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Stop the war - reach an agreement! 18/7/2018
The road from Qaddum to Nablus: Seven years of protestsSocial TV - +972 - "For the past seven years, the Palestinian residents of Qaddum have been protesting the Israeli army’s closure of their main access road to Nablus, the nearest West Bank city. Why was the road closed and how does it affect the residents?" - id18/7/2018
From the Freedom Flotilla, Former Israeli Air Force Pilot Calls for a Boycott of IsraelIMEMC - "I realized together with other friends in the air force that we are fighting for the wrong side, and we are part of an organization that commits a crime against innocent Palestinians, and we do not want to be part of it anymore. So together with a group of about 27 pilots from all different squadrons of the Israeli air force, attack pilots, rescue pilots like me and others, veterans and active, we send this letter to our commander and the whole society in Israel telling them that we are no longer willing to obey the orders and be part of this illegal and criminal, immoral, occupation. That’s what started my life as an activist fifteen years ago, on the eve of the Jewish year, Rosh Hashanah." - id18/7/2018
No Legitimacy to anti-Semitism! Protest Hungarian PM`s visit to Holocaust museum 17/7/2018
Demonstrate on the Gaza border: Stop the war - reach an agreement!The Other Voice - The past week was one of the most difficult we have experienced since the summer of 2014. Dozens of missiles shot, nights of running to air raid shelters, leaving dead on the Palestinian side and wounded on the Israeli side. The terrible sequence of events, which we have witnessed too many times already, is once again running its familiar course. Once again, swords are rattled on both sides and preparations made for a destructive new round of all-out fighting. The politicians and the media no longer talk of whether there will be a war, but only of when it will break out. To us, this situation is completely unacceptable – because there is no real reason for war. It`s time for an agreement! [ak]17/7/2018
How to fight the demolition of a West Bank school? Start the year earlyOren Ziv/Activestills - +972 - At around 7 a.m. on Monday morning, the Palestinian activists who slept in the yard rolled up their mattresses and packed up their belongings, as students from various nearby Bedouin communities arrived in their school uniforms. Over the past few weeks, the school yard has become a gathering spot for Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists fighting to prevent the demolition. [bz]17/7/2018
Israeli president slams bill that could lead to Jewish-only communitiesAFP, Jerusalem - Alarabiya - The so-called nation-state law, which the government hopes to have approved by the end of the month, could become part of the country`s basic laws which serve as a de facto constitution. The clause Rivlin criticized would allow the state to “authorize a community composed of people having the same faith and nationality to maintain the exclusive character of that community.” That was seen as allowing towns to exclude Arab citizens, who account for some 17.5 percent of Israel`s population, or even other Jewish communities. Rivlin said that the legislation “could harm the Jewish people worldwide and in Israel, and could even be used as a weapon by our enemies.” -rh11/7/2018
A fantasy of partnership between two peoplesAssaf Adiv - Challenge - "An exhibition by artist Noam Toran at Tel Aviv’s RawArt Gallery takes us back to Arab and Jewish rail workers in 1930s Haifa and imagines an alternative to the bloody conflict between the two peoples. Instead of death and hatred, Toran offers a fantasy of partnership based on solidarity among workers." - id 11/7/2018
Israeli right dreams of third temple in Jerusalem Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - On July 3, Netanyahu addressed a letter to Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, saying that lawmakers could visit the Temple Mount once every three months. The first of the ministers to implement his “right” to visit the site after Netanyahu’s decision to lift the ban was Uri Ariel, the minister of agriculture and a member of HaBayit HaYehudi. Ariel has made no secret of his yearnings for a third Jewish temple to replace the two destroyed ones. “We hope and pray for Tisha B’av to be a day of happiness and for the temple to be rebuilt, so that there will be no more fasts and we will be able to bring all the sacrifices that we read about in this week’s Torah reading,” Ariel said. “God willing, a kohen’s [Jewish cleric] blessing will be bestowed on all those ascending the Mount.”-rh 11/7/2018
UNRWA does not perpetuate the conflict, the conflict perpetuates UNRWAMarilyn Garson - Mondoweiss - In January, without warning, Donald Trump declined to pay $305 million of his country’s $365 million commitment to UNRWA. UNRWA, the UN agency serving Palestinian refugees, remains $200 million short of the funds it needs to provide humanitarian services for five million people, including two-thirds of the population of the Gaza Strip. This is not really a story about under-funding UNRWA. This is about the people who strenuously seek to eliminate it.- rh11/7/2018
As Israel prepares to demolish Bedouin school, activists lay out backpacks for each studentEdo Konrad - +972 - "...a group of activists lay backpacks outside Israel’s Supreme Court — one for each student who may soon find himself without a place to learn." - id 11/7/2018
Socialist International backs BDSThe Left Chapter - In a surprisingly strongly worded statement from them, the Socialist International (SI) -- which "brings together 140 global political parties, including 35 parties in government" -- has denounced recent actions by Israel and called on "all governments and civil society organizations to activate Boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the Israeli occupation, all the occupation institutions, and the illegal Israeli settlement including the total embargo on all forms of military trade and cooperation with Israel as long as it continues its policies of occupation and Apartheid against the Palestinian people." The BDS website describes this as "the most significant call for sanctions against Israel to date". Of course, resolutions like this do not necessarily guide the actions of the member parties, but it is definitely a positive step. [ak]10/7/2018
Jerusalem demo against the destruction of Khan Al-Ahmar 10/7/2018
Israel to deduct $300m a year from Palestinian Authority budgetHarry Fawcett - Aljazeera - The Israeli government has been given the green light to deduct approximately $300m a year from the budget of the Palestinian Authority. Israeli politicians say the Palestinian leadership paid $350m last year to Palestinian prisoners jailed for attacking Israeli security forces, and their families. Al Jazeera`s Harry Fawcett reports from the Occupied West Bank.-rh4/7/2018
Secrecy a sign of seriousness in peacemakingDaoud Kuttab - Arab Media Internet Network - In today’s Washington- sponsored attempts at peacemaking, we are seeing the total opposite, a sign that those behind peace efforts are more interested in pleasing their boss, President Donald Trump, or in some cases aimed at pleasing Trump’s major funder Sheldon Adelson. Ever since the high-profile rejection of US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley of the appointment of Salam Fayyad as the UN special representative to Libya because he is Palestinian, to the almost daily Tweets of US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt and the latest interview of Trump’s senior adviser Jered Kushner with Al Quds newspaper, a pattern emerges that reflects lack of seriousness. The US president himself publicly shot down his own so-called efforts to peace when he contradicted his earlier efforts on Jerusalem by boasting publicly that he “took Jerusalem off the table”.-rh4/7/2018
IDF releases conscientious objector after 100 days in military prisonOrly Noy - +972 - "Brachfeld had declared her refusal ‘to take part in the oppression of the Palestinian people.’ It is very rare for the army to grant conscientious objector status to non-religious Jewish Israelis. A new lawsuit seeks to change that." - id 4/7/2018
The brief but exciting life of the bill to outlaw filming IDF soldiersHAVIV RETTIG GUR - The Times of Israel - MK Ilatov did, in fact, pen a bill of the sort that Sokatch warned about. But he didn’t do so because he thought it might pass, nor even because he wanted it to pass. As anyone with more than a passing familiarity with Israeli politics of the past decade can attest, right-wing lawmakers use such bills to get their names in the newspaper in a nation where news events come at a fevered pace and no mere press release from a junior politician has much hope of getting noticed. The most effective way to get noticed, right-wing lawmakers have discovered, is to trigger the left into a public relations campaign against them. Countless right- wing bills have been proposed, but only an infinitesimal number have passed into law. Those that did were so gutted by the time they became law that they have not been enforced, usually because the final version negotiated by lawmakers during the legislative process was carefully constructed to ensure they could not be enforced.rh4/7/2018
Targeting The Most Vulnerable: Children in Detention In The US and PalestineAlice Rothchild - Information Clearing House - Interestingly, there is much we can learn from research in the US and from the Israeli experience with regard to children and prisons. The US and Israel both perceive themselves as enlightened “western democracies,” yet both have high incarceration rates, particularly for children of color, sometimes involving the same global prison industries. In both countries, these kinds of children are perceived as the “other,” the “enemy,” the “invading hordes ready to destroy America,” the “Muslim terrorists seeking to kill Israelis.” They are presented as less human and less deserving than white and/or Jewish children and less likely to evoke an empathic reaction.-rh4/7/2018
Israel’s nuclear ambiguity policy blocks diplomatic processAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - In early May, as the world held its breath in anticipation of the nuclear disarmament discussions between US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and struggled to digest Trump`s decision to pull the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal, an international meeting on the subject was winding up in Geneva. Over several days, representatives of dozens of states discussed preparations for the fifth review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) scheduled to take place in 2020.-rh 4/7/2018
Is Israel`s justice minister determined to undermine the judicial system? Yossi Beilin - Al-Monitor - The Knesset’s Justice Committee hasn’t had a meeting like Monday`s in a very long time. On June 25, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked of HaBayit HaYehudi submitted legislation that would allow each minister to select the legal adviser for his ministry. She faced opposition from three senior figures — the current and two former attorney generals. In the administrative hierarchy of government, the current attorney general serves under the minister.-rh 4/7/2018
UN concerned over expected demolition of illegal W. Bank villageAP - Ynet - "We call on the Israeli authorities not to proceed with the demolition of (Khan al Ahmar), to respect the rights of residents to remain on their land and have their status regularized," the spokeswoman, Liz Throssell, said. The Palestinians seek all of the territories captured by Israel in 1967 for a future independent state. They say that Area C, home to an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 Palestinians, is crucial to a future Palestine`s economic development. J Street, a left-wing liberal group in the US that describes itself as "pro-Israel", submitted a petition against the demolition signed by 7,000 people to the Israeli Embassy in Washington. It said the demolition would have far-reaching effects. "Beyond the devastation it would create for Khan al-Ahmar`s residents, the demolition would also strike a major blow to prospects for a two-state solution and a peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians." [bz]3/7/2018
Between Adelson and BDS, Birthright Has Become a Political BattlefieldAllison Kaplan Sommer - Haaretz - Birthright Israel has done its best to stay above the political fray ever since its founding in 1999. Like most major institutions, though, in these divisive times it is losing the struggle to remain detached from deep political differences. Over the past months, it has been targeted directly by young activist Jews, angry over what they believe is the program’s refusal to deliver a balanced message to its participants regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The activities have ranged from protests against the Birthright gala in New York, to leafleting Birthright participants boarding their flights to Israel, to the high-profile walkout of five female participants toward the end their trip to Israel last Thursday, opting instead to join a Breaking the Silence tour in Hebron. This last event kicked off what the activist group IfNotNow predicts will be a long, hot summer against the program.[ak]3/7/2018
Israeli support rally for the women`s march in Gaza Nomika Zion and Eric Yellin - Other Voice - Members of Other Voice will today ( Tuesday, July 3 ) hold a support rally for the women`s march in Gaza Today, at 17:00, there will be a non-violent march of some 20,000 women in Gaza demanding the end of the siege and the right to a dignified life. The march is organized by the leaders of the nonviolent struggle in Gaza. Women from all over the Palestinian political spectrum will march from the Saja`iya neighborhood towards the border - near Kibbutz Nahal Oz. They asked us to march with them as a sign of solidarity on the other side of the fence ... It is important for them to see that there is someone in Israel to talk to.[ak] 3/7/2018
Activists change street names in Tel Aviv Killing Without Consequence facebook page - Early this morning activists changed the names of streets in Salama - a former Palestinian village emptied of its original population in 1948, incorporated into Tel Aviv and re-settled with Jewish Israelis. The Herzl Street was renamed "Return Street and Ben-Zvi as "Razan al Najar Street". This action was in advance of a memorial ceremony for Razan A-Najar, a nurse that was shot in her back during the Great March of Return on the Gaza separation fence. The ceremony will take place in the location of Salameh, Razan’s families village from which they were expelled in 1948. [ak]3/7/2018
Salama Remembers Razan Al-Najjar 3/7/2018
Jewish American BDS activist denied entry into IsraelAmir Alon - Ynet - Population and Immigration Authority bars Ariel Gold from entering country following instruction from Interior Minister Aryeh Deri and recommendation of Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan, who later writes: `The rules have changed. Israel will not show restraint towards those who try to hurt it` [ry]2/7/2018
As Israelis, we call on the world to intervene on behalf of PalestiniansIlana Hammerman&David Harel - The Guardian "...a destructive, violent and explosive reality is becoming the norm in these areas. We, who are located in the midst of this reality, believe the international community must help, since that community alone is responsible for enforcing compliance with its treaties and with the decisions of its institutions, and since in the current circumstances only it can do so.Never have these issues been as clear cut and as urgent as they are today: if peace is not established in this part of the world very soon, an area that has become a timebomb of national and religious tensions, there will be no future and no life for us or the Palestinians." ca 30/6/2018
`Jordan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia warn Israel against Turkey`Al Jazeera - "Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Palestine have warned Israel on separate occasions about Turkey`s creeping influence in occupied East Jerusalem, according to a report by Israeli newspaper Haaretz.The report notes that senior officials from the three Arab countries told Israel that Turkey was "extending its influence in Arab neighbourhoods of Jerusalem" which they said was "part of an attempt by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to "claim ownership over the Jerusalem issue"." ca 29/6/2018
Refugee camp holds memorial for lawyer Felicia LangerPNN - Palestine News Network - "Langer, communist activist who lost most of her family to the holocaust in Germany, went back to her country to lose her Israeli nationality, after some 20 years of defending Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails free of charge for her belief in their case, along with her colleague, Ligra Pacheco. The service included the prisoner and ex-prisoners, who came to express their appreciation of her bravery and devotion to the Palestinian struggle for sacrifices she made in the face of an oppressive, racist, Zionist occupation regime." - id 27/6/2018
Cry-Baby IsraelVacy Vlazna - Countercurrents - srael, one of the most technologically advanced military superpowers, is making a colossal fool of itself on the global stage by crying Wolf – ‘We have the right to defend ourselves from – from ?- hold onto your hats, folks, from – Kites, Balloons, Stones, Cameras, a Slap, a Poem. Seriously? Damn Right. These aren’t just any kites, balloons, stones, cameras, slap, poem. These are terror toys of Palestinian mass defiance and of monster maquisards, mainly teenagers and youth, that strike fear and panic in the mighty Israeli armed forces. Oy Vey! Oy Vey!-rh27/6/2018
She was there for usChallenge Staff - Challenge - "In memory of Felicia Langer (1930-2018) – lawyer, person of conscience, fighter for human rights and a true friend, who passed away in Tübingen, Germany on June 21, 2018." - id 27/6/2018
`The law is what keeps the edifice of occupation from crashing down`Yossi Gurvitz - +972 - "Michael Sfard has spent the past two decades fighting the occupation in Israeli courts. His new book dissects the moral dilemmas of engaging with the occupation’s legal system, its role in making the status quo sustainable, and why, despite it all, he remains optimistic that Israel’s military rule over the Palestinians will end." - id 27/6/2018
June 22, 2018 Al-Auja, Khan al-Ahmar David Shulman - Touching Photographs "To tear down a school is possibly worse even than breaking a home into pieces and burying the pieces in the sand. How many homes have we rebuilt after the army took them down? We’re almost used to it. But a school? Where children first learn to read, where they dream their dreams and play in the courtyard and sing the multiplication table and recite the poetry of the desert and say their prayers? I’m a teacher. I have spent most of my life in classrooms, teaching this and that, languages, thoughts, memories, poems. The mud-and-tires school of Khan al-Ahmar is like any of the others, only more so, like the university I have loved, like the school in Iowa where I learned to read and first fell in love—an almost holy place. It’s not a word I use." ca23/6/2018
There is a way to solve the Gaza crisisRon Ben-Yishai - Ynetnews - Analysis: An arrangement led by Egypt and supervised by UN and Arab League inspectors, which would lead to the creation of a joint PA-Hamas civil government, would serve all parties and gradually dismantle the explosive conflict—even without forcing Hamas to disarm completely. While this solution may be far from ideal for Israel, the chance is worth the risk.-rh 20/6/2018
Israeli bill forbids documentation of IDF abuses Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The Israeli ministerial committee on legislation approved a bill criminalizing the filming of Israeli soldiers in the West Bank June 17. Proponents of the legislation, introduced by Knesset member Robert Ilatov of Yisrael Beitenu, argue that it is designed to protect soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces operating alongside Palestinian residents, or as Ilatov himself phrased it, to prevent “filming meant to undermine the spirit of the IDF soldiers [and of] residents of the State of Israel or to damage state security.” The version of the bill approved by the ministerial committee imposes jail terms of five to 10 years on violators.-rh 20/6/2018
A Historian of The Holocaust Details the Shocking Precedent for Trump’s Decision to `Terrorize Children`Richard E. Frankel - Alternet - In recent days, millions of Americans have seen the shocking, heartbreaking images of children—crying, screaming, hysterical children—being ripped from the arms of their parents and sent away to a newly constructed camp in the Texas desert. So many of us have been justifiably outraged by the news. Here are children, arriving with their parents after a perilous journey, seeking asylum from the life-threatening conditions in their home countries, being terrorized by agents of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). And all of it part of a deliberate policy implemented by Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Stephen Miller in their ongoing effort to re-build a white, Christian America through the exclusion (in this case through terror) of all those they deem to be outsiders.-rh20/6/2018
`You never told me`: Confronting American Jewish myths about IsraelEmma Goldberg- +972 - "A group of young American Jews are challenging the the institutionalized myths they were taught about the Jewish state in classrooms, youth group trips, and summer camps." - id 20/6/2018
Israeli activists bring images of Gaza dead to the heart of Tel AvivOrly Noy - +972 - "In the middle of the night, left-wing activists hung 115 kites along Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv’s central street — one for each Palestinian protester killed by Israeli forces during the Great Return March protests." - id 20/6/2018
Riot in Nafha prison, as man seized for tweeted photo in cellPNN - Palestine News Network - "This is not the first revolt in the prison- in 2015, riots and hunger strikes were some of the tactics used by prisoners there to bring attention to their conditions, which include frequent night-time raids, being held indefinitely without trial and force-feeding of those on hunger strike." - id 20/6/2018
‘The camera is our peaceful weapon’: In conversation with the youngest activists in HebronISM - International Solidarity Movement - "Abdullah and Saleh live with their families in the Tel Rumeida area of occupied Hebron, under Israeli control. They are the youngest members of Human Rights Defenders (HRD), a collective of Palestinian activists who use journalism and video to expose the daily crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces and Zionist settlers in Al-Khalil." - id20/6/2018
Upending the Palestinian Leadership: The Role of YouthFadi Quran - IMEMC News "...a new generation of leaders is slowly emerging. Their goal is to build a new framework for the Palestinian struggle that avoids the mistakes of the past and ensures that freedom is achieved in their lifetime. Their successful entrance into leadership will require both a reckoning with and breaking of a cycle that blocks change." ca15/6/2018
The night the Palestinian Authority showed us whose side it is onRami Younis - +972 "The brutal violence meted out by PA forces, undercover police, and young Fatah supporters against Palestinian demonstrators Wednesday night was unlike anything I had experienced in my life. After it was all over, one thing became clear: just like Israel, the Palestinian Authority is against Gaza." ca15/6/2018
Young Fathers bullied by German festival to renounce support for Palestinian rightsAli Abunimah - EI - "It appears that Young Fathers is being targeted because it is one of a number of acts that withdrew from last year’s Pop-Kultur Festival in Berlin, over that festival’s acceptance of sponsorship from the Israeli embassy." - id13/6/2018
Japan provides two new contributions to the Jericho Agro Industrial Park incentives program implemented by the EUWAFA - ""As one of the oldest documented cities in the world, Jericho has always been famous for its production of agricultural products. The Jericho Agro Industrial Park is on the best way to take this long-standing heritage to the future," said the EU Representative Ralph Tarraf." - id13/6/2018
Human Rights Defenders Statement June 2018International Solidarity Movement - ISM - "We condemn the recent fierce attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation soldiers, who have notably begun to target all activists working with Human Rights Defenders (HRD) to document the crimes of the occupation. The Defenders’ association has documented many of the cold-blooded murders in the city of Hebron, most recently the killing of 35 year old road construction worker Rami Sabarneh who was shot by the IOF. 13/6/2018
Free Khalida Jarrar, Palestinian parliamentarian and feminist 13/6/2018
Palestinian teen to serve full sentence for slap Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The parole board at Rimonim Prison has denied Ahed Tamimi’s early release request. The 17-year-old Palestinian girl was sent to jail for eight and a half months after slapping an Israeli soldier in her West Bank village of Nabi Saleh.Tamimi’s attorney, Gaby Lasky, wrote in reaction on Facebook, “It’s interesting that the parole board decided it was OK to grant an early release to Elor Azaria (so that he would serve nine months), and a different board prevented Ahed’s release so that she would serve eight months.” Lasky was protesting the early release in March of Azaria, who shot an incapacitated Palestinian attacker in the head in the West Bank city of Hebron and served almost the same time as Tamimi, charged with slapping a soldier.-rh 13/6/2018
LGBTQ activists block Tel Aviv Pride March: `There is no pride in occupation`Yael Marom - +972 - “We came here to protest against the cynical exploitation of the LGBTQ struggle for the good of the Israeli government’s crimes, which is why we came with a fence,” said Tamar Ben David, one of the demonstrators. “While we’re demonstrating here, just a few kilometers away [Israeli soldiers] are shooting people exercising the right to protest.” [bz]12/6/2018
Over 300 public figures from around the world: Forcible transfer of Khan al-Ahmar community a war crimeB`Tselem - All people responsible for it – including the Israeli prime minister and the minister of defense – bear personal liability. The recent decision by Israel’s High Court of Justice to approve the demolition of the Khan al-Ahmar community, and thus to provide their legal stamp of approval for the forcible transfer of the community’s residents, changes nothing with regard to the above analysis. All it does is also implicate Israeli High Court justices in what is nothing short of a war crime, no matter how much legal formalism is enlisted in an effort to excuse the inexcusable. [ak]12/6/2018
51st Anniversary of Naksa CommemoratedIMEMC - "Officials and rights groups called upon the international community to not only take action but demand every country to assume its legal responsibilities and stop all cooperation with the Israeli occupation, and to secure freedom and independence for the Palestinian people and protect them from the ongoing crimes and violations committed by Israel. Furthermore, according to Ma’an News Agency, officials declared the coming Friday to be a “Day of Rage,” encouraging people to protest and, for those who are able to, travel to occupied East Jerusalem and establish a presence at the Al-Aqsa Mosque." - id6/6/2018
Haifa peace activists protest Gaza killingsThe Arab Daily News - "In Haifa and Gaza, one struggle and one hope for liberation."6/6/2018
Protestors in Ramallah honor Razan Al Najjer, young medic executed by Israeli forces in GazaRamallah team - International Solidarity Movement - "Members of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society from across the West Bank, largely students, marched with portraits of Razan. Protestors held signs calling for #JusticeForRazan and end to Israeli war crimes and the seige in Gaza." - id 6/6/2018
The Oncologists Letter: Let Gaza Women Cancer Patients Out! Press Release - Gush Shalom - "According to data we have collected, over the past year medical treatment has been significantly delayed for at least 45 women cancer patients from Gaza. Some were delayed for six months and even more, and their exit was made possible only thanks to PHRI and others` public pressure on the authorities." - id6/6/2018
On the 51st year of the occupation - special protests Women in Black - Jerusalem/Tel-Aviv 5/6/2018
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