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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Some Israeli soldiers on Gaza border have reached out to ‘Breaking the Silence’Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - When you look at what is happening in Israeli society you would expect after these two years of attacks, that soldiers would stop coming to Breaking the Silence. I was actually fearful of that,” he said. But that has not been the case, and he thanked many organizations for blunting these attacks, including the Meretz Party, Yesh Din, Peace Now, B’Tselem and “our mother and father,” the New Israel Fund.-rh18/4/2018
Women at the frontline in GazaHana Salah - Al-Monitor - "Palestinian women are going to the front lines of Gaza`s border demonstrations, cooking for protesters and holding several activities near the border." - id 18/4/2018
Dr. Mustafa al-Barghouthi : blocking heads of European municipalities visiting Palestine is a disgraceful actPNN - Palestine News Network - "Barghouthi added that this Israeli behavior contravenes international laws & will not weaken the French solidarity movement with the Palestinian people and its just cause. Barghouthi thanked Mayor of Gennevilliers Leclerc Patrice and its Council for their principled positions in the support of the Palestinian people." - id 18/4/2018
Palestinians hold protest on International Palestinian Prisoners dayReports - International Solidarity Movement - "” All the prisoners are not terrorists as Israel likes to claim, they are freedom fighters who are working for the liberation of their people and land. International law guarantees the right of the occupied to resist the occupier.”" - id 18/4/2018
The Search for the Truth in DoumaRobert Fisk - Counterpunch - How could it be that Douma refugees who had reached camps in Turkey were already describing a gas attack which no-one in Douma today seemed to recall? It did occur to me, once I was walking for more than a mile through these wretched prisoner-groined tunnels, that the citizens of Douma lived so isolated from each other for so long that “news” in our sense of the word simply had no meaning to them. -rh18/4/2018
Bereaved Israelis and Palestinians Join in Shared Grief at Alternative Memorial Day Event Dina Kraft - Haaretz - More than 5,000 people arrived for the event at Yarkon Park. High Court overruled defense minister who tried to block attendance of bereaved Palestinians. “I think it’s the only event that happens on Memorial Day that actually brings hope," says Robi Damelin, an activist for Parents Circle-Families Forum. Parents Circle is co-sponsoring The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony, now in its 13th year, together with Combatants for Peace, composed of former Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants. During the ceremony, bereaved families from both sides share stories of personal pain. [David Grossman, who lost his soldier son, was among them. The well-known writer announced that he donates the money he will get later this week as laureate of the Israel Prize to the Bereaved Families Forum and Elifelet, which provides kindergartens for children of African asylum seekers in the slums of South Tel Aviv.-bz] 17/4/2018
Young IfNotNow activists protesting Gaza violence outside offices of Jewish institutions, dozens arrested.Edo Konrad - +972 - Dissidents Jewish voices existed already. Among young Jews in America it`s now a movement. [bz] 17/4/2018
Court overturns move to bar Palestinians from Memorial Day serviceTimes of Israel - The High Court on Tuesday ordered Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman to grant entry permits to Israel to 90 Palestinians who are slated to attend an Israeli-Palestinian memorial service in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening, saying his decision to ban them was “unreasonable” and “imbalanced.” Liberman angrily retorted that the ruling "created an equivalency between `terrorists` and bereaved families". The Palestinians were invited as participants at the annual ceremony, organized by the Combatants for Peace and the Israeli and Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace groups as an alternative to the standard Israeli Memorial Day events. [ak] 17/4/2018
Israeli snipers’ letter divides opinionLetters - The Guardian - A link inside the first reaction leads to the original letter of former IDF snipers warning the present ones of the lifelong memories they will carry with them. [bz]17/4/2018
Demonstrate near Gaza border: "Stop the escalation - rebuild Gaza!" 13/4/2018
Palestinian ‘return’ touches Israel’s deepest anxietiesZvi Schuldiner - Il Manifesto global edition - The 343-square- kilometer Gaza Strip, in which two million Palestinians live in poverty and on the threshold of an enormous humanitarian crisis, is surrounded by a closed-off military zone, which is not, however, airtight, and some Palestinians often manage to cross it. But in recent weeks, the nervousness of the Israelis had grown to a fever pitch, as everyone feared what would happen when a mass of Palestinians would engage in a peaceful march to try to create a visual representation of what the “return” would mean.-rh11/4/2018
Press Release Ahed Tamimi stands strong under Israeli interrogationPress Release - International Solidarity Movement - "Ahed Tamimi facing threats and harassment – defying the occupation! Video via Free The Tamimi’s" - id 11/4/2018
The new Jewish-Arab movement that plans to save the Israeli leftJoshua Leifer - +972 - "Standing Together, a new joint Arab-Jewish movement, is aiming to transform Israeli politics. It won’t be easy, but the Israeli left’s first step back to power might be believing that it can win again." - id 11/4/2018
Hebrew University Recruits Future Shin Bet Torturers and AssassinsRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - There are myriad ways in which Israeli academic institutions promote the Occupation and the national security state. From embedding the IDF in technical high schools from which the army recruits its future cyberwar hackers, to hosting glorified job fairs at which the intelligence agencies recruit their future assassins and torturers.-rh11/4/2018
Israeli sniper films shooting of unarmed Palestinian — and celebratesJonathan Ofir and Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - A video clip in which an Israeli sniper filmed himself shooting an unarmed Palestinian across the Gaza fence and then celebrating drew international outrage last night. The two Palestinian targets in the video appear simply to be walking around near the fence.-rh 11/4/2018
Dublin city council votes to support BDS, call for expulsion of the Israeli AmbassadorIreland Palestine Solidarity Campaign / The Irish Examiner - Adopted by a clear majority, the text of the resolution starts with "Dublin City Council votes to support Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement aimed at pressuring Israel to end occupation and obey international law". The vote took place after Dublin Mayor Mícheál Mac Donncha, of the Sinn Féin Party, rejected out of hand a call by the Israeli Embassy to block the issue from coming on the city council`s agenda. Indeed, the city council went to vote on a separate resolution calling upon the Government of Ireland to altogether expel the Israeli Ambassador. While that is mainly declaratory, for its own part the Dublin City Council concretely resolved to severe all business contact with the Hewlett- Packard company and its HP spin-off DXC Technology, since "HP and DXC provide and operate much of the technology infrastructure that Israel uses to maintain its system of apartheid and settler colonialism over the Palestinian people.” [ak] 10/4/2018
Video: Palestinians explain why they are risking their lives by joining Gaza protestsMondoweiss - Since the mass Gaza border protest started on March 30, at least at least 29 Palestinian protesters have been killed, including a journalist shot down while on his job and at least two minors. Despite widespread outcry and international calls for investigations into the killings, the Israeli army has maintained its open fire policy, and has commended its soldiers for their actions on the border.In this video, Palestinians who are putting their lives on the line to join the protests in Gaza explain why they are taking such a risk.[ak]10/4/2018
B’Tselem under Investigation for urging Israeli Soldiers Not to Kill Gaza ProtestersIMEMC News & Agencies - “This subversive and impermanent organisation, together with those who hate Israel and the international media who are trying to delegitimize our soldiers who are acting in a legal and moral manner in a complicated situation [...]. We will put an end to this” [ry]9/4/2018
Jewish, Palestinian activists hold `Freedom Seder` in occupied HebronJoshua Leifer - +972 - "Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement’s Freedom Seder in 1969, 100 Jewish and Palestinian anti-occupation activists read from a Haggadah written in English, Hebrew and Arabic, are joined by MK Mossi Raz and former Knesset speaker Avraham Burg." - id5/4/2018
ISM Tours USA : Bring the Palestinian resistance to speak to your communityAction Alerts - ISM - "Are you ready to take your activism for Palestine to the next level?" - id 5/4/2018
B`Tselem urges soldiers to refuse to shoot protestors in GazaAmit Gilutz - B`Tselem - Tomorrow (Thursday) B`Tselem will launch a campaign entitled “Sorry, Sir, I can`t shoot”. The campaign will include newspaper advertisements clarifying to soldiers that they must refuse to open fire on unarmed demonstrators. The organization is taking this unusual step following last Friday’s events, when soldiers used live fire against unarmed demonstrators. Of at least 17 Palestinians killed that day, 12 were killed at the protests. Hundreds more were injured by live gunfire. Ahead of the expected renewed demonstrations this Friday, B`Tselem is again clarifying that shooting unarmed demonstrators is illegal and that orders to shoot in this manner are manifestly illegal.[ak]4/4/2018
How can we be joyous on Seder night while Palestinians are killed in Gaza? Jewish Voice for Labour (UK) - We stand for justice for all. Many Jews across the world have felt unable to fully share in the usually joyous nature of our Seder nights while on the same night 16 Palestinians were killed and the over fourteen hundred reported wounded by the Israeli Army. Each year we are asked to recite the words of the Haggadah as though we ourselves were slaves in Egypt. Many families link those words to recent and current struggles – the anti-apartheid struggles, those for civil rights in the US, and, increasingly, the plight of the Palestinian people living under Occupation. We hope that other Jewish organisations mindful of our historic suffering will join with us in condemnation of the Israeli actions.[ak]3/4/2018
After Gaza border bloodshed - protest at Likud Party HQ, Tel Aviv 1/4/2018
In Photos: Thousands in Gaza take to border for `The Great March of Return`Ma`an News - "Thousands of Palestinians from across the besieged Gaza Strip took to the border with Israel on Friday for the first day of protests in the weeks-long protest being called by Palestinians as “The Great March of Return.”...The Great March of Return will continue for six weeks until May 15, which marks the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, or catastrophe, when more than 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their lands to make way for the creation of the state of Israel." ca31/3/2018
Instead of Forceful Repression, Speak to Them!Amos Gvirtz - What we want is to create a process of "non-violent escalation" whereby the non-violent activities of one side encourage the other side to abandon violence and turn to non-violence, until we arrive at the hoped-for peace. In this context, I am happy to hear about the initiative coming from Gaza for non-violent actions in support of the Palestinian Right of Return and ending the siege of Gaza. If they succeed in bringing tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees to non-violently march toward the Israeli border and their former villages in Israel, then maybe they will finally succeed in allowing non-violent struggle to take the lead in Palestinian society` [bz]27/3/2018
Gaza `Return March` organizer: `We`ll ensure it doesn`t escalate to violence — on our end`Rami Younis - +972 - Palestinians in Gaza are planning 45 days of protests along the border with Israel leading up to the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, and they fear Israeli troops may open fire. One of the organizers speaks to +972 Magazine about why he believes hundreds of thousands of people will show up, and what message he’d like to send to Israelis. [bz]27/3/2018
Three minutes over Syria: How Israel destroyed Assad’s nuclear reactorYOSSI MELMAN and DAN RAVIV - The Times of Israel - After more than a decade of stubborn silence, Israel has finally acknowledged that its Air Force destroyed the Syrian nuclear reactor, on the night between September 5 and 6, 2007. Built by North Korea, the reactor was designed to produce plutonium as fissile material for nuclear bombs. This is the inside story of the attack itself, and the intelligence gathering process — successes and failures — that facilitated it, as disclosed by the central players themselves.-rh21/3/2018
Ahed Tamimi to spend 8 months in prison in plea deal+972 Magazine Staff - Ahed Tamimi, the teenager from Nabi Saleh arrested after a video of her attempting to push two armed Israeli soldiers off of her family’s porch went viral, signed a plea deal in Israeli military court on Wednesday, and will serve eight months in prison including three months time served. Her mother, Nariman, and cousin, Nur, also signed plea deals. Nariman will serve eight months, and Nur was sentenced to time served.-rh21/3/2018
Congresswoman McCollum urges end to Israeli abuses of childrenRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "McCollum, a Democrat from Minnesota, is the sponsor of House Resolution 4391 which prevents American taxpayer dollars from being used by Israel’s military to abuse, detain, jail and mistreat Palestinian children." - id21/3/2018
Mass Rally Against the Expulsion of Asylum Seekers 20/3/2018
Mass Rally Against the Expulsion of Asylum SeekersA.S.F. - Refugees` Rights Association - On Saturday night, March 24 at 20:00, a mass rally will be held at the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, to oppose government plans for the large-scale expulsion of African refuges and asylum seekers. It has been shown that expelled refugees, sent to such countries as Rwanda and Uganda, are highly unwelcome there and would face further expulsion, a highly dangerous and unpredictable fate and the tangible threat of death or slavery . We call for a responsible asylum policy, the rehabilitation of the slum neighborhoods of South Tel Aviv where the mass of Africans are presently located and the integration of refugees and asylum seekers throughout the country.Israelis from all over the political spectrum and from a variety of population groups have made it clear in recent months that they oppose the expulsion of the refugees. [ak]20/3/2018
125 Palestinian Football Clubs to Adidas: End Sponsorship of Israeli Settlement TeamsBDS Movement News - 125 Palestinian football teams and sports associations call on Adidas to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association over inclusion of teams based in illegal Israeli settlements. There are six such Israeli football clubs located in such settlements, built on stolen Palestinian land, and Palestinians are not allowed to enter into them. By admitting clubs based in such settlements as full members, the Israel Football Association (IFA) has become deeply complicit in Israel’s violations of international law and Palestinian human rights. As the main international sponsor of the IFA, Adidas is lending its brand to cover up and whitewash Israel’s human rights abuses. Aside from the settlements issue, Palestinian footballers are denied the freedom of movement to attend matches, Palestinian stadiums have been bombed and destroyed, and Palestinian players are attacked and imprisoned, and some of them were killed by the Israeli army. Adidas’ sponsorship of the IFA legitimises and gives international cover to Israel’s illegal settlements and to human rights violations. Adidas already agreed to remove its sponsorship from the "Jerusalem Marathon", used by Israel to bolster the Israeli- ruled "UNited Jerusalem". [ak] 20/3/2018
Second Arrest in 3 Days, PCHR Denounces Arrest of Patient’s Companion by the Israeli Forces at Beit Hanoun CrossingPCHR press release - Eyad ‘Omer Ibrahim Ba’loushah (42) was arrested after being summoned for a security interview upon his application for a permit to accompany his father, a cancer patient referred for treatment in Hadasa ‘Ein Karem Hospital in Israel. Previously, Na’im Mohammed Hussein Kotkot (44) was arrested after applying for a permit to accompany his son, who suffers from blood disorders and was referred for treatment in Augusta Victoria Hospital “al-Motale’a” in occupied Jerusalem. [bz]20/3/2018
Screening “Between Fences” in Jerusalem 20/3/2018
Israel bans Irish activists from entering West BankMEMO - "Israel banned two pro-Palestine Irish activists from entering the occupied West Bank on Friday, claiming that they planned to harass the occupation forces, Quds Press has reported" [ry]19/3/2018
Weekly Procession Against The Annexation Wall, Colonies, Held In Bil’inIMEMC - "The Popular Committee against the Annexation Wall and Colonies in Bil’in, also denounced the assassination attempt which targeted Palestinian Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah, during his visit to Gaza, and called on all national and Islamic factions in Palestine to unite and end all internal divisions, to foil Israeli attempts aims at creating and escalating conflicts among them.It said that only national unity can protect and maintain the legitimate Palestinian struggle for independence and statehood and can counter the illegal Israeli and American policies regarding Palestine, its occupied capital, Jerusalem, and all internationally-guaranteed rights, including the Right of Return of all displaced refugees." ca 17/3/2018
Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel Receives 50,000 Visitors on its First AnniversaryIMEMC - "The hotel, designed by the British graffiti artist Banksy, contains visual artworks about the occupation and apartheid, and has brought international attention since it overlooks an Israeli military tower and checkpoint south of Bethlehem." - id 14/3/2018
Pedaling for Palestinian Rights: 20 Cities Around the World demand UCI and Giro d’Italia #RelocateTheRaceIMEMC - "The day of action started in Palestine, with dozens of young Palestinian men and women participating in a “Counter Giro” race in the occupied West Bank from Ramallah to Qalandia, a locality confined by Israel’s apartheid wall and military checkpoints." - id14/3/2018
Alan Dershowitz demands censorship of Al Jazeera Israel lobby filmAli Abunimah - EI - "But when it comes to the work of Al Jazeera’s investigative unit, Dershowitz does not have a leg to stand on." - id 14/3/2018
From an Israeli prison, Khalida Jarrar salutes feminists struggling for justice the world overYafa Jarrar - Mondoweiss - “Salute to all Palestinian women and women of the world. On this International Women’s Day, I affirm the importance of solidarity among women in their national and social struggles against colonization, discrimination, and social & economic exploitation. March 8th is an opportunity for us to unite in the fight for justice.”- Affidavit to Addameer Attorney at HaSharon Prison on 6 March 2018 with Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar.-rh 14/3/2018
Urgent petition - stop deportation of asylum seekers! 13/3/2018
While Being Assaulted By Soldiers, Four Medics Rescue Wounded Palestinians – VideoFiras Tanneena - IMEMC - Four Palestinian medics rushed in to help wounded demonstrators, when they themselves came under an intensive barrage of tear gas and pepper-spray. Three of the medics managed to rush one of the wounded Palestinians to a nearby ambulance, while Nisreen Amira - 19 years old volunteer medic - stayed behind to attend to a second wounded demonstrator. When a soldier attempted to drag away her patient Nisreen protected him, firmly holding on to his arm. By then, the three other medics returned to the area, and managed to evacuate the wounded young man to a hospital. After the assault, and the injuries she suffered, Nisreen smiled and placed the gas mask on her face: “This is the third time I get injured by the soldiers, but I will continue to perform my duty.” [ak]13/3/2018
Danish pension giant divests from Motorola over ties to Israeli settlementsAletho News - Sampension, a DKK290 billion ($43.5 billion) Danish labour market pension fund, made the announcement in an update to its exclusion list, stating that Motorola’s provision of products to Israeli settlements is a violation of UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. [bz]13/3/2018
One State Foundation launches todayJonathan Ofir - Moondoweiss - We are still in times where speaking about a single democratic and secular state in Israel-Palestine is considered contentious. Just look how former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg was received at a liberal synagogue in NY, when he spoke about this concept – Rabbi Matalon called him a “troublemaker”, and rabbi Cohen said he “pushed all the buttons”. But today, a new foundation is officially launching – the One State Foundation, which boldly and clearly promotes this concept and goal.-rh 8/3/2018
How the Palestine movement taught me to confront anti-SemitismTom Pessah - +972 - "On American university campuses, pro-Palestine activists are routinely smeared as anti-Semites seeking to destroy Israel. But contrary to what pro-Israel activists claim, the BDS movement has been instrumental in challenging anti-Semitism on the left." - id 7/3/2018
After IDF Sniper’s Bullet Rips into Palestinian Boy’s Skull, General Claims He Was Injured in Bike AccidentRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - "When an IDF general stoops to shameless lies to discredit an entire Palestinian family engaged in non-violent resistance against Israeli Occupation, something’s up." - id7/3/2018
New exhibit shows slumping Israeli flag, draws culture minister`s ireItay Blumenthal, Moran Azulay - Ynet -A new controversial art installation of an Israeli flag atop a tilted mast, which appears about to fall, was erected at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. Sculptor Itai Zlait, who created the exhibit, explained that it signifies the country`s "interim state," between order and disorder, prosperity and austerity, democracy and tyranny. "What I`m trying to do is show the depth of the rift we`re in. We are exposed to a lot of hatred and lack of information, and I`ve tried to show it neutrally." Culture Minister Miri Regev angrily denounced Zlait`s exhibit as "cheap and outrageous political provocation by fringe leftist circles". [ak]6/3/2018
Haim Hanegbi Bajayo, the Palestinian Hebronite Jew
--including the film `Hebron in my heart` by Eran Torbiner--
Ahmad Jaradat - AIC/IMEMC - Veteran Israeli activist Haim Hanegbi was buried at the Metropolitan Tel Aviv Cemetary, attended by numerous fellow activists who had known him at various parts of his life. But Palestinians - especially those of Hebron - mourned him not only as "true fighter for justice" but also and especially as a Palestinian Hebronite Jew, one of their own - which was, indeed, how he at various times defined himself. Haim Hanegbi Bajayo was a descendant of the old Jewish community of Hebron, and after 1967 strongly resisted the campaign of extreme-right Israeli settlers - none of them having any connection to that old community - to establish themselves by force in Hebron. He had formed a committee of old Hebronite Jews to oppose the settlers, asking the Hebron Municipality to take full sponsorship of Jewish properties and homes in the city, and emphasizing that the Hebronite Jews would not return to their homes until the Palestinian refugees return to their own lands, cities and homes. Walking the streets of Hebron, he once said: "I am sad - also for myself. The settlers occupied my home like they occupied the homes of the rest of the Palestinians." [ak] 6/3/2018
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