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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Jailed Palestinian leader calls for armed resistanceDaoud Kuttab - A Monitor - " Fadwa Barghouti, wife of the jailed leader, told Al-Monitor that her husband has never changed his position. “Ever since his arrest until now, he has held on to the right of comprehensive resistance that international law guarantees.” - id25/11/2014
VIDEO: Palestinian and international activists cross makeshift bridges over the separation wallPhoto Story - ISM - "Activists scaled the wall one by one at around 10 am yesterday morning. Only a few hundred meters from an Israeli settlement, the activists then set about cutting through a barbed-wire fence that had been placed close to the Apartheid wall." - id 19/11/2014
The conflict is managing usAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "In spite of proclamations by the Chairman and leaders of the Palestinian Authority of their intention to unilaterally declare the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, the announcement has yet to be made. Diplomatic activity has resulted in a number of countries including Russia, Cyprus and most South American nations to declare their recognition of the State." - id19/11/2014
Right-wing Protesters Attack Art Talk in JerusalemYonatan Amir & Ronen Eidelman - Hyperallergic - The night of the event, Monday, November 10, there were roughly 50 people inside to attend our event, while others were left outside after the guards locked the gates as a safety precaution. When police arrived, they recognized some of the protesters — and they suspected things may turn violent — so the police officers stayed at the scene and called for backup.-rh19/11/2014
At Qalandia checkpoint Palestinian activists cross separation wall in protest actionMa`an - Activists used makeshift ramparts, ladders and cut through barbed wire to climb over the separation wall near Qalandia military checkpoint, which is at least six-eight meters in height. The action was part of a campaign organized by the Popular Resistance Committees. [bz] 15/11/2014
Group: Barghouthi in solitary after calling for `armed resistance` Ma`an - The Israeli Prison Service on Wednesday moved jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouthi to solitary confinement in Hadareim prison, a day after he sent a widely-published letter from prison calling for armed resistance against the Israeli occupation, a rights group said.-rh12/11/2014
Donate to save `Gaza Sky Geeks`, a 3-yr old organization for mentoring and supporting startups Crowdfunding effort because earlier funding was redirected to the humanitarian response...12/11/2014
The One-State Reality : Israel’s conservative President speaks up for civility, and pays a price.DAVID REMNICK - The New Yorker - since Rivlin was elected President, in June, he has become Israel’s most unlikely moralist. Rivlin—not a left-wing writer from Tel Aviv, not an idealistic justice of the Supreme Court—has emerged as the most prominent critic of racist rhetoric, jingoism, fundamentalism, and sectarian violence, the highest-ranking advocate among Jewish Israelis for the civil rights of the Palestinians both in Israel and in the occupied territories. Last month, he told an academic conference in Jerusalem, “It is time to honestly admit that Israel is sick, and it is our duty to treat this illness.”-rh 12/11/2014
What is the vision of Jews who want to replace Al Aqsa mosque with temple? Philip Weiss - Mondoweiss - These Jews explained that when the temple is rebuilt, no Muslim holy places would remain on the Temple Mount– or Haram al Sharif, as Muslims describe the site. How the Muslim sites would be removed these Jews could not say. “We don’t know the exact detail,” said a psychotherapist who gave his name as Yechiel Israel. There are hints, he said: earthquake or war. He pointed out that a Lubavitcher rabbi advised in 1967 that the Israeli army blow up the Al Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock—and the Six Day War had been a “window of opportunity” that wasn’t taken (video below).-rh12/11/2014
NB: UPDATED, CHANGE OF HOUR - Combatants for Peace: On November 15, Israelis Will Say `Yes` to a Palestinian StateTransportation from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. Please, register.11/11/2014
On November 15, Israelis Will Say `Yes` to a Palestinian StateCombatants for Peace - The event will challenge the validity of the separation barrier in regard to relations between peoples, and will create a constructive interaction between the two communities – an interaction that is intended as a declaration of our support for Palestinian independence. And thereby also free us of the burden of Israeli domination over another people.11/11/2014
Solidarity tour: `Isawya is a calm village, don`t make it lose its calm` / hands off al-aqsa 11/11/2014
Isawya is a calm village, don`t make it lose its calm!"Free Jerusalem" - (...) main entrances to the village have been blocked and regular citizens are being attacked by noise-bombs, tear gas and `Skunk`. Also, many minors have been arrested.11/11/2014
660 Israelis, among them many well-known, to Danish Parliament members: Vote in favor of recognizing State of Palestine!Amiram Goldblum / Translation: Adam Keller - Press release - The Danish Parliament is due to vote on such a motion later this week, following similar votes in the British Parliament and the Irish Senate, and the decision of Sweden, Denmark`s neighbor, to extend such recognition to the State of Palestine. A similar vote is due in the French Parliament, in December, as well as in Spain. 11/11/2014
Palestinian activists destroy section of Apartheid wall9th November 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Ramallah Team | Beit Hanina, Occupied Palestine - "Yesterday, to mark the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall today, a direct action took place in Beit Hanina, a neighbourhood in Jerusalem" [ry]10/11/2014
IDF Generals` Letter: `Embrace Saudi Plan`J.J. Goldberg - Forward -the letter raises the Arab Peace Initiative directly and forcefully, not implicitly. It’s fair to say that the existence of the initiative (text here) is central to the generals’ argument: The Arab states have announced unanimously (with the Palestinian Authority included as a voting member) that they are willing to make full peace with the state of Israel and “consider the Arab-Israeli conflict ended” under certain circumstances, and that the circumstances can be negotiated-rh 5/11/2014
Militarized Parenthood in IsraelRuth L. Hiller - New Profile - But the tragedy does not just lie in the loss of a life or in an old man`s belief that every young man and woman must join the army no matter the circumstances. The tragedy is in the conditioning and ongoing indoctrination. The tragedy lays in the way we; as citizens, adults, parents and so-called free thinkers, totally accept the call to the arms.-rh 5/11/2014
ISM activist shot in the head with rubber-coated steel bulletReport - International Solidarity Movement - "“I was just standing on the side of a street, and the military was firing tear gas at the protesters. I was photographing the army when I felt the bullets strike me, one in the head, and another in my leg, and then all I could see was blood.”" - id 5/11/2014
Gaza isn’t just a physical wreck. The psychological damage is even worse.James S. Gordon - The Wadhington Post - “The psychological damage is even greater,” says El Najaar, who is leading some local reconstruction efforts. “And it will take much longer and be far harder to repair.” It’s a tragically common refrain here — from political leaders, homeless women, university officials and my own team of trauma counselors from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.-rh5/11/2014
Newsletter 03 Nov. 2014B`Tselem - It is the gradual, creeping impact of the occupation that we present in our new report on the village of Burqah: B’Tselem’s first comprehensive attempt to examine the occupation’s effect on the development of a single Palestinian village.-rh5/11/2014
‘There’s no such thing as illegal houses, there is such thing as racist laws`: Israelis demonstrate against collective punishment in East JerusalemSarah Levy - Mondoweiss - About 80 Israelis rallied last Wednesday night outside of Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat’s house, chanting and banging drums in protest against the intensified attack on East Jerusalem that has taken place over the last week and to demand an end to what they call the policy of collective punishment toward the residents of East Jerusalem.-rh 5/11/2014
A small band of activists humiliating an Israeli shipping giantMurtaza Hussain - The Intercept/Portside - The operations of Zim Integrated Shipping Services, one of the largest cargo shipping outfits in the world, are lately seriously disrupted by a small group of California activists. What appears to be their greatest victory came this week, when Zim decided reroute its cargo to Russia rather than attempt to dock in Oakland once more. 4/11/2014
Jailed Israeli conscientious objector starts hunger strikeYael Marom - +972 - Udi Segal, who refuses to enlist in the IDF due to its human rights violations in the occupied territories, declares he will go on hunger strike until his release from military prison. [bz]4/11/2014
Bibi Leads Us To Disaster - daily vigil from 10am to darkness in front of PM`s residenceInitiated by Yitzchak Frankenthal; Tuesday 4pm guest speakers4/11/2014
The full text of the `100+ General`s Letter` in EnglishTranslation: Israel Policy Forum - We are concerned that similar blindness will thwart the opportunity before us. Therefore we call on you to adopt the political-regional approach and begin negotiations with moderate Arab states and with the Palestinians (in the West Bank and in Gaza, too) based on the Saudi-Arab Peace Initiative. 4/11/2014
Jerusalem municipal inspectors harass peace vigilYitzchak Frankenthal - At 10.25 am this morning, there arrived at the vigil a Jerusalem municipal van. The inspectors started tearing up the protest signs placed on the wall of the PM’s residence. Co-organizer Naftali Raz pointed out that the vigil had gotten a permit from both police and town hall, but was answered with jeering. The inspectors went on with their work, confiscated the signs, loaded them on the van and drove away. Before departing one of the inspectors called at Raz:”We will come to settle accounts with you at Mevaseret Tzion” (the Jerusalem suburb where Raz lives).4/11/2014
Defence Minister Yaalon, stop persecution of Israeli conscientious objectors! 4/11/2014
International observers in Gaza: Restrictions of Raji Sourani’s freedom of movement hampers courageous and much needed human rights workPress release - “Restrictions placed on Raji Sourani’s freedom of movement in and out of Gaza are unacceptable. Raji Sourani advocates against violations of human rights and for the rule of law regardless who the perpetrator is, whether it is Israel, Hamas or the Palestinian Authority. (...) For all those whose human rights needs defending, it is very important that Raji Sourani can carry out his vital work without obstruction.”4/11/2014
Ex-generals, police chiefs tell PM: Resume peace talks Nechama Duek - Ynet - 105 former high-ranking army and police officers and Mossad chiefs have decided to join together and step out of their private comfort zones to sign a letter calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "not to join the ranks of those who use threats as an excuse for resting on our laurels, and to initiate a political process." [bz] 4/11/2014
Peres: Where`s the Israeli peace initiative?Yaara Shalom - Ynet - "Those who gave up on peace - they are the delusional ones! Those who surrendered and stopped seeking peace - they are the naive ones, the ones who are not patriots," Peres cried out towards the tens of thousands who flooded Rabin Square in Tel Aviv for a memorial rally marking 19 years to the assassination of Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin. -- Yuval Rabin, the late prime minister`s son, attacked the Israeli government for its lack of vision and for ignoring the Arab peace initiative. [bz] 1/11/2014
Israeli left-wingers urge Spanish parliament to recognize Palestinian state Jpost - Breaking News - Hundreds of prominent left-wing figures from politics, academia, the arts, the media, and the military signed a letter on Friday urging the Spanish parliament to vote in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state. Just one day after the Swedish government followed through on its symbolic pledge to accord recognition to Palestine, Israeli leftists sought to bring their influence to bear on the parliament in Madrid, which is expected to hold another symbolic discussion regarding recognition of a Palestinian state. While the vote is largely ceremonial, it does take on added importance given that Spain is about to inherit a seat on the United Nations Security Council. [bz] 1/11/2014
Demonstration and Rabin Memorial in TASaturday night, November 1st, 7:30 PM Rabin Square1/11/2014
Young Palestinians protect history and heritage in Galilee villageYara Hawari - The Electronic Intifada - "...the annual event is an attempt to make sure that the new generation in Tarshiha remembers the village’s history through the sharing and passing on of historical narratives." - id 31/10/2014
Young girl injured by Israeli fire inspires calls for freedom from Israeli oppressionMohammed Asad - The Arab Daily News - "Dalia Khalifa, a 9-year old Palestinian girl, was seriously injured during the Israeli offensive on Gaza Strip, at Zaytoon neighborhood. Khalifa came out of her family’s house was hit randomly by Israeli shelling of the town." - id 31/10/2014
Jerusalem is BurningMichel Warschawski - Alternative Information Center "The last provocations in al Aqsa may well have been one step too far: in the last few weeks, the Palestinian population of Jerusalem is in a state of revolt, and Jerusalem a city at war; a low intensity war, but a war. The Palestinians are demonstrating to defend their holy site, and ready to confront Israeli police brutality in order to stop the new Israeli aggression. Hundreds of armed policemen brutally attack young demonstrators, tear gas, helicopters permanently flying over the city - but every day Palestinian mobilisation is gaining more momentum." ca29/10/2014
Warmongering Hebrew University tries to muzzle Palestinian studentsYara Sa`idi - Electronic Intifada "Israeli universities have an “activities charter” regulating such matters as protests, public meetings and the distribution of flyers and posters.The twelve students at the Hebrew University are accused of violating this charter. Yet it would be extremely difficult — perhaps even impossible — for any student in present-day Israel to respect the charter if he or she wished to protest against Israel’s systematic denial of Palestinian rights." ca 29/10/2014
How US students are bringing the Israeli occupation homeNora Barrows-Friedman - Electronic Intifada "In the face of significant intimidation, students have become powerful organizers in the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. They challenge themselves and each other on the definition of solidarity, and they educate their campuses about one of the most important human rights issues of our time...This grassroots movement is building from campus to campus, and each year there are more chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine, one of the major Palestine solidarity coalitions. The growth of this student movement underscores that a strong paradigm shift is taking place: Palestine solidarity activism is no longer limited to an isolated pocket of far-left political organizing." ca 29/10/2014
Al-Aqsa’s women resistDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor "They are mostly older women, mothers with grown children and many grandmothers who have taken it upon themselves to protect the mosque compound from Jewish worshipers simply with their physical presence. The women, commonly referred to as murabitat (roughly translated, steadfast) basically hold group classes in the mosque courtyards and keep an eye on Jewish extremists attempting to pray." ca 29/10/2014
Also Nov. 5 - demo: stop collective punishment in East Jerusalem! 29/10/2014
Save Samra school (petition) 28/10/2014
Major Israeli construction company pulls out of settlement industryHaggai Matar - +972 - Lev Leviev, one of the most prominent tycoons in Israel, did not wake up one morning and understand, by chance, that the occupation is a terrible injustice. No. Leviev discovered that he could not continue building in the settlements while enjoying legitimacy in the international business world. This comes after years of protests, pressure on the British government to cut business ties with Leviev, and divestment from his company. [bz]28/10/2014
Block the Boat Updated Call to Action, Sunday, 10/26, 3pmBayArea Alerts--Block the Boat Updated Call to Action, Sunday, 10/26, 3pm BLOCK the BOAT for PALESTINE Zim is on the run, but we are tracking the ship closely! Based on our calculations, the Zim Beijing cannot make it this weekend, but it could change course and arrive this week. Let`s show Zim what they can expect if they try to come back. Meet at West Oakland BART Sunday 10/26 at 3pm to march and rally at the Port of Oakland. dn 26/10/2014
Acre: Day of Encounter, Study and Prayers 26/10/2014
Human Rights Defender Abdallah Abu Rahma receives guilty verdict from military courtInternational Solidarity Movement - Press Release - “Demonstrating against the occupation cannot be a criminal offence. Finding Abdallah guilty only shows that the [Israeli] military force is a tool to perpetuate the occupation.” Stated Gabi Lasky, lawyer of Abdallah Abu Rahma, to the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).-rh 23/10/2014
Ashrawi warns Israel destroying Christian presence in the Holy Land at Middle East Christian confabRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "Hanan Ashrawi, the powerful Palestinian orator who during her 30 minute remarks sliced and diced Israeli propaganda and detailed the methodology of Israel’s genocide and ethnic cleansing of not only Christian Palestinians but all non-Jews." - id 22/10/2014
Human Rights Defender Abdallah Abu Rahma receives guilty verdict from military courtPress Release - ISM - "“Demonstrating against the occupation cannot be a criminal offence. Finding Abdallah guilty only shows that the [Israeli] military force is a tool to perpetuate the occupation.” Stated Gabi Lasky." - id22/10/2014
VIDEO: Hebron`s Olive Harvest of ResistanceAlternative Information Center - IMEMC - "The Hebron Defence Committee organised a community work day near the Hebron-area village of Surif on land that is under threat of confiscation by the Israeli military." - id 22/10/2014
The Other is Nothing but a Target in the Rifle ScopeTamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - After the murder of the two teenagers in Beitunia by a bored soldier and the abduction of the Muhammad Abu-Khdeir, the boy who was burnt alive, the winds in Palestine and East Jerusalem began to stir and the youngsters began holding protests more often, additional surveillance cameras were installed on the top of the tower overlooking the refugee camp and next to them were placed projectors which during all hours of the day light both the public and the privet sphere with an intrusive bright green light.-rh 22/10/2014
Israel excluded from war games in Italy following protestsStephanie Westbrook - The Electronic Intifada - "“Public opinion had its say and apparently the Italian government and NATO felt it inopportune to have Israel participate after the attacks on Gaza.”" - id 22/10/2014
Palestinians `throw Molotovs` at new Silwan settler homesMa`an - The building was one of two structures housing 10 apartments that were taken over by Jewish settlers before dawn on Monday. Ateret Cohanim, a right-wing Israeli organization aiming to increase the Jewish presence in East Jerusalem, said the acquisitions would double the number of Jews living in that part of Silwan. Earlier this week, President Reuven Rivlin spoke out against such deals conducted between Palestinian sellers and extreme right-wing groups: "Jerusalem cannot be a city in which building is done in secret or where moving into apartments is done in the dead of night." [bz]21/10/2014
Los Angeles activists block unloading of Israeli cargo ship for two days Charlotte Silver - Electronic Intifada - The Block the Boat coalition of Los Angeles claimed another victory this weekend after an Israeli cargo ship, the Zim Savannah, delayed docking at the port of Long Beach for at least 34 hours. Approximately 150 activists gathered at the Los Angeles port at 6am on Saturday, 18 October. The morning’s action followed weeks of communication with the longshoremen’s union, talking to workers about Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine, as well as the group’s reasons for targeting Zim, an Israeli shipping line. ak21/10/2014
Video: Soldiers detain developmentally-disabled child in Hebron, 19 Oct. 2014B`Tselem - Handcuffed and blindfolded, the 11-year old boy was held on the floor of an army jeep for some 15 minutes until his father arrived and convinced the soldiers to release his son, who is mentally disabled and cannot speak. [bz]21/10/2014
Israel Continues to Deny Palestinians Access to Land in Southern Hebron Wafa - For the third Saturday in a row Palestinians dismantled the tent built illegally by the settlers where they used to gather every afternoon to prevent owners from accessing their land and using the water well. Israeli army declared the area as ‘military closed’ and violently pushed away Palestinians and [Israeli and international] activists as they were peacefully resisting the evacuation of the area in Israeli settlers’ presence. [Based on an Operation Dove press release-bz] 21/10/2014
Bad policies in east Jerusalem Anat Ben-Nun - The Jerusalem Post - The entry of settlers to Silwan was a highly political move, an attempt to change the status quo in Jerusalem by altering the character of the Arab neighborhood [ry]20/10/2014
Keep Rani Burnat RollingHelp replace Rani Burnat`s wheelchair and camera broken by Israeli soldiers in Bil`in Village, West Bank16/10/2014
Podcast: Jewish Voice for Peace activist Seth Morrison on peaceRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "Seth Morrison has held leadership posts in various local, regional and national Jewish organizations starting in college as a youth leader in Young Judea. He is currently active in Jewish Voice for Peace serving on the Congressional Outreach Committee." - id 15/10/2014
Facing increased right-wing violence, Israeli leftists learn to fight backHaggai Matar - +972 - "Thursday and Saturday nights in downtown Jerusalem have become terrifying. On those days, a group of youth gathers in West Jerusalem’s Zion Square, often next to a permanent pop-up stand manned by members of anti-miscegenation group Lehava. The youth meet there and then take to the streets chanting “Death to Arabs,” harassing and assaulting Arab cab drivers, women in hijabs and businesses that employ Arabs." - id15/10/2014
EU mulls `blacklisting` settlers convicted of crimes Reuters/Y-net - European diplomats consider new measures in response to `high level of frustration` over West Bank settlement enterprise. A senior official said that a list of "Israeli settlers who have been convicted of crimes" has been drawn up and "all paperwork done", though the decision to ban them from entering the EU was not yet taken. Such a measure would only affect directly some 100 to 200 people, and be complicated to enforce since some of them have European passports themselves. However, "it would send a strong message that the EU means business". ak 14/10/2014
Hundreds of Israeli public figures call upon Members of the British Parliament to vote in favor of recognizing the State of Palestine"We, Israelis who worry and care for the well-being of the state of Israel, believe that the long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence and security of a Palestinian state. For this reason we, the undersigned, urge members of the UK Parliament to vote in favor of the motion to be debated on Monday 13th October 2014, calling on the British Government to recognize the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel". 12/10/2014
Money pledged at Gaza donor conference could take decades to reach peopleOxfam - "Unless donors step up pressure to end the blockade, many children made homeless by the recent conflict will be grandparents by the time their homes and schools are rebuilt. (...) Winter is coming and people without homes cannot afford to wait [bz]11/10/2014
Letter to the Editor: Calling for justice with a mock wallDalia Fuleihan and Cinthya Rodriguez - The Daily Northwestern "The Apartheid Wall in Palestine, is financed by an annual $3 billion dollars in U.S. military aid to Israel, supported by steadfast U.S. diplomatic support in the international community...The wall, which has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice, cuts through the West Bank, separating villages from their farmland, preventing the movement of the indigenous Palestinian population and seizing more land to build illegal Israeli settlements." ca10/10/2014
Hanan Ashrawi & Archbishop Atallah Hanna headline HCEF 16th Annual ConferenceRay Hanania - The Arab Daily News - "“Challenges Facing the Palestinian Christians,” “Arab & Middle Eastern Christians Under Fire,” “Engaging the Palestinian Diaspora in Nation-Building,” “Empowering Women in Palestinian Society,” and last but not least “Giving Palestinian-Israeli Peace a Chance.”" - id 8/10/2014
Video: The arrest of Miko Peled in Bil`in Haitham Khatib - In this video is documented the Israeli activist Miko Peled being detained at the village of Bil`in and making ironic statements as soldiers surround and handcuff him. "Why are you arresting me? Just like that? This is supposed to be a democracy, isn`t it? Oh well, I know - you are just following orders". ak 7/10/2014
Prisoner begins open-ended hunger strike Soraya Droste - AIC - Palestinian prisoner Raed Faisal Musa began an open-ended hunger strike some ten days ago to protest extension of his administrative detention by Israel [ry]6/10/2014
Nablus conference imagines life in `glocal` PalestineAlex Shams - Ma`an News Agency - “The Palestinian experience of mobility has long been defined by seemingly irreconcilable contradictions. A global community of millions is increasingly well-connected and mobilized even as internal fragmentation by Israeli settlements and checkpoints have made it difficult for Palestinians in the homeland to move more than a few kilometers in any direction. This contradiction has resulted in a Palestine that could be defined as ‘glocal,’ a topic explored in a recent academic conference at An-Najah University in Nablus, ‘Living, Consuming and Action in Glocal Palestine’" [ry]6/10/2014
Free Ahmad Sa`adat Free Ahmad Sa`adat Campaign--Ahmad Sa`adat has been denied family visits for a three-month period. Join the call to action against this injustice. dn5/10/2014
An open letter to President Barack Obama publsihed in the New York Times 2/10/2014
Blood bucket challenge at Yad VashemJews Against Genocide - ISM - "It is our responsibility to act in order to make the price of Israeli Apartheid higher than it’s benefits." - id 1/10/2014
Violence and detention of children in HebronInternational Solidarity Movement - “Around three young boys ran towards the checkpoint and threw stones towards the armed Israeli soldiers. They then fired a tear gas grenade towards the the children walking to school, forcing them to run through clouds of gas. This continued for around 40 minutes, with several more children throwing stones and two more tear gas grenades being fired.-rh1/10/2014
Newsletter 22 Sep. 2014B`Tselem - Israel’s last military operation in Gaza, Operation Protective Edge, ended over a month ago. In the course of the fighting, B’Tselem received reports of grave harm to civilians. In some cases, Israel violated international humanitarian law; in many others, breaches of the law are suspected.-rh1/10/2014
"Museum without borders" to open in PalestineDaryl Meador - The Electronic Intifada - "“We know that more than half of the Palestinians are outside of Palestine. So we started thinking of the museum as a hub with branches and partnerships in other places, particularly in places where Palestinians themselves cannot access this site in Birzeit."" - id 1/10/2014
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