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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Remembering Rachel CorrieFeatures - International Solidarity Movement - "Rachel died whilst placing herself in the path of a bulldozer to protect a Palestinian family whose home was about to be demolished." - id21/3/2019
MADA Demands Release of JournalistsIMEMC - "These attacks include the abduction of 19 journalists and media workers, over the past three days, most of who were physically assaulted during their arrest — this in addition to the assault of the editing manager of the Bawabit Al-Hadaf news agency, Sami Yousef Issa, and Sawt Alsha’b radio station reporter Mahmoud Al-Louh, as well as the attack on journalists Hassib al-Wazir, Mohammad al-Jaysh, Joma’aa Dalool. Other violations were also reported, such as the prevention of coverage, prosecutions and seizure of equipment, especially photographic equipment and mobile phones for journalists." - id21/3/2019
`Refuse Whitewash of Israel`s Crimes`: Roger Waters Calls for Eurovision Boycott Aya Chajut - Haaretz - (...) "an opportunity to speak up for life over death and also for human rights over human wrongs," and called on him to "refuse to join the cultural whitewash of what a recent UN report calls Israel’s war crimes and possible crimes against humanity (...) and show solidarity with the 189 un-armed protestors shot to death by Israel’s snipers in Gaza last year alone, including at least 35 children," according to data in the United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry`s report on the 2018 Gaza border protests, published in February." [bz]19/3/2019
B’Tselem to UN Commission of Inquiry: Israeli “investigations” a mere whitewashing Amit Gilutz - B’Tselem - "The Israeli authorities` promise to “investigate” eleven incidents in which protesters were killed on the Gaza border is mere propaganda" says B’Tselem’s director Hagai El-Ad. He called called upon Santiago Canton, head of the UN Commission of Inquiry into 2018 Gaza protests, to reject the tapestry of lies woven while Israeli soldiers killed even more unarmed protesters: “A real change in Israeli policy will only take place if the international community demands it clearly and unequivocally, and if it stops allowing Israel to do no more than offer hollow promises of ‘investigation’.” [ak]19/3/2019
Gazans protest demanding better living conditionsMa`an News Agency - "Hundreds of Palestinians from the besieged Gaza Strip took to streets on Friday evening, for the second day in a row, in demand for better living and economic conditions.Protests were also against the rise in taxes imposed on residents of the Gaza Strip." ca16/3/2019
Gaza rockets shake Tel Aviv, NetanyahuBen Caspit - Al-Monitor "Several loud explosions reverberated throughout the area soon after the clamoring alarm, and hundreds of thousands of Israelis suddenly realized this was no mistake. It took the chief military spokesman, Lt. Gen. Ronen Manelis, an embarrassingly long time to announce that rockets had indeed been fired at Tel Aviv, to concede they had taken the army by surprise and to say that the authorities were “trying to understand” who was behind the attack. They were busy all night doing just that." ca 16/3/2019
Ex-Mossad agents harass US students, BDS activistsKristian Davis Bailey - The Electronic Intifada - "In September 2017, Palestine Legal attorneys received nearly 30 emails from students, teachers and even librarians who were justifiably concerned about an anonymous message they had received. The emails contained threats from that recipients had been “marked” and “identified as a BDS promoter” and had a “limited window of opportunity to cease and desist or face the consequences of your actions in legal proceedings.” The origin of the attack was a mystery."14/3/2019
Germany puts BDS activists on trial for disrupting Israeli MKOren Ziv - +972 - "The activists accused Lavie of having “the blood of Gaza” on her hands, and accused her of representing an “apartheid regime.”" - id14/3/2019
From truck driver to conscientious objector Dror Mizrahi - Mesarvot - "When I was drafted I thought the military serves the interests of the citizens of Israel, but after serving in the Occupied Territories I have realized that what the army is doing there does not serve my interests or those of all working Israelis. Especially not after the continuous killing of the protesters on the Gaza fence." - id14/3/2019
`Bridge Over Blood` Independent Documentary Production - Gaza and Sderot were once a peaceful neighborhood where people of two nations and faiths interacted freely. But it became the battle zone of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Today, a wall divides them. They are united in grief, a mutual hatred, deaths and a river of blood. Now, a small group of people on both sides of the wall are ignoring tradition, defying their governments and absorbing the anger of families and the wrath of neighbors to forge friendships. "Bridge Over Blood" is a documentary being produced and directed by a team of black, Arab and Jewish filmmakers. Some of the crew have never met, reflecting political divide in this war zone. Documentaries, especially independent documentaries, are tough to make - we want to raise $30,000.00. With your help, we hope to have it ready for presentation in film festival circuits all over the world in the later part of 2019. [ak]12/3/2019
From military truck driver to conscientious objectorDror Mizrahi, press release - CO Roman Levin: "I have been serving as a truck driver, and many of these drives have been through the Occupied Territories. When I was drafted I thought the military serves the interests of the citizens of Israel. (...) I have come to the conclusion that one must choose - you cannot both object to the occupation, racism and capitalism, and serve in the military that perpetuates these." [bz] 12/3/2019
`Bridge Over Blood` - help make a documentary bridging the embattled Gaza border 12/3/2019
Gaza aid cannot wait while Israel holds elections Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - As it usually does, Hamas decided to fix its mistake by heating things up with Israel. The group went back to launching incendiary balloons and escalated violent demonstrations on the border fence. The number of Palestinian casualties has climbed after weeks of Egypt urging it to avoid escalation and wait until after Israel’s April 9 elections to complete the long-term cease-fire deal that has been months in the making. However, growing shortages have increased pressure on the Hamas leadership. How can one ask thousands of civil servants to wait for their pay until after Israel deals with its domestic political affairs?-rh 12/3/2019
Israeli court sentences soldiers for assault on PalestiniansAFP, Jerusalem - Al-Arabiya - “The military court sentenced three combat soldiers who were convicted as part of a plea bargain for aggravated abuse as a result of violence against Palestinian detainees,” the Israeli army said in a statement.The soldiers confessed to assaulting and injuring two Palestinian detainees shortly after an attack in which two soldiers were killed by Palestinian gunfire at a bus stop in the occupied West Bank on December 13.-rh12/3/2019
Free Zakaria Zubeidi!Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre - Israeli forces arrested Zakaria Zubeidi, an advocate of Palestinian cultural resistance and one of the three co-founders of The Freedom Theatre, in the early morning hours of February 27. He is being held in prison at an interrogation center in East Jerusalem. Israeli authorities have not filed any formal charges to date. This is the second time Israeli authorities have violated their 2008 amnesty agreement with Zakaria.A week after arresting him Israeli forces invaded and trashed Zakaria’s home in Jenin on Tuesday, March 5, terrorizing his wife, Alaa, and their three children. These raids took place in Area A, which was returned to Palestinian Authority control under the Oslo Accords. Despite this agreement, Israeli forces regularly invade these areas conducting searches and arrests with no need for a warrant.Up until the time of his arrest, Zakaria -- who has been studying for his MA in Contemporary Arabic Studies at Birzeit University and has been the General Manager of the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs in the government of the Palestinian Authority -- had given interviews to Israeli journalists and had gone back and forth without incident between his two residences in Ramallah and Jenin. He has long been a proponent of cultural resistance to the occupation, and his brother, Abdulrahman Zubeidi, serves on The Freedom Theatre’s board. [ak] 12/3/2019
Rotem Sela, The Israeli Actress Who Provoked Netanyahu By Calling Arabs ‘Human Beings’Jenny Singer - The Forward - A world leader getting into an Instagram tussle over human rights with an actress? Far fetched? No, it did happen. Israeli PM Netanyahu pitted himself against Rotem Sela, an Israeli model, veteran, lawyer, activist mother of three, one of Israel’s most popular actresses. Sela had taken to Instagram to respond to an interview on Israel’s Channel 12 with Culture Minister Miri Regev. “Miri Regev is sitting and explaining to Rina Matsliah that the public needs to beware, because if Benny Gantz is elected he will have to create a government with the Arabs. Rina Matsliah is silent. And I ask myself: why doesn’t Rina ask her in shock: ‘And what’s the problem with the Arabs???’ Dear God, there are also Arab citizens in this country.” She went on, “When will anyone in this government tell the public that this is a country of all its citizens, and all people are born equal. The Arabs are also human beings. And also the Druze, and the gays, and the lesbians and… gasp… leftists.” [ak] 12/3/2019
Jewish-Palestinian women march in Tel AvivItai Blumenthal - Ynetnews "Some 150 women from the Parents Circle-Families Forum, people who have lost family members to the Mideast conflict, marched in Tel Aviv for International Women’s Day on Friday morning. They held signs decrying violence and hatred and held a gathering in Habima Square." ca " 9/3/2019
Women from across Palestine gather in Khan al-Ahmar, call for resistanceAl-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "Women met to begin a new wave of resistance in the village after a year of resisting evictions and demolitions. With the upcoming Israeli election, the extreme right in Israel are once again calling for the destruction of Khan al-Ahmar. Disgustingly, politicians are using cleansing and land theft in an attempt to gain votes from segments of Israeli society." - id7/3/2019
Bridges Instead of Walls: A Six-Day Seminar in PalestineMake A difference. Contact Ika Audano at 7/3/2019
Palestinian peace activist denied entry to U.S. for speaking tourEdo Konrad - +972 - "Osama Iliwat was supposed to speak to synagogues, churches, and universities across the United States about the power of nonviolence and bringing an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Instead he was sent back to Palestine." - id7/3/2019
How Netanyahu`s embrace of the Israeli far right unmasked ZionismTony Greenstein - Aljazeera - As part of his ongoing election campaign, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has openly encouraged the far-right Jewish Home party to unite with smaller, even more extremist right-wing parties, including Otzma Yehudit - the party of Kahane`s disciples. The Jewish Home central committee recently approved the merger, paving the way for at least one member of Otzma Yehudit - its leader Michael Ben Ari - to secure a seat in the 21st Knesset in the upcoming April election. Ben Ari, an avowed Kahanist, was a member of the Knesset between 2009 and 2013. Apart from inciting a pogrom against African refugees in South Tel Aviv, he is famous for tearing up a copy of the New Testament and putting it in a rubbish bin and for referring to Jewish left-wingers as "germs" that need to be eradicated.-rh5/3/2019
Refusing funds will cost Palestinians, perhaps IsraelAhmad Melhem - Al-Monitor - The total amount of import taxes Israel collected for the PA in 2018 amounted to more than 8 billion shekels, according to Palestinian Ministry of Finance figures, with a monthly average of 670 million shekels. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had warned he would refuse the payment when he spoke on the sidelines of his Feb. 19 meeting in Ramallah with US congressional Democrats and a delegation from J Street, a US nonprofit, liberal advocacy group. The PA`s rejection is likely to worsen the public`s already dire financial situation and increase tension and unrest. The PA, knowing that Israel fears that possibility, could be seeking to pressure Israel into reversing its decision. The PA’s stand will cast a shadow over the government`s spending in several areas, mainly paying the salaries of its public servants. In a Facebook post Feb. 17, Hamdallah had said, “A deduction in [these funds would put] the Palestinian economy in danger, threaten our ability to pay salaries and wages, and disrupt the economic wheel.”-rh 5/3/2019
The campaign to equate anti-Zionism with anti-SemitismYossi Beilin - Al-Monitor - One cannot ignore the link between anti- Semitism and anti-Zionism. Sometimes, anti-Zionism is, indeed, a guise for anti-Semitism, but we are not doing anyone any favors by insisting on equating the two terms. They are partially congruent, but not identical. It would be a mistake to enshrine this in law and a mistake to consider it some sort of Israeli achievement.-rh 5/3/2019
Is Netanyahu coordinating with Trump over `deal of the century’? Ben Caspit - Al-Monitor - The prevailing opinion within Israel’s highest political-security ranks is that Netanyahu is completely in the US administration’s loop regarding the “deal of the century,” and that Washington and Jerusalem were supposed to present it after the elections. “The “deal of the century,” explains a high-level Israeli Cabinet member speaking with Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “is meant to try to extricate Netanyahu from his legal troubles. After the elections, he is supposed to take a political turn to the center and announce to the public that there is no way he can turn down the best US president that Israel ever faced in the White House." The minister added, “On this basis, he will establish a coalition based only on parties willing to say ‘yes’ to Trump, on the assumption that the Palestinians would do the work for us by again rejecting any possibility of reaching an arrangement with Israel.”-rh 5/3/2019
Israel`s fascist sideshow takes center stageNatasha Roth - +972 - The prime minister’s overtures to the Jewish Power (Otzma Yehudit) party are not, in the context of his political character, surprising. His readiness to rely on white supremacists and ultranationalists abroad to prop him up provides ample evidence of the types of characters he’ll make common cause with. It has also long been clear that there are very few depths Netanyahu will not plumb when his perch at the top of Israeli politics is under threat. And that threat does, with the national elections in April looming, feel real. Faced with some of his current coalition partners failing to pass the electoral threshold, Netanyahu successfully lobbied the Jewish Home party to team up with Jewish Power, which brings the real prospect of an explicitly Kahanist party entering the Knesset for the first time in over 30 years.-rh5/3/2019
Breaking the SilenceMairav Zonszein - The Intercept - Inside the Israeli Right’s Campaign to Silence an Anti-Occupation Group [ry] 4/3/2019
Activists Announce 15th Annual Israeli Apartheid WeekThe 15th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week will take place between March 18th and April 8th 2019 under the theme “Stop Arming Colonialism”28/2/2019
Soldier uses stun grenade on school children at SalaymehAl-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "Infamous illegal settler Ofer Yohana (òåôø àåçðä) arrived around 7.20am, greeting the soldiers warmly and began conversing in Hebrew while looking in the direction of the activists. He then began to film and harass activists, insinuating that they were pedophiles for greeting the students on their way to school." - id28/2/2019
Could new Israeli party topple Netanyahu’s Likud?Ben Caspit - Al-Monitor - For the first time since he returned to power in 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself facing a rival of his own weight. A last-minute scaremongering campaign against the Arab enemy and the terrible security dangers like Netanyahu waged in the last week of the 2015 campaign won’t work this time. On the last election day in March 2015, Netanyahu warned voters that the Arabs were ‘’coming in droves’’ to the polls. This time things are different. If the prime minister says “The Arabs are coming,” he won’t find the lightweight Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni (who headed the Zionist Camp in 2015) facing him, but three heavyweight rivals and decorated, experienced generals: the 20th chief of staff, Gantz; the 17th chief of staff, Ya’alon; and the 19th chief of staff, Ashkenazi. And so, the average Israeli voter (who votes at the end of the day for a “sense of security”) could also find it among the camp opposing Netanyahu. The prime minister has lost his greatest asset, which is none other than the weapon of scaremongering — the indefatigable mandate engine that he has developed over the past decade. Barring a dramatic change at the last minute, this new game will end in a photo finish.-rh 26/2/2019
Netanyahu’s dance with anti-SemitismAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - The description by acting Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz of Poles as a species of anti-Semitic mammals is unlikely to be studied in the Foreign Ministry’s training programs as a model of diplomatic conduct. One might have expected a seasoned politician eyeing the premiership to express himself more carefully when asked about anti-Semitism in Poland than to cite, as Katz did, the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s comment that Poles “suckled anti-Semitism with their mother’s milk.” Katz, appointed Feb. 17, thus flunked his first diplomatic test — handling a crisis with Warsaw stemming from the alleged misreporting of a statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, about Polish participation in the Holocaust, that caused offense. In doing so, he played into the hands of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who is running for re- election and courting nationalist voters. Katz’s comment in an interview exacerbated the crisis and led to the last-minute scrapping of the Visegrad summit of central European leaders that had been scheduled to take place in Jerusalem Feb. 19.-rh 26/2/2019
Israeli Arabs engaging in electoral campaign Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - Even before Hadash and Ta’al announced their union, young Arabs were flooding social media with posts urging their fellow Arabs to exercise their civil rights and prevent a victory for the right. The message was clear — vote for whichever party you want, not necessarily the Arab parties, with the focus on stemming the flood of undemocratic, discriminatory legislation enacted by successive right-wing Netanyahu governments over the past decade, which peaked in 2018 with the passage of the Nationality Law that officially downgrades Israeli Arabs to second-class citizens.-rh 26/2/2019
Netanyahu and the Kahanists: A moral compromise that may ruin his legacy : Few politicians will put moral concerns above political ones unless they fear public shame. The Otzma Yehudit deal may exact a higher cost than the PM realizesHAVIV RETTIG GUR - The Times of Israel - for all his influence and accomplishments, Netanyahu does not feel powerful. Often mocked as paranoid, he has been well-served by his penchant for seeing enemies at every turn. Likud under his leadership has repeatedly jettisoned its most popular politicians when their popularity came to be seen as threatening Netanyahu’s control of the party. He warned ominously (and to many ears, ludicrously) in the run-up to the party’s primary on February 5 that rival Gideon Sa’ar had conspired with President Reuven Rivlin to take the party from him after the election, and openly worked to suppress voting for Sa’ar, whose no. 5 showing on the final slate suggests he was only partly successful. It is easy to mock this conduct, but hard to argue with the results: his opponents have all fallen by the wayside, while Netanyahu remains firmly ensconced at the top.-rh26/2/2019
Smotrich for education minister – and 4 other jokesZev Farber - The Times of Israel - In an interview Saturday Night on channel 12, Yair Lapid, chair of the Yesh Atid party, touched on the deal brokered by Benjamin Netanyahu, in which the religious-Zionist Jewish Home party merged with the Kahanist, Jewish Power party, and Bezalel Smotrich, the hard-right leader of the National Union party, was offered the post of Minister of Education.Lapid revealed that this deal is what finally pushed him to merge with Benny Gantz’s Israel Resilience party and accept the number two slot, since he now sees it as a national imperative to do whatever possible to ensure that such a hard-right coalition not become the ruling bloc in the next Knesset.- rh26/2/2019
Israeli Extremists Are Making a Comeback—With the Help of US Tax DollarsMairav Zonszein - Nation - As Israel’s April 9 election approaches, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has paved the way for a Jewish- supremacist party—which some are dubbing the Jewish KKK—to enter the next Israeli Knesset. He encouraged the merger of three small far- right parties, Jewish Home, National Union, and Jewish Power (Otzma Yehudit in Hebrew), since each of them separately was not expected to receive enough votes to make the minimum Knesset threshold. If Netanyahu is re-elected, the new far-right party, assuming it receives enough votes to make the minimum, would then help him secure a governing coalition of at least 61 seats.-rh26/2/2019
Workers reject Spanish firm’s bid for Israeli settlement projectAdri Nieuwhof - Electronic Intifada - Media reports in recent weeks stated that CAF itself had refused to take part in the project, but this is not the case. The company “has not refused to participate in the tender of the Jerusalem tram,” CAF spokesperson Iñaki Escrig informed The Electronic Intifada by email. Rather, it is the workers council – the legally mandated framework for labor representation – which has rejected participation. If the company wins the tender, it could be a prelude to action by the trade unions. [bz]26/2/2019
The desecration of IsraelYossi Klein Halevi - The Times of Israel - In traditional Jewish consciousness there is no greater sin than Hillul Hashem, the desecration of God’s Name. The irony of Hillul Hashem is that it is a sin reserved for ostensibly religious Jews: Only someone who behaves disgracefully while speaking in the name of God and Torah can be guilty of desecration. The embodiment of Hillul Hashem in Judaism today is the Kahane movement, whose latest political incarnation, Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power), has just been brought into the Israeli mainstream through an alliance with the religious Zionist Jewish Home party, with the active encouragement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.-rh26/2/2019
Mud flies as Gantz, Netanyahu take aim at each otherTOI STAFF - The Israel Resilience and Likud parties ratcheted up election campaigns against each other Tuesday, accusing each others’ leaders of abandoning the country’s security and supporting the uprooting of Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. In a series of videos Tuesday, Israel Resilience, led by Benny Gantz, accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of caving to Hamas and evacuating settlements. It was the first time the party has leveled a direct attack on Netanyahu, who has waged a months-long campaign seeking to portray rival party leader Gantz as a “weak leftist.”-rh19/2/2019
15 Israelis and one Vietnamese Zen teacher meet with PalestiniansYehuda Stolov - Interfaith Encounter Association - About 15 Israelis from all over Israel and one Vietnamese Zen teacher gathered to come and hear from the people living on the other side of the fence, in the Occupied Territories. We met two young men who lived in a small, quiet village in the heart of the mountains and heard about their lives, how much they loved life, cared about the earth and about humanity. Despite difficulties in their lives, their hearts are not bitter and full of hatred. They just want to continue living well. In another village, we had lunch and heard the life story of an older man. He experienced in his life few demolitions. As a child he suffered greatly from repeated uprooting and episodes of violence in all its forms. The hardships he described led many of us to tears and feelings of suffocation.[ak] 19/2/2019
The Palestinian activists protecting Hebron from settler violenceSteven Davidson - +972 - A group of Palestinian volunteers is trying to fill the monitoring gap left behind by the recent departures of the two international observer organizations. The new group, Kifah, or “struggle,” is the brainchild of Tel Rumeida community leader Issa Amro. This week, Palestinian volunteers in blue vests, identifying themselves as “human rights observers" made their way toward the Israeli army’s Checkpoint 56 on Shuhada Street in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron early last week. They were escorting children on their way to the Qurtuba school 100 meters away, enduring harassment and kicking by settlers as they let the schoolchildren pass. [bz]19/2/2019
TV presenter comes under fire for dubbing IDF soldiers `beasts`Jerusalem Post - After airing story about Netzah Yehuda soldiers charged with abusing Palestinian detainees, veteran TV anchor journalist Oshrat Kotler remarked "We send kids to the army, to the territories, and we get them back as beasts. This is the result of the occupation". The comments aroused an angry storm of right-wing reactions, mostly concentrated on accusing Kotler of "insulting our soldiers" - starting with PM Netanyahu saying he was "proud of IDF soldiers and loves them very much" and that "Oshrat Kotler`s comments should be condemned" and going on to Netanyahu`s tame newspaper "Israel Today" publishing a commentary comparing Kotler with the WWII pro-Nazi propagandist "Lord Haw Haw" who was hanged for treason in 1945. Altogether, some 2000 complaints were made to the Channel 13 TV network, demanding that Kotler be fired and some adding that she should be prosecuted for "defaming the soldiers". However, Channel 13 responded that Kotler has clear opinions which she is free to occasionally voice on the air, and that since numerous threats were made on her life the Channel will provide her with bodyguards. ""You don`t want a reality of occupation and violence? Then it is this reality which needs to be changed" said Tamar Zandberg, leader of the left-wing Meretz Party. A surprising expression of support came from Er`el Segal, a radio and TV commentator known for his radical nationalist views, who declared both his "complete opposition to Kotler`s views" and his "full, unreserved support for her right to express these views". [ak] 19/2/2019
Hebron ReportISM - International Solidarity Movement - "On the morning of February 14th ISM activists were notified that a closed military zone had been declared for the day of February 14th. Prior to this, Anat Cohen, an infamously violent settler, assaulted an ISM activist. This was the fifth time in the past week that ISM activists have been assaulted by settlers. Leaving the Qurtuba area, activists joined others who were monitoring the Qeitun checkpoint." - id 17/2/2019
In Hebron, Palestinians patrol in place of foreign monitorsAssociated Press - "By expelling the international monitors, the Israeli government wanted to hide the Israeli settlers` and soldiers` violations, but we will not let them get away with that," Issa Amro, an activist leader, told The Associated Press. "We will document any attack by photos and words, and we will circulate it all over the world." ca16/2/2019
The Knesset Candidate Who Says Zionism Encourages anti-Semitism and Calls Netanyahu `Arch-murderer` Ravit Hecht   - Haaretz "Clinging to Communist past, Hadash party hopes to reunite Israeli Arabs behind it." ca16/2/2019
Forget about dialogue groups, it`s time to switch to co-resistanceRenad Uri and Omri Evron - +972 "As the dispossession of Palestine enters its eighth decade and Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian people its sixth, it is time to finally change the conversation." ca16/2/2019
Jenin Freedom Theatre holds premiere of the “The Little Lantern`The Freedom Theatre - On the same day of the above military raid the Freedom Theatre, based at the Jenin Refugee Camp, held the premiere of the “The Little Lantern", a play for children based on a story by Ghassan Kanafani, a well-known Palestinian writer who was assassinated by Israeli commandos in his Beirut home. “The Little Lantern" is a story about following your dreams, having courage and breaking down seemingly insurmountable barriers. [ak]12/2/2019
Palestinians pay condolence visit to family of slain teen Ori AnsbacherTimes of Israel - “We believe that the violent path brings nothing but violence,” said Ziyad Sabatin, of the southern West Bank town of Husan, outside the home of the Ansbacher family in the settlement of Tekoa. Asked by the radio interviewer what prompted him to carry out the condolence visit, Sabatin noted that Israeli friends had accompanied him on a condolence visit in Ramallah to the family of Aisha Rabi, a Palestinian mother of eight killed in a rock-throwing attack in the West Bank in October by a suspected Jewish terrorist. “We went there to pay condolences together with Israeli friends, and we came to console here today,” he said. He was among a group of roughly a dozen Palestinian peace activists who wished to console the Ansbacher family, he said. Asked why Israelis don’t often hear about Palestinians who care about Israeli dead, he blamed the media. “The interest of journalists is to find where there’s violence,” Sabatin said. “Whenever there’s blood, you see them running there straightaway and making a fuss. Where there’s peace you don’t see that. That’s a problem with journalists. We do a lot for peace, gatherings with people, a ton of activities for peace, coexistence, a shared life.” The group also included Israeli activists from Tag Meir, an anti-racism activism group.[ak] 12/2/2019
Copenhagen mayor awards BDS activists for their courageJonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - At a time when Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel are being punished by Israel-apologists, an award for the courage of these activists from the Copenhagen Municipality comes as a fresh wind.-rh12/2/2019
JVP just declared itself anti-Zionist and it`s already shifting the conversationMichael Schaeffer Omer-Man - +972 "Jewish Voice for Peace’s announcement that it opposes Zionism, published quietly on its website earlier this month, has thus far come and gone without much fanfare or public attention. It simply wasn’t surprising for many." ca9/2/2019
In wake of human rights observers expulsion, other rights groups in Hebron fear escalation in violenceYumna Patel - Mondoweiss "Netanyahu wants to satisfy the settlers, and under Trump, they can get away with anything, including the expulsion of a mandated international presence,” C. continued. “The Israelis have always acted with impunity, but this is a whole other level.” ca9/2/2019
Netanyahu’s new anti-indictment weapon: his own TV channel Ben Caspit - Al-Monitor "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has launched a Facebook television channel in a bid to fortify his constituency ahead of the critical decision by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit regarding his possible indictment. Not that Netanyahu lacks media outlets under his control. He has a freebie newspaper with a circulation in the hundreds of thousands (Israel Hayom), a TV station wholly dedicated to right-wing propaganda and Netanyahu support (Channel 20), and he has a loyal cadre of so-called “journalists” — some wholly lacking in skills or experience — in major media outlets. All ensure that his messages resonate clearly on all available platforms...On Feb. 2, Netanyahu’s Likud party launched its own online television channel from its historic Metzudat Ze’ev headquarters in Tel Aviv. BB-TV, as it has come to be known..." ca 9/2/2019
Dublin National Union of Journalists to Support Eurovision BoycottIMEMC - "The Irish Campaign to Boycott the 2019 Eurovision, in Israel, welcomes the motion passed by the Dublin Broadcasting Branch of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) on January 29th ,whereby it states it “will support any member, working in RTÉ or elsewhere, who chooses to exercise a conscientious objection towards involvement in coverage of the song contest.” The motion was passed by a large majority and represents a recognition that the Eurovision contest in Israel presents serious ethical issues for anyone who cares about human rights." - id7/2/2019
How to turn human rights activists into `traitors` in a few easy stepsOrly Noy - +972 - "The Israeli right’s years-long effort to portray Breaking the Silence as traitors fell flat on its face this last week. Will the media or the politicians who incited against them apologize?" - id7/2/2019
New Amnesty report examines how Airbnb,, Expedia, and TripAdvisor benefit from the Israeli occupationJonathan Ofir - Mondoweiss - Airbnb made news in November when it declared it would remove its listing from illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. This declaration preempted a Human Rights Watch report on Airbnb and, where kept its silence. Yet, shortly after its announcement Airbnb met with Israeli government officials and announced that it would not be implementing the policy after all. It then issued a maddening set of contradictory statements, which amounted to it wanting to both have its settlement-cake and eat it too. As of this week, Airbnb has yet to implement its new ban policy, as Judy Maltz noted yesterday in Haaretz. In other words, Airbnb is profiting from war crimes, and hoping that it will be forgotten, while it obfuscates its criminality with contradictory statements.-rh5/2/2019
Eyewitness Gaza: Palestinian Children Under SiegeISM Northern California - Heather La Mastro, a school teacher in Berkeley, recently traveled to occupied Palestine. She visited several refugee camps, hospitals and pediatric mental health care programs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip administered by the Palestine Children`s Relief Fund (PCRF). At a meeting due on Feb .9 at Oakland, California, Heather will share her stories meeting Palestinian people, especially her students` Palestinian pen pals in Gaza. [ak] 5/2/2019
Settlers post threats to Palestinian farmers: "stop contact with Human Rights organizations, or else..." Celine Hagbard - IMEMC - The residents of Tekoa were shocked to find that settlers had posted placards around their village, threatening their livelihoods if they associated with members of Israeli and international peace groups or with Palestinian activists. The placards included a ‘hit list’ of photos of some of the leaders of the organizations in question, which include Rabbis for Human Rights, and the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements. The statement also included a caveat that if residents worked with or talked to lawyers to secure their legal rights to their land, they would be targeted by the settlers. Among the photos on the settler placards was that of Sheikh Dawood al-Zair, member of the National Council of Fatah, who had told village residents that they could and should go to their farmland for plowing and planting, despit settler attmpts tyo take it over. [ak]5/2/2019
Israel releases report on links between BDS and militantsAP - Yahoo! News - “The BDS movement has grown in popularity overseas in recent years, in large part because of its nonviolent message. It declined to comment on the allegations in the Israeli report” [ry] 4/2/2019
CAF rejects tender for Jerusalem`s railway as it traverses `67 borderMa’an News Agency - "Representatives of the company`s workers who objected to the company`s participation in the construction of the section explained that the problem lies in the fact that the railway will pass through Palestinian lands to serve illegal settlements in East Jerusalem" [ry] 4/2/2019
UPDATE: On 45th Friday of Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli Forces Wound 98 Civilians, including 15 Children, 4 Women; 2 of them Paramedics, and 1 JournalistPCHR - IMEMCnews - "On Friday afternoon, 01 February, 2019, in use of excessive force against peaceful protesters on the 45th Friday of the Great March of Return in the eastern Gaza Strip, Israeli forces wounded 98 civilians, including 15 children, 4 women; 2 of them are paramedics, and a journalist. The injury of 7 of those wounded were reported serious, including a 17-year-old girl who was shot with a bullet to the chest in eastern Khan Younis" [ry] 4/2/2019
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