCCUPATION! 2/6/2016
Remembering Hedy Epstein (1924 – 2016) Palestinian BDS National Committee BNC - "Hedy visited Palestine several times. She took nonviolent direct action to resist occupation in the West Bank with the International Solidarity Movement." - id 1/6/2016
Israeli ex-officers issue plan to restart peace talks, condemn government inactionIan Deitch - Boston Globe - With peace talks in a deep freeze, the plan by Commanders for Israel’s Security on Friday called to ‘‘preserve conditions’’ for negotiations with the Palestinians. It urges a combination of political and security initiatives together with delivering economic benefits to Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem simultaneously.-rh1/6/2016
Yehuda Glick’s meteoric rise from messianic margins to Israeli parliamentDan Cohen and Tamar Aviyah - Mondoweiss - After leaving his position in the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, Glick took a greater leading role in the Temple Movement, becoming the executive director of the Temple Institute. Founded in 1984 by Yisrael Ariel, the Temple Institute is a state-funded organization that takes a multi-faceted approach to achieve its goal of building a third Jewish temple on what Muslims call Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) and Jews called Har Habayit (Temple Mount). -rh1/6/2016
49 Years of Occupation – Palestinians and Israelis together in the Freedom March 31/5/2016
Video pictures - and sounds(!) - of anti-government demonstration in Tel-Aviv, May 28, 2016 31/5/2016
Beersheba University rejects political pressure by British donorLidar Garve-Lazi - Jerusalem Post - British businessman Michael Gross, a longstanding member of the Beersheba university’s board of governors, decided to withhold a $1 million donation - due to his objection to the university holding an academic conference on "“Whistle-blowing throughout the ages". Among other featured speakers are Yuli Novak of the "Breaking The Silence" movement which came under fire for its publication of soldiers` testimonies from the Occupied Territories. In response the university informed Mr. Gross that the conference will take place as scheduled, since "The role of academia is to research and study past and current trends, and on the basis of that research to promote a critical discourse that asks questions and deepens our knowledge about historical, cultural and scientific issues". Further, the university returned to Gross a 100,000 donation he already made and told him he is free to resign from its board of governors. [ak] 31/5/2016
Allow Hamde Abu Rahma, award winning photojournalist,into the UK!Russell Patient‎ - Palestinian photojournalist & author Hamde Abu Rahma has been denied a visa to enter the UK twice. He is a phenomenal artist and well as a credit to Palestine. He deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and allowed to enter the UK to showcase his work.[ak]31/5/2016
NORTH AMERICA NAKBA TOUR: THE EXILED PALESTINIANSJewish Voice for Peace et al--On May 14, 1948, as Zionist leader David Ben Gurion was proclaiming a Jewish state in Palestine, his troops drove out the inhabitants of the ancient Palestinian town of al-Zeeb. 18-year-old Mariam Fathalla was one of them. She and her young husband fled to Lebanon. By year’s end the 4,000-year-old community had been leveled. More than half of all Palestinians were killed or expelled and more than half the cities, towns and villages disappeared, a crime that Palestinians call al-Nakba (the Catastrophe). dn29/5/2016
Sat. May 28, Tel-Aviv march -time to resist. Build opposition. To build another way for Israel. 27/5/2016
`Jews Against Genocide¡¦ take the blood bucket challenge at Yad Vashem Kelly Lynn - Mondoweiss "Activists from Jews Against Genocide have released a video compilation depicting their version of the Blood Bucket Challenge, an extreme spin on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which flooded Facebook feeds for the last three months.(Published Sept. 2014, ca)" ca †Ê …Y †Ô ‡ç ‡í Activists from Jews Against Genocide have released a video compilation depicting their version of the Blood Bucket Challenge, an extreme spin on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which flooded Facebook feeds for the last three months. (Published Sept. 29, 2014, ca)" ca 27/5/2016
Israeli tribunal upholds ban on British human rights activistHaggai Matar - +972 "Human rights activist Gary Spedding was refused entry to the country in 2014 over suspicions that he would ‘incite a riot.’ Jerusalem tribunal shortens ban from 10 to 5 years...Spedding, who is active in reconciliation efforts in Northern Ireland as well as Israel/Palestine, had planned on visiting Israel for a round of meetings, including with several members of Knesset." ca27/5/2016
Bridges instead of Tunnels! Peace march by Gaza Border inhabitants 27/5/2016
Leading Israeli rights group to stop cooperating with the IDF Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 - "The Israeli military justice system acts only to ‘cover up unlawful acts and protect perpetrators,’ B’Tselem says, citing 25 years of experience working with the military. Palestinian rights expert welcomes the move." - id 25/5/2016
A Window Into the West Bank’s ‘Wildest, Most Violent’ AreasJAMES GLANZ - The New York Times - With shoulder-length hair tumbling from beneath his knit skullcap, Hanamel Dorfman, a radical young Israeli settler, explains matter-of-factly on camera how hilltop settlement outposts like his own will continue to proliferate across the West Bank. From there, he says bluntly, Israelis will cross the Jordan River and start building on the other side. Reminded that beyond the river there is another sovereign nation, Jordan, Mr. Dorfman says with an unwavering gaze, “Everything is temporary.”-rh 25/5/2016
Report slams Israel`s military law enforcement systemMegan O`Toole - Aljazeera - "B`Tselem`s cooperation with the military investigation and enforcement system has not achieved justice, instead lending legitimacy to the occupation regime and aiding to whitewash it," the report noted.-rh25/5/2016
Get Airbnb to stop hawking rentals in illegal settlements. We made a 90-second video that we can all use to make sure this story gets out. Click here to watch - and share - it today: 25/5/2016
Facing down Breaking the Silence, Israel tries to play the underdog Alma Biblash - +972 - "The optical illusion that was created in the courtroom made it seem as if Breaking the Silence was a powerful, experienced, and publicly supported organization, facing down a feeble, lonely State of Israel that is just trying to survive with whatever means it has." - id 25/5/2016
EPA photographer refuses strip-search demand, departs PM`s officeItamar Eichner/Becky Azran - AFP/Y-net - Atef Safadi, a Druze journalist with the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA), was asked by guards at the PM`s office in Jerusalem to pull down his trousers as a condition for being admitted to Netanyahu`s meeting with French PM Valls. He regarded the demand as humiliating. As a result of his departure, there were no photos of the event for the foreign media. The Foreign Press Association refused to accept photos offered by the Israeli governmental Press Bureau. [ak]24/5/2016
The Abnormal BoxCO Tair Kaminer - blog from inside the military prison - Apparently, if I went to the Mental Health Office, I would get released fairly quickly, because that would silence the noise that I am making and would, more importantly, put me in the little square where they want to put me so they can show the world where I actually belong. But this fight is too important to me to agree to make the army`s life so easy. There is another way to get to the "abnormal box" and receive an exemption. A conscientious exemption. That is the exemption that I would like to receive, because after all it is my conscience that is not allowing me to serve in the army. So what`s the problem? 24/5/2016
How one professor poked Israeli establishment in the eye Shlomi Eldar - Al Monitor - ""Our opponents and the right in general call us the radical left," Shulman said. "Whenever I get the opportunity I say: We are not radical people. If there`s something radical about our behavior, it’s actually our moderation. In that sense, I hope I`ve exposed Ta’ayush to the media."" - id 18/5/2016
Support the Right to Boycott IsraelSign our appeal to the UN about Israel’s war of repression on BDS 17/5/2016
Jewish organizations speak out against extrajudicial killingsA. Weizfeld - press release - Leaders of the Apartheid Israel State of occupation are encouraging soldiers, illegal settlers and civilians to execute on sight any Palestinian who may be suspected of being a threat.17/5/2016
The Women`s Walk Wednesday, May 18, 4:30 p.m. Meeting at Parking Lot at the end of the Haas Promenade 15/5/2016
Despite Withdrawal of Hillel Support, Jewish Students Hold Nakba Commemoration EventHelen Chernikoff--Jewish students at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design decided to hold a May 11 event at their Hillel building focused on the Palestinian experience of Israeli independence in defiance of what they called “pressure” from Hillel International, according to two students with direct knowledge of the event who spoke anonymously to protect their relationships with all members of the Hillel community.dn15/5/2016
Amid Israeli Independence Day Celebrations, Thousands of Arabs Rally to Mark Nakba Jack Khoury - Haaretz - “For the Palestinians, the Nabka isn’t just a historical event, but a personal wound in the heart of every refugee and displaced person,” said Mohammed Barakeh, head of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, at the event. “People didn’t flee, as some claim, but were uprooted. Yet even if they fled, they fled out of fear and suspicion, due to the crimes that were committed. And this doesn’t cancel out their right to return.” [Barakeh is himself from an internal refugee family-bz]14/5/2016
Open The Zone: municipality delegation visit to CMZ (closed military zone - id)Action Alerts - ISM - "...recently several Palestinians in need of an ambulance were denied this medical assistance by Israeli forces, at times for ridiculous reasons such as ‘it’s Shabbat’." - id for ca12/5/2016
US, EU wink at Israel’s travel ban on BDS co-founder Ali Abunimah - EI - "The complicity of the EU and US in Israel’s bald violations of Palestinian human rights is hardly a surprise.That is a key reason Palestinians turned to BDS as a tactic in the first place – to challenge the complicity of governments in Israel’s occupation and other crimes." - id for ca 12/5/2016
Alternative Torch LightingWednesday, 11.5.16 at 19:45 Emil Grunzweig Square, Bank of Israel, Givat Ram, Jerusalem11/5/2016
Open The Zone ¨C twitter storm Take action to end the closed military zone in Hebron and join our twitter storm and thunderclap campaign! 11/5/2016
Yesh Din: Michael Sfard at the UN Security Council, 6.5.2016 (with link to soundcloud recording)Yesh Din - Adv. Michael Sfard explained to the council members that while Israeli law enforcement agencies succeed in solving crimes committed against Israeli citizens, apprehend the culprits, prosecute and severely punish them swiftly, and in many incidents even prevent the attack. But when the victim is Palestinian, Yesh Din`s data indicates that 85% of the investigations opened into ideologically motivated crime against Palestinians are closed due to police investigative failures. [10/5/2016
Letter to American Marine whose shirt CO Tair Kaminer is wearingTair Kaminer - It is not safe here. For anyone. And the reason that this is connected to you is that your government is very involved. The taxes you pay support these wars, meaning, we receive a "security" budget, and in Israel, the meaning of "security" is really "occupation", a siege and closure of the Palestinian population. For the security of Israelis, of course. 10/5/2016
After 9 weeks on hunger strike, Palestinian stops taking waterCharlotte Silver = EI - "After weeks of refusing sustenance, Janazreh has lost 55 pounds and his health has sharply deteriorated. He has had intermittent seizures, and is reportedly suffering from hypothermia, failing kidneys and his his teeth have begun falling out." - id 6/5/2016
HCEF program reconnects diaspora youth with Palestine Ray Hanania - The Ara Daily News - "Knowing your heritage is the key foundation of successful activism to bring peace and justice to Palestine and restoring Palestinian rights. The Holy Land Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) is hosting its 5th annual summer program to bring Palestinians back to Palestine and understand Palestinian culture, history and aspirations firsthand." - id 5/5/2016
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