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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

100 of 1340 `Gaza Freedom Marchers` enter Gaza with help of Egyptian President`s wifeSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - Two buses carrying the 100 `approved` activists and some of the humanitarian aid were allowed to enter Gaza through the Egyptian-controlled Rafah border crossing on Wednesday, after the intervention of Suzanne Mubarak, the wife of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. But most of the marchers disapproved of the deal arranged by the President`s wife, including the co-founder of the Electronic Intifada website, Ali Abunimah. In a statement on his blog, Abunimah, who is one of the solidarity marchers, wrote "It`s not enough and the pressure and protests should be kept up. This is not about getting some or even all into Gaza, its building global support and pressure to end the siege of Gaza." 31/12/2009
Activists reject Egypt`s Gaza offerAl Jazeera - ""We refuse to whitewash the siege of Gaza"."30/12/2009
Support the Bilin Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements 30/12/2009
Gaza`s border must be opened NOW Pam Rasmussen - The Electronic Intifada - As word spread of Egypt`s refusal to open Gaza`s doors -- announcing its decision long after thousands of internationals had purchased expensive airline tickets and mere days before they began boarding their flights -- supporters around the world inundated Egypt`s embassies with calls, emails and faxes in protest. Many came from legislators and other government officials, past and present. Egypt only backed further into its corner in response, using the aggressive tone of some of the calls and emails to ignore the overall theme: the injustice of the collective punishment imposed on Gaza`s nearly 1.5 million Palestinians and Egypt`s refusal to allow supporters to help. 30/12/2009
Haifa University bans commemoration of Israeli invasionSaed Bannoura - Imemc - "Following a similar ban at Hebrew University, students at the University of Haifa were notified Tuesday that the administration would not allow their planned protest."30/12/2009
A year since the war in Gaza DEMO Saturday night, Jan.2, in Tel Aviv 29/12/2009
Together we will break the siege – Gaza freedom March, Thursday 31/12/09from both sides of the border
with transportation details for the Israeli side
85 year old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein begins hunger strike to open Gaza bordersGaza Freedom March/E.B. Solomont - IMEMC/Jerusalem Post - Hedy Epstein, the 85 year old Holocaust survivor and peace activist, started a hunger strike outside the UN building in Cairo, to protest the Egyptian government’s refusal to allow the Gaza Freedom March participants into Gaza. 29/12/2009
Blocked from Gaza, international activists demonstrate in Cairo Vivienne Porzsolt (Australian activist in Cairo) - We planned to hire small boats on the Nile and float 1400 candles in memory of the people killed in Gaza last year. But the police would not allow it. So all gathered 1400 of us began a strong loud street demo, songs in a variety of languages. 29/12/2009
Gaza aid convoy stuck in Jordan declares hunger strike AP - Haaretz - More than 400 members of an international aid convoy to Gaza declared a hunger strike on Sunday to protest Egypt`s refusal to allow them entry into the Hamas-ruled territory via the Red Sea. 28/12/2009
Egyptian Government: no visas to Gaza Freedom March activists Vivienne Porzsolt (Australian activist in Cairo) - Before setting out we were informed that "visas into Egypt would not be issued for those going for `political demonstrations` and existing visas would be cancelled. We were ready for a confrontation at Cairo Airport - but in the event, sailed through without incident. 27/12/2009
Sheikh Jarrah : settler violence becoming more severe; reinforcements needed for day and night shifts.including video images of Dec. 25 protest27/12/2009
Police detain 16 leftists on Gaza borderAnat Shalev - Ynet - Activists marking one year since launch of IDF offensive protest Israeli blockade, prevented from entering Strip. Israel continues to perpetuate destruction, suffering,` one of them says 27/12/2009
For a Future without PrisonersRotem Dan Mor - Green Left - Every week, as I return from lessons in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Rehavia I pass by the tent erected by activists in support of Gilead Shalit, the captive Israeli soldier. Each time I pass by and wish them good luck I am struck by the steadfast commitment to their cause while I am also, sadly, reminded of my own inactivity in the cause of my imprisoned friends. 27/12/2009
Leftists: Stop settlement in Sheikh Jarrah / see also youtubeRonen Medzini - Ynet - Hundreds gather near Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem to protest eviction of families from homes. Jerusalem`s deputy mayor, Pepe Allalo (Meretz), also participated in the rally. "The Jewish settlement here was intended to harm any chance for peace or an accord," he told Ynet. 26/12/2009
Christian Palestinian leaders call for church boycott in Kairos document Press release, Palestinian BDS National Committee, 25/12/2009
Palestinian Christians urge boycottby Khaled Amayreh Al-Ahram Weekly "Condemning the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Christian leaders call on their brethren worldwide to rise up in action "25/12/2009
Why I want to march in Gaza Pam Rasmussen - The Electronic Intifada - The idea for the march grew out of a CODEPINK: Women for Peace delegation to Gaza in June. Norman Finkelstein -- the Jewish scholar and critic of Zionist racism -- envisioned a global convergence of justice activists, arriving the week of the one-year mark to protest the ongoing siege. That "convergence" will soon become a reality -- if, that is, Egypt doesn`t stand in the way by refusing to open the Rafah crossing as it is threatening to do. The 1,300 internationals will be joined by an estimated 50,000 Palestinians in Gaza, when we march on 31 December from Abed Rabbo (a community in which nearly every building was destroyed during the invasion) to the Erez crossing into Israel. Likewise, on the other side of the crossing in Israel, peace activists will stage their own, companion march.24/12/2009
Breaking Palestine`s peaceful protestNeve Gordon - The Guardian - It is often forgotten that even the second intifada, which turned out to be extremely violent, began as a popular nonviolent uprising. Haaretz journalist Akiva Eldar revealed several years later that the top Israeli security echelons had decided to "fan the flames" during the uprising`s first weeks. He cites Amos Malka, the military general in charge of intelligence at the time, saying that during the second intifada`s first month, when it was still mostly characterised by nonviolent popular protests, the military fired 1.3m bullets in the West Bank and Gaza. The idea was to intensify the levels of violence, thinking that this would lead to a swift and decisive military victory and the successful suppression of the rebellion. And indeed the uprising and its suppression turned out to be extremely violent. 24/12/2009
Free Jamal Juma’! - Free the anti-Wall prisoners! Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - The parting words of the soldiers directed at Juma`s wife: she would only see her husband again through a prisoner exchange. This comes weeks after the arrest of Bil`in protest organizer Abdallah Abu Rahmeh, and the Administrative Detention of boycott advocate Mohammad Othman.22/12/2009
1300 internationals arriving - Egypt getting cold feetGaza Freedom March - No delegation, large or small, that entered Gaza over the past 12 months has ever received a final OK before arriving at the Rafah border. Only after public and political pressure, the Egyptian government changed its position and let them pass.22/12/2009
The Ongoing Repression of Palestinian ProtestersJonathan Pollak - Huffington Post - "Abu Rahmah was taken from his bed, his hands bound with tight zip tie cuffs whose marks were still visible a week later, and his eyes blindfolded."20/12/2009
Palestinians destroy settler-made Dead Sea cosmeticsSource: "Palestinian customs officials on Wednesday dumped tens of thousands of dollars worth of Dead Sea beauty products into dumpsters as part of a boycott of goods made in Israeli settlements." 18/12/2009
Last Time this YearPeace Education Workshop for educators and peace activists. 16/12/2009
Worldwide activists and delegations prepare for Gaza Freedom March Rabble/Ma`an/Politicsweb/Electronic Intifada - Departing for Cairo, a thousand international activists will caravan into Gaza to witness the devastation from last year`s attacks and on 31 December, will join Palestinians in a non-violent march from northern Gaza to the Erez border crossing with Israel. On the Israeli side of the Erez border Palestinians and Israelis will also call on the Israeli government to open the border. 15/12/2009
Ahava, Covent Garden, Shut Down by Boycott Israel Campaigners UK Indymedia - We arrived at about 11.30am, and two activists locked themselves to a concrete block. They were there until 4.40pm, when the police cutting teams removed them, and they were arrested. We hope they will be charged with `aggravated trespass`, so the lawyers can expose Ahava`s activities. Unfortunately, Ahava knows this, so it`s unlikely it will get to court. 15/12/2009
Stop the sale of `West Bank` produce Greg Wilkinson - Guardian - "I have been conducting my own "citizen`s seizures", removing "West Bank" dates from supermarket shelves. I have offered Tesco and Sainsbury`s repayment if they can show the dates are not the produce of illegal settlements." 14/12/2009
Palestinian refugee Yusif Barakat to participate in Gaza Freedom MarchMa`an - "The Gaza Freedom March, to take place in Gaza on 31 December, is described by the organizers as "an historic initiative to break the siege that has imprisoned the 1.5 million Palestinians who live there."14/12/2009
Villages Group: Hanuka visit to the head of Salem`s new Music CenterCarin Smaller, Australian blogger-activist, has been collaborating more and more closely with the Villages Group. She joins VG`s Erella and Ehud on a Friday visit to Salem. A planned stop at Yasouf is aborted when they learn the local mosque has been torched by settlers and the residents are agitated. Carin publishes a moving video of the visit and of Jubeir Shtayeh, whose vision has led to the establishment of a teen music center in Salem.12/12/2009
Christian Palestinian `Kairos Document` Unambiguously Supports BDS A coalition of Christian Palestinian theologists and leaders, patterned after a similar South African coalition in 1985, has just issued a "Kairos document". "Kairos" roughly translates as "a moment of truth". It is a call to the Christian world to walk the walk of its talk, and help bring freedom to Palestinians - if needed, by way of nonviolent boycott and sanctions.12/12/2009
Abdallah Abu Rahmah arrested - as part of army efforts to quell Bil`in`s anti-wall protestsPopular Struggle Coordination Committee - Action alert followed by multi-lingual press release: Abdallah`s endless work for his village is just a part of his incredible persona, many of us know him personally, as he welcomes thousands of international, Palestinian and Israeli activists when they visit Bil`in [including such people as Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter - as a photo shows].12/12/2009
Demonstration of support for the 24 arrested in Sheikh Jarrah in front of the J`lem magistrate court - transportation from Tel Avivtonight(!) Dec. 12, 7pm - ph: Maya 0547423044/Assaf- 0544346274; for transportation: Haggai 0523-881213 12/12/2009
21 protestors arrested in east Jerusalem Efrat Weiss - Ynet - "We were standing in the backyard of the al-Qurd family, which was evacuated from its house, and protested quietly. Suddenly one of the policemen said, `They are trying to break into the house.` This was completely untrue. A number of policemen and soldiers jumped on one of the protestors who was holding a camera and began beating him, and it all deteriorated from that moment", Maya Wind of the Rabbis for Human Rights told Ynet. "They sprayed tear gas into people`s eyes, used unnecessary force and touched women in a sexual manner. One arrest led to another. They simply attacked us, and we couldn`t escape. People who were in the area couldn`t leave and were hit, and this was all simply unnecessary. We were protesting quietly, without any violence." [See also Actvism box, where the number of arrested reported is 24, three more than what Ynet knew of-ed]12/12/2009
Military Court in Ramallah Sentences Palestinian to Death by Firing SquadPress Release Palestinian Centre for Human Rights "PCHR Calls Upon President not to Ratify Sentence and Demands the Abolishment of Death Penalty from Palestinian Law"11/12/2009
Peace Now’ board member calls for end to U.S. tax-breaks for funds to settlements nowby Philip Weiss Source: Mondoweiss "U.S. tax-exempt charities are in league with the devil in the occupied territories…. The idea that tax exemptions are available to people who are helping the settlers resist the settlement freeze or who prop up the Jewish zealots in Hebron is outrageous. 11/12/2009
Friday Dec. 11, Tel Aviv HR March: Democracy, Human Rights, NO WAY we`re Giving them Up 11/12/2009
International Participation in December 31 Gaza Freedom March Tops 1,000 As Registration ClosesMedea Benjamin - Common Dreams - Organizers cut off registration on November 30 to give the Egyptian officials enough time to clear the group for entry into Gaza, but also because the numbers were becoming unwieldy. "No one has ever taken a group this size into Gaza," said coordinator Ann Wright, whose skills as a retired U.S. army colonel are coming in handy organizing the logistics for such a massive group. 8/12/2009
Protester Shot With Live Bullet During Demonstration Against the Wall in Ni`ilinAnarchists Against the Wall - "The protesters marched toward the gate in the wall (through which soldiers enter when raiding the village), and urged the soldiers on the other side to refuse to serve, reminding them that they are standing on a stolen land. In response, the soldiers shot tear gas at the protesters, as well as 0.22 live bullets (two-two), hitting one protester in the hip"7/12/2009
Civil Disobedience Conference #2 in the framework of `Evil to the Core`Tuesday, December 8 at 8:00pm At the Israeli Center for Digital Art, 16 Yirmiyahu Street, Holon7/12/2009
The government of Israel should have been the first to promote this ideaGush Shalom - "Our Jerusalem must be united, open to all and belonging to all its inhabitants, without borders and barbed-wire in its midst. Our Jerusalem must be the capital of the two states that will live side by side in this country - West Jerusalem the capital of the State of Israel and East Jerusalem the capital of the State of Palestine. Our Jerusalem must be the Capital of Peace" 7/12/2009
Is there justice for Bedouins? Monday morning – a decisive testimony in the law suit over the land 5/12/2009
Update on the Prosecution & Harassment of New Profile 5/12/2009
Report: Palestinian moderately hurt in Naalin Ynet reporters - Palestinians say 20-year-old protestor injured by `Tutu bullet` during anti-fence rally in West Bank city. IDF says man lightly wounded by crowd dispersal weapon used in response to stone throwing 5/12/2009
Conference on December 1, 2009 on donations to civil society from foreign countries Letter from NGO`s to Michael Eitan, Minister "As you surely know, those of us who were invited to the conference decided not to attend. Since we do not usually turn down such invitations, we would like to explain.First of all, we believe it is indeed very important to maintain transparency..." 4/12/2009
IPCRI’s PEACE EDUCATION WORKSHOP your last chance to register 2/12/2009
The Human Rights March (“No Way”) Friday, 11 December, starting 11 a.m. from Kikar Rabin http://www.GilaSvirsky.com2/12/2009
ISM digest 1. Gate forced open in Ni’lin’s separation barrier – eight demonstrators wounded and one arrested 2. Palestinian woman suffers a stroke after settlers invade her family’s house in Sheikh Jarrah 3. Military violence increases in Jayyous: elderly man arrested during a night invasion 4. Palestinians from Bir Idd continue reclaiming their land in spite of army harassment 5. The Palestinian Prisoners’ Plight 6. Settler harassment and land theft continues in Yanoun 7. Let’s Talk About Resistance 8. Eid al-Adha highlights a Gaza family’s struggle to survive 9. Residents of Sheikh Jarrah hold Eid al-Adha prayers and demonstrations against ethnic cleansing and house evictions 10. South Africa: Israeli policy reminiscent of apartheid 1/12/2009
UK Activists Challenge Veolia to End Illegal Settlement Activities in PalestinePSC-UK - A letter signed by a number of public figures will be handed to Veolia’s headquarters in London on Thursday. Veolia is involved in the Jerusalem light rail tramway project and in Israeli-only bus services.1/12/2009
State Prosecution terminating New Profile criminal investigation due to: lack of culpability and evidenceRuth Hiller, Rela Mazali - The Goldstone report points it out, and ACRI has documented it: the systematic state abuse of power via the legal system and police force aimed at silencing protest since Israel`s incursion into Gaza in December 20081/12/2009
Plowing in SinjilBaruch - Rabbis for Human Rights - Despite harassment from soldiers who demanded that they leave, Palestinian farmers from Sinjil and the Israeli volunteers with them were able to successfully plow the land near the military base, from which Palestinians are usually excluded. 1/12/2009
Weekly Protest March from the Mashbir Plaza to Sheikh JarrahThe march will start at the Mashbir plaza, on the corner of King George and Ben Yehudah on Friday 11.12 at 13:30 Transportation from TA 054-462-8682 9/12/2009
Sheikh Jarrah - settlers are harassing the residents / weekly marches growing & getting into the newsJoining a day or night shift, register - Maya 0547423044 / Friday transportation from Tel-Aviv - Kim 05446286829/12/2009
Third Prison Term for Conscientious Objector Or Ben-David Sergeiy Sandler - New Profile - After completing her second prison term two weeks ago, Or Ben-David, of the 2009-2010 high school seniors letter of refusal, was sentenced earlier today (15 Dec.) to 34 days in the military prison for women (no. 400) in Tzrifin. This is her third term in prison and the fourth time she has been tried and sentenced for her refusal to enlist. She is due to be released from prison on 14 Jan. and might well be imprisoned again soon afterwards.16/12/2009
New Profile response to the Minister of Education`s directive banning New Profile speakers from high school debates on civil rights New Profile - Press Release - New Profile wrote the minister that his act had exposed the government`s true stand on civil rights and freedom of expression, also belying the Education Ministry`s professed respect for tolerance. “The minister`s step was taken in tandem with the decision he took to send yet more military personnel into schools—a move designed to increase enthusiasm for fighting,” New Profile advised in its letter. “For over a decade now, our movement has been cautioning of the danger of ignoring the wishes of students, parents, and teachers to freely and openly discuss these subjects prior to the students` induction into the military at age 18. The Minister’s present steps increase the repression of voices seeking to frame and examine social responsibility in non-militarized terms.” 16/12/2009
Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem- What Can Be Done From AbroadAmos Goldberg and David Shulman - If you would like to help, please consider sending an email or fax (the latter is said to be more effective in winning attention) to one of the Israeli diplomatic representatives close to your place of residence (see list below) or to the Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Nir Barakat, ( Fax: 972-2-6296014) protesting Israel`s policy in East Jerusalem. Even a note of a few short lines can make a difference. You might ask them: Why are discriminatory policies the norm in Jerusalem? Why are only Jews allowed to reclaim their pre-1948 property? Why is the right to protest being suppressed in Jerusalem? Is Israel still a democratic state? 16/12/2009
Heroism in a Vanishing Landscape - Resistance in Bethlehem`s VillagesELLEN CANTAROW - Counterpunch - "PEACE BE WITH YOU reads a huge legend on the wall without (apparently) the slightest trace of irony; stenciled in English. Hebrew, and Arabic, it’s signed, ISRAELI MINISTRY OF TOURISM." 16/12/2009
Prison Term for Conscientious Objector Idan Barir Sergeiy Sandler - New Profile - In a statement he released on the occassion of his imprisonment, Idan says: I refuse to serve in the Occupied Territories because the Occupation makes the State of Israel perform illegal actions, defend outlaws and turn ordinary people like me into subcontractors for its crimes ... Operation Cast Led and the loss of all proportion and all values that it embodied was the last straw that led to my refusal. The images I saw from this operation left me no choice but to refuse being part of the circle of bloodshed.10/12/2009
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