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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Join ISM: Training in London—October 6, 2018International Solidarity Movement To sign up for the training, please contact 20/9/2018
PHOTOS: Activists spend night in Palestinian village Israel plans to demolish+972 - "After dinner and a few live broadcasts on Facebook, the activists sleep on thin mattresses and heavy blankets laid out across the schoolyard’s artificial grass covered courtyard. As the sun rises each morning, a sense of temporary relief is tangible. The village survived to see another day another night. They made it through the night." - id20/9/2018
Judge: Israeli police `scandalous` for trying to deport U.S.-French activist applying military procedures.Orly Noy - +972 - According to Lasky, the decision to book her client under military law instead of into the civilian justice system was made in order to give them time to deport him before he saw a judge. The judge, upon hearing what police had done, reminded the police representative that she had scheduled a detention hearing and “[I get] the impression that you want to thwart it.” [bz]18/9/2018
Israel releases US professor detained in West Bank villageAP - USA TODAY - The 66-year-old Frank Romano was detained on Friday in the embattled village of Khan al-Ahmar, along with two Palestinian activists. Romano stood in front of heavy equipment being used to clear barriers that had been set up to slow demolition. Activists said he began a hunger strike while in detention. Gaby Lasky, Romano’s lawyer, said a court ordered his release Sunday. She said he was freed early Monday after police decided not to appeal the decision. Upon his release, Romano returned to the village and said: “I can continue the struggle with you.” [bz]18/9/2018
Israelis activists support Corbyn 18/9/2018
Antisemitism or manipulation? Israelis support Corbyn Anat Matar - We are Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel, committed to civil equality within Israel, to an end to the occupation and the blockade of Gaza, to a just peace and justice for the Palestinian refugees. The solidarity of progressive forces abroad is vital to our struggle, and we therefore welcomed the election of Jeremy Corbyn, a committed campaigner for peace, as leader of the British Labour Party. Since his election, Corbyn has been subjected to sustained attacks for his supposed friendliness to antisemitism. We reject the substance of these accusations completely, and we note that some of Corbyn’s accusers, such as Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu, are themselves notorious racists and allies of known antisemites, such as Viktor Orbán and the Polish nationalists.[ak]18/9/2018
Settlers and military continue their joint assaults on the village of ‘Urif with impunityOrly Noy - +972 - Instead of bringing to court Frank Romano, who was arrested trying to block an Israeli army bulldozer in Khan al-Ahmar, Israeli police tried to deport him without notifying his lawyer or the court. Judge orders him released [ry]17/9/2018
3 Palestinian prisoners continue open hunger strikeMa’an News Agency - "According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, 5,781 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli prisons, of whom 456 are administrative detainees" [ry]17/9/2018
Activists Establish Al-Wadi Al-Ahmar VillageIMEMC - "The new village is meant to send a message that the Palestinians will remain steadfast on their lands, despite Israel’s escalating violations and colonialist policies, especially as the army is preparing to demolish al-Khan al-Ahmar, the activists said." - id12/9/2018
Conscientious objector to mark Jewish new year in prison+972 Magazine Staff - +972 - "Hilel Garmi is in prison for the third time, for refusing to serve in the Israeli military. His decision was partly inspired by one of the lead organizers of the Great Return March in Gaza." - id 12/9/2018
Activists stand in solidarity with the residents of Khan al-AhmarInternational Solidarity Movement - ISM - "On the morning of September 7, 2018, around 09:40, as approximately 40 Palestinians and internationals were peacefully enjoying morning tea and coffee, a busload of an estimated 40-50 people from the Israeli zionist hate-group “Im Tirtzu” pulled off the highway by the village and approached. The Palestinians and internationals who were gathered at Khan al-Ahmar met the Israeli hate group at the entrance of the village before they entered it. The Palestinians questioned the purpose of the group’s presence were met with verbal insults and accusations of anti-semitism." - id 12/9/2018
B`Tselem to EU: Clarify to Israel demolition of Khan al-Ahmar will have consequences Hagai El-Ad - B’Tselem - Israel is trampling the shared values that are at the core of its relationship with the EU. The European Union must act urgently to prevent the destruction of the Khan al-Ahmar community, after Israel’s High Court gave the demolition plan the go-ahead. According to the ruling, the state may demolish all the structures in the community, including a school attended by some 180 children. Back in July, the EU`s Federica Mogherini warned Israel that destroying this community would have serious consequences. Now, we have reached the juncture where it appears that these serious consequences must be spelled out, if the EU is to credibly back its own positions. [ak] 11/9/2018
Activists build `Wadi al-Ahmar` villageMa`an - During night hours, dozens of Palestinian and international activists built substitute homes for residents of Khan al-Ahmar using wood and steel. Head of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Committee against the Wall and Settlements, Minister Walid Assaf, announced the "birth" of the "Wadi al-Ahmar" village, dozens of meters away from the illegal Israeli settlement of Kfar Adumim that is built on lands of Khan al-Ahmar - "a message to the world that our people will continue to defend their lands, especially in Area C, as this is part of Palestinian lands." Activist Abdullah Abu Rahmeh. heading the popular work department said that activists took the initiative so residents of Khan al-Ahmar could find a place to live if their village is demolished.[bz]11/9/2018
The Day the Music Died: Will BDS Bring Tel Aviv`s Club Scene to a Standstill?Idit Frenkel - Haaretz - DJs like Shanti Celeste, Volvox, DJ Seinfeld, Python and Leon Vynehall also dropped out of Meteor. Why was this unexpected? Because Israel’s nightlife and clubbing scene – especially in Tel Aviv – had been an oasis regarding cultural boycotts, an extraterritorial hedonistic space with no room for politics. Moreover, two of the DJs spearheading the struggle on the nightlife scene regarding Mideast politics – the Black Madonna and Anthony Naples – have been here, enjoyed themselves, been honored and promised to return, until they discovered there’s such a thing as the occupation. So what has changed since 2015? First, there has been a change on the Gaza border, with civilians getting shot. Second, news reports about the nation-state law and the discrimination that comes with it have done their bit. Third, the arrests and detentions of left-wing activists entering Israel. [bz]11/9/2018
Why candidates must boycott IsraelJoel Reinstein - Electronic Intifada "The recent Democratic Party primary victories of Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and others have generated arguments among progressives and socialists about their stances on Palestine, and whether or how to hold them accountable.Unfortunately, the principles of the Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctions movement have been left out of much of the discussion. These guidelines clearly set out what accountability to Palestinian self-determination looks like, and must be foregrounded if our solidarity with Palestinians is to be successful.The BDS movement’s demands and guiding principles are laid out on its website, run by the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC). The BNC is a coalition of Palestinian groups representing the overwhelming majority of Palestinians, including trade unions, protest committees, women’s groups, youth organizations and political parties." ca 7/9/2018
Gaza’s battle-hardened medics always on dutyAmjad Ayman Yaghi - The Electronic Intifada - "According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, there have been at least 370 instances of paramedics being injured during the demonstrations and nearly 70 ambulances have sustained damage. “I believe in the saying, he who saves a life, saves all humanity,” said 43-year-old Muhammad al-Hissi, a paramedic with two decades of experience." - id5/9/2018
“I think that today, I’m just going to cry”: A journal entry by an ISM volunteer Kristin Foss - International Solidarity Movement - " Then I think of what these same people say about my Palestinian friends: that they are an invented people, there was never a place called Palestine. If a nurse gets killed tending to the wounded, she is Hamas. If a school or hospital gets bombed, then Hamas was storing weapons there. If a child is murdered, his parents are using him for sympathy. It’s inexplicably inhumane. I have never witnessed anything like this, people denouncing a whole people. It is so unspeakably evil. How does it feel for Palestinians to read this; to read that they don’t even exist? To be faced with this evil? When all they did was to be born on their own land, and all they do is try to live under an inhumane occupation." - id5/9/2018
As Palestinian Arab MPs in Israel, we salute Corbyn as a champion of peace and justiceAhmad Tibi, Masud Ganaim, Yousef Jabareen, Jamal Zahalka, MPs, Joint List - The Guardian, Letters - ‘With the Netanyahu government ramping up the racism, our struggle for survival is more precarious than ever.’ Palestinian Arab MPs in the Knesset commend Jeremy Corbyn for his ‘longstanding solidarity with all oppressed peoples around the world’ [ry]4/9/2018
Abbas: no `confederation` with Jordan, only tripartite ‘confederation’ with both Israel and JordanRaphael Ahren - Times of Israel - Meeting with a delegation of Peace Now activists, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said that said senior US administration officials Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt had asked about his opinion of a “confederation with Jordan” to which Abbas had replied that he would only agree to a three-way confederation with both Jordan and Israel.’ That must have taken place before the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, after which Abbas refused to have anything more to do with Trump`s emissaries. Abbas recounted that Russia, Japan, Belgium, and the Netherlands all offered to host Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, but such offers were rejected by Netanyahu. The Israeli PM holds out for an exclusive US mediation, which the Palestinians consider Trump as blatantly biased in Israel`s favor and thus not an acceptable mediator. Sunday’s meeting with Abbas was attended by Peace Now executive director Shaqued Morag, Meretz MK Mossi Raz (a former Peace Now director), and Zionist Union MK Ksenia Svetlova. According to the PA’s official Wafa news agency, unnamed “peace activists” from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party attended the meeting as well. “I have a problem with Netanyahu, not with Likud,” Peace Now quoted Abbas as saying.[ak] 3/9/2018
Eleven Artists Have Pulled Out of Israel`s Meteor Festival Amid BDS PressureShira Makin - Ha`artez - Lana Del Rey is the most well-known of the international artists who had a second thought after the pressure put on by the BDS movement and its prominent activist Roger Waters, but ten other artists also pulled out of the Meteor Festival. For example, American electronic musician Shlohmo announced that originally he intended to perform in Israel and donate his pay to the inhabitants of Gaza, but later realized that he would help the Gazans more by altogether canceling the performance. Waters is now concentrating his campaign on the American jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington, the "only notable standout" who - as of now - still plans to come to Israel and perform. [ak]3/9/2018
Several wounded as Israel demolishes four homes in WalajehAviv Tatarsky - +972 - The village, part of which was annexed to East Jerusalem but left on the West Bank side of the separation barrier, has over 50 pending demolition orders. Israel has not approved any building permits since 1967. On Monday morning, after Israeli forces demolished two of the homes in Walajeh, dozens of residents gathered inside, on the roof of, and around a third home in hopes of stopping its demolition... [bz]3/9/2018
Why I Will Never Go on BirthrightSafia Southey - The Palestine Chronicle - Taglit-Birthright Israel’ or simply ‘Birthright’ is a well-known Jewish heritage experience that many young Jewish people take part in. In its description, it sounds like a fantastic cultural experience that is packed with authentic cultural and historical experiences – and it’s free! But now, down the rabbit hole we go after all – once and for all I’d like to explain why I have never, and will never will, go on Birthright – even if it’s free.-rh29/8/2018
BDS targets may differ, but our goal is the sameNada Elia - MIDDLE EAST EYE - The distinction between settlement products and products from "Israel proper," however, is one that only functions in a context where such products are indeed available to the consumer. In Arab countries that are implementing the Arab League boycott, the criteria have always been different. I was directly aware of that when I recently attended a presentation by Swedish activist Benjamin Ladraa at Dar El Nimer in Beirut, in which he urged everyone to do everything within their power to bring attention to the plight of the Palestinians. As I watched him using a Hewlett-Packard laptop to project his PowerPoint slides, I was reminded of the difference in the criteria between the BDS movement in the US, where I reside, and the boycott movement in Lebanon and the Arab world generally.-rh29/8/2018
Ahed Tamimi and the power of Palestinian womenRamzy Baroud - Aljazeera - Ahed`s story garnered a disproportionate amount of attention from international media outlets which have otherwise often ignored the courage and suffering of numerous Palestinian girls and women living under Israeli military occupation and siege for many years. Recognising this fact, Ahed`s mother, Nariman said: "Frankly it is probably Ahed`s looks that prompted this worldwide solidarity, and that`s racist, by the way, because many Palestinian children are in Ahed`s position but weren`t treated in this way."-rh29/8/2018
Israeli Army Issues An Order Preventing Student From Entering College For Six MonthsIMEMC News - The student, Yousef Dweikat, 20, is from Balata town, east of Nablus. In a phone interview, the student told the Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA), that he was summoned for interrogation in Salem military base and security center, west of Jenin. He added that he was interrogated by Israeli intelligence officers before they handed him a warrant preventing him from entering his college, the an- Najah National University, in Nablus, for six months.-rh29/8/2018
The Israeli peace activist who crossed enemy lines and shaped generationsAdam Keller - +972 - Going back to 1969, to an article I read by Uri under the table during a very boring class in eighth grade. I still remember it, almost word for word; it was a futuristic article that attempted to imagine what the country would look like in 1990... [bz]28/8/2018
Supreme Court allows entry to Hamas kin for medical careAP & Ynet - The court ruling came after a petition filed on July 29 this year by Gisha, Al Mezan, Adalah, and Physicians for Human Rights Israel was unanimously accepted by Supreme Court Justices Uzi Fogelman, Isaac Amit, and Ofer Grosskopf. Adalah—The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel—released a press statement saying that the justices also ruled that the Israeli Security Cabinet’s 2017 decision to deny Gaza patients access to medical treatment as means of leverage over Hamas was ineffective and illegal. [bz]28/8/2018
Amana moves its headquarters to east J`lmItamar Eichner - Ynet News "As part of reinforcing the territorial contiguity of Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem, the Jewish settlement movement relocates its main building to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood; Amana`s secretary general stresses its mission to further establish Jewish settlements in the West Bank." ca24/8/2018
I’m One of the Young People Who Walked Off Birthright Israel This Summer : Here’s why I chose to leave the trip.Bethany Zaiman - The Nation - Midway through my 10-day tour of Israel with Birthright in June, our trip leaders handed out a map of the country to each participant. The map clearly showed Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the winding Jordan River, but it had no demarcation for the West Bank, the Palestinian territory that Israel has illegally occupied for more than 50 years. Looking at the map, I was taken aback by the blatant way this supposedly apolitical trip was making such a political decision as to erase the existence of Palestinian people and their land. I felt something inside of me break, and I knew I needed to do something.-rh22/8/2018
Fighting the double standard: Palestinians file case to demolish illegal settlement homesYumna Patel - Mondoweiss - Two Ramallah-area Palestinian villages — Deir Dibwan and Anata — have filed a case in the Israeli High Court, asking Israeli authorities to demolish illegal structures in the Israeli settlement of Kfar Adumim — the same settlement which has ceaselessly pushed for the state’s decision to demolish Khan al-Ahmar.-rh22/8/2018
Why we continue to march in GazaAbdalrahim Alfarra - The Electronic Intifada - "All of us, together, were demanding the lifting of Israel’s blockade on Gaza, now in its 11th year. We were united against the US embassy move to Jerusalem." - id22/8/2018
A statement from the Norwegian ISM volunteer targeted and shot by an Israeli soldier in Kafr QaddumRamallah team - International Solidarity Movement - "One of the soliders shouts something at me in Hebrew, I don’t understand, but I shout back that the man just wants his car back. Then he shouts that it is dangerous. I shout back that it is only dangerous because he is pointing a machine gun at me. Those far behind me posed no danger to the soldier, nor to me. One shot is fired as I am shouting, then another shot is directed at me, and hits me in the abdomen. I would say from approximately 20-30 metres. It is absolutely no doubt I was targeted and shot deliberately." - id22/8/2018
Uri Avnery, Israeli Journalist and Peace Activist, Is Dead at 94Isabel Kershner - New York Times - A left-wing thorn in the government`s side, he called for a Palestinian state and challenged the notion of a strictly Jewish nationality. In his last column, published on Aug. 7 in Haaretz, he attacked the Israeli Parliament’s recent enactment of a contentious nationality law, which anchors Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people and enshrines the right of national self-determination as “unique to the Jewish people,” not to all citizens. Mr. Avnery described the law as “clearly semi-fascist.” [bz] 21/8/2018
Classical music censored for IsraelRaymond Deane - EI - “However, when Hoban approached Björn Gottstein, the director of the legendary Donaueschingen music festival in southwest Germany, with a proposal for a third work in the cycle he was met not just with rejection but with the following statement, as paraphrased by Hoban: ‘although [Gottstein] gave composers a free hand in their use of political content, he would not tolerate any criticism of Israel at the festival and would prevent the appearance of any piece on the program that contained such criticism’” [ry]20/8/2018
Uri Avnery - 1923-2018. His opponents will ultimately have to follow in his footstepsGush Shalom - We – the members of Gush Shalom as well as very many other people who were directly and indirectly influenced by him - will continue his mission. [ry]20/8/2018
Israeli navy opens fire at Gaza flotillaMa’an News Agency - "Israeli naval forces opened fire at dozens of Gaza flotilla boats that set sail on Saturday from the besieged Gaza Strip port in attempt to break the maritime blockade imposed by Israel" [ry]20/8/2018
For one day, the villagers of Ein Samia beat Israel`s most radical settlersOren Ziv - +972 - Accompanied by Israeli and international activists, the residents of the rural Palestinian community Ein Samia marched to their grazing land, located between the West Bank’s most notoriously violent settlement outposts [ry]20/8/2018
After Emerging From An Israeli Prison, Freedom Flotilla Captain Accuses Canada’s Government Of Complicity In A “Slow Genocide”IMEMC - "Human rights activist John Turnbull describes how Israel’s navy hijacked a peaceful vessel in international waters, and kidnapped its passengers and crew." - id15/8/2018
`My Israel Is Dead`: Dame Vivien Duffield, One of Israel`s Biggest Donors, Is Furious About the Nation-state LawGili Izikovich - Ha`aretz - ““It’s very difficult to defend Israel now in England or anywhere. It’s still a fantastic place, but I prefer to only talk about the Weizmann Institute. Do I like Israel at the moment? No, I hate Israel. I think it’s a strong word, but I disapprove of everything. The vote in parliament [for the nation-state law] was appalling, absolutely terrible. It’s apartheid! This is South Africa! This is one rule for one group and another rule for the other." Duffield may have sharp criticism of Israel’s policies, but she cannot be dismissed as an enemy of the state or an arrogant foreigner. She is, in fact, one of the biggest philanthropists donating to Israeli institutions over the past fifty years, and far from a supporter of BDS she had endowed an anti-BDS program. Asked if the new legislation will affect the foundation’s activities in Israel, she said “I don’t know, it’s too early to say. But I’m very angry. I will make absolutely sure that Arabic is still part of every project we do." [ak] 14/8/2018
I Was Detained At Ben Gurion Airport Because Of My BeliefsPeter Beinart - The Forward - The security official asked why I was in Israel and I told him about my niece`s Bat Mitzvah. I got the feeling this was not the answer he wanted. He asked if I was involved in any organization that could provoke violence in Israel. I said no. Then he told me that on my last trip to Israel I had participated in a protest, which is true. He asked where it occurred and I answered “Hebron. He asked its purpose and I answered that we were protesting the fact that Palestinians in Hebron and across the West Bank lack basic rights. He asked how I had become involved in the protest and I mentioned The Center for Jewish Nonviolence. He asked if the Center had incited violence, and I replied that, as its name suggests, it practices non-violence. My interrogator then replied that names could be misleading. The government of North Korea, he observed, calls itself a democracy but is not. I told him I didn`t think the Center for Jewish Nonviolence and the North Korean government have much in common. [ak]14/8/2018
Why Arab citizens waved Palestinian flags in central Tel AvivHaggai Matar - +972 - Tens of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis protested and marched against the Jewish Nation-State Law Saturday night, demanding full civil equality for all residents of this land. It was a spectacular and rare showing, yet most of Israel’s top politicians (including on the Left) and media outlets were concerned with one thing only... [bz]14/8/2018
Palestinian flags fly at Arab-led rally in Tel Aviv against nation-state lawTamar Pileggi and TOI staff - Times of Israel "Thousands of Israelis gathered at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday night to march in a protest, led by the Arab community, against the controversial nation-state law. It was the second demonstration against the legislation in as many weekends, with last week’s gathering, led by the Druze community, drawing at least 50,000 people. Many of the protesters at Saturday’s protest carried Palestinian flags, defying a request by the Arab Higher Monitoring Committee, which organized the demonstration, not to wave the flags at the event." ca 10/8/2018
Jews and Arabs - Standing Together! 8/8/2018
Jews and Arabs - Standing Together! 8/8/2018
What spurred Israel`s Druze to demand equality now?Henriette Chacar - +972 - "Eman Safady, like many Druze citizens of Israel, felt personally betrayed by the Jewish Nation-State Law. A journalist from the village of Abu Snan in the Galilee and an officer at the Union of Journalists in Israel, she was one of the tens of thousands of protesters who took to Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square last weekend to oppose the law." - id8/8/2018
Video: Activists stand in solidarity with Gaza, are arrested by Israeli military and policeFeatures - ISM - " They raised the Palestinian flag so that demonstrators in besieged Gaza could see it. They also carried a banner in Arabic reading “Jews for Return”. The Israeli and international demonstrators were assaulted and arrested by the Israeli military and police. Hours later they were released from the Netivot police station." - id8/8/2018
No hope on the political level - which means we have to be more active at the grassroots! Combatants for Peace - The recent weeks and months have shown that there is no hope on the political level, several discriminatory laws in Israeli parliament have passed shortly before the summer break of the Knesset. In Palestine, we observe growing frustration and desperation. What is happening in Gaza, the Bedouin communities and in the villages of our Palestinian partners is - again - more than alarming. Which does not mean we have to give up in despair. It means that we all have to become more involved than ever, to become change agents ourselves! People may tell you the opposite, but we know that there is a partner on the other side. We all have the responsibility to make this little piece of land as a home for both peoples - without violence, hatred or injustice. [ak] 7/8/2018
Summer of Peace Summit 7/8/2018
Occupation objector`s Hillel Grami`s statement from military prisonRefuser Solidarity Network - When I was a young child, the army, for me, was not only an inevitable obligation, but also the pinnacle of my aspirations. I wanted to enlist in the most selective commando unit possible. But when I grew older and I came to understand the present reality between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, I realized enlisting would be impossible for me. I cannot enlist, because from a very young age I was educated to believe that all humans are equal. I do not believe in some common denominator which all Jews share and which sets them apart from Arabs. [bz]7/8/2018
Norway Demands Explanation for Israeli Seizure of Gaza-bound BoatIMEMC News & Agencies - "Torstein Dahle, head of the group Ship to Gaza Norway which organized the shipment, said it was the first Norwegian aid vessel to attempt to breach the Israeli blockade of Gaza.The captain had been struck on the head by Israeli soldiers who ordered him to sail for Israel, but no one was seriously hurt, Dahle said. “This is a peaceful boat; it’s impossible that it can threaten Israel’s security,” he said." ca 2/8/2018
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